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The Plinian Legacy Double IPA All Grain Kit


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Brewed with Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo® and Simcoe®, this quintessential double IPA is an homage to the #1 beer in America — as voted by the AHA — and one of the most sought-after brews of the last decade. Brew it for yourself with one of our most popular Double IPA recipe kits.

Due to the high starting gravity of this kit, we recommend pitching multiple packs of yeast or preparing a yeast starter for best results. Click here for more info.

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The Plinian Legacy Double IPA All Grain Kit

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  • The Plinian Legacy Double IPA All Grain Kit
  • The Plinian Legacy Double IPA Beer Kit
Product Details
In true west coast style, this famously fragrant IIPA beer kit features an uncomplicated yet sturdy malt backbone to which outlandish amounts of hops are added. It has a fine balance of malt, hoppy bitterness, and warming alcohol, with a fresh hop aroma of floral citrus, and pine. Bittered with pure essence of hop, flavored with massive kettle additions, and featuring not one, but two dry hoppings, it is the first and last word when it comes to the ultimate hoppy homebrew. There is no need to stash this Imperial IPA away as it is intended to be enjoyed fresh, before the delicate hop aromas fade. Get ready to experience the ultimate lupulin threshold shift!
Additional Information
Beer Kit Yield5 Gallons
Recipe and InstructionsClick Here for The Plinian Legacy Double IPA All Grain Kit Brewing Instructions
Regional StyleUSA
Original Gravity1070
Total Time to Make6 weeks
4.7 / 5.0
39 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Stars
Very Very Good
Made this in the fall of 2017. Followed instructions to the letter. Here is a Minneapolis beer judge's review of my brew: "Decent head and a beautiful clear shiny orange color. A big citrus nose that burns my nostrils; low malt aroma. Prickly pine and citrus poke the front and back of the tongue and disappear in a dance. Hop to malt balance is perfect with some dry toast notes. I would enter this in competitions. You might get dinged for your bitterness because some people think this style should be a tongue splitter but don't let that discourage you. Someday you'll get 2 good judges that push it forward."
March 7, 2018
9 months ago
6 Stars
I tried this as my first all grain kit with a grainfather and it turned out amazing! It took about 4 or 5 weeks to carbonate in the bottles properly, but man is it good.

I have never had Plinian beers before but this is amazing.

I have shared it with several other beer snobs and they all agreed it was the best homebrew they have ever tasted and even some of the best beer they have ever tasted.
February 4, 2018
6 months ago
One of the best brews I've made. I'll have to try the actual Pliny the Elder next to my home-brew and see how close I got to the real thing. I'm proud of it and want to share it with my friends, but at the same time hoard the whole keg to myself... I'll definitely make this again.
December 22, 2017
My new favorite brew. Great double IPA. The kit was great, everything was perfect!

Good stuff!
November 22, 2017
5 months ago
Great high octane IPA kit.
Highly recommend this kit. I am not necessarily a huge IPA fan, but this one is easy to drink. Please note, that two pints are enough to put you in a very relaxed state. Definitely not a session beer. Lots of dry hops gives great aroma and taste.
October 20, 2017
8 months ago
It's hoptastic
Didn't come out like Pliney, but it sure was good. My neighbor is an IPA only guy, and his growler saw a bit of this :P
October 17, 2017
7 months ago
All I can say is......WOW this is GOOD!!!!!
I had a couple of these this weekend and it reminded me just how good this beer is and how fun it is to make!!! When you look at the giant bag of grain and the almost as Giant bag of Hops....well......I got the GOOSE BUMPS!!!!!! My wife is in love more with this beer than with me when she is drinking it. Good thing the bottle eventually emptys!!!

