Black IPA Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Our Black IPA Extract Kit yields an ebony pint with a beige head, surrounded by an aromatic citrus-and-pine force field, backed by a smooth roastiness redolent of cocoa and French roast coffee. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Black IPA Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Your inner cynic says: "Wait, wait ... isn't this just an Imperial Stout?" Well, let's answer your inner cynic's question with another question: "Isn't a Dunkelweizen just a darker, maltier Hefeweizen?" The answer is both yes and no. There you go, inner cynic. Incubated in West Coast craft breweries and brewpubs (the same folks who brought you American Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, and Imperial IPA – they weren't always established styles, either!), these hefty concoctions throw all pretense at subtlety right out the window. An ebony pint with a beige head is surrounded by an aromatic citrus-and-pine force field, backed by a smooth roastiness redolent of cocoa and French roast coffee. Full-bodied, hop-bitter, and boozy, this beer is compelling enough to both fuel and quash the argument of its stylistic integrity, and it goes great with a blue-cheese stuffed sirloin burger or steak. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Hybrid Beers, IPA
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1075
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

amazing Review by Cory
Just kegged a couple day ago and this IPA is great perfect for spring. this brew will always be on tap now. next time might dry hop with a extra ounce. (Posted on 4/18/15)
Awesome Brew!!! Review by Mike
This was my first kit and couldnt have been happier. Followed instructions with no changes. OG 1.070 with 1.017 at transfer to secondary, and FG of 1.014 I used the dry yeast and dry pitched a single packet after cooling. Outstanding tasting brew that was good early, but smoothed and blended even better after a few weeks in bottles. Only problem I had is they didnt last long enough and I only gave 4 away. Those who enjoyed one, said they were excellent though. Just helped a buddy bottle another 5 gal of this brew. (Posted on 4/16/15)
awesome beer. awesome black ipa? Review by hooligan brewing
first I like the product that came out of this kit, it is a great tasting beer that is disappearing quickly from my cellar. That isn't to say there aren't any points for improvement here. 1). echoing what other reviewers have said this beer is short on hops for a Black IPA, even after adding an extra ounce of hops to dry hopping. 2). I started with a 2 liter starter culture of American ale II grown using a stir plate, the final gravity of the beer was higher than expected at 1.020. However, the body and mouth feel of the beer are appropriate. 3.) this is a minor point, but why dark syrup and specialty grains? Why not just golden lme + grains?

if I were to brew this again I would double the hops in the final 15 minutes of the boil and add more dry hops to dry hop.
(Posted on 3/21/15)
probably the best yet Review by roger
Being the newbie I am, this is so far the best tasting beer I've made. Twelve days primary,eighteen days secondary, dry hopped for four days then into the bottles. I actually jumped the gun and just had to try it after ten days in bottle and am blown away by flavor and smoothness. I plan on trying a bottle a week until two months in bottles then I wont be able to keep it around long. Looks like this is gonna be my favorite for a while. (Posted on 2/21/15)
Great beer Review by Froc
This is a perfect mix of stout and ipa. I've brewed the milk chocolate stout from NB (which was excellent, by the way), but I think this one actually has more of a chocolate flavor. Carbonation was perfect-kinda like a chocolate latte. One of the best beers I have ever had. I hope a can stash a couple away for a while, but dont know if that will happen or not. (Posted on 12/14/14)
Tasty, higher than expected FG Review by EGR
Might yet get 5 stars. Flavor is there. Tasted the sweet right away on xfer to secondary. Not bad at all, just an observation. Am a little disappointed with 1021 FG (OG 1071). Had done a 650 mL starter with WLP051 for 24 hours, and kept primary at 70* for 3 weeks. Really wanted to get sub 1020 FG. Is now in secondary for 4 weeks. Would like to lose another couple clicks but usually stays steady in secondary. (Posted on 11/10/14)
Wow, what a beer Review by Shawn
This is it, the best kit from Northern Brewer out of the 6 kits that I have done so far. I love IPA's and I love stouts/porters and this is the perfect blend of both. Did a 10 day primary with two packs of US-05, then a 1 month secondary, dry hopping the last week, then 3 weeks in the bottle before trying one. At first it was very IPA like with lots of hop flavor and bite, and some hop aroma. Now at 9 months old its more like a stout with hop bitterness as most of the hop aroma and some of the hop flavor have faded. It's great either way and I will be ordering again. (Posted on 9/22/14)
Excellent Review by Chip
This is the first brew that I've done since purchasing the equipment. I followed the directions to the letter. Primary fermentation was so active for the first week that my house a very nice hoppsy smell. Secondary fermentation for 3 weeks and let it condition in bottle for another 3 weeks. The flavor is outstanding but I was a little disappointed at the carbonation. I was hoping for a little more tingle on the tongue. The longer I let it sit the BETTER it got. The only down side is it disappears way too fast. (Posted on 7/15/14)
Great recipe Review by Chuck
Kegged and then carbonated for 4 days. Excellent tasting beer. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Extremely Hoppy Review by Frostbrewer
Some of the previous brewers stated that there wasn't that great of a hoppy aroma or taste with this beer. I disagree. Mine has a great hop nose and all the great taste and bitterness IPA's usually provide. In fact, I feel that the beer could use a bit more of the roasty flavors. I would certainly brew this again. Very tasty (Posted on 3/21/14)
Very nice Review by Keith
Very nice rich flavor with a bit of bite from the hops. This will stay in my rotation along with dead ringer (Posted on 2/5/14)
This is a tasty brew! Lots of character and depth. Review by Tim G.
This is an awesome brew! I just tasted my first batch - one month and one week after starting. It was worth the wait. It is smooth with a nice finish. Good dark color. I know I will brew this again and again! (Posted on 2/3/14)
Best 5-Gallon Batch Yet Review by captainsly
Almost at the 4 week bottled mark. Tried a bottle at 2 weeks, then 3 weeks. I think I messed up the quantity of priming sugar for carbonation; carbonation is low (rather have that than over-carbonated). However, taste is excellent and smooth. Best 5-gallon I've ever made. Last one was a "Hop Head" IPA from Midwest. It had an overpowering flavor of hops (which I typically like) but this has a great color (I don't find it to be smokey at all like some reviews state here), but the hop combination is mellow and complex, as there are 5 different types of hops in this beer.

