3 Piece Thief - plastic

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Sampling wine and beer wort is easy with our 19" three-piece plastic thief.

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3 Piece Thief  - Testing and Measuring


Nineteen-inch, three-piece plastic thief. To remove a sample of wort or wine for testing, immerse the thief into the fermenter, place your thumb over the other end, and drain the sample into a test jar. Disassembles for easy sanitizing.

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Customer Reviews

Leaks too much Review by Olaf Da Beagle
I had great hopes for this as it's good thick plastic and separates nicely for sanitization but it leaks like crazy and takes 3 or 4 sample attempts just to get enough for a SG reading. (Posted on 12/29/14)
Skip! Review by Paul
I bought a deluxe starter set along with a mad brewer upgrade. The mad brewer set came with this thief.

The good:

Good quality thick plastic; easily fits into sanitizing bucket because of the 3-piece design

The bad:

The thief was too short for my 6 gallon glass carboy (5 gallon batch), only allowing me to fill the tip which lead me to making 5-6 trips to fill my test jar to get enough beer for the hydrometer reading. This was at the time when I was really trying to limit beer exposure to air (taking FG).

Also, this thief leaks like crazy. I sanitized and made sure everything fit tightly. Yet, in the process I had droplets of golden beer dripping from the thief back into carboy and all over my floor. I had a bit of a clean up on my hands after I was done.


Skip! I do not understand why this thief has such good reviews. Maybe I got a bad apple, but I don't think so. I'm going to give it another chance with my next batch. I might try to insert round rubber hookah grommets between the 3 pieces of the thief for a better snug fit to keep the air out. I might switch to using a turkey baster if I can find one long enough or look into some chemistry lab grade thieves. My concern with turkey baster is sanitizing the rubber handle.

On the bright side, my very first batch - American Wheat Ale tastes really good at this stage. FG=1.01. Just added 1tbsp of Biofine Clear. Bottling in 2 days.
(Posted on 12/10/14)
One of my favorite tools! Review by JPARRETTE
Works great, easy to clean and sanitize. It DOES fit in 5 or 6 gallon carboys. Makes hydrometer samples easy and safe. (Posted on 10/23/14)
Works as advertised Review by Justin
Used this a ton just for hydrometer and tasting samples. Drips maybe 1 -3 drips, and if you want a BIG sample you can suck on the end (I don't, I just take multiple samples) - but it fills things just fine and is easy to clean. Good buy for the price. (Posted on 8/5/14)
Well worth it Review by Tristen
I have to say, I did not like the look of this product when I first seen it. but I put it together and seen that it was a good quality item. My snap judgement was off. I give this 5 stars. It does exactly what it's supposed to. (Posted on 7/28/14)
Works great Review by David
It gets wort out for testing and it's easy to sanitize. That's the whole idea, no one should be giving bad reviews for this. (Posted on 1/12/14)
Handy Review by Tim
For $6 it's worth the price. It's handier than using a turkey baster to go back and forth from the carboy to my test tube. (Posted on 12/19/13)
Works Review by Brian
Long enough and small enough to get a sample from the carboy. Easy to Clean and use. (Posted on 11/18/13)
Quick to clean and sanitize! Review by Brian
Works great! Easy to clean and use. Recommend. (Posted on 10/24/13)
Works great Review by Jon
Fits in my 6.5 gallon glass carboy. (Posted on 10/13/13)
Works great Review by Sean
This makes taking samples quick and easy. The three piece design makes it easy to clean and sanitize. Great product at a great price! (Posted on 7/28/13)
Great product Review by luv2brew
I bought this 3-piece thief because i was sick of dealing with my 1-piece and having to sanitize the whole thing. Turns out I got a better thief in the process, as this does not leak and has a bigger opening at the tip so it fills faster and is easier to handle. It is a little shorter than my other thief so I have to do 2 filling operations, but the second one is quick since I don't need much.

