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The Grainfather Connect - Self Contained Electric All Grain Beer Brewing System - Now with Bluetooth


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The Grainfather allows you to mash, sparge, boil and cool, all in the one fully electric, self contained system.

Now includes the Connect Controller. You can take direct control of the Grainfather with your iPhone or Android using bluetooth. Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App for the ultimate brewing experience.

The Grainfather is an all-in-one All-Grain brewing system designed to declutter your brew cave and put everything you need in one compact package. No need to take your craft outside, with this fully electric system you are safe to brew indoors! The Grainfather system is the perfect brewing companion for both new and experienced All-Grain brewers looking to streamline the brewday experience.

Manufacturer's Instructional Booklet

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as The Grainfather will ship directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground.

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The Grainfather Electric All-Grain Brewing System

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  • The Grainfather Electric All-Grain Brewing System
  • The Grainfather Electric All-Grain Brewing System
  • The Grainfather Electric All-Grain Brewing System
  • Connect Unit
  • The Grainfather Anatomy


Product Details

The Grainfather features:

  • Full Five Gallon Batch Capacity
  • 304 grade stainless steel superior body, with 8 US Gal (30 L) capacity
  • Expandable grain basket to suit grain bills up to 19.8 lbs (9kg)
  • A robust magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM) and wort recirculation pipe with insulated handle, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the mash and maximising efficiencies
  • Pump filter to keep hops and stray grain in the boiler, and your wort clear and bright
  • Counterflow Wort Chiller with copper inner coil, cooling your wort to <68°F within 20mins
  • Toughened plastic control box and display screen, giving you total temperature and pump control. Dial in the exact temperature for your mash, allowing both step mashing and single temperature mashing with very fast ramp up between steps
  • Dual heating element (1600 watt and 600 watt elements) allowing you to switch between heating quickly to a vigorous boil and maintaining a stable temperature
  • Tempered glass lid for maximum durability, heating efficiencies and visibility during your brewday
  • Top and bottom mesh screens for your grain basket, allowing even distribution of your sparge water and ensuring no grain enters the boiler
  • Dimensions: 29" H x 19.1" L x 17.2" W

New Connect Controller Details:

Automation without removing the fun of brewing, be as involved as you want to be! More automation means you can multitask or simply relax while brewing and then be alerted when to return for your next step. Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App for the ultimate brewing experience.

Connect Controller Instructions

Control Box Features:
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device so it can be controlled remotely
  • PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output
  • Programmable step mashing
  • Delayed heating - fill your Grainfather with water the night before and wake up to your water at strike temperature ready for brewing straight away
  • Change between celsius and fahrenheit easily
  • Waterproof graphic display
  • Lugs at rear which can be changed to suit any Grainfather currently on the market
  • Use in manual mode or with app
App Features:
  • Grainfather Grain Kit recipes provided in app
  • Import Beer XML files
  • Set your own boil temperature (for different altitudes)
  • Change between celsius and fahrenheit easily
  • Grainfather calculators provided in app
NOTE: Required Specifications for the App are:
  • Hardware: iPhone 4S or higher
  • Software: iOS8 or higher??. Must have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • Hardware: Android 4.3 (API Level 18) or higher
  • Software: Must have Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)/Bluetooth Smart

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Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as The Grainfather will ship directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground.
Additional Information
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Near Perfection
I am coming up on my one year anniversary owning a Grain Father. My original unit had the old controller and while this system was good, I found the original controller lacking...

Once I purchased the connect controller a few months back is when the system really shined... The ability to easily preheat and the PID being able to control the mash temp exactly at the set point make this an invaluable tool.

I originally purchased the GF in order to brew during the winter months... but since the connect controller arrived my garage 3 vessel brew rig collects dust!

there are a few things that I did modify that helps me... replacing the top reculating pipework with a stainless quick disconnect was the best idea... the "knob" system that is part of the OEM pipework tends to unscrew at various points (below the ball valve or at the spring) this makes removing the OEM pipework a pain in the ass. simple DYI quick disconnect solved this issue...

Many people complain about the anemic boil, while this is true it has no effect on the quality of the beer... a simple recalculation of the boil off rate and the problem is solved...

