Auto Siphon - 5/16" racking cane

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One stroke of the racking cane/piston assembly will start a siphon when immersed in as little as six inches of beer or wine; less than six inches may require a second stroke. This is the auto siphon model included in our starter kits.

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Auto Siphon - 5/16" racking cane


One stroke of the racking cane/piston assembly will start a siphon when immersed in as little as six inches of beer or wine; less than six inches may require a second stroke. Includes a removable diverter tip to minimize sediment pickup. Plastic construction; can be disassembled for cleaning.

Works best with 5/16" ID siphon hose (#7100), but 3/8" will work as well.

The Auto Siphon in action.

There is a replacement center tube available for this product.

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Customer Reviews

great product Review by John
works well
allot better than a manual siphon
the end is larger than a regular racking cane so you may have to leave a little more beer in the bottom of your fermenter but its worth it. (Posted on 6/26/14)
Works well, would recommend. Review by J.B.
Easy to use and get the spirits flowing. Just be sure to sanitize before use, then rinse and sanitize immediately after use. (Posted on 2/16/14)
Works great Review by Randall
One pump and the flow is great. The tubing is VERY tight, but with some hot water and patience it does go on. (Posted on 1/22/14)
Works great Review by Michael
This auto siphon works really well. Very easy to get a siphon started. (Posted on 1/15/14)
A must have, but will crack over time. Review by Steve
This is definitely a must have item for any brewer for racking, bottling, or for just moving cleaner or sanitizer. I've never used a "traditional" racking cane, but this really seems to be the way to go for moving liquid, wort, etc. My only complaint is that after a few months of use the outer tube will start to crack. It does not really effect the way the siphon works, but after a while you may need to get a replacement. After two years of brewing (about 16 to 18 brew days) I'm about to throw away my second one due to cracks on the outer tube. At only $10 each it's worth it even of it needs to be replaced every year or so. (Posted on 1/10/14)
The only way to siphon Review by Jeremy
This is my second auto siphon, I got it free with purchase of a bottle rack. It works well, cleans up well, and I couldn't see ever going back to a manual siphon system. Rinse it well with hot h20 immediately after using. (Posted on 1/7/14)
Excellent deal Review by Antony J
They don't last forever so when I saw your deal for a free one, I jumped on it. This is another "must have" item for the home brewer. (Posted on 12/24/13)
Great tool for any brewer Review by Matthew
Makes siphoning a breeze. Lower risk of contamination from trying to start a siphon your self. A must for any brewer. (Posted on 12/23/13)
Inexpensive and Easy Way to Siphon Review by Michael
The cost of the auto siphon and tubing are relatively cheap and work great. Literally only takes a few pumps of the tub to auto siphon.

My advice for the quickest way to siphon the wort is to have the wort container have the high point position and the container you want to move the wort into have at the low point position. Also make sure the tube is as steady as possible sometimes if the tube moves upwards the siphoning process can slow down or stop thus requiring another couple of pumps. (Posted on 12/18/13)
This siphon siphons Review by Tye
pump pump, don't suck the trub up.

My first Drake lyric. It's a near rhyme. (Posted on 12/13/13)
Excellent Review by Evan
Works really well, would definitely recommend. Can be tough to clean and dry out, but a small downside compared to how well it does its job. (Posted on 12/9/13)
Awesome siphon Review by Robert
Just two short pumps and leave it until all of the wine has been racked. Never loses the siphon and you don't have to worry about getting the must coming out your nose. (Posted on 12/6/13)
Great inexpensive product. Review by Tom
Have only used a couple times but I know I will get another if and when I kill this one. So easy. (Posted on 11/15/13)
So much easier... Review by texas
So much easier than using a regular racking cane and getting a siphon going manually. Only problem is that my rubber tubing seems to be stuck on the end now. ha ha (Posted on 11/7/13)
does what it says it does Review by Heidi
Wish I would have bought the longer siphon first. I purchased the short one thinking I would confine my cider making to 1 gallon quantities. (Posted on 10/25/13)
much better than the old water trick Review by vka2b
I give this product 4 stars because it is certainly better than putting water/sanitizer in your tubing to get a siphon going. The only reason I knocked off one star is that for some reason I had some difficulty keeping it going during my last batch. It could very well be my fault, but until I figure that out, I hesitate to give a full 5 stars. Nonetheless, I do recommend it, because in any case it's easier than not using an auto-siphon! (Posted on 10/16/13)
works great Review by Jerry
This is another new product which makes home brewing easy. One pump and my beer was flowing! (Posted on 9/13/13)
Great Review by T
Arrived promptly and works great. Will definitely buy from Northern Brewer again! (Posted on 8/23/13)
Works wonderfully Review by Brian
top rate product. simple to use easy to clean. huge time saver (Posted on 7/24/13)
Excellent tool, no more sucking on a hose Review by Jesse
Love this THING!! started brewing with a regular siphon hoseand had all types of problems getting siphon started and concerns about infecting my brew. This thing never misses 2 pumps and your off. Sits high enough in carboy to easily avoid trub, and just a little extra care is required to insure you get it clean and sterile. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Great and indispensable tool Review by Reuben
I use this racking cane for everything from transferring cooled wort into primary, secondary, and kegs. This racking cane simplifies the process so I do not have to attempt to pour liquids which can cause bad spills. To people that have had them break like others have said warm water helps to install the tubing and once it is on I do not/cannot take it off which is fine because there is no reason it needs to come off. (Posted on 1/14/13)
Awesome, recommended for any homebrewer Review by Andy
I am very happy that I purchased this auto siphon, I use it and abuse it every time I move my beer. I recommend one of these for every homebrewer!

