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Rice Beer

Posted on by tphelan

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of rice beer – not the Budweiser/Miller/Sapporo type of rice beer, but the cloudy drink made from rice or millet in parts of Asia. In some Himalayan regions it is known as chang, … Continue reading

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Tasting Notes: Troll Juice IBA with Sherry Barrel Chips

Posted on by tphelan

When people asked me what I was brewing, I’d say, “It’s some kinda oaked American IBA with British… ah, just shut up and drink it.” So I decided to call it Troll Juice. This is the recipe for Troll Juice: … Continue reading

Whiskey Barrel IPA

Posted on by tphelan

A log cabin versus a sheet metal shed. A lumber yard versus a brass foundry. A rural wood-frame whistle-stop train station versus a metropolitan union hub with stone pillars. The sound of acoustic blues absorbing the warmth of a softwood … Continue reading

Weyermann Heritage Malts

Posted on by tphelan

Weyermann Floor Malted Bohemian Dark Malt 5-8L Somewhere between Vienna and Munich lies this unique malt. If you just run the numbers, you’ll see that this is darker than Schill’s Kolsch malt, but lighter than most Munich malts. As someone … Continue reading

Advanced Wort Chilling

Posted on by tphelan

Check Out Our Chillers and Brewing Better Beer DVD! There’s more than one way to cool wort, and they’re not all created equal. Even if you’re already using a wort chiller, you may be unaware of some of the tips … Continue reading

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Clone Recipe

Posted on by tphelan

The good people at Lagunitas have issued a challenge to homebrewers attending the National Homebrew Conference this year – brew Hop Stoopid as close to the original as possible. Here it is in their words: “Hello to all you Homebrewers … Continue reading

How To Build a Keezer or Freezer Kegerator

Posted on by tphelan

A complete guide to building a keezer or freezer kegerator. The parts listed below are exactly what is used in this video. Enjoy, and share widely; send anyone looking to make a kegerator right here!

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Centennial Type Hops for a Shortage

Posted on by tphelan

In case you haven’t heard, there is currently a shortage of the mainstay American Centennial hop. Hopunion has released their “Centennial Type” hop blend as a substitute until the fall harvest. Sources at Hopunion have indicated that this is a … Continue reading

A Beer Catalog Correction

Posted on by tphelan

We’d like to issue an apology and correction for Joe Lynch (photo above) who was incorrectly attributed as “Joe Freshour” in our latest catalog. Joe is a Northern Brewer customer and homebrewer with an awesome bar setup. I’ve been told … Continue reading

Beer School

Posted on by tphelan

Well, the day when I had to drink a macrobrewed light beer finally came & passed like a bland but friendly ghost. A local bar was hosting a benefit dinner for a family member of a friend – the charitable … Continue reading