Auto Siphon - 1/2" racking cane

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One stroke of the racking cane/piston assembly will start a siphon when immersed in as little as six inches of beer or wine; less than six inches may require a second stroke.

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Auto Siphon - 1/2" racking cane


One stroke of the racking cane/piston assembly will start a siphon when immersed in as little as six inches of beer or wine; less than six inches may require a second stroke. Includes a removable diverter tip to minimize sediment pickup. Plastic construction; can be disassembled for cleaning.

This high-capacity auto-siphon requires 1/2" ID siphon hose (#7106).

The Auto Siphon in action.

There is a replacement center tube available for this product.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you use 7/16" ID tubing with the 1/2" Auto-Siphon. Simply dip the tubing in warm water to soften it enough to slip over the end.

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Customer Reviews

Great Price, Works Fast! Review by Thomas
This is a great product! Moves liquid very quickly when racking. All it takes is one or two pumps to get it goin. Also, very easy to clean. Ugrade from the 5/16 inch now! (Posted on 8/27/14)
Great Product Review by IBRACN
I can't believe I wasted so much time with the smaller siphon. This works much better and faster. (Posted on 1/3/14)
Very convenient Review by Don
I siphoned by mouth for years before deciding to stop being a cheapskate and spring for this (cheap) auto siphon. Definitely should have made the more years ago, because it is so easy to use and clean, and way faster than my old method.

Some liquid does get past the plunger and has to be poured out the top of the device for cleaning. A bit of a waste, but overall not a deal killer (but the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars).

Also pays to have a good grip on the barrel as you siphon--the balance with the hose attached is a bit awkward and the bottom of the siphon is happy to zip around the bottom of your carboy--stirring up sediment--if you don't keep it under control. (Posted on 12/29/13)
It's a siphon and it works. Review by Larry
Works exactly as expected. Transfers liquid faster than smaller diameter siphon! (Posted on 12/11/13)
Hands down, best siphoning device Review by John
Two Pumps And Its Siphoning. Base Design Stays Out Of Trub. Great Design (Posted on 12/10/13)
Easy to use. Works great Review by Lee
The auto siphon is highly recommended for anyone brewing beer. (Posted on 12/2/13)
Racking Review by David
I ordered a larger racking by accident. This thing is awesome, way faster!!! (Posted on 11/27/13)
So easy Review by Pete
the larger size makes movement from bucket to carboy so much easier. love it (Posted on 11/26/13)
Good, but wears out Review by Michael
This is my second time purchasing this size auto siphon, and 3rd time purchasing an auto siphon. This size is well worth the extra money- it transfers a batch twice as fast than the 3/8".