Highly recommended for those hop-seekers out there... (Posted on 1/28/14)
Great Kit Review by Andy
This kit did not disappoint. It lived up to every expectation put forth by the other reviews. (Posted on 1/25/14)
Tastes Amazing Review by Joshua
Ive made one batch of this already and it didn't last long! Which is actually unfortunate because it taste better the longer you let it sit! In the middle of my second batch now going to rack to secondary shortly. Trust me you like it! (Posted on 1/21/14)
It was a good brew it did not last long. Not as hoppy as I like will brew it again. Review by joseph
Good brew and easy. Not as hoppy as I like will brew it again. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Keeps getting better Review by Wayne
Great Brew! I started tasting this a couple of weeks after bottling. It keeps getting better! After 4 weeks in the bottle this is a very good IPA. (Posted on 12/16/13)
Keeps getting better Review by Wayne
Great Brew! I started tasting this a couple of weeks after bottling. It keeps getting better! After 4 weeks in the bottle this is a very good IPA. (Posted on 12/16/13)
Big and Roasty! Review by Douglas
I have to add my review to this great beer kit. I brewed this back in August right before I made the switch to all grain. I did a full volume boil and boiled down to 5 gallons. I hit it with an extra ounce of Cascade in the dry hop. This beer doesn't exactly have the Hoppy Aroma I was looking for but it is still great! It has a beautiful Roasty flavor and a nice bitterness that doesn't overwhelm. It is a big beer so be careful how many you drink. Try with a nice farmhouse cheese on a cold winter night. You will not be disappointed.
(Posted on 12/16/13)
A delicious beverage! Review by Pete
I was waiting to sample this brew and so far it is my favorite I have tasted out of the 3 that I have bottled, since my imperial stout and Belgian tripel are in secondary. However I did expect it to be a bit more hoppy especially since this is an IPA. It seems like more of a black ale then a Black IPA. My lack of bitterness could be due to the fact that my boil stopped for about six minutes when I added my wort chiller to the boil with about 12 minutes left. Reguardless, it is still one of the best beers I have brewed for NB to date! (Posted on 12/1/13)
just racked to 2ndary Review by Scout
Used the wyeast 1272 1.5 liter starter. OG 1.072, 2 weeks primary at 65 degrees, SG 1.021, moved fermenter to 68 degrees for a week, and shaved SG down to 1.018. Krausen hung around for almost 2.5 weeks. no biggie, just strange, thought id mention it. Fermentation was less vigorous than i expected, but it smells great, and FG is appropriate, so I guess its beer!Planning 4 weeks secondary. If this beer tastes as good as it smelled when racking, its gonna be great! (Posted on 11/27/13)
five pints for black ipa Review by vernon
black ipa our favorite kit dark hoppy bitter well balanced and very drinkable beer hides high gravity very well smooth roasted smelling of coca ad coffee we agree with others deserves six pints rating deserves special glass as dead ringer another delicious beer have made three... five gallon kits following instructions except I add al my malts and sugars at flame as I do all my kits (Posted on 11/24/13)
Great stuff Review by Bob
As dark as black coffee, this opaque IPA presents with medium-strong hops aroma and flavor and good balance for a fine brew. My HBC (a tough crowd to please) liked it quite a bit and several were intrigued by the combination of hops used. (Posted on 11/17/13)
Easy to make Review by Len
This is a very good beer. A lot of flavor. I'll buy again. (Posted on 11/14/13)
Tasty Black IPA Review by Micky
The malt in this beer balances out the plentiful hops for a smooth yet boozy taste. It is hard to resist the beckoning call from the tap every time I enter my living room. (Posted on 10/30/13)
DARK AND HOPPY Review by Alyssa
So far tastes great, it is a little bit lacking on the carbonation after 4 weeks of bottle conditioning. (Posted on 10/29/13)
Amazing Review by Big John
The kit is easy to brew and easy to drink. The other reviewers are spot on. Let it age in bottles for a while and you will be rewarded. (Posted on 10/23/13)
A great beer! Review by David
I'm on my second batch, loved this beer. I had to hide it from my son, he likes to share our home brew, which I'm OK with. But when I come home to my next to last bottle being passed around by a three guys holding PBR's, it's time to go hard. New house rule, anybody drinking lite beer does not get a taste of the good stuff. They need to grow up first. (Posted on 10/14/13)
Welcome to a new world Review by Ben
This is a roasty, fun masterpiece. I highly recommend this for people who have done an extract batch or two and watch to do something a touch more advanced, but still in the extract family.

You will be rewarded.

Give this beer three weeks in primary, a week of dry hops, and two weeks in bottles and you will be happy. The more time it gets in bottles, the better!

I had a commercial version and then ours about a month after bottling day, liked ours more! (Posted on 10/11/13)
Give it time to age Review by Kevin
Excellent stuff. I've had this in the keg for about a month, and it is just getting better (smoother finish). Surprisingly drinkable for a recipe with so much going on. Definitely a kit I'll consider again. (Posted on 10/11/13)
new favorite Review by joseph
This beer has just become my go to kit, replacing dead ringer. Great maltiness with just the right amount of hoppiness. This is the first IPA my wife likes which is a good thing and a bad thing...less for me. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Wonderful dark flavor with great hopiness Review by ALLEN
I am really enjoying this beer. It took a while to get much carbonation in it, but tastes awesome! (Posted on 9/27/13)
Excellent and unique brew Review by Jimmelworth
After having sampled an IPA Stout at a homebrew competition, I sought out to find a kit to make my own. This kit does not disappoint and you want that hmm factor, this kit will impress your buddies. I've given this to strict "pee-water light beer" lovers (name your mass-produced mega brew here), and this has been the beer to break them out of their shells and branch out. I highly recommend this kit for everyone! (Posted on 9/27/13)
This is the Reason Why I Homebrew Review by Tom
This kit was my third batch and sold me on homebrewing. Quite the hop flavor at the start, with a great malt flavor throughout. Takes a few weeks to age in the bottle, so don't drink your batch too quickly. At about week 6 the flavors peak and the beer transitions from great to outstanding. (Posted on 9/26/13)
Awesome black IPA that all will enjoy Review by Doug
This recipe is a crowd pleaser with family and friends begging me to make another batch. Combines a solid hoppy flavor with malty goodness and depth in flavor from the grains that you would expect in a more complex arrangement. Serve on a cool afternoon/evening with company and savor the flavor along with hearty entrees. (Posted on 9/5/13)
Dark, Hoppy Tasty Beer Review by Nick
I just put this beer in my keg on Friday. I was drinking it on Sunday night. This beer is great. Strong, heavy, hoppy, and tasty. You should know going in that this will be a heavy beer. I wouldn't call it a crowd pleaser. However, it was exactly what I wanted. I will brew this again. (Posted on 9/3/13)
Delicious! Review by Jason
Although I had never tasted (let alone made) a black IPA, I decided to give this kit a try based on the phenomenal reviews. Definitely the right move! This is probably the best beer I've made thus far (20 batches). I liked it so much that I just made another. (Posted on 9/2/13)
Great kit Review by Fav920
Great black ipa kit. I used a 1L starter for the yeast, and dry hopped at 65 degrees for 3 days, then 40 degrees for 3 more days. The hop flavor and aroma really came through after 3 weeks in the bottle. Would definitely recommend. (Posted on 8/24/13)
Awesome IPA Review by John
This beer ranks at the top of the beers I brewed. It has a great head on it. And then there's the taste. Wow. My 2 brewing partners agreed this beer is awesome. Just brewed 2 more patches. Can't wait. (Posted on 8/23/13)
Really good and accessible to those who aren't fans of the style Review by Aaron
We made this because my brew buddies like really dark beers. I was surprised how good it is, as were all of us. One of them said it tasted so good he's not sure we made it.