Reall..if you like super hoppy beer then this is your holy grail....If you don't then....this is what you are missing in your life....TRY IT!!!!!!
June 26, 2017
1 year ago
Northern Brewer hit the mark with this Kit. Best IPA I've made to date and I've made quite a few. I'll order this one again!
May 15, 2017
Really close to Pliny
If you love hops, you will love this beer. Me and my brew buddy have made it twice in the last year and will be making again next month. Goes down really smooth but packs a punch. So drink in moderation, if you can.
April 13, 2017
1 year ago
Ok Don't think I would brew again
Came out ok, but definitely not even close to the original. Don't think I would brew this one again.
January 9, 2017
over 2 years ago
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If I use 1.25 gallons per pound of malt, I will be mashing in 4.75 gallons of water. My question is what should my boil volume be after sparging for best results?
A shopper on Jan 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: With a 1 hour boil, I always plan to lose about 1.25 gallons of volume so I start the boil with slightly more than 6.5 gallons. That way I end of with about 5.25- 5.5 gallons in the fermenter, allowing me to siphon 5 gallons off the sediment into the secondary without having to suck up any "sludge". Also with the amount of dry hops in this recipe, you'll lose a little volume when you remove the hops. Hope that helps!
I know how to make a starter, yet this recipe calls for a 2-stage fermentation...what does that mean and how do you do that?
A shopper on May 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: What it means is that once your beer has slowed down fermenting, and is close to your end gravity, transfer it to a secondary carboy to finish off and clear up. This is where you will be doing most of your dry-hopping. This beer is meant to be really dry (like 0.008 sg or lower) and VERY hoppy, so make sure you don't keg or bottle it too early, it's worth the wait. I've brewed this a few times and it is usually the best IPA I've ever tasted, because it comes right off the hops. Keep your temp at a consistent 68-70f also.
What is the target final gravity for this kit ?
A shopper on Jan 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It depends on your brew house efficiency, which is highly dependent on your equipment. I have a square cooler that I'm using as my mash tun and I do a hybrid single infusion laughter. With my setup I got the final gravity to 1.012. It's also a good idea to add Dried malt extract to meet your ideal final gravity. After you get your set up tuned and predictable, if you need a little more fermentable sugars in your wort, just add a pound of DME. Hope that helped.
To brew 15 gallons would you buy 3 individual kits or would the proportions need to be modified?
S B on Feb 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I would prefer a way to purchase ingredient in higher quantities. Maybe a recipe book is in order.
If I use 1.25 quarts of water per pound of malt for the mash, that puts me at a 4.75 gallon mash volume. My question is what should my boil volume be after sparging for best results?
Alan D on Jan 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This recipe is for 6 gallons finished volume with a 90 min boil. Depending on your boiloff amount, you want to finish with roughly 6.25-6.5 gallons post boil to account for trub and hop absorption. On my system this is just over 8 gallons starting volume.
Are there instructions that also indicate the optimal gravity to do each step? Sorry - new to this. I have a hydrometer and I'm not sure when/how to employ it. Thanks.
A N on Aug 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: For the Plinian Legacy I check specific gravity four times. First, the last bit of sparge water as it goes into the boil kettle, shoot for 1.010. Then just before pitching the yeast 1.070 (OG). Then a week later after racking into the secondary fermenter, 1.040 (can vary some), then before bottling 1.010 again (FG). Be sure sample temperature is at calibration temperature of hydrometer. If not, use temperature conversion scale supplied with hydrometer. You may want to consider a refractometer, convenient 1-2 drop sample size and has sutomatic temperature control over a fairly wide range.
Dry hop instructions for plinian legacy- is the first dry hop addition intended to stay in for full 10-14 days or be removed when second hop addition is added? I dry hop using hop bags, is this recommend?
A shopper on Jun 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Thanks for contacting Northern Brewer. I understand you have some questions about the dry hopping process with the Plinian Legacy. You can totally use hop bags, since this particular beer has quite a bit of hops and you definitely want to do it if you are kegging so you don't clog a beer line, but you can also use something like our Depth Charge for the Big Mouth Bubbler as well. You do not need to remove the dry hops already added from the bag, just add more hops to it as the recipe calls for. Cheers! -Deanna, staff
Steve if you buy 3 kits and plan to make them all at once it wouldn't come out the same. Recipes arnt linear, the more grains you have the less efficient your mash is. If you do each kit individually you'll be ok.
Victor T. on Feb 17, 2016

Thanks for attempting to answer Steve's question. However, you have submitted this as a new question. You'll want to log into your NB account and then hit "reply" under Steve's question.
What is the additional equipment needed?
A N on Aug 10, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The additional equipment needed would be a mash tun, hot liquor tank and a boil kettle that's at least 8 gallons. We also offer this as an extract kit.


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