Bourbon Barrel Porter Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Bourbon barrel-aged beers have been a hugely popular style ever since their inception in the early '90s by American craft brewers. By starting with a stronger-than-average robust porter, then infusing it with Bourbon-soaked oak (we recommend Maker's Mark), the end result is quite possibly the best beer ever. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Bourbon Barrel Porter Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Bourbon barrel-aged beers have been a hugely popular style ever since their inception in the early '90s by American craft brewers. By starting with a stronger-than-average robust porter, then infusing it with Bourbon-soaked oak (we recommend Maker's Mark), the end result is quite possibly the best beer ever. You'll have to supply your own bourbon - save a little to sip on brew day to really capture the spirit. The intense aroma and flavor of toasted American oak and the sweet graininess of good bourbon meld with the bittersweet roastiness of porter to make for a very characterful beer. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Stout/Porter
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1065
Total Time to Make 2 months

Customer Reviews

Just...Great Review by Dustin
This beer turned out fantastic. It definitely betters with age. I have even noticed improvement within a month after carb finished. Cracked one open that was close to room temperature the other day, I thought it was even better than drinking it chilled.
The flavors smooth out so well after it has been sitting. Highly recommend. (Posted on 4/21/15)
Phenomenal Brew Review by David
By far the best kit I have ever bought. Brewed 1st week of Jan. Added Makers Mark to the oka cubes & 5 vanilla beans soaked in vodka for two weeks. Was worried about the vanilla overpowering but would use more next time. Closing in on 3 months and it only gets better. Will brew again soon... Buy this kit, it does not disappoint. (Posted on 3/26/15)
Sublime! Review by Kevin
This was my last brew, now going on about three months ago. I've been in love with bourbon style porters and stouts since trying one at a local brewery here in the Loudoun County area, so of course, seeing this as a choice it made perfect sense to do. I ended up using Makers as recommended in the instructions, and soaked them for about 72 hrs; I'm not a Bourbon Drinker (Scotch please!) so I may have to experiment with a different Bourbon next time but the taste came out great. Not quite as strong a flavor as you would get from beers fermented in used bourbon barrels, but a great flavor none the less. Subtle, but perfectly in tune with the beer, it really is wonderful. Only issue was on the carbonation taking about two to three weeks longer than listed, not sure if that was because of this being a slightly higher gravity beer or not, but may try switching to Prime Dose in the future. (Posted on 3/8/15)
Show Stopper Review by Craig
This is one of the best beers I have ever brewed. I have received amazing compliments from friends and neighbors after tasting this beer. I let it cellar about 4 months after bottling and the results were spectacular. This is one I will keep on hand. (Posted on 1/28/15)
Nothing but Great things to say Review by Ken
Was worried on the oakey-ness while in secondary but WOW what a drink. Not at all as smokey as I would have guessed, lighter weight as well. Those that are not dark beer fans enjoyed as well.

Brewed per instructions with Makersmark, 2 weeks primary, 1 month secondary, 1 month with Oak cubes and Makers, Kegged and enjoying!!! (Posted on 1/22/15)
Just outstanding Review by Christopher
I have done this three times and have another batch on right now. This is an OUTSTANDING brew. If you really want to treat yourself, and if you like bourbon and oak, do 6 oz of oak cubes instead of 2 oz. Soak them for 24-48 hours in the bourbon. If you want this ready "fast" (4-6 weeks after bottling) I REALLY like Crown Royal. But Makers Mark ages better (let it sit 6 months and this is amazing). Either way, this is an GREAT brew. (Posted on 1/5/15)
Not bad beer Review by Smokey
I brewed this beer as instructed however mine had a very strong yeasty flavor to it. Beer was smooth and had a nice thickness to it some enjoyed it more than others at the end of the keg all the beer was drank if I make it again I will opt for a different yeast option than using the dry. (Posted on 1/1/15)
Amazing but needs Time Review by Platano
Brewed this one in June. 1 week in primary, 3 weeks in secondary. Placed wood chips in Makers Mark for a week. Taste is amazing a month later and gets better, now December. Strong smokey taste for me--wish it was just a hint lighter, but most have told me that it is fine. I think it was due to the extra time chips bathed in Makers Mark.
Over all, awesome! Will brew this one again a year from now. (Posted on 12/26/14)
This is why you Homebrew Review by Jake
I brewed this in anticipation of my first baby as a celebratory beer (instead of cigars). I brewed this on 5/10 and kegged 11/15 and tapped on 12/17. I used the Wyeast option with a yeast starter.

