Better Bottle™ Ported 6 Gallon Carboy

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Six gallon plastic carboy with a port near the bottom for a racking outlet (sold separately).

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Better Bottle™ Ported 6 Gallon Carboy


Six gallon plastic carboy made from a clear, stain-resistant, non-porous PET plastic that is impermeable to oxygen. Light and virtually unbreakable.

Requires a racking outlet and SimpleFlo valve (#7898 and #7899, sold separately), which allows you to transfer beer or wine by draining from a spigot instead of siphoning. Use a ported closure (#7885), a drilled rubber stopper (#SD10) or a medium universal bung (#40490) to seal. See Better Bottle™ How-To Tips for directions on handling the carboy.

Customer Reviews

I love these Review by CaskAle 13c
I have two of the six gallon ported bottles. They have worked perfectly for years. I have never had one crack. I have never picked one up by the neck, I always carry them them from the bottom. I wonder if the stress of picking them up by the neck might be leading to eventual cracking that some are experiencing?

As for the cleaning. I put a microfiber rag in the bottle with a liter or two of hot pbw solution and shake/swirl. The rage provided just the aggitation neeeded to remove yeast without scratching the inside. (Posted on 11/14/13)
where have you been? Review by JB
These are light weight and extremely manageable. I have a good number of glass carboys, but after breaking a couple and having to lift them into a chest freezer for fermenting, I'll slowly replace them with these. (Posted on 9/22/13)
thumbs up big time with the better bottle ported carboy Review by jon
I don't know if there is a better plastic carboy. Ported makes it so much easier to dispell the beer. I've tried others that work good. But the cats meow is the better bottle ported carboy. YOu just have to be careful with cleaning it. Don't let caustic chemicals for cleaning sit in it for very long. And wash it out as soon as its cleaned of wort residue. Best set up for a carboy system I've found. (Posted on 7/11/13)
Better than Glass? Review by MJC
I have 2 six gallon & 2 five gallon ported Better Bottles along with several 5 & 6.5 glass carboys. The BB are lighter and just more convenient to use. I have not had problems with transferring beer and find this to be one of the best attributes of the BB, no siphon, the racking valves work fine, very little beer left behind, and there is less opportunity for oxygenation. I have had no problems with fermentation using a blow off tube which is my preference for the primary. The BB airlocks eliminate liquids and prevent sucking any in during handling and I use these for secondary. My only complaint is cleaning and I find it hard to clean residual yeast stains from primary fermentation. I do miss not being able to use my carboy brush. The smaller 5 gal BB used for secondary fermentation are very easy to clean. But while cleaning the larger BB is harder, I haven't dropped one yet. Having dropped 2 soapy glass carboys and clean up the glass plus the cuts I think I will continue to invest in BB's. (Posted on 7/25/12)
OK, but Just OK Review by LiquidLiquid
Lightweight, clear, reasonable price, etc.
However, the bottoms seem to crack for no reason. Always handled properly, cleaned, etc. but have had them fail, apparently when in storage. Weird, as my 5-Gallon Better Bottles are fine. Won't buy again. (Posted on 1/1/12)
disappointed Review by james
I have 3 6 gal ported bottles. They are 3-4 yrs old and have developed blisters inside the bottles. The bottles were used for fermenting beer and cleaned using approved methods. Safe to use? I dont know. (Posted on 10/1/11)
Poorly designed bottom, do not last. Review by txbrewer
Having just thrown out my THIRD Better Bottle 6 gallon plastic carboy for the same reason (the bottom split) I would say the makers need to improve the thickness of the base. These items are not inexpensive, especially the ported ones that I had used. I will definitely not be purchasing any more. (Posted on 9/7/11)
Wish I would have gone with the plane Review by John
I bought both the 6 and 5 gallon ported bottles. I wouldn't say they are virtually unbreakable. Well it didn't break, but I have a crack in the bottom of one of my 6 gallon bottles from it slipping out of my hand when I was cleaning it. I thought this would be better then siphoning, but like mentioned previously, it takes a long time and tends to leave more liquid in the bottom. I have even had problems with it clogging and slowing to a dribble, or stopping completely. I would also recommend buying a brew hauler to avoid the bottle flexing when you pick it up by the neck and sucking air or sanitizer from your airlock into the bottle. I am planning on buying a 5 and a 6 in the none ported version and a racking cane. The ported ones unfortunately will either be sold for a pittance of what I paid, or sit on my shelf. (Posted on 5/29/11)
outstanding product Review by PalEd
Yes, it's expensive, but it more than lives up to the hype. The valves are top quality, the bottle cleans in a breeze with no brushing required, the racking attachment saves a lot of time and aggravation (and really reduces oxidation of the beer). This is superior product and will make your brewing life a lot easier (and safer). Highly recommended! (Posted on 1/23/11)
Not any better than glass Review by TJ
Decent product that gets the job done, but I'm not convinced that it's any better than a standard glass carboy. The racking adapter drains extremely slowly and can end up leaving much more liquid remaining in the carboy than using a siphon. The fact that the bottle is compressible by hand, makes it prone to sucking in or blowing out airlock sanitizer liquid when you move it around. (Posted on 1/14/11)
Nice and light but wish it were a little bigger Review by Mike
This bottle is worth its price for the light weight alone. The porting adapter is a must-have. Yes, it provides another place for things to grow but the super convenience for sampling and racking compensates for the extra required care in cleaning. My only misgiving is that I wish this carboy were a little bigger. The big glass carboys are 6.5 gallons, this is 6. I had major blowoff on my recent batch. I do yeast starters that start fast and furious. There was a lot of yeast in the blowoff bottle that I would have preferred stay in the beer. I still hit my FG so apparently no harm. I just wish it were a little bigger. (Posted on 5/18/10)