Black IPA 1 Gallon Recipe Kit

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An ebony pint with a beige head is surrounded by an aromatic citrus-and-pine force field, backed by a smooth roastiness redolent of cocoa and French roast coffee.

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Black IPA - 1 Gallon Small Batch Beer Recipe Kit


Your inner cynic says: "Wait, wait ... isn't this just an Imperial Stout?" Well, let's answer your inner cynic's question with another question: "Isn't a Dunkelweizen just a darker, maltier Hefeweizen?" The answer is both yes and no. There you go, inner cynic. Incubated in West Coast craft breweries and brewpubs (the same folks who brought you American Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, and Imperial IPA – they weren't always established styles, either!), these hefty concoctions throw all pretense at subtlety right out the window.

Full-bodied, hop-bitter, and boozy, this beer is compelling enough to both fuel and quash the argument of its stylistic integrity, and it goes great with a blue-cheese stuffed sirloin burger or steak.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 1 Gallon
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Hybrid Beers, IPA
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1075
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Another IPA convert Review by Tony
I'm not much of a hophead, but the style is growing on me. Thought I'd try this batch to marry a dark beer (which I love) with IPA bitterness and hop aroma. I must say I'm impressed with the result. The only disappointment is that I only made one gallon! I look forward to brewing this again. (Posted on 8/18/14)
Best Beer So Far Review by Wayne
This was my third beer and my best brew by far. Popped my first bottle open after 3 weeks in fermentation and 3 in the bottle. Good head with nice lacing and a very good taste. Looking forward to letting this go for a while longer and seeing what it becomes. I'll definitely be brewing this one again. (Posted on 6/26/14)
Excellent, even when flat... Review by Chad
I have just cracked a bottle of this open after having it bottle-conditioning for a week. It gave off just the faintest of "tsst". It hasn't fully carbed yet but it's still REALLY good and has a great taste. I am thoroughly pleased with this brew and look forward to drinking it again after it has had time to fully carbonate.
It goes great with plain Vanilla Ice Cream by the way... (Posted on 6/6/14)
Best beer I have made to date Review by Smokey
This is my 5th and best batch it is very smooth and very delicious I cannot believe I made this, easily compares to $8 22oz I get at the beer distributor (Posted on 3/29/14)
This one gets better and better. Be patient after bottling! Review by Jay
For me, the difference here is more time to mellow out in the bottle. Today (3/9/14, bottled on 2/11/13) is is a real winner: a complete taste, smooth hops, not at all overpowering. This one is a sure bet for a full-scale five gallon batch. Raising my rating to 5 stars. (Posted on 3/9/14)
Confession from a Non-Hophead Review by Vaughn
Fairly new to homebrewing; I've done a handful of 1 gal. kits to get my feet wet and try some different styles. I prefer porters and stouts and normally steer clear of anything with "IPA" in the name since I don't like overly bitter beers.

I figured I'd give this one a try since it was only a gallon and I had nothing to lose. I must say it was a beer epiphany for me. A fantastic beer with a malty backbone that's hop-forward but in a good way; citrus and pine envelop with a hint of bitterness.