I docked one star because these things simply don't last more than a few years. The plastic gets brittle and develops cracks and eventually its worth it just to replace it rather than fear contamination or breaking when you need it. (Posted on 11/25/13)
Great Rack Review by Kris
Sooooo much easier! Worth every penny! (Posted on 11/23/13)
Great product Review by Stephen
Works exactly as expected. I wish I had bought this sooner! (Posted on 11/13/13)
Great product Review by Kyle
I would definitely recommend this it's easy to use, easy to clean and move beer in and out of my fermenter quickly. (Posted on 11/10/13)
Why buy any other siphon Review by Travis
This is a great siphon that transfer's your beer very quickly. Don't waste your time on the smaller version, the cost to performance is worth the small difference. (Posted on 10/22/13)
why do they even make the 3/8" siphon? Review by Keith
If you're considering a siphon, just buy this one already. I honestly cannot conceive of a reason you would not. I replaced a standard 3/8" model and couldn't be happier. Gone are the clogs and slow draining of that smaller one, especially on brews with high OG and/or laden with a heavy dose of hop pellets. I transfers now take longer to sanitize and set up with the actual draining taking less than 5 minutes on a 5 gallon batch. Why are you still reading? (Posted on 10/15/13)
Great product Review by Bill
This siphon works great. It's easy to clean and keep clean and ensures minimal aeration during racking. I'm able to get it primed and flowing in just one pump. (Posted on 10/11/13)
High Flow Review by Rich
Nothing transfers faster or easier for under $15.00 Works great in Korney keg and all carboys. Great product. (Posted on 9/26/13)
Very helpful to a new homebrewer Review by Branson
Great product, the wrong ID tube will certainly slow things down and cause a mess and the wife will be pissed (Posted on 9/23/13)
Good Product Review by Rich
Siphons beer out much faster than the smaller version (as expected). Haven't had any problems with it. Good product. (Posted on 9/20/13)
High flow rate Review by travis
This thing works really fast. Siphoning is one of those things that needs to be babysat, so quicker is always better. I wish they made a version that was not so tall. I use 3 gal carboys and this is taller and much more unwieldy than I need. (Posted on 9/14/13)
Why didn't I get this earlier? Review by Spensley
Awesome product. Empties a carboy in no time at all. Easy to clean. (Posted on 9/7/13)
Works like a charm Review by Kevin
Easy to get the siphon going and transfers 5 gallons in about 5 minutes. Great tool to have in the "box". (Posted on 9/3/13)
Extremely useful and simple to start Review by Michael
Using the recommended 7/16" tubing, this auto siphon works great! No leaks and siphons five gallons pretty fast! One thing I learned is it can take a couple firm pumps to get it going - don't be too gentle. I also bought the clip to secure the auto siphon to the side of the bucket - a must have. (Posted on 8/19/13)
transfer in a hurry Review by Paul
The 1/2 inch cane transfers 5 gallons in just a few minutes. The internal valve keep most of the sludge out. I am pleased enough that my next order will be for the shorter version for 1 gallon jugs. (Posted on 7/17/13)
Awesome Review by Nelson
I wish I had one earlier worked perfect. (Posted on 7/14/13)
Life Saver Review by FollyBrewer
Don't waste any time with the smaller versions. It performs much more efficiently. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Excellent Review by RB
The siphon works just as described and intended when used as directed. I have used my first one 100's of times without fail and purchased a second one for lambic beers. It is good to keep any Brett equipment separate from your regular brewing equipment. I sanitize by submerging in starsan prior to every use. No issues in the past year. Immediately flush with clean water after any wort transfer. Do not give it time to dry inside the tubing. I also soak with PBW and flush w/ water and starsan at each brew cleaning. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Very nice Review by Joseph
With the right size tubing, this works great. The correct tubing as listed is a must. (Posted on 7/6/13)
Works Great! Review by Ron
I've used the 1/2" Auto Siphon for several years and have never had a problem. Use the 7/16" ID tubing as recommended and you won't get bubbles/air leaks. I wouldn't siphon with anything else. (Posted on 4/14/13)
Good auto siphon Review by Jerry
I have used this for a couple of years and never and I mean never have I had a problem with it. I use the smaller tubing. I dry hop and use oak etc. in the primary or secondary. I put a piece of a grain bag over the tip with a rubber band when I transfer to secondary. I leave some slop in the grain bag part to avoid clogging. Eliminates almost all of the crud from entering the secondary or bottling bucket. I tilt the carboy a little at the end and get all of the brew with no sludge. I also use a regular siphon and cane when I do not have a lot of trub in the fermenter. I always use the grain bag and rubber band. Stay clean with Starsan or similar. (Posted on 12/15/12)
Works well Review by Nathan
I'm not sure why other reviewers have so much issues with theres. It works great to transfer without rissk of contamination. The black plastic end works well to keep solid material out of the tube. I have used mine for 20+ batches (at multiple transfers each batch). IT gets a quick rinse after use and stored in the garage. i just submerge the think in star san solution and run a few cups through the piping for sanitizing. Well worth the price. (Posted on 8/15/12)
Quick Siphon but I should have practiced first Review by Douglas
I bought the 1/2 " tubing in the description without reading the reviews and it is indeed too loose. I increased the OD of the cane by a few tight loops of duct tape and it seams pretty effective. I wish I would have practiced with water first. I tried gently pushing the plunger down but as the liquid rounded the neck of the cane the siphon would be lost. Not to get too technical but you need a plug of liquid travailing down the the tubing before a siphon will be established. I just gave it a few quick pumps and once the initial flow was established the 5 gal bucket was drained in under 3 minutes. I'm going to buy a back up siphon for when this one breaks whether that's next batch or next year. (Posted on 7/24/12)
great addition Review by Tom
Can't believe I waited I waited so long to buy one. Used it several times already with no complaints. (Posted on 4/4/12)
not built to tolerance for 1/2" hose Review by supersillyus
As another reviewer has pointed out, it is impossible to use this thing with 1/2" hose. the manual says you can use up to 9/16, what a joke! even with a hose clamp on it, there is still a small stream of bubbles coming in from that junction, always threatening the siphon should it cause a big enough bubble to form. hitting it with a heat gun didnt shrink the tubing enough to fit. for the 25 cents it costs, why don't they just include proper tubing with the device? I've bought 1/2" tube from a pet store and from a homebrew shop and neither fit snugly, they are way too big. with all the headaches this has caused me, I wish I had just bought a pump. it does work fine minus that design flaw though (Posted on 4/2/12)
Most of these negative reviews seem to be user error... Review by Do The Home Brew
Love this siphon, I had the smaller version and this one is so much faster. The larger diameter makes it a bit easier to clean too.