I would add that even though super dark beers are not my first choice, and I'm a little bored with IPAs, this is accessible and pleasing to my palate, a testament to balance. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Awesome Black IPA Review by DinoD
Shared this with some friends and we all agree, it's among our favs. As a hop-head, I love this beer. Followed the instructions and added an addition week to the second ferment, then waited 4 weeks to open a bottle. Oh, look...getting low. Time to order... (Posted on 7/24/13)
This beer is a crowd pleaser for sure Review by Gnarles
Brewed this up just shy of 3 months ago for the third time in 2 years. This time I did decide to bump up the amount of hops in the dry hops. (Posted on 7/13/13)
A winner with IPA and Stout lovers Review by The_Singing_Brewer
I'm not a fan of dark beer, but this Black IPA changed all that. There's enough hops up front with a malty finish to please all. Friends who like both IPA and porter/stouts that tasted my samples really liked this beer.

The beer was fermented for 15 days, then bottled for 2 weeks and the results were great. It's gotten even better as it ages. This will be brewed again soon as it's going way too fast.
(Posted on 5/28/13)
Excellent! Review by Matt
This was my second 5 Gallon batch since upgrading from Mr. Beer. This was a significant improvement on the Black IPA I brewed with Mr. Beer. Did partial boil this time and have since upgraded my boil pot so will try a full boil next time I make this, highly recommend this kit. (Posted on 5/20/13)
Delicious Review by Matt
Pleasantly hoppy with hints of pine, coffee, and chocolate. This one turned out extremely well. I did a half boil, next time I will upgrade to full boil to see if there is a difference. (Posted on 4/29/13)
Very Nice........ Review by Albany NY Home Brewer
Sixteen days primary / 28 days secondary / Dry-Hopped 2 oz cascade seven days before bottling. 28 days bottle. I added 1 lb Dark DME and doubled the hops the recipe called for. OG was 1.080 and final ABV of 8%. Very nice aroma and hop flavor. When I brew this again (and I will brew this again), I'll cut back a bit on the bittering hops. A bit too much this time It didn't allow the malt flavor to come through as much as I wanted. Perhaps more bootle time will allow for this. Overall, a great beer. (Posted on 4/27/13)
Ain't nobody didn't like dat! Review by Rob
Brewed this about 6 months ago and passed it around to all my beer loving friends. Everyone of them loved it; more importantly, I loved it and plan to brew another batch next month. (Posted on 3/21/13)
Just get it already Review by Devin
This was the first kit I had ever purchased from Northern Brewer and from that point on I've been trying to reproduce the quality I received from this beautiful dark IPA in the others that followed in my purchases. This BIPA set the bar very high and so far this remains consistently in the top 3 of my extract kits (not just from those I've received from NB but from ANY I've made) and has been used repeatedly as a reference point for my own experimentation.
If you don't love this one, then you brewed it wrong!
(Posted on 3/18/13)
One of the best beers I've ever brewed! Review by Paula
And I've been brewing since 1973, long before it was fashionable. This is amazing BIG BEER. Choose one of the liquid yeast options (I chose Wyeast 1272) and give it at least three months in secondary. You will be rewarded with the most awesome example of a hophead's dream. But don't let the grapefruit esters fool you. This is malty and toasty and astonishingly well-balanced. (Posted on 3/2/13)
A very good BIPA Review by GW
What can I say? I really like this one, as do friends. I've brewed it four times now, each time with a different yeast - Safale US-05, London WLP013, Wyeast 1056, and American Ale Yeast WLP060. The last batch was 9 days in primary, 28 days in secondary with dry hopping for the last 5 days. I like the WLP060 the best. Initial tasting (6 days in bottles), shows real promise for the last batch , too. This ale is dark with carmel and French roast flavors. It holds a very creamy head all the way to the bottom of the glass. (Posted on 2/28/13)
AWESOME IPA! Review by Mike - St Pete
I used the recipre and SKIPPED the dry hopping as i am not a Hop_Head. The beer turned out perfect! Perfect amount of hopiness for my tastes. Family & Frinds loved it.....wil be brewing another batch soon! (Posted on 2/26/13)
#Sublime #OMG #not a session beer Review by Jeremy
2nd time for this brew... again I added a pound of light DME but increased each hop addition for an additional 15 minutes. I added about 1/2 gallon of water when rinsing the specialty grains so it only came out to 7.5% ABV... needless to say I will follow each step of this batch when I brew again... and again... and again. (Posted on 2/2/13)
Get Your OWN!!! Review by William
Brewed this as my second batch and stuck to the recipe. I wish I could give you good tasting notes but my girlfriend drank it all... Delicious beer, will definitely be brewing this again when I get a couple other recipes down. (Posted on 1/22/13)
Great! Review by Nathan
My favorite beer is 21st Amendment's Back In Black IPA so I really wanted my next brew to be the same style. Well this doesn't disappoint! Unlike my last couple I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great. I did the 2-2-4 method and it's good to go. I can see the finish leveling out a little more over time, but there is no way these will be around for a long time. If you haven't tried an BIPA I highly recommend this kit. (Posted on 1/17/13)
One of the best Review by Liam
Of the 30 or so beers I have made in the last 2 years, this would be in the top 5... It was a hit with all of the real beer drinkers I know and doesn't need a thing changed. It's a little more expensive, but worth every penny. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Brew it Review by Brian
I'm not one to write long reviews, or use fancy technical language.

Just opened first bottle. 16 days in. Beyond happy. Did standard 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks secondary with 5 days dry hop. Bottled with 5 oz priming sugar. Put in fridge last night to chill one. This will be made again and again.

Only note is that for the amount of hops I was surprised it didn't have more hop taste and aroma. Not a complaint, but an observation.

I give this beer a 100% stamp of approval. (Posted on 11/22/12)
YUUUP! Review by Joel
I recently won the Long Beach Guild's Brewers Brewer award using this kit. I did however double the amount of hops from the directions (If you don't the hop characteristic diminishes greatly in the long fermentation period). It is important to note that this beer should sit in secondary for 4 weeks and in its final 5 days blast it with the cascade. Also, I blasted it with C02 (forced carbonation) warm then a second blast after it was cold. I threw it on 10 pounds of pressure for one week..........then it was go time! (Posted on 10/31/12)
Great Kit. Review by Trent
Ok, so although I had a few too many friends there while brewing and ( may have been drinking too much) thought it would be a good idea to add an extra ounce of whole cone Chinook hops at 10min for extra bitterness and also added the malts all too soon AND thought it would be smart to add an extra pound of table sugar not too bad. Super Super bitter but drinkable. I also added 8oz of toasted french oak chips in the secondary along with 2oz whole cone cascade hops.
(Posted on 10/20/12)
My 5th and best so far Review by Rick
Very new at this brewing stuff. But this kit was the best brew I have tasted to date. The hops in this recipe seemed to be right on target. No tweaking necessary. I will make this one again. In a word: DELICIOUS! (Posted on 10/3/12)
Impressive Review by Greg
First IPA.
Smooth, malty, with plenty of hop. Easy after taste.
6 weeks from brew including the 2 stage fermentation, and a week in the keg it going fast.