Opened my eyes to what an IPA can be and opened my pallette. Can't wait to brew this in a 5-gal. and eventually in All-Grain. (Posted on 3/9/14)
Amazing so far Review by Trevor
This was my first beer kit. The process was a blast, and only after 4 days of bottle conditioning, I decided to test one and see how the carbonation was going. It tastes amaing. Needs more carbonation of course, but its wonderful. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Most consistent recipe Review by Dan
This one has turned out great every time in a 1 gallon format. I usually allow for 3-4 week fermentation (our house is about 62 degrees) and 2-3 weeks for bottle conditioning. It tastes ideal around 3 weeks. Nice CDA/Black IPA. (Posted on 2/14/14)
Interesting! Review by Nathan
I like it! Tastes like an heavily hopped porter to me... Very unique. Might have to execute the AG version. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Look great so far Review by Omar
Beer is brewing at the moment but look great so far. I will update when it's done. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Great so far! Review by Omar
Beer is brewing at the moment but so far so good. I love the color and the fact it will taste like both of my favorite type of beers. I will update when ever I taste this the final product. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Great taste Review by Jay
My step father brewed this recipe and it tasted great so I had to try it. It had easy to follow directions, smelled great and I just bottled it now and can't wait for it to finish conditioning. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Best Beer I Have Made Yet Review by Michael
This was my 7th batch of beer. I brewed it in February, and between moving and life it ended up staying in the fermentor until the beginning of November. Three weeks of bottle conditioning, and I just cracked a couple open tonight. It is AMAZING! I'm going to be scaling this up to a couple of five gallon batches. I definitely suggest letting this one mature as long as you can stand it, because the way is totally worth it. (Posted on 12/1/13)
Great way to expand your palate Review by David
I have brewed this a couple of times. This is one of my favorite brews in the northern brewer catalog. I have been experimenting with this recipe by adding different fruit and coffee in secondary. (Posted on 11/23/13)
So far, so good Review by Jay
This was my first effort with a 1 gallon kit. The management of the siphoning and bottling process was more complicated than "normal," at least for me. Based on reading of earlier reviews, I've not sampled any of the 11 bottles that resulted. They have been bottled for over a week now, so I will update this in a week of so when I've sampled one. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Terrific beer! Review by Rob
This was my first Northern Brewer kit. I got my pot of water heating up and started pouring my specialty grains in the mesh bag when it ripped and spilled all over the kitchen. After much cussing, I called NB and they sent new grains and mesh bag to me. The recipe turned out great. One of my favorites. Being a one gallon kit, it only yielded 9 bottles. I had one every once and a while and they aged great. Recommend at least a month in bottle before trying. (Posted on 10/25/13)
Awesome Review by Dave
One our favorites! (Posted on 10/21/13)
Bottle condition Review by Bruce
I'd definitely let this one bottle condition for at least 4 weeks. It lost that stout flavor and found it's black ipa roots. Great beer N.B. (Posted on 9/28/13)
Decent brew Review by Bruce
Just tried this beer after letting it condition for 2 weeks. I agree with other reviewers that it does taste like a stout. Still a good beer, and look forward to trying another bottle in a couple more weeks. (Posted on 9/15/13)
Very similar to Stone's Sublimely Self-Rightous Review by Dan
This beer made my day and is my favorite home brew so far. Tons of flavor!!! (Posted on 9/15/13)
Great little Kit. Review by Wolf
For the brewer thats looking to explore IPA's. its a great little kit to get into playing with hops. the beer turned out smooth and hoppy and was a lot of fun to brew. (Posted on 9/8/13)
Let it mature in the bottle a bit, please! Review by Paula
I usually brew five gallons of this at a clip, but I ordered the one-gal. kit to brew beer with someone who is interested in home brewing but wanted to see what goes on first, someone who likes black IPAs. I cautioned this person to WAIT before drinking the bottles. He did not. Essentially, he waited all of four days after bottling and decided to drink what he made. Of course, he didn't like it; he complained the beer tasted funny and like rubber. Had he waited as instructed, he would have been richly rewarded. I held back a 22-oz. bottle for myself and I won't even think of drinking it until November when it will be extremely delicious. Really, for a beer like this, patience is called for. (Posted on 8/25/13)
Great 1st brew! Review by Chris
This was my fourth shot at home brewing a 1 gallon batch. I have used all grain & Mr. Beer in my previous attempts. The NB kit is the bomb! Very simple to use and it turned out great. I only fermented 1 week, and conditioned 1 week. If I doubled the condition time it would be even better!

[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] (Posted on 8/22/13)
eh Review by Ferminator 5000
its alright, half my bottles did not carbonate, so maybe I made the mistake. try it, always try it first, maybe ours will turn out better then mine. (Posted on 8/3/13)
Amazing tasted like a cross between a stout/IPA Review by devan
This was a great tasting beer! I got more of a stout flavor then a IPA but still quite hoppy! This just keeps better the longer it stays in the bottle! (Posted on 7/12/13)
Fantastic Review by d
Easy to brew and even easier to enjoy. Let sit in the bottle 5-6 weeks before enjoying, (opinion) comparible to Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout or Lucky Bucket's Certified Evil. (Posted on 7/12/13)
WOW!! Review by Damien
I have only brewed about 5 or 6 batches of home brew but this is by far my favorite so far. Big flavor, hoppy yet not over powering and not heavy either. I followed the directions too the letter and was not let down at all! Great job NB. I'm ordering again soon! (Posted on 6/28/13)
easily drinkable, not bitter, easy to follow instructions Review by DT
Shared with friends for unbiased opinions, only 1 negative comment from a light beer friend, comment described the Black IPA as a copy of Guiness. Enjoyed by all but one and I plan to make again. (Posted on 6/1/13)
Epic Review by Johnboy_Brewing
Like The_Singing_Brewer, i just tasted my flat beer as i was bottling it and its more than i was hopping for. Great taste from beginning to end. Will be making this as my first 5 gallon brew!!! (Posted on 5/24/13)
A definite winner Review by The_Singing_Brewer
This may be an odd review, because I just bottled my brew. Judging by the taste of the warm flat beer that I bottled, this is awesome beer. A hoppy aroma start followed by a malty, slight-coffee like finish. It will def. go on the list of 5-gallon kits to make.

I love the 1 gallon kits!! I have my Mr' Beer fermentors that I use by just using 2 of these kits. Much better results with the NB kit using the specialty grains and Fermentis yeast. It's cheaper to go 5 gallons, but I brew with the smaller kits for speed and convenience in between.
(Posted on 4/29/13)
Great! Review by BrooklineBrewer
This is my favorite of my first 4 small batch home brews. All my friends agreed this was the best so far, too. I didn't have any trouble with excess blow, and I was fermenting around 70 degrees. Thanks NB! (Posted on 3/12/13)
update Review by freshwater_drum
Fantastic. Will do this again soon. (Posted on 2/23/13)
Needed a blowoff assembly Review by freshwater_drum
I'm not done with this one yet so I'm giving it 5 stars in hopes it will turn out well. I will update the review when complete. Just wanted to warn people though, that after a slow start this is gurgling like mad on day two, and I'm glad I had the extra equipment to make a blow off, because I woke up this morning to a fair amount of creeping foam. All is well, though. It was originally filled to just below the 1 gallon mark, used 5 grams of the supplied yeast (11.5 gram pack), and is fermenting at about 64 deg. (Posted on 2/3/13)