For the negative reviews:
This needs 7/16 tubing not 1/2. The outer diameter of the cane is 1/2 so if you use 1/2 tubing it will be very loose. You can order 7/16 from NB.

These never promised to be usable for hot transfers. You'll need a ball valve and high temp tubing for that..

It's also not supposed to be a filter for it clogging is your fault not the cane's. Rubberband some cheese cloth on the end. You can also find stainless mesh that kinda looks like a test tube to attach to the bottom. (Posted on 1/23/12)
Fantastic When Used Properly Review by Jared
the 1/2" is great. much faster transfers than its 3/8" twin.

i believe the auto siphon manufacturers recommend the 7/16" tubing in the packaging to go onto the end of the cane. its a pain to get on there, but helps to cut the tube going onto the cane at and angle then submerge 1/2" of the tubing in boiling water will help slip the tube over the cane. This is somewhat permanent, its not necessary to take the tubing off during cleaning and sanitizing.

If you keep the tip above the sediment/hops/trub for majority of the racking you will avoid any unnecessary sediment or clogging. I have not experienced any clogging, if you allow everything to settle out and/or fine your beer with finings, everything stays down and out of the way really well.

Do not use this for hot transfers. I used the 3/8" one for transferring ~165 F water and it warped the cane. It still works just not as well.

The seal at the tip on the racking cane that moves inside the siphon assembly sometimes needs to be "stretched" outward as to make a good seal to the walls of the larger diameter tube. This will prevent air from being sucked in as well as having the correct size tubing. Also DO NOT store the racking cane with the seal inside the larger diameter tube. This causes the seal to "form/shrink" to the walls of the larger diameter tube, the seal needs to be slightly larger to seal properly.

This product will eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear. When stress cracks and form it can and may harbor bacteria that it hard to kill with sanitizing. It's time to be replaced. Some buy one every year, my 3/8" i have had for over two years and is in great condition except for the slight warping ing the racking cane.

Excellent product made for the homebrewer's frequent/unfrequent use. Mileage may vary. (Posted on 12/20/11)
I'd like to like this but.. Review by Robert
there are better ways. Went through 2 of these in as many years. The plastic is flimsy and there is no way to access the plunger mechanism if it becomes stuck. Try a homemade T-siphon instead. (Posted on 12/15/11)
waste of money Review by Gage
The first time i used it it clogged with whole hops, I had to take it apart to clean it. The second time I used it it no longer created a suction. It would work great if there was nothing in the beer to clog it, other than that its a complete waste of money. (Posted on 12/7/11)
Get the right tubing and it works great Review by Robert
If you get the 1/2" ID thermoplastic tubing with this cane, you'll spend every transfer trying to figure out how to get it to keep a seal. And it just won't. So, don't try.