A definite redo. (Posted on 9/20/12)
Excellent Beer Review by Michael
Malty, hoppy, full-flavored-what's not to like about this beer? Let it age in the bottle for at least two weeks. Bottled this 6/27/12 -first sampled 7/11/12.Excellent and keeps getting better. Only have (6 )22 oz. bottles left.Will brew again.I like this better than Rogue's Daddy's Little Helper. (Posted on 9/17/12)
Outstanding Black IPA Review by Zach
I've brewed this kit twice. This is an enjoyable beer. Brew day is a fun one, lots of additions and excitement in the kettle. The first time I made the kit it was only my second batch ever - but it was remarkable! Dark, strong & hoppy, this beer is not for the faint of heart. The recipe straight up was tested against brews such as Alaska Black IPA, Avery New World Porter - and it stood up right next to those. Friends commented "it's not fair that your 2nd batch ever tastes this good".
I also brewed it again as my 6th batch, and this time around I added Simcoe dry hop addition, and more dark DME. I was trying for a beer closer to Stone's Sublimely Self Righteous. This beer raised eyebrows at the homebrew club and got compliments from BJCP judges and GABF Pro-Am brewers. Recommended! (Posted on 8/8/12)
Winning Beer - 2012 Beijing Craft Beer Festival Review by Jeff Gandy
I brewed this with Yin Hai and submitted it to the Beijing Craft Beer Festival on Saturday. It was the only entry that I am aware of that used extract, and we took first place! Brewing in China is a real challenge, but the result of this effort really highlights the quality and unique flavor of this particular kit. (Posted on 6/3/12)
I don't even know how I did this! Review by drives-a-bike
Just cracked my first bottle of this and it is incredible!! I had a 1lb bag of Cascades on hand, so I thought I'd add some. I don't remember when I added or how much, and I really wish I would have measured and taken notes. This might be the best batch of beer I've made to date! (Posted on 5/21/12)
Wow Review by PhillyBrewer
Keep looking for the 6th star to rate this. Brewed exactly to specs, let it sit in secondary couple extra weeks (while kegging system got installed) 1 week at 12psi and WOW. Great thick beige head, and all the hop flavor you could ask for. Next time gonna add some espresso and cacao nibs for the fall/winter, but just a great beer. (Posted on 5/20/12)
once you go black...... Review by james
love this ipa, had this one after i fell in love with the chinook. like they say , once you go black, you dont go back.....

i brew this once a month now. (Posted on 5/11/12)
Absolutely perfect! Review by SC_Beer_dude
I invited a few friends over to help on brew day. This particular recipe was very fun to make and truly entertaining for the guests. But the entertainment really began a month later when we gathered again to taste it. It was the best I've experienced in my 6 years as a home brewer. (Posted on 5/7/12)
A solid, boozy beer Review by Jifigz
I have brewed a ton of different NB extract kits as well as plenty of all grain recipes I made up myself. As far as NB extract kits go, this is easily one of the best I've had from them (and I have had a lot of them-the others that were spot on were caribou slobber, Innkeeper, Chinook IPA, American wheat...) This beer is rich in malty, molasses like flavor with a decent hop profile. It is pretty well balanced, and if I do this one again I am going to add more hops (maybe another charge of summit at 60 min.) Anyways, brew away, it comes out strong and rather delicious. I used American Ale yeast II and a starter. (Posted on 4/24/12)
Good One Review by SRL
Have made this twice...first time by the was good, but wanted a little more Second time added 1 oz of Cascade at the beginning of the boil, and 1 oz Cascade to the secondary.......added great aroma up front and a little more at the end.......Never have enough hops!!! (Posted on 4/24/12)
1st home brew experience a hit Review by Snow Pilot
Very impressed how this one turned out, being the first time home brewing. Followed the instructions to a tee and the results are awesome. I'm going through this beer way too fast. Cheers! (Posted on 4/22/12)
Spot On Review by PhillyBrewer
Just put this beer in the keg last week and tapped it last night. WOW. Just what I was hoping for. My son and his friends love it, hope it lasts long enough for my friends to try... Will be making this again. Followed directions exact, no additions or changes. (Posted on 4/21/12)
Sublimely perfect! Review by Jeremy
This was only my 2nd homebrew but I decided to experiment a liittle... I added 1lb of dark DME to the extract kit and pitched a starter of the dry yeast that comes with the kit. I ended up with a perfect balance of malt mouthfeel that was tamed by the booziness and ideal hops schedule. Roasted dark chocolate and caramel battle the heavily hopped armata to gain control of the palate! 8.2% ABV for the troops' tastebuds! (Posted on 4/4/12)
Wow Review by K-Mac
Seriously, buy this, period. Everyone loves it. (Posted on 4/4/12)
Numero Uno Review by Jorge
Absolutely number one, best Black IPA ever. (Posted on 3/26/12)
Like a Hoppy Smoke Porter Review by Carlsbad Jeff
This was only my second attempt at home brewing and was much better than the previous beer (which went down the sink). It is has a very strong smokey and burnt taste to it and the extensive hops bill makes it pretty bitter. An aggressive beer not for the faint of heart. I followed all the instructions including the yeast starter and the secondary fermentation and dry hopping. After 2 months in the bottle, it has the most incredible head on it. Very impressive. (Posted on 3/8/12)
Two thumbs up! Review by Frank
Really great tasting beer. Had a bit lag with the yeast but once started there was no stopping. Tastes great after 4 weeks in the bottle. Stashing some away to see how it ages. (Posted on 3/8/12)
Best of both worlds Review by Chris
Wow, this blew me away. Had many people comment that this was the best beer I had brewed yet. This is definitely a go to when you arent sure what to do next. Just fantastic. (Posted on 3/5/12)
Simply delicious Review by Jeff
I love it, people who have tried it love it, and I will continue to make it. (Posted on 2/20/12)
Great beer Review by GarretD
This was my 4th extract and it is awesome. I started drinking it with only 6 days in the bottle and I was surprised at how good it was. It is a touch sweet, but the finish makes up for that in my opinion.

