Beer and Wine Triple Scale Hydrometer

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This basic, economical hydrometer reads in three scales - Specific Gravity, Brix/Balling, and Potential Alcohol, making it a must-have tool for any homebrewer or wine maker.

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Beer and Wine Triple Scale Hydromete


A hydrometer is a necessary component of the beer making process that allows homebrewers to adjust and predict the integrity of their recipe by providing accurate readings of the beer's sugar level as well as its specific gravity.

A blown-glass hydrometer has a narrow, lengthy stem and a weighted bottom that is bulbous enough to allow for flotation purposes. Inside the stem lies a scale that measures specific gravity, or the weight of the beer compared to the normal weight of pure water. Using this kind of measuring device tells the homebrewer how far along the beer has progressed in the fermentation process so that any necessary adjustments can be made before irreversible problems arise.

Using this device is a convenient and affordable way for homebrewers and winemakers to:

  • *Approximate an alcohol percentage potential when yeast pitching is occurring
  • *Estimate alcohol percentage by comparing before and after rates
  • *Accurately determine the completion of the fermentation process or when it needs to stop

What is the Specific Gravity Scale?
Floating this device in plain water will give you a specific gravity of 1.000, which is near the top of the scale. Because the majority of hydrometers are made to reflect accurate readings at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, water that is slightly cooler or warmer may show varying but similar readings.

Placing this meter into sugary fruit juice, or any other liquid containing sugar, will cause it to float higher than it did in plain water. For example, testing one gallon of water containing two pounds of dissolved sugar reveals a specific gravity rate of around 1.068. You can find this number by searching for the number 60 on the scale (which actually means 1.060) and determining at which tick mark the reading stops.

What is the Potential Alcohol Scale?

The potential alcohol reading of your beer is provided by the specific gravity reading. Rolling the meter around until you reach the PA scale gives you a nine percent PA reading. This means that if you fermented all of your beer's sugars into alcohol, the result would give you a nine percent alcohol rate (according to volume).

Using a hydrometer also allows you to discover the actual rate of alcohol in your finished beer batch by providing your first and last fermentation readings. Simply subtract the final fermentation reading from your first fermentation reading and you will know the percentage of alcohol in your beer.

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Customer Reviews

Very clear,crisp and legible print. Review by Chad T.
This Hydrometer seems really quality and is very easy to read with the crisp print. Shame I forgot to get a Beer Thief to go along with this... (Posted on 5/4/14)
Essential for brewing Review by Bill
This is an essential addition.
If you are careful enough, one should last you a long time. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Useful tool. Review by Pedro
Simple and easy to learn, and to use. A must to know exactly how your beer is brewing. (Posted on 1/9/14)
Bang for the buck Review by Dean
This hydrometer is easy to use, I picked up a wine thief with it and together they are perfect for og and fg readings, Just remember to sanitize the demons! (Posted on 1/9/14)
Easy to use Review by Greg
Packed well in shipping, and very easy to use and read. (Posted on 1/1/14)
Accurate and affordable Review by Eric
I keep dropping my hydrometers in the sink while sanitizing. This is my fourth. The price is great and the markings look pro. As far as I can tell it's pretty accurate. OG readings are exactly where the recipe says it should be. Previous hydrometers looked sloppy on the scale and my OG readings were always low. You need a hydrometer to brew correctly, and this one does the job (Posted on 12/22/13)
works just fine Review by Michael
This hydrometer is pretty standard, meets expectations. but more importantly, was cheaper at Northern Brewer than other sites, easy decision. (Posted on 12/17/13)
Incredibly easy to use Review by Samuel
I'm a beginner, and this is just what I needed. It's super easy to use. The rest of the reviews are spot on. (Posted on 12/11/13)
Good hydrometer for price Review by Eliot
Good hydrometer for price. I broke my first one by leaving it in sink and then put a pot on it. This one is less complicated and easier to read. Easier to see numbers when it is in wort
(Posted on 12/5/13)
Great hydrometer Review by Scott
Good performance, nice case, great price. Taking measurements is essential to making better beer. A hydrometer is necessary part of your brewing equipment. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Easy to use Review by Brian
The Hydrometer floats in a test jar and looks cool when it spins. Now I have to learn how to use it and what the readings really mean. Makes me feel like I know what I am doing. My last batch was 1.011! and that was at 59 degrees.....I think I won. (Posted on 11/18/13)
Large range, good price Review by Joshua
I ended up getting this hydrometer because most of the others didn't have the high gravity reading scales I needed for big beers. This one does the job and has treated me well. (Posted on 10/15/13)
Good price and easy to read! Review by Miki
The hydrometer was priced right and was easy to read as well. That said, I didn't find the accompanying instructions very helpful...went online and was able to figure it out.
Reminder: Make sure to get a test jar (I didn't, and had to drive back to the store to get one)! (Posted on 10/11/13)
Great price, gets the job done Review by Brad
Simple and easy to use hydrometer. Drop it in, give it a spin, and read gravity. Recommended for all beginners. (Posted on 9/2/13)
Easy to read scale Review by Terry
Basic, reliable, cheap hydrometer. What sets this one a part from everyone else's is the easy to read color coded scale. It also goes all the way down to 0.980. That doesn't matter for beer, but important if you are making a super dry wine or mead. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Works perfect! Nice hydrometer Review by cindy
Easy to use. Easy to read. Works perfect! Would recommend to wine makers and beer makers! (Posted on 7/13/13)
Don't Forget a Test Jar Review by Chris
Nice hydrometer, works as I expected. Be sure to get a test jar as well. (Posted on 1/18/13)
Gets the job done at a decent price (and LEAD FREE!) Review by Matthew
I'm giving this hydrometer 5 stars even though I managed to break mine IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS from receiving it in my deluxe wine making kit! It definitely is not super durable -- very thin and fragile glass, but mine broke due to sheer clumsiness when I accidentally tipped over the flask it was in.

One thing I really like about it, though, is that it is lead and mercury free... so if it does crack or break, it will not automatically ruin your must and poison you to death. I'm not sure I can say the same about the replacement I bought from my LHBS (Northern Brewer's is also a better price, but I needed one fast and I'm not going to spend $8 shipping for one $5 product!) (Posted on 7/26/12)

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