Better Bottle™ Plain 3 Gallon Carboy

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Three gallon plastic carboy.

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Better Bottle™ Plain 3 Gallon Carboy


Three gallon plastic carboy made from a clear, stain-resistant, non-porous PET plastic that is impermeable to oxygen. Light and virtually unbreakable. See Better Bottle™ How-To Tips for directions on handling the carboy.

Customer Reviews

Buy at least 6 Review by BabyDaddy
These are a great size and shape because you can jam them in a tight space close together. They're easy to clean, easy to use, lightweight and and easy to move even when they are full.

Caveats are:
1) A Fermometer needs to be cut in half to fit, and I'm not sure how accurate a Fermometer is once halved.
2) They don't fit the same footprint as a 5g corny-keg so you'll need a couple extra inches of depth in your keezer/fermentation chamber. 6 fit on the floor of my GE 7.0 cuft chest freezer (FCM7SUWW) where the depth is at least 391mm (15.39”) Less than that and you will not be able to fit them two-deep.
(Posted on 12/8/13)
I use them all the time! Review by churchyard
The Better Bottle 3 gallon fermentor works great, and I have no complaints. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and clean up well. I get no off flavors or hints of plastic, and they are absolutely airtight.

I do primarily 3 gallon batches, and I use these almost exclusively for primary, secondary, and long term aging. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Versatile and easy to use Review by Amos
I brew 3 gallon BIAB batches, and own 8+ 3 gallon better bottles. They are much easier to handle then the glass carboys I was using before.

These better bottles are perfect as secondary fermenters (primary in buckets, top-crop yeast, then transfer so I can use the bucket for something else). I have also used them as primary fermenters for 10L batches (with fermcap), and I have several sours aging in them long-term. They are light-weight, easy to move around, and usually clean after a 24-hour soak with oxy-clean. The wider mouth is helpful for dry-hopping or adding fruit/oak.

Be careful not to use hot-water when cleaning them. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Perfect for smaller batches! Review by Shark
I have been doing a bunch of 3 gallon brews lately and this is perfect for a secondary fermenter! (Posted on 7/12/13)

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