On brew day I went ahead and soaked the Oak Chips in 20 oz of Makers Mark to get them ready for the secondary.

This beer turned out phenomenal and I would highly recommend, I did add more than the recommended 16oz of Bourbon since I love whiskey and I love beer. If you don't love whiskey as much as I do I think the 16oz might be a good option for you (I know y'all love beer as much as me) . This beer pours with a nice head and wonderful aroma. My OG was 1.072, FG - 1.012.

Do yourself a favor and brew this! This beer makes me proud to homebrew!
(Posted on 12/21/14)
looking good for Christmas gifts! Review by Michael
I brewed this to give away with the brick warmer red (3 bottles each) for the holidays. I pretty much followed the directions and after 2 weeks in the bottle it tastes great. Pronounced bourbon and oak flavor that will mellow out with additional aging. I love tasting the brews over time and tasting how the beer evolves! I think this will be amazing in a few months so I am putting a note on the 6 pack to try one now and let them age and see the difference. This is why I love homebrewing. It is an experience that lasts beyond drinking the beer :). Cheers and happy holidays!! (Posted on 12/20/14)
Fantastic, worth the wait Review by Matt
Brewed this in February, kegged in March, just put on tap a few weeks back and this beer is amazing. I used Knob Creek Bourbon and added 2 vanilla beans split quartered and scraped and soaked in vodka. Soaked both of these for two weeks before adding to secondary. Let sit in secondary for an additional 2 weeks before I kegged. Enter patience. I was planning to have this for a Christmas beer this year but I couldn't wait another month so I popped it in kegerator. The result is fantastic! I will definitely brew this one again.

The one thing I may change next time is to add the vanilla tincture closer to tapping the keg as there isn't much vanilla flavor left after 8 months.

Brew it, age it, enjoy it! (Posted on 12/1/14)
Defintely will try again Review by Tony Homebrew
This beer was my first 5 gallon batch of beer that I made. I tried one earlier today and it didn't have much carbonation but it was still good. I will let carbonate a little more and try it again (Posted on 11/3/14)
Lots of Oak & Bourbon Review by Damon
I brewed this on 7/13/14. 10 days in primary. 23 days in secondary. Added oak chips to around 17oz of Jim Beam & added to secondary 6 days later. On 10/2/14 I popped open my first bottle. Not a lot of carbonation and still really strong oak flavor which overpowers any chocolate or coffee notes. Hoping more time will mellow the flavors. (Posted on 10/2/14)
Outstanding Review by William
Brewed per instructions with dry yeast. Soaked the oak cubes in a generous dose of Dickel for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks of fermentation, racked to secondary and added the oak/whisky. Bottled after 6 months. After 1 month, tried a few bottles and they were great. Even better now, 2 months after bottling. The balance between the oak, sweet malt and Tennessee whisky is perfect. Everyone who has tried it loves this beer. (Posted on 9/6/14)
Careful with the Oak and Bourbon choice Review by Nate
Purchased and brewed this upon a recommendation from a friend (and all the rave reviews it receives).
Chose the dry yeast.
Followed instructions.
I used Wild Turkey 101 as it was on sale.
I soaked the oak cubes in the bourbon for 48hrs and added it (the entire bottle and cubes) to the secondary. Waited a week and kegged to cold condition.
Tasted VERY dry and too oaky for me.
I'll be adding 2Tbs of vanilla extract here soon as it seems to lessen the oak flavor a bit when added to a glass for drinking.
Also, no amount of carbonation will make a head on this beer. Again, may have to do with the bourbon chosen.
ABV calculated to be just over 7% but tastes and feels higher.

