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Elbow-length 28-mil gloves are standard issue in commercial breweries for protection against splash burns, chemicals, and sanitary handling of equipment.

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Industrial grade brewing gloves are standard issue in commercial breweries! Used in the "Blichmann Engineering Research Lab" for years.

  • Reduce risk of burns and scalds
  • Keeps sanitizers, acids, and caustic chemicals from your skin
  • Since they can be effectively sanitized, they are a great way to keep sanitized equipment sanitized!
  • Elbow length allows you to reach into 5gal pails
  • Tear and puncture resistant nitrile rubber are 28 mil thick - 3 to 4xthat of hosehold gloves. But still maintain great feel and dexterity!

  • Sizing Guide: Gloves are available in M (size 8), L (size 9), and XL (size 10). To select your size, measure the circumference of your hand at the knuckles using a flexible fabric tape or a piece of string in inches. That measurement corresponds with the glove number size. For half sizes, round up to the next size. For example, if your hand measures 8.5", select the size 9 (Large) glove. For 8.25", select the size 8 (Medium) glove.

    Customer Reviews

    You need this Review by Kevin
    We all have to search for small pieces in the bucket of sanitizer and after bottling my hands were dry and cracking. These fix that issue and are long enough to reach for that little racking cane tip in the bucket and not get your arms wet. (Posted on 8/8/14)
    Great gloves! Review by Prospect
    These gloves are great, but the blichmann logo printed on them washed off during their first use. They're regular high-quality industrial gloves.
    (Posted on 1/23/14)
    Must have for brewers! Review by Carl
    These gloves are way better than most of the gloves that you find at the stores. They are good quality and go up to your elbow. They have a sizing guide on their website here ( that helped me choose what size to get. They are especially helpful for cleaning the muck out of fermenting buckets. (Posted on 1/6/14)
    A BIB Must Review by jclaine
    There is no better tool to remove your bag of grains. These are also great for boil hop additions if you bag those too. Protects from cleaning chems. They are under $20, plus, Walt uses them, that should be reason enough, put this on your list for your next purchase if you don't have them already. (Posted on 10/3/13)
    Where have you been!? Review by Michael
    These gloves are amazing! Long enough to take equipment out of the sanitizing bucket and thick enough to protect your hands from brief periods of heat and to protect you from harsh cleaning/sanitizing chemicals. (Posted on 8/4/13)
    Buy these Review by John
    I didn't knowI needed these. Protects from heat, and PBW. Keeps hands dry when washing multiple carboys and kegs. (Posted on 8/2/13)
    just what i needed Review by hop maestro
    perfect for protecting my hands from all of my cleaning chemicals. like others have noted, i just leave them hanging in my sanitizing bucket and just throw them on when i need to do any sanitary step in the process. i have really big hands and the XL are big on me. I can actually wear my wife's blichmann gloves (size medium) pretty comfortably so i would recommend ordering at least one size smaller than you normally would. (Posted on 7/12/13)
    Overlooked necessity Review by Michael
    Cant believe ive been brewing for 4 years and just bought these now. Protects well against heat, and are easy to sanitize. (Posted on 5/30/12)
    A must have for brewing Review by stephen
    These gloves have been a blessing. They are great for cleaning bottles and scrubing down homebrew equipment...they offer just enough insulation to be able to scrub out dirty equipment without burning your hands. (Posted on 3/11/12)
    Good Stuff Review by Infernal
    I don't know how I ever brewed without these. They are thick enough for quick dips in hot water but not for prolonged periods as I found after I accidentally dropped a hose clamp in my hot liquor tank. (Posted on 1/10/12)
    Awesome Review by JamesWillKillYou
    Great product. This is simply a must have if you are tired of having torn up hands from all the cleaning. (Posted on 10/30/11)
    Must have for any serious brewer Review by cortney
    These are great gloves, easy to put on and remove. Very durable feel and they make it waaay easier to make sure your beer doesn't get infected with anything on your hands.

    These are well worth the money. (Posted on 2/15/11)
    Great! Review by X
    These work well. I am very pleased with them even though the ones I ordered were too big (my fault, I should have measured my hand before ordering!).

    I'm ordering another pair in the correct size now... they are that good! (Posted on 1/21/11)
    A Homebrewing "Must Have" Review by FooBrew
    I've been brewing for about 15 years now and recently decided I was tired of having cracked and bleeding skin from all the washing, drying, chemicals, etc. associated with brewing. Buying a pair of these was one of the smartest brewing decisions I've ever made. It's right up there with kegging and switching from glass to PET (BetterBottle) carboys. I absolutely love these gloves! Great quality and a steal at $12.

    The suggestion for stirring the mash by one of the other posters is an interesting idea.
    (Posted on 6/29/10)
    Use them for the mash Review by WABeerGeek
    I use these to hand mix the mash instead of mixing with a paddle. Much easier and no dough balls! (Posted on 5/9/10)
    Awesome add... Review by Bo
    We've found these gloves critical for washing and sanitizing when brewing in the winter. We also leave them dangling over the side of our sanitizer bucket as we go through our boil so the gloves are always 'clean'. Rather than worrying about if hands are sanitized, we just throw on the gloves. Don't think you're going to get around using hot pads... they're gloves, not magic. Awesome buy. (Posted on 4/13/10)

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