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Fermenter's Favorites® Rack Magic® Siphon


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Introducing our newest siphon: Rack Magic®! Redesigned to offer superior strength and cleanability. This siphon is the easiest, quickest way to transfer wort from primary to secondary or to siphon your delicious brew from carboy to bottle. With the racking cane, it only takes a few minutes to siphon off a 5-gallon batch and the tip on the racking cane is specially designed to minimize the pickup of sediment during transfer. Works with the 5/16" Siphon Clamp, too.


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Fermenter's Favorites® Rack Magic™ Siphon

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  • Fermenter's Favorites® Rack Magic™ Siphon


Product Details
Introducing our newest siphon: Rack Magic®! Redesigned to offer superior strength and cleanability. This siphon is the easiest, quickest way to transfer wort from primary to secondary or to siphon your delicious brew from carboy to bottle. With the racking cane, it only takes a few minutes to siphon off a 5-gallon batch and the tip on the racking cane is specially designed to minimize the pickup of sediment during transfer.

  • Can be completely disassembled for cleaning
  • Body is made out of 35% thicker plastic for better shatter resistance
  • Bottom cap screws on so you will never lose it again
  • Feels much more solid and well-built
  • Purpose built for brewers by brewers
  • Works best with 5/16" ID siphon hose, but 3/8" will work as well.
  • Max. operating temperature 140° F
  • Length: 26.5"

Works with the 5/16" Siphon Clamp, too.
Additional Information
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Excellent idea... execution?
Love being able to disassemble for cleaning. But does it actually do what it's supposed to? Nope. One to two pumps to start flow? Not even close. Had to pump furiously to get flow to begin. Checked the end caps, made sure they were tight, made sure cane was more than two thirds immersed. Still no improvement. All the pumping kicked up the sediment at the bottom of the 2ndry on bottling day. Good thing "pirate's plunder" is a dark beer. People won't see all the sediment floating around. Judging by the other good reviews I may have just gotten a defective one. My advice: try it out BEFORE bottling day, otherwise you may end up like me.
March 17, 2016
Response from Northern Brewer
Luke- We are sorry to hear that your Rack Magic wasn't working properly. We want the one you have to work great. The need for extra pumping could have been caused by the end cap being too tight. Loosening the bottom cap 1 to 2 revolutions will widen the gap between the two outer bands will increase the flow rate, which should make the siphon start easier. If the Pirate's plunder doesn't meet your standards, we would be happy to replace it with our Kit Guarantee. We want every beer you make to be awesome. Cheers, Todd J
November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer N
Rack Magic Blows Bubbles
I had a hard time getting the Rack Magic to siphon and when it finally did, it blew major bubbles into my finished beer, likely causing serious oxidation. I was very unhappy. I called NB and spoke to Craig and he took care of me, replacing the Rack magic and my brew recipe! Thanks Craig and NB! Great customer service. Despite my trouble with the Rack Magic you have made me a happy and loyal customer.
August 23, 2016
Doesn't work
First time I am disappointed with something bought from NB. I have my old siphon but after seeing this one I bought it because it is supposed to be faster, better etc. what it did is take a lot of air while racking, pumping the beer from primary to secondary and mixing a lot of air with it. Not good. I cannot find the invoice to return it??
March 23, 2016
Response from Northern Brewer
Customer service will contact you. We are dedicated to helping every brewer with any and all issues. The bottom anti-sediment cap is adjustable and if it is too wide or too narrow, may result in issues with siphoning, whether clogging or letting air in. Or yours may have some defect and a replacement could be in order. It is also important to use tight fitting tubing to avoid air entering at the top connection. We'll find a solution to every problem. Cheers! James J
November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer N
Cracking From No Damage And Too Much Air
First use was, for the most part, great. There was a bit more air in the lines than I would have liked but, not enough to keep from using the siphon. The next two uses had more bubbles than beer flowing through the thing so, I always ended up using my older equipment. This happened again on the final (4th) use but, while cleaning everything, I noticed tiny cracks everywhere. Little patches of spider web cracks all over. This thing was barely ever used and I know it never sustained damage. I'm guessing this was causing the air problems all along but, I'm unsure. Wish I'd have listened to more of the negative reviews before buying.
May 24, 2016
Response from Northern Brewer
If air bubbles are appearing during the transfer, you may have a slightly missized gasket - try decreasing the distance the beer flows so the tubing does not pull the inner cane out of place. Customer service can resolve these issues and make sure everyone gets a stellar product so please let us replace one experiencing this problem! Cheers!
November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer N
If it isn't broke, don't fix it...especially when you don't do any product testing...
I was reluctant to buy this product because of the negative reviews I have read on NB. The only reason I did buy it was because NB stopped supplying the auto siphon that they have been selling for years to move forward with this brand because "the plastic is stronger and you can take it apart to clean it" yada-yada-ya. If you take care of your equipment and clean the old auto siphon like you should that would wouldn't be an issue. I did see some cracking in my old auto siphon but it never led to any infections or problems of any kind. If the cracking became a concern or stirred paranoia of infection, the price point was fair enough to simply purchase a new (old version) auto siphon. Done deal!That was my plan this go around but, since NB stopped supplying their old auto siphon for this version. I was given the golden opportunity to try this new product out, which in theory sounds great, really...I like the idea of being able to disassemble to clean but from reading reviews I could see that any lack of seal could lead to issues during the siphon. I did voice my concerns and referenced the reviews to the NB associate in in the store and she was very accommodating and let me know that if there were any issues with the product to bring it in and they will figure out something. I do intend to return this.Well, one oxidized batch later, I am done with this product. In hindsight I should have stopped the siphon and figured out another solution when bubbles of oxygen were flooding my siphon tube from the lack of seal. Call it stubbornness or maybe I had faith that the "rack magic" would magically...eventually work, but it didn't. I just want to be clear that I have no intention to slander NB, I have been shopping here for years and the customer service is top notch. I just would recommend that no one buy this product and NB at least give the consumer an option to go back to what is familiar and has been working for years.
April 22, 2016
Response from Northern Brewer
Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear about this! I agree that you should definitely visit the store about it, but let me know if there is anything that I can do for you as well.