Get the 7/16" ID tubing and all your problems are solved.

I'd give this 5 stars if they recommended the 7/16" tubing with it, but since they recommend 1/2", I have to take a star away. I also assume it will fail (probably at an inopportune moment) because of the plastic, but at this price point I'd be okay with replacing it every year or two. (Posted on 12/4/11)
Forming small cracks Review by Nate
My siphon is about 2 years old and has been used to transfer and bottle about 8 batches of beer. It has never been dropped or exposed to extreme heat -- only what comes out of the faucet for cleaning. It's now forming hairline cracks all over and needs to be replaced. My guess is the plastic is so cheep it starts cracking with age. (Posted on 8/4/11)
#*^#%!!! Review by JR-Sconnie
Had a 5/16 siphon and broke that one. Thought the 1/2" would make like better with faster transfers. Wrong. Have tried multiple types of tubing and I cannot get this thing to seal and hold siphon. Lets air in, even with clamp, and will not keep the flow up. Junk. I'm going bacj to smaller diameter one (Posted on 3/27/11)
Strong Auto Siphon Review by Mike
I just racked several beers with my newest acquisition and have dubbed this my "strong siphon". It emptied the carboy before I could finish my pint; my 5/16" siphon is a "session siphon" in comparison! (Posted on 2/20/11)
Good and bad Review by Someone
I can't imagine racking without an autosiphon. I have used the 5/16" for years and decided to get a larger one, mostly because I am impatient and this works fast. My only complaint is the cheap plastic these are made of. I have never used hot liquid in any of my autosiphons and I have taken precautions like heating up the tube to attach. The top broke off the center tube after a few batches. I wish they made a more rugged version. I would pay more so I wouldn't have to buy a replacement...which I will because it works well. (Posted on 2/16/11)
indispensible but breakable Review by crush
I've just broken my third autosiphon - foolishly tried to transfer wort with lots of hops in it. The hops clogged the value, and I broke the value trying to re-insert it. (Next time, I'll follow SixFoFalcon's advice on re-inserting the valve.) All 3 failed in the same way.

Unlike the other reviews, I've never broken the cane, because I don't remove the tubing. After use, I rinse with water then siphon some starsan through it. Never had an infected batch.

Indispensible - I'm not looking forward to racking without it. (Posted on 12/12/10)
Impressed.... So Far Review by Spatrat
taking advice from a friend I purchased one of these along with some 1/2in ID hose (slightly too big) and a hose clamp. The idea behind the 1/2in hose is to avoid excess pressure on the cane. I am very impressed with this thing so far, can drain 5gal in no time:):) I have to hold back though and only time will tell how durable this thing will be. So far so good. (Posted on 9/14/10)
Not perfect, but better than the rest Review by SixFoFalcon
The AutoSiphon is a great tool to have—it enables you to easily start a siphon without sucking on tubing. I’ve been brewing a little over four years now and I’m on my third AutoSiphon. The first one (which came in my NB Deluxe Starter Kit) lasted quite a while (maybe 2 years?) but eventually it accumulated enough scratches and stains that I was worried it was becoming a bacteria trap. When I bought my replacement, I decided to move up from the 5/16" size to 1/2" for faster transfers. While I was pleased with the faster transfers, the replacement didn’t last long because I stupidly manhandled the thing while trying to remove some stuck-on siphon tubing and I broke the cane at the bend like so many others have done. I sawed off the broken bit and continued to use the AutoSiphon for another few weeks, but that was a pain because without the bend, the flexible siphon tubing always wants to kink, making it cumbersome to use. Not finding any other suitable replacements on the market, I ordered a second 1/2" AutoSiphon which I have been using for about 1.5 years now.