I can't speak more highly of this unit... I only wish it was available 11 years ago :)
July 19, 2017
Great machine!
Already two brews in on my new GF and it's nearly perfect! Heating the strike water for mash can be a bit time consuming but if you plan and/or pre heat it it's a non issue for me. Wort chiller works great and is more effective than I imagined.
Dead Ringer IPA
User submitted image
June 20, 2017
5 months ago
Wonderfull system for all- grain home brewing.
I have completed my first brew. It was very easy. I also have a Vessi and was able to transfer the wort directly to the Vessi. Both are in the basement need better ventilation for my next batch
May 15, 2017
6 months ago
Automated Brewing without taking the Brewing out of it!
Dont waste your time on a "coffee maker" that takes out all the enjoyment of brewing out of the process. The GrainFather is solidly built and gives the ability to automate your brew day with the GF App. Compact in design, its easy to move around as needed. Parts can be easily replaced as time goes on. This is undoubtedly the absolutely best money I have ever invested in brewing gear. Stay away from cheap imitations. Not to call them out right here but you know who they are. Tons of videos out there on how to brew with the GF.
August 22, 2017
3 months ago
Why did I wait so long?!
I had been reading reviews and on the fence for a couple years, but decided to pull the trigger last month and get a Grainfather. Setup was simple and the connect system is so easy to use. I brewed my first batch in just over 4 hours and had time to run out to the brew shop and get another recipe. The next day, I brewed again. Two more brew sessions the next weekend. I know...lots of brewing, but, there's a huge family camping trip coming up and I need at least four 5 gal kegs to keep everyone hydrated. The point is, the Grainfather makes your brew day simple and more efficient. Less gear, less lifting, and more precision with temps and timing. I'm averaging 4.5 hours from starting my session to sitting down with a brew after clean-up. Save up and get one!!
August 10, 2017
3 months ago
Outstanding! The Grainfather is intuitive and the design is really smart. Will save me a few shelves worth of space in my garage once I get rid of all the brew kettles and mash tun. The connect app keeps everything from the recipe running through my iPhone. Love it!
User submitted image
User submitted image
User submitted image
August 12, 2017
3 months ago
Very poor mash efficiency
It may just be me but my mash efficiency dropped from 75% to less than 35% using the Grainfather. I don't get a rolling boil - I'm in Maryland USA - even though the temp controller says 212 deg. F.
I use Beersmith S/W to adjust recipes to the GF but there is no good equipment profile out there for the GF which probably adds to the low efficiency I am observing.
Every time I unplug the controller, it reverts to factory default values - which are incorrect for brewers in the USA - so I have to reset the values to what I want every time I brew.
June 22, 2017
Happy camper
Getting back into brewing, this made the return very easy and this kettle is a joy to use.
May 30, 2017
5 months ago
Works extremely well.
The grainfather worked just liked it says. It is easy to operate after your first brew, and it has no problem boiling. This may be a later version, because I had no issues with boiling or any of the hardware.
August 3, 2017
3 months ago
Makes great beer, but issues with chiller.
Produces great beer, but the counterflow chiller is prone to clogging with hop material which is frustrating, but my beer tastes way better and that's what counts. Have obtained a hop spider to address this issue, but haven't had a chance to try it use it. Would recommend for recirculation of wort which increases efficiency & ability to brew indoors w/o gas and in any weather.
September 22, 2017
5 months ago
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Is there a 220v option available in the US?
A shopper on May 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It seems like the US versions are all set for our 120 volt power; the 220 version is sold in other markets, but not yet in the US.
what is the size of the box of the grainfather?
A shopper on Sep 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I'd have to measure when I get home but I'd say close to 2'x2'x a little bit more than height of GF.
Do you still offer the first gen of the grain father? You know, with the OLD control box for $890?????? Why the hell would you need bluetooth????
A shopper on May 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Hi there, the first generation Grainfather is no longer available. Sorry for any inconvenience. Cheers!
is this compatable with Android devices?
Mark E on May 18, 2017
BEST ANSWER: My understanding is that they have not yet released their new version of the software for Android. I believe it was still in Beta. Supposedly the original release of the Android software was not great, so they have been redesigning it. I'm anxiously awaiting a final working version also as I just purchased a Grainfather myself. Some people have reported the old existing version works though, so it's worth a shot.
Does the grainfather run on 110volt?
A shopper on May 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The US version does. It takes a bit to heat up but it streamlines the brewing process.

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