Brew it, you won't be sorry. (Posted on 2/10/12)
Good Brew, needs more hoppy finish Review by Diesel
I brewed this beer 10 day primary, 2 week secondary with a starter and just opened the first bottles this weekend after a month conditioning. I think this is a great beer, great balance, and nice ABV. We tasted it next to Stone Sublimely Self Rightous (one of my favorite beers) and noticed that the homebrew has far less hop aroma and finish. So while i think this beer is delicious, i think it would be even better with some more hoppiness, and next time i make it, i will dry hop with another ounce of cascade, or maybe add 1 oz chinook. (Posted on 2/6/12)
Excellent Brew Review by Loyd
A smooth, refined IPA with a solid head and clean finish. It is a favorite with my wife and was a big hit at the home brewer club tasting. I'm ordering another of this kit as soon as I finish writing this review! (Posted on 2/4/12)
Seriously amazing Review by Nate
This blew me (and everyone who tried it) away. Was great to watch it age, even if that didn't last long because we couldn't stop drinking it. The hop flavor mellowed quickly as the brew shifted from "an IPA that's dark" to more of a "nicely hoppy stout/porter." Highly recommended. (Posted on 1/21/12)
pretty fricken awesome Review by dig4neids
This was my first batch of beer I've ever made. Brewed: August of 2011. I tend to enjoy much stronger beers, relating to both flavor complexity and alc. content. So this beer seemed like a great starter for me. I also mashed about 2 pounds of Black cherries into the beer upon brewing. This beer started off tasting very young, and the hops were evident but not wicked powerful which I would have preferred. As it aged, trying a few bottles each month.... it's truly opened up to become such an amazing beer.... maybe i'm partial to it because it was my first batch, and I put a lot of love into it, but never the less... this beer seems like it can age for a good year or so... Which I put aside 2 final bottles to age indefinitely. I think anyone fanatic would enjoy this beer. It gets much much better with age. Truly a delicious beverage and well rounded. (Posted on 1/4/12)
Best. Beer. Ever. Review by Burnsie
I pitted one of my bottles from Northern Brewer's Black IPA kit against two other commercially available beers in a blind taste test - and the homebrew won. Tasters remarked that the malt and hop flavors were more balanced in the homebrew. I love dark beers, I love IPAs, and this kit produces something lust-worthy. (Posted on 1/2/12)
Baby got Black! Review by 1nce You Go Black....IPA
...You never go back. Ive dont at least a dozen of the extract kits from NB and this has been the best. I kegged this one, and it was pure bliss. I had "dark beer haters" downing the Blackness. This is a must brew. (Posted on 12/27/11)
Is now one of my regulars Review by Ken
I've made this several times now and this Christmas, it was the busiest tap on the kegerator when friends and family came to visit. A great extract beer that will not disappoint. (Posted on 12/27/11)
Who needs a stout when you have this…? Review by Michael
This was only my 3rd batch and my first NB kit beer. I must say it was outstanding. I love IPAs. To take it and give it a nice dark character made it delicious!! Of the 8 batches I have done over the last year, it is in the top 2. Highly recommend! I followed the instructions exactly. I usually tweak them a little, but this beer had a lot going on without me having to add anything… (Posted on 12/20/11)
Outstanding beer even with a short schedule Review by Len
Never had the style before. First beer from NB. I decided in late October to make this beer for friends and family I'd see over Thanksgiving, which was less than 4 weeks away, so I knew I was pushing the recommended schedule, especially given the comments below. Brewed at 65F with a single pail and dry yeast, didn't measure the OG. Dry hopped after 2 weeks in the primary, then 4 days later bottled. After a week in the bottle we cracked the first one open the Wed before Thanksgiving, not knowing what to expect. Altogether a really intriguing, excellent beer! Looks stoutish (black/dark brown); thick light brown head; smells like fresh pine; tastes malty, citrusy and piney. Outstanding beer that I'll definitely make again. (Posted on 12/6/11)
The great malt bill and the varied hop flavors seamed to play very well together Review by The Novice
I am a lover of IPA beers in its various forms, and I had high hopes for this beer recipe from the very beginning.
Kaza!!! NB did not disappoint. The Black IPA poured smooth. The beer was almost black with a cream colored head. The head lasted all of 30 seconds before settling to modest 3 mm foam which never dissipated. The aroma was malty with fruit right up front. There was no perceivable alcohol note. Not to worry. This is beer has all the characteristics I have come to expect from an IPA. The summit and other hops are consistent through and through. Despite the large amount of hops and malt used to produce this beer, it is surprisingly smooth and easy to drink. The mouth feel is full but not over powering. The great malt bill and the varied hop flavors seamed to play very well together to create a smooth, drinkable strong beer not to be taken lightly. This is not a session beer. Please drink responsibly.
Kind Regards
The Novice
(Posted on 11/9/11)
Outstanding! Review by Mark
I brewed this following the directions, but throwing in a few (6 or so) extra oz of Hops, and some Illy Coffee right at the end of the boil -> the result was perhaps the best beer I've had on or off the market.. (Posted on 11/7/11)
There's a reason... Review by Kurt B
There's a reason why this lit gets 5 stars (or pints) really is that good. I've been brewing for awhile and this kit was fun yet challenging to make. I did the extract kit and followed the directions.
I could hardly wait to check it out so after the recommended 2 week bottle conditioning I popped one open and was VERY pleased...and this comes from a guy who is NOT a dedictaed IPA guy. All my friends really like it as well.
I used the Munton's Kreamyx to prime and added 14 grams of priming sugar as good carbonation and with the Kreamyx, unbelievable head...As a matter of fact, I am drinking one as I type this. A definite winner!!! (Posted on 9/11/11)
Very good Black! Review by Westopherson
I bottled this 5 days ago and opened a bottle tonight. Black IPAs are few and far between here and my local pub stopped carrying the good one I liked, so I decided to brew this kit. Followed the recipe pretty closely. Used White Labs California Ale Yeast and dry hopped in the secondary for 2 weeks. It came out wonderful. Gonna let it condition for a good while and see what I get. (Posted on 8/25/11)
When friends confuse this for a commercial alternative, you know you are doing something right. Review by Crowd pleaser
Brew day and following fermentation went extremely well, and I was so impatient to try it out, I had one right at 14 days in the bottle - it was already the best beer I had brewed. Tastings for all friends and family were unanimously positive, with one friend even thinking I had snuck in a commercial Black IPA.

