Leaf Hops

Whole leaf hop cones, or inflorescences to the agriculturist, are dried, but not processed like pellets. They can be frozen and sealed and will store for 6-18 months depending on conditions. Whole leaves do not break down as much in liquid, so that is less hop sludge in your fermentor and less hop particles in your dry-hopped keg or secondary ferment. The flavor of cones has been described as more round and smooth and the flavors and aromas as more potent and inspiring for home brewing. Whole leaf hops are closer to their natural form, a purer ingredient for making beer. If you are interested in the greatest possible flavor, aroma, and wow-factor in your hop-forward beer, you should add the whole leaf cone . Whether you choose a classic bittering hops such as Chinook or an aroma hops such as CItra, we have the hop for you.