I've come up with some tips that may help other brewers:

1. Do not use this racking cane on boiling or very hot wort. The plastic isn't rated for high temperatures, and it will develop surface cracks when overheated.

2. You must be gentle when installing or removing the flexible siphon tubing. It doesn't take much force to break the racking cane right at the bend. I highly recommend that you remove the siphon tubing immediately after every use so that it is less likely to get stuck in place.

3. Clean the AutoSiphon immediately after each use. We all know we are supposed to clean everything in the brewery after each use, but sometimes at the end of a long brew day dirty things just get tossed in the sink and left until the morning (or worse!) The AutoSiphon should NOT be one of those things! It's nearly impossible to remove any stubborn deposits that accumulate inside the AutoSiphon down near the valve, and using water at high pressure will pretty much guarantee that the valve will come loose. Rinse this thing out with low-pressure water right after every use and save yourself from headaches down the road.

4. If (read, "when") the valve comes loose, you CAN re-seat it, but it takes some finesse. (The valve is just a flat oval with two ~1/2" long legs protruding from it—the legs are designed to snap into the slots in the base of the AutoSiphon, but they must be inserted from the inside, which poses a problem as the legs of the valve never want to randomly land in the right position, so simply dropping the valve in isn’t going to work.) Here's my method for re-seating the valve: Find a 4-foot-long piece of sewing thread and a paperclip. If you haven't done so already, remove the bottom tip and the inner racking cane from the outer tube of the AutoSiphon and set them aside. It’s likely that the small plastic valve will fall out of the AutoSiphon at this time—don’t let it go down the drain or get lost. Form a small noose at one end of the thread, and slip the noose around the two legs of the valve in such a way that tightening the noose will tend to draw the legs toward each other. Pull the noose just tight enough that it won't slip off the legs of the valve. Tie the free end of the thread around the paperclip. Drop the paperclip into the outer tube of the AutoSiphon from the top end (the end with the larger opening) and shake it around until the weight falls through the bottom opening, then pull the thread to get the valve into position. The noose will make sure that the valve approaches the opening “legs first” as it should. It takes some maneuvering, but with some gentle tugging on the thread, you can eventually get the two legs of the valve to fit into their respective slots, and then pull a little harder on the thread until the legs snap into place. Once you are satisfied that the valve has been reinstalled properly, use scissors to snip the loop and remove the thread. Replace the inner racking cane and the tip, sanitize everything, and you are good to go.

I know it sounds like a PITA (and it can be) but it's worth the occasional hassle just to be able to start a siphon without risking contamination, and that's what the AutoSiphon is all about. (Posted on 9/13/10)
Good, but...... Review by BaronVonHawkeye
I love the speed of this auto-siphon, but like many other reviewers, the bend in the cane is way too easy to break, especially when trying to remove tubing after you have completed racking. It would be nice if you could use a stainless steel racking cane instead of the easy to break plastic. (Posted on 7/12/10)
breaks real easy Review by scott
well i have brewed 5 batches of beer with this and batch 4 the top of the cane broke off at the bend then the batch 5 the little oval piece down in the glued end of the racking cane popped out and would not go back in so now i have to order another one or find another way of doing this. :( cheap (Posted on 6/25/10)
Indispensible! Review by The Fox
This thing really is indispensible! When I got started brewing, my LHBS included the 'medium' sized Auto-Siphon in their kit, so I haven't ever racked without it. Then, when I accidentally broke the neck on that one, I upgraded to this larger size. I have an extra one on hand, still in the plastic, just in case something happens to this one, as it really is that indispensible! (Posted on 5/19/10)
Worth it but fragile Review by NH Brewer
Device works well, but rack can easily break at the bend. Only after the second use when I was trying to remove the plastic tubing the racking cane snapped off at the bend in the cane. Yu should be able to buy repacement racking canes or they should strengthen the bend. (Posted on 4/1/10)

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