Pick up six feet of tubing and you will be racking your beer in no time. If this one ever breaks I might move to the half inch siphon... Maybe. I really do love it. (Posted on 7/3/12)
Best 10 bucks you can spend Review by Matthew
Makes starting a siphon infinitely easier. (Posted on 12/16/11)
A couple tips... Review by totheshed
For those who've broken one while attaching tubing: run the end of your tubing under hot water before applying or removing. I have yet to break one, although I did manage to bark a knuckle pretty good once before I figured that little trick.
As for bubbles: I haven't had trouble with the seal inside the siphon, as another reviewer mentioned, but found that bubbles occurred when the tubing I attached had too large an ID, 3/8" rather than 5/16. No more bubbles inline when I got more 5/16 ID hose.
I haven't used other racking methods so I can't speak to a comparison (brewing 6mo now) but I expect I won't ever get bored enough to try a different method since this tool is so easy to use and there are so many other processes to perfect. (Posted on 12/12/11)
Worked Like a Charm Review by Robert
I had been sooooo frustrated with the old "water in the tubing" to get the siphon started. I usually had to try 2 or 3 times until I got a good no air bubble siphon.

For this, I gave it two quick pumps and PERFECT.

Very happy. (Posted on 11/14/11)
The Work of Satan Review by JD
My autosiphon worked great for the first few brews but then stopped working. I would pump and pump and pump to transfer wort/beer. Truly agonizing. I ditched the autosiphon for a spigot on my kettle. For racking carboys, I got a carboy cap and it works great! Recently I ditched the carboy cap and now I just use tubing with water in it- even simpler. Why complicate things with equipment prone to failure? Save your money and buy more brew supplies instead of an autosiphon. (Posted on 9/27/11)
Stop those air bubbles Review by Justin
As with Dave, my first attempt with the auto siphon led to air bubbles being drawn in through the seal between the outer and inner tube. The issue was *not* as many others online claim due to either of the following:
1. suspended gasses in the beer
2. a poor fitting between the cane and the tubing
I know this because: 1. I noticed the bubbles when siphoning pure water, and 2. I could see the bubbles traveling up all the way from the siphon intake. The solution, for me at least, was relatively simple: prior to siphoning collect a few ounces of beer into a sanitized vessel with your sanitized beer thief, and then after siphoning begins, pour that beer into the larger outer tube so that it will sit on top of the leaky seal and stop all air bubbles. (Posted on 9/21/11)
When it works, it works great Review by acepilot
Like others have noted, the tubing is a very tight fit and I have broken two pickup tubes when trying to remove the tubing. I hate to say it, but Midwest Supplies sells replacement seals that go on the end of the pickup tube so I think I'll buy the seal replacement and see if I can get it to work on a stainless racking tube since the description of the steel tube says the outside dimension of the pickup tube is the same as the plastic. If this works, it should be the last one I have to buy.
(Posted on 8/16/11)
Indispensable Review by Jimmy D
I've brewed without one, but simply put this is one of the best brewing tools you can get. The ability to do a sanitary siphon with one push of the racking cane is great and seriously simplifies brewing. I like the 5/16" one becuase it can fit into gallon jugs, which I use a lot.

Do they break? Occasionally, but if I have to buy a new racking cane once every three years it is worth it. (Posted on 2/1/11)
Great Product _ easy to use Review by Steve
Product works exactly as described, and is easy to clean. I carefully take apart, rinse, then soak in idonophor before and after each use.
(Posted on 12/31/10)
Works well, not very durable. Review by Patrick
I was excited to use this racking cane for the first time; manually starting a siphon is a giant PITA. This thing worked great but it broke the first time I used it. The plastic tube snapped when I was detaching it from the hose. It was a snug fit so I was pulling rather hard, but that's the norm so I'd expect the equipment to be designed for it. I'll probably be ordering another one if I can't find one that's more durable somewhere else. (Posted on 7/12/10)
Makes transfer Easier, Fast Review by BostonMike
Easy to use and clean up. Much easier than fumbling with a racking cane. Keep in mind the total legnth of the siphon (extended position) when buying tubing. I think I bought six feet which is fine it you're transfering from counter height to a container on the floor. (Posted on 6/1/10)
Easy to use, but....... Review by Dave
Started easily, but during transfer drew air into the line. I think the seal between the outer and inner tube leaked and allowed constant influx of tiny bubbles. Not ideal when trying to minimize oxygenation. (Posted on 5/10/10)
Works Great Review by MikeBrenner
it's your best option to transfer liquids. works well. easy to clean. (Posted on 3/1/10)
Why didn't I buy this sooner? Review by Dan Albert
I try not to splurge on equipment because it is a slippery slope: there is always just one more piece of kit that will make brewing that much easier and more fun. But after getting a bit sloppy trying to keep a siphon going, I got this device. It is the single thing that has most made brewing easier, neater, and that much more enjoyable. A stroke or two creates a siphon and if it is ever lost another stroke brings it back. Genius. (Posted on 2/8/10)

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