Used Safale 05, and all was well. Go with it - the only Black IPA I like better is Rogue "Daddy's Little Helper". Not bad considering my history of wasting good barley ;) (Posted on 8/21/11)
excellent beer Review by Okie Mike
First, I would like to thank Northern Brewer for coming up with an outstanding kit. I followed the kit instructions to a T and it turned out awesome. I brewed this a couple months ago and tried one after a couple weeks in the bottle. It tasted ok at that point. I decided to try one just yesterday after a couple months in the bottle and I have to say that this beer is aging well and I hope I can stash some away and try several months down the road. I have tried numerous IPAs and this one definitely my favorite. If you are a fan of IPAs, you should definitely try this kit. (Posted on 7/29/11)
Not a Black IPA Review by Eric
I'm confused by the large number of positive reviews because this is clearly not a "black" IPA. Just looking at the grain bill this is clear, but my experience with the kit has now confirmed. Definitely nowhere near enough Carafa or chocolate malt. There IS plenty of hops on the list, but for some reason my beer turned out with very little hoppiness. Possibly this was just a one off issue, but I followed all instructions and in the end what I got was a very high alcohol pale ale. Not sure if the hops I got were maybe not fresh? I'm not a professional brewer by any means, but I've got enough beers under my belt to at least know how to follow the directions. IMO this is just an average pale ale beer. (Posted on 7/23/11)
Best Black IPA I've had Review by Rich
I did both the extract version and the all-grain. The extract is actually way better tasting and it is way easier too so you may as wel buy the extract kit, I know that's what I'm going to do next time I brew this one. (Posted on 7/19/11)
first time Ive been compelled to review a beer. Review by eugene
fantastic. robust and not for your most timid house guests, this beer challenges any stigma against extract kits. Notably fun to brew, as there are a lot of ingredriants to add and its all dark and good smelling while you labor in the kitchen.... Im looking to go all-grain soon, but what the heck, Ill probably include another one of these kits in my next order. (Posted on 7/13/11)
Best so far! Review by Tom M.
I made this kit hoping to copy Heavy Seas Black Cannon. Mine did not turn out as hoppy as I had hoped (I am brewing another batch w/ altered recipe). Regardless,
I had 2 friends over and we polished off a 3 gallon keg in one sitting. (Yes, my head hurt the next day!), but I would gladly do it again. You can't go wrong with this one. Brew it already! (Posted on 7/6/11)
Excellent Black IPA Review by nealw
This is one of the best kits available. I brewed it last year and it inspired our local brew club to do an all-grain version. The flavor is amazing. Front end is definitely malty, rich and wonderful. The back end is IPA bitter and leaves a great aftertaste. This one is a no-brainer. I've brewed it a second time and can't wait for it to be finished bottle conditioning. (Posted on 6/21/11)
Favorite so far Review by Acoma
I am still really new to brewing and this was only my third brew I made. I have made several others and even went to AG since making this beer but I have to say I absolutely loved it. I have one bomber left and I've been saving it for a special occassion. It is very sad to see this beer go. I will most definitely do the AG version and report back on which one came out better. I didn't change up anything and brewed and conditioned per the kit instructions. If you love IPAs and Black IPAs/Cascadian Ales then you will love this kit. Tread lightly though cause this beer can hit you faster than you think. (Posted on 6/21/11)
This kit likely saved my brewing hobby Review by Jeff C
This beer was the 3rd batch I made (first from northern brewer), and lets just say the first two batches didn't go as planned. In all honesty if this beer didn't turn out, I was going to start losing motivation. Thankfully NB put together an awesome kit, made it dark enough and crammed enough hops in that even a rookie brewer like me couldn't mess it up.

I should have called it "Slump Buster IPA" because it put me on a brewing hot streak, thanks in large part to only ordering kits from NB. I brewed this beer again a year later and it didn't disappoint once again. If you are a fan of this style and are new to brewing, this kit will put you on the right track. If you are a seasoned brewer, this one will be a hell of a beer.

Cheers. (Posted on 6/15/11)
{Stupendous}!!!!(can I say that???....guess I just did :P) Review by Greg
One of the best beer that I brewed to date(cept for the imperial stout :) ) I love dark beer and Northern Brewer's twist of a dark or Black IPA - absolutely amazing!!!!! Big hit at my parties along with the Caribou Slobber for the lighter of heart...... (Posted on 6/4/11)
Best batch so far Review by ComfortablyBum
This one came out as the best homebrew I have made yet. Huge body, nice head. tons of aroma and bitterness. Lot's of compliments from friends on this one. Almost out of it. I might have to buy another one. (Posted on 5/23/11)
Hits the spot Review by Eriktheipaman
og- 1.071 fg- 1.020 Bottled a little under 4 weeks.

Very sweet for the first couple weeks but the taste starts to blend soon after. Not as much roast as I was looking for any more along the lines dark fruits.

Also you MUST do a starter for this beer if you don't want an insanely high FG.

Pretty good beer and am glad I brewed it. (Posted on 5/10/11)
Pretty good Beer Review by Ryan
I really liked this beer. I could have done with a bit more hoppiness and a bit lower attuenation. I only got down 1.020, which is probably fine for this style. I have a feeling it would have been a bit better if it was down to .015-.010. Thats not the kits problem though :). Everyone of my friends who likes good beer, really liked this. (Posted on 5/8/11)
Universally enjoyed Review by Lupophile
This beer is fantastic. I served this at a party to unanimous praise, even the people who "don't like a lot of hops" enjoyed this beer. The black IPA has a well balanced flavor profile and should appeal to anyone other than a devout Bud drinker. Watch your intake though because this beer is pretty stiff! (Posted on 5/7/11)
Excellent Review by cardog24
I entered three homebrews in the local competition this year and this one scored the highest of the three. The guys at work said it was the best brew I had made. I am just about out of the finished product and plan on another batch soon. Excellent brew.

(Posted on 5/3/11)
Simply delicious! Review by Major
Outstanding kit!!!

I couldn't wait to brew this kit up and the results didn't let me down. Followed the receipt to a "T" and dry hopped it for four days before bottling. This kit was my first with a yeast starter and it needed it. My O.G. was 1.075, after two week in primary the gravity went down to 1.020. After a month in secondary the gravity never changed. Next time I will aerate longer. Recommend blow-off tube during primary fermentation.

Will make this kit often.


(Posted on 4/24/11)
Excellent Review by AaronG
This beer is seriously delicious. It was the first homebrew that I did where I was like "Wow, this would make people think that I actually knew what I was doing."