Other notes:
- good price
- easy to clean
- easy to store

I would buy this again (should I ever need another) (Posted on 7/12/13)
It works Review by Mike White
for my buckets, but it does not fit in a 1 gal glass car boy. (Posted on 1/27/13)
Very handy Review by Hammy
Fits in the neck of my better bottles with plenty of room to spare. It is a little drippy once it has liquid, and it usually takes me 3-4 dips to get enough to make a gravity sample (Kinda wish it was just a wee bit longer) but all in all this is a must if you check gravity regularly in your fermenter. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Not good suction Review by Sasha
Has a hard time getting any liquid up in it. The end has a little hole though that you can suck a little liquid up inside, and hold while you transport to another container. Pain to have to do, but it works. (Posted on 5/27/12)
Great thief Review by ShinyBuddha
This fits thru the neck of my 5 & 6 gallon glass carboys with no problem. All pieces fit tightly together and its a good length. Never had a problem with spillage but then again I hold my hydrometer tube in one hand and thief in the other so when I pull it out it only travels a few inches. Would recommend this item. (Posted on 5/5/12)
Great for Sampling Review by Chris
Yes, this is going to leak a little, but for the price and ease of cleaning it is great. Like the other reviewers say, give it some time to fill up to the level you want. (Posted on 3/28/12)
Warning - too wide to sample from carboys Review by Robert
It works OK, but is too wide to fit through the neck of my glass carboys, making it useless unless I'm sampling out of a bucket or keg. Very disappointing. (Posted on 3/8/12)
Works for me Review by JRdaSconnie
Just picked one up for pulling a sample of my pLambics aging in the basement. Easily took a small tasting sample and then used it to "cross-contaminate" a younger pLambic to increase the bug count. (Posted on 2/21/12)
its fine Review by Matthew
It has a hole in the bottom, its suppose to leak a little. Well made, cheap, breaks down for cleaning. (Posted on 11/23/11)
Worked great for me! Review by C4Brewing
Give it a couple of seconds to fill then place your thumb over the hole. Sections fit tight but comes apart easy. I have NO air leaks with mine. 5 pints (Posted on 9/23/11)
Complaints from others? Review by Diggy
I'm not sure what the others are reviewing, but the thief is more or less a glorified straw: of course it drips from the bottom when you pinch a sample!

The other reviewers that complain that they cannot draw a large enough sample are not letting the thief sit in the carboy long enough. It takes a moment for the sample to climb up the thief because of the small opening on the bottom. So place the thief in the carboy, be patient and then place thumb over the opening. Viola!

The product works great! 5 Pints! (Posted on 5/22/11)
does not hold liquid well Review by midden
While easy to clean, it only holds liquid in the lower two inches or so (no matter how deep you submerge it). This means multiple trips to the hydrometer case. the only advantage over a turkey baster is that it is longer. (Posted on 3/20/11)
Not worth the money Review by Anacreon
It's barely usable, leaks terribly, and can't hold suction. Very frustrating to work with. (Posted on 3/4/11)
Works fine Review by Brian
Surprised to read all these poor reviews. I've been using this thief for over a year and it works just fine for me. Perhaps because I use nitrile gloves when using sanitizer, I get a better seal. It leaks a few drops, but I'm always at the ready with a sample container. To get enough for a hydro jar, yes you need to rake 3 pulls, but thats not a fault of the products design. Anything thin enough to fit into a neck of a carboy will have this problem. It breaks down making it easy to clean and sanitize. Ive also used the fermentech thief with the check valve and that thing is a pain. It leaks, will dump it's sample at the slightest touch, hardly ever pulls enough to use a hydro in it, and if so is impractical as can't keep it level. The 3pc is a superior solution. (Posted on 1/27/11)
Looking for a different one Review by Beard
This one is disappointing - too bad it's the one that came with the better basic brew kit. For as long as it it, it grabs a miniscule amount of beer, and then leaks half of it before you can even get it into the tester - so you wind up having to grab beer 3-5 times just to get enough to get a gravity reading.... bummer! (Posted on 1/14/11)
Not Functional Review by TJ
This product does not work well at all. It leaks significantly when pulling out the sample and can only extract a very small amount. Not recommended at all. (Posted on 1/4/11)
This thing sucks Review by Adam
Leaks, and if you ferment in a carboy expect 3-4 times to pull enough for a sample. I guess it works... just not well. (Posted on 5/13/10)
not perfect, but works well enough Review by gb
This works well for taking hydrometer samples. I like the fact that the tip need not touch anything to release the sample (unlike the competing product) -- just remove your thumb. It does leak a few drops, but after you practice a few times it's not messy at all. Like others said, it's easy to sanitize. I like that there are no parts I can't access for cleaning, such as the float valve on the other product.

While you can't take a hydrometer reading directly inside this thief, I think that's for the best, because you need to be able to free a hydrometer of bubbles to get an accurate reading.

The design would be improved if they just made the bottom hole slightly smaller. As it is, the vacuum pressure alone isn't enough to hold the liquid in. Air gets in through the bottom, allowing it release a few drops at a time. (Posted on 4/13/10)
Does not work Review by Ry
The one that came with my starter kit didn't work at all. Its nice that it breaks down for cleaning, but it doesn't hold liquid for more than a second or so. (Posted on 4/13/10)

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