November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer N
Magic is right
Needed a replacement siphon and decided to try this one - wished I had bought it earlier. Very easier to use and I really like being able to disassemble for cleaning.
October 17, 2016
Rack magic
Seems sturdy works well
April 18, 2016
Great Product
I have tried two of the 1 gallon kit recipes and both have turned out great.
April 20, 2016
Rack Magic auto siphon
I can't stand siphoning. This product makes it quick and easy!
September 21, 2016
It worked fine for me.
I can't speak to the experiences of the other reviewers, but this product works fine for me. One or two brisk pumps all the way up and down and it draws a nice siphon. No problem with air mixing in at all.
April 3, 2016
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I am curious if there is a trick to using this so it doesn't introduce massive amounts of air bubbles while siphoning? I had to stop/start the siphon about a dozen times the very first time I used it due to an insane amount of air coming through the line. I still bottled the beer (my first batch - let's just say my hopes are NOT high), but I was so disappointed by how much air came through. I know the bottom is adjustable, so I'm curious if I should tighten it down more to slow the siphon down? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
David P on May 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It sounds to me like yours is not working right! It should not leak air into the siphon hose as it moves liquid, that would indicate that there is an air-leak in the seal on the inner tube of the siphon, or air is leaking at the hose connection to the siphon. If 5/16" tubing is used, it should not leak at the hose connection, as it is very tight, so it may be that it's leaking at the flexible seal on the internal tube. If that's the case, we can replace this unit for you. Take a look at yours and let us know if that seems to be the case, we would gladly send you a new one! -Mike W, Northern Brewer
What is the temperature limit on this siphon? Can it be used to transfer liquids that are heated to 180 F degrees?
C A on Jun 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I wouldn't try. I had the older version of the siphon and used it for warmer wort temps. The bottom of it warped and it had to be replaced.
I have been having trouble getting my Rack Magic siphon to start after two pumps in some of my beers. What is going wrong?
C O on Apr 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: There are a few things you can do to ensure that your siphon will start more quickly:

1. Make sure that you have wet the seal in your siphon, while you sanitize. That will make it easier to pump the siphon and go through a full sweep of the pump.
2. If you have disassembled the bottom tip of your Rack Magic for cleaning, make sure that the gap at the bottom tip is at least 1/8" after you have reassembled.
3. Do not stick the tip of the Rack Magic directly into the trub that has settled at the bottom of your beer. If there is too much trub to rest the tip on the punt at the bottom of your fermenter, hold the Rack Magic tightly against the side of your fermenter with one hand while you pump with the other. This will help prevent the trub from getting sucked into the Rack Magic and clogging the siphon. It will also keep the Rack Magic from stirring up all of the trub that you have let settle out.

That should help get the siphon flowing. If not, please contact us to help further.
Hope it helps,
Todd J
The first time I used this, I had very little suction. At some point, I gave up and dumped the rest of the wort out. I may have reassembled something incorrectly after sanitizing. Do you have any ideas?
S A on Feb 27, 2016

Sorry to hear about that. Were you able to get any beer into it all? Perhaps the bottom cap was screwed to tight. I would also check the gasket on the end of the inner tube for damage. I'd also try it out with water to see if you can get it to work. If you can't, let me know and I'll have a replacement shipped out for you.


what is the outer diameter of this? will it fit in the mouth of a 1 gallon glass jug?
P L on Feb 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The widest part is the plastic fitting on the bottom. This is 1.017 inches in diameter (measured with my calipers). I wonder, however, why you need a siphon to empty a 1-gallion jug. Couldn't you merely decant by pouring? The housing of this device is 23.5 inches long. Seems like it would be cumbersome, using it with such a small jug.
What size clamp do I need for this? I'm guessing the 1/2 inch, but I want to be sure before I order.

L U on Feb 15, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You'll want to use the 5/16" AutoSiphon clamp, part #7151. This will fit onto the new Rack Magic Siphons. Have a good day! -Mike W, Northern Brewer
What size hose should I use on this? Would this product work? http://www.northernbrewer.com/5-16-id-siphon-hose
S C on Feb 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It works best with 5/16" ID siphon hose, but 3/8" will work as well.

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