This is really tasty. Great hop flavor. Balanced well with the chocolate and espresso undertones. Really, really good. (Posted on 4/23/11)
Amazing brew Review by Cyclonite
Made this as my fourth beer, and it turned out to be my first truly amazing homebrew. The others I have made are good, but this one is outstanding, and is literally better than any commercial Cascadian Dark Ale I have ever tried! It is probably within the top 10 beers I have ever tasted. The hop profile is wonderful, with a beautiful floral, citrusy, piney aroma and taste. But, unlike most IPAs, which I find too hop forward, this one balances out with the excellent malty richness on the back end with caramel, chocolate, and toffee tones. It also has a beautiful rocky tan head which lingers and leaves fine lacing down your glass as you drink it. I left this one in primary only for 6 weeks and dry hopped for 7 days (added an extra ounce of Cascade for dry hopping). The other thing I find amazing with this beer is that it has an aggressive alcohol level, but has NO hot alcohol taste to it! GREAT BEER, and worth every penny!!! I will definitely be keeping this one on tap indefinitely. (Posted on 4/23/11)
Wow. Review by Rich
This is my first extract batch after doing 5 AG batches. This downright amazing and way too easy! After only 2 weeks in primary and 1 week in bottles this beer tastes better than any commercial Black IPA I have had! I've had the Trout Hop from Grand Teton and that new Blackened IPA from Sam Adams, this is so much more balanced. Drinks with the body of a stout and the Hoppiness of an IPA. LOVE IT (Posted on 4/20/11)
Great kit but it needs more hops! Review by Tom
I definitely think it's a great kit. The chocolate and coffee flavors really shine through but where I feel the kit falls short is in the hoppiness. If I brew this again, I will add another ounce or two for bittering and probably another two or three ounces for dry hopping. Anyway, I think it's a great beer and I'll definitely happily drink it, but I was hoping more for the hop character of Stone's Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale when I thought of a Black IPA. (Posted on 4/7/11)
Great Beer with plenty of Kick Review by Kickin Black
I knew I would love this beer just from reading the O.G. and that I could drink it in 6 weeks. I have to say, Everyone in my neck of the woods has taken a sip and then a few glasses after that. This Beer has the rich flavors of the black beers mixed with the hop flavor I long for without being too bitter. Good Job Northern Brewer. This will definitley be "ALWAYS ON TAP" (Posted on 3/31/11)
Just order it already Review by Mackay Clan Brewing
This was a great beer. I have been interested in Black IPA's and it ended up tasting delicious. I put it on tap at the 2011 Bluebonnet Homebrew competition in DFW, Tx for all the brewers to try and it was a huge hit. I do recommend using a hop bag when dry hopping because it was unavoidable getting some hop pellets particles in the keg when transferring. Just buy it already. (Posted on 3/29/11)
1st brew at homebrewing. Success!! Review by Perry
This turned out great! I am a fan of hoppy beers and this didn't let me down. I will definitely brew again. although I may change up the hops a little. I used unrefined sugar during the bottling process which didn't hurt. Nice head and carbonation was spot on. (Posted on 3/29/11)
Not so good Review by PaulK
This had the potential to be a good beer but in the end it tastes like nothing but molasses. Bitterness is present but all malt and hop flavors are masked by an overwhelming molasses flavor. Not a pleasant drinker at all. (Posted on 3/28/11)
Great example of black ipa! Review by Sdtastentune
This turned out GREAT after only 1 week primary, 2 weeks secondary, and 2 weeks in the bottle. Frothy head, super great lacing. Has a ipa hop & malty stout taste, mixed in with some other hints of good stuff. Easy & fast, tastes great for such a short time. Thumbs up for black ipa! Dark brown/black, smells like a stout more than and ipa but definitely some hops present. Came out to about 7.5% abv (Posted on 3/27/11)
Good Beer Review by Resto3
I made the all grain kit for this beer and did not use the dry hops. I wish I did. It's still a really good beer!!! I will brew this again. (Posted on 3/25/11)
I would give this 6 stars if I could. Review by Gabriel
GREAT BEER. Enough said I will be adding this Fall, Winter and Spring. I don't know if this would be a good summer beer But who knows might try that too. I got hooked on this and drank most of the keg my self. I will keep some extra bottle for my self next time I make this one. (Posted on 3/14/11)
Top Notch Review by Andrew
A good, solid kit. I had many favorable reviews by guests who drank it, surprising since I don't expect many to like such hoppy flavors. (Posted on 3/12/11)
Great IPA Review by Trip
This one was my 2nd beer and it turned out great. Amazing flavor and good alcohol content. (Posted on 3/8/11)
Fully hopped and brilliantly malted Review by Michael
After sharing this beer with another craft brew junkie, he shared with me that his first impression from the foretaste was that it was going to be too hoppy for his preference. Then, the malt entered into the mid and aftertaste. The caramel, chocolate, and coffee notes complimented the hops with perfection. I've been told that is gets better with age, but I simply haven't been able to wait long enough. Cheers! (Posted on 3/5/11)
Let this one age! Review by Diggy
I know the instructions say it's ready in 6 weeks, but you will be happily rewarded if it is given an additional 6-8 weeks in the bottle. Before then, the flavors are introduced to the palate in sequence rather than the fine blend you can count on later.

I brewed this one back in July 2011 and I still have six 22oz bombers conditioning. Opened one last night and it still hits the spot. Huge improvement!

Brewed with Safale-05 and fermented around 68 degrees. (Posted on 2/22/11)
Good Stuff! Review by jeff
An awesome tasting dark porter beer. Not sure what elements of an "IPA" are supposed to be noticed, but this ultimately tastes like a porter much more than an IPA. Still, for those dark brew lovers, this is a great addition to the rotation.

I only used a primary fermenter and let it rest for an additional three weeks. There was also quite a bit of sediment floating on the top of the fermenter, some of which ended up in the bottles. However, it appears that all that sediment has ultimately settled in the bottles - at one point, half my bottles ended up with a sediment ring around the neck of the bottle. Was worried this was a contaminated batch, but it appears to have corrected itself. Other than the sediment issues, this beer was quite enjoyable to make and I highly recommend it. (Posted on 2/9/11)
One of my favorite brews I've made Review by Sneekysneeky
This is one of my favorite brews out of the 30 batches I have brewed. Awesome hoppy flavor with a great stout back up. I will be brewing this again once it is gone. (Posted on 2/6/11)
A style trend setter Review by Brude2love
Whether you call it a CDA or a BIPA, I call it awesome. Pour one next to 21st Amendment and you'll be hard pressed to tell which is the Pro brew. One hint, yours will be the better one. Love this kit will make it again and again. Has the potential of transforming your friends into fellow brewers. Thanks NB for the great kit and for Brewing TV! (Posted on 1/28/11)
Dark, Bold, and well balanced Review by Tim
This is the reason we home brew. It's hard to find a commercial beer comparable, but the flavors work so well! Fresh citrus nose, beautiful dark color, crisp barley taste, and a roast coffee-like finish.
The late malt addition leaves the beer clean, without that dreaded "homebrew" taste.
I may try adding raw vanilla bean and bourbon in the secondary next time, though there's no real need to improve on the basic kit. (Posted on 1/27/11)
Almost perfect! Review by Deeboe
Ive done about 10 or so kits from NB and this one is hands down the best! Great malty flavor, perfect blend of hops, nice head, rich black color. Im getting thirsty typing this!

I want to brew this again, but I think I want to add a little more chocolate malt to it and maybe a little more aromatic hops in the dry hopping stage. (Posted on 1/15/11)
Excellent Beer Review by Scott
We bottled this beer in early November 2010, and sadly I only have two bottles left in January 2011. It keeps getting better with each bottle we open.

In the Pacific Northwest we call these Cascadian Dark Ales, and while Deschutes brews my favorite (Hop in the Dark) this extract kit is a strong second. (Posted on 1/14/11)
Awesome beer Review by jared
This IPA is better than most IPA's on store shelves. My girlfriend is the most critical beer drinker I know, she should sell beer because she knows so much about it and only likes the best of the best. She HATES IPA's because of the hops (she's still a girl). She cringed when I convinced her to take a sip like "I'm gonna hate this {Fluff} like all your other IPA's". She took a sip and goes "Shut up you didn't make this you have another week for it to carbonate and condition anyways, this is a friggin Guiness or a Smithwicks Liar" The beer is still kind of "green" and it's incredible, so it will only get better.

That made me happy right there, I was so proud even though it isn't my recipe I changed it around a bit so I wasn't sure how it would turn out and it's really a labor of love.

Anyway, she LOVES it, I have an oatmeal stout I made for her and added maple syrup and Kona coffee and carbed with Maple Syrup too, she likes the Kona Pipeline porter a lot so I thought that would be good.

