375 ml Belgian-style Beer Bottles - Crown Finish (Case of 12)

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Bottle your Belgians authentically! These premium Belgian-style beer bottles are used by several top-notch breweries that work in the Belgian style.

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375 ml Belgian-style Beer Bottles - Crown Finish


Bottle your Belgians authentically! These premium Belgian-style beer bottles are used by several top-notch breweries that work in the Belgian style. A high-quality bottle suitable for highly carbonated beers, and undeniably classy. Use with standard crown caps, works best with a bench capper.12 per case.

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Customer Reviews

Great bottles Review by TB
I've done a fair amount of corked Belgians as well as the crown finish and I love these bottles. I have a Colanna capper/corker and these work great with it. I do want to point out that although I see mentions of flipping the hand cappers around to 29mm these do not take those caps. I was told they did and got to bottling day only to find they take a standard 26mm cap. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Great Bottles for Belgian/Wild Ales! Review by Gus
I used these bottles for a Saison Brett and an all Brett beer. Great and capped easy with my bench capper. Much easier than the corking I was doing! (Posted on 3/20/14)
Work great with Colonna Capper Review by Amos
I've used these without trouble with my Colonna capper. Great for highly carbonated styles like Berlinerweisse, or for bottle-conditioning with brettanomyces. (Posted on 11/22/13)
Great Bottles! Review by Philip
After a little searching around online, and reading other reviews of normal bottle cappers not working, I realized that the capper clamp pieces can be switched around between 26 and 29 (mm i think?) You must use the 26 side for standard crown bottles and the 29 side for these bottles. (Posted on 7/13/13)
Works well if you use your capper correctly Review by Jared
These bottles are a little more difficult to cap than the standard ones. the key to not breaking the necks is to flip the metal plates on your capper to the wider opening. I was shown that by the sales rep at NB. It should also be noted in the description. Once I made that little change my Red Barron capper worked fine. very thick sturdy glass. Used for my Brett farmhouse to avoid bottle bombs. (Posted on 6/8/13)
Expensive but Heavy Duty Review by Noob
These bottles are serious! The glass is so thick, it's more like a champagne split than a beer bottle. Perfect for more highly-carbed styles, but capping is difficult if you don't have an adjustable capper. The Red Barron wing capper works if you rotate the grip plates to the "29" setting (thanks NB customer service). They are quite expensive, but with care, you shouldn't have to replace them for years. (Posted on 6/6/13)
Hard to Cap Review by Josh
When they say "Works best with a bench capper" they really mean you basically must use a bench capper. I tried to cap with a regular capper that comes with most starter kits and the shape of the bottle is such that the capper cant grab the bottle neck like it should. I broke 2 bottles out of 10 tries and am not positive the ones that didn't break were sealed completely. (Posted on 5/2/13)