I didn't expect her to love the Black IPA, but EVERYONE loves it, I am friends with some respected brewers in NH and they are all very impressed with how perfectly balanced it is. I have only had a 6 pack of it and shared's not enough I'm so sad I'm drinking it, that's how good it is.

I will DEFINITELY do this again. (Posted on 12/31/10)
This stuff it Grrrreat. Review by Gabriel
I have to start of with I am not an IPA drinker. The first glass I had of this it took me by surprise. It was very hoppy and very strong. By the time I had tried glass number three over a couple days It had grown on me and well lets say 5 gallons was not enough. I will be adding this to the second rotation for sure. (Posted on 12/16/10)
Unique Beer Review by Jason
I've done a few dozen Northern Brewer kits and this is probably my favorite. Dark, toasty, malty flavor and wonderful hop aroma and flavor. Realized after drinking it back to back with an Imperial Stout that this beer is pretty similar only with a less heavy mouth feel and and roasted flavor but with the hops kicked up a few notches including much more hop aroma.

I can't get enough of this one and was surprised how quickly it was ready to drink, as it sat longer the flavors started meld a bet better but it was already quite delicious after 4 weeks in the fermenter and 3 weeks in the bottle. (Posted on 11/17/10)
2 words: awe some! Review by Todd
Plain and simple, one of my favorite beers I have brewed. Looking forward to doing it again very soon! (Posted on 11/16/10)
Good and getting better Review by salathiel
I did the extract version of this kit, but of course used the liquid yeast. Didn't use a starter but things moved along smoothly. Never did an extract brew that called for adding extract (6 lbs.!) so late in the boil. If following the instructions exactly, the wort would not have come back to boil before the 60 minute prescribed time. I let it boil a bit before shutting off. Also...a pound of corn sugar at the end?! I'm after flavor, not alcohol, so I cut back to half a pound. After 3 weeks in the bottle I'm getting nice carbonation and a terrific hop aroma and taste coupled with a stout-like toasty flavor. Will brew this again! (Posted on 11/16/10)
Great Brew Review by Bryan
Beautiful looking beer: deep black with a thick tan head that takes 5 min. or so to minimize. Nice lacing left on the glass. I agree with the other reviewers that this beer is so balanced between the roasty-sweetness of the malts and the citrus of the hops. This beer is easy to drink quickly considering how strong it is. I don't know the abv, but 2 pints will leave a good buzz for sure. Also, the dry-hopping really added a great nose to this beer. I have gotten some great compliments on this beer and some were surprised to hear that it was an extract brew. I will brew this again in a few months to have ready for my birthday. (Posted on 11/11/10)
Great! Review by gamb0056
Brewed this BIPA in early September. I absolutely love this brew! Very smooth creamy mouthfeel with great roasted malty notes followed by a fantastic citrus hop punch. Unlike some commercial BIPAs I've had where the hop and malt flavors really stand apart and actually clash with each other, this brew is a fantastically smooth marriage of the two. Very well balanced IMO. Some have thought this brew is too heavy and hard to drink - personally I find it very drinkable and could put down 4 or 5 in an evening - but I have an affinity of assertive beer. "Imperial"?? not even close.

Going to brew another batch tonight! (Posted on 11/5/10)
Outstanding ! Review by the brewing goat
This was my first shot at black ipas, infact i had never even heard of them prior to reading about it on this site, the black ipa came out great, although i think a better name for the kit would be "black tornado" , NB nailed it with this one (Posted on 10/29/10)
Keg went too fast Review by Rod
Brewed this for a casual tasting event. I wasn't sure if the non beer conosseiur types would like it, but they kept coming back for more. I really love this beer. At the event the hostess came pretty close to matching the recommended food pairing (blue cheese stuffed sirloin burger or stake) with some roast beast on blue cheese covered frucasha (sp?) bread topped with carmelized onions... Perfect! (Posted on 10/25/10)
Possibly most balanced IPA ever Review by Slippery Slope
I brewed a batch of this and a batch of the Shirley Furioso for my buddies wedding and people were raving about both (so far my two favorites). While I'm a hophead and really like the Shirley, this Black IPA is so well balanced that it's hard to drink anything else. As a note, the groom had specially requested this beer for his wedding after trying it 6 monts ago. It was a good way to break in my new kegging setup!

(Posted on 10/17/10)
delicious Review by jk
My two faves: stout and IPA rolled up in one beautiful beer. even my friends who think stout is too heavy and ipas are too bitter enjoyed this beauty. (Posted on 9/22/10)
MOLASSES Review by extractnolager
I want to like this so much, as I like the trend towards darker, hoppy beers. I actually went to NB in the hopes to put something along those lines together myself, but then there was a kit, which took a lot of the guesswork out of it for me. I followed the directions religiously as ever, and have given it plenty of time, but there is an overwhelming molasses flavor to this beer. I am hoping this will abate with time, but so far it has been a disappointment. (Posted on 9/12/10)
Unique, delicious Review by duggles
Brought a few bottles of this brew to a friend (and fellow brewer) and was told this was my best brew yet. This recipe and Shirley Furioso are my two favorites. (Posted on 9/5/10)
Cascadian Dark Ale Review by Phloxic Haste
I'm not buying a kit until you name it properly! (Posted on 7/10/10)
Great kit! Review by JPBrewer
I am a relative newbie and this has been my best beer yet. Great combination of hops and malt and quite strong, although you hardly notice it. Can't wait to see how this ages.

Mine went from 1.072 OG to 1.017 FG using US-05.

Will definitely make this again! (Posted on 7/7/10)
Worth it! Review by jm
Worth every penny! We brewed the extract version of the black IPA. Kept it in primary for two weeks, secondary for four (including 5 days of dry hopping), and in bottles for three weeks and counting. Fun to brew (5 hop additions during the boil)! Even more fun to drink! A beautiful dark beer that looks like a stout, but then surprises you with hops and a high alcohol content. (Posted on 7/6/10)
Great brew Review by rick
Like everyone else, it pours black as black can be. Nice tan head on it and the taste is great. Tried to compare it to Stones Subliminally Self Righetous, but its not quite that smooth. Absoultely a 1 or at the most 2 beers per day with this. Its takes you from conversation to dancing and telling jokes way too quick. (Posted on 6/2/10)
Great beer Review by scott
beer pours a pitch black color with a think tan head. lots of coffee then all of a sudden it punches u in the face with hops! this is a very strong beer that is kinda strange. i can only drink 1 then i have to move on to something else. have had lots of people that loved it but they said the same thing. mine came in at 9.10% abv . a good beer to brew once (Posted on 5/17/10)
L O V E Review by mthrt
I loved this ale. I bottled this in 22s and could have no more than one at a time, but was overwhelmed by the flavor. It's like a jr. Imp Stout with crazy citrus + pine a la west coast IPA. Weird, yet beautiful! I am brewing this for the second time this weekend. Great job NB! (Posted on 4/22/10)
Awesome brew Review by Diz
Great brew came out very dark with beautiful golden head. Definitley not a session beer but definitly one I will brew again. (Posted on 4/18/10)

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