Not my favorite, but maybe it's because I'm just not a bourbon drinker. (Posted on 8/25/14)
Over Carbonation Review by William
home on R&R and popped the top on a few that have been bottled for the last 6 months. Not sure why, but think it must have been to much priming sugar when bottled because once the top was popped they slowly start bubbling over. I have to let them sit for nearly 10 min and pour off the head as it forms at the top of the bottle so it doesn't overflow. Tried to pour it into the glass but it instantly foams no matter how you pour it. Once the head dies down it is a pretty smooth porter without to much whiskey flavor to it, but a nice warmth as it goes down the hatch. I will be leaving the rest to finish out the year aging on it and just need to be careful when popping the top on them. (Posted on 8/20/14)
Best Porter ever Review by JT
I'm not a big porter fan, but the way this turned out Iluv Porter. It is so amazing. Will also consider adding extra oak chips and extra Maker's Mark:) Over all delicious!! Will brew it again. (Posted on 7/10/14)
Excellent Review by Drfire
I have made this beer many times in the past few years. I do modify it and the last modification (brewed twice) is the best so far. Double the oak chips and add 8 oz cocoa nibs. Texas whiskey added a nice touch.
Bulleit Rye bourbon is a bit smoother and goes well with the cocoa nibs. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Dont be afraid of the dark! Review by Ford
I've brewed this kit twice for neighborhood parties...much to my disappointment the keg always floats before the party ends...nothing left over for me. However this is a fantastic brew. Takes a bit longer than an IPA, but worth the extra love and care trust me! If you like dark beers, this is nervana...if youu don't like dark beers, drink some of this and you'll be a convert instantly. Can't say enough good stuff about this kit. Buy it...enjoy kit Ive ever made...TWICE! (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Brew! Review by Eoin
There should be a biohazard sign on the side of this kit saying *Warning: EXTREMELY ACTIVE FERMENTATION*. The beer definitely smooths out after bottling. Time is your friend here. (Posted on 4/28/14)
Out of my comfort zone...Thank God! Review by Steve
A buddy of mine thought I would like Kentucky Bourbon Ale because of my fondness for dark beers. He thought it was great, I didn't, so when I saw the Bourbon Barrel Porter I decided to step out of my comfort zone and brew it. I'm not much of a bourbon guy either! Thank God I brewed it because it is one of the best beers I've made (it's #17). 11/7/13 followed the recipe as is. Had a little trouble getting fermentation going at 67 degrees. OG 1.070, FG 1.028. On brew night I put the oak cubes in 16oz of Makers Mark. 10 days primary, 4 weeks secondary. Put the bourbon and half the oak cubes in the secondary after 3 weeks.
When I transferred to the secondary there was hardly any taste, but at bottling time the chocolate and coffee tastes were starting to emerge.
12/15/13 I bottled. Taste of bourbon, oak, chocolate and then coffee on the back end.
On New Years Day I opened a bottle just to see how carbonation was going. There was a good head and the bourbon did not overpower the porter taste. Now, five months later it is absolutely delicious! My bourbon drinking buddies think it is great, although they think there should be a little more bourbon. I cannot believe how much I have come to like this beer. If you like porters, I do, and you like bourbon this beer is a must! Have a six pack stashed away. Hope I can stay away from it for a year. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Time is your Best Friend Review by Michael
First off, I would definitely brew again!! this beer turned out great it just took a long time. I usually do all-grain but am temporarily in an apartment with no room so I wanted something with a little more depth than many of the kits I've made. I soaked the oak in Maker's as soon as I received the kit. 2 months later was brew day. Was in primary for 8 days and racked to secondary. I split the oak into 2 batches of makers. the first 1 oz cubes, and 8 oz makes went in when I racked to secondary. Let it sit for over 2 weeks and added the next 1 oz cubes, 8 oz makers. I let that sit another 2+ weeks. I bottled these just over 2 months ago and I must say every single time I open one it gets better.

I definitely say that this beer hasn't reached it's peak yet and brew day was over 4 months ago. Because it is already soooo good I have only allotted myself a small portion of the batch so I can keep the rest tucked away to see how much better it keeps on getting! Next time I make it I will keep a similar brew schedule but won't even touch the first bottle for at least 3-4 months. (Posted on 4/6/14)
Be patient Review by Zack
I just brewed my second batch of this kit. The first time I brewed it I used a basic schedule of 2 weeks primary/2 weeks secondary using knob creek bourbon and was kind of disappointing with the results. However, there was one bottle that got lost which I found about a year later and it was amazing!
This time when I brewed it I left it in secondary for an extended period of time (I think it was about 6 months, I'm horrible at keeping notes) and used woodford reserve bourbon. I also let it sit for about 4 months after I put the bourbon and oak in instead of only a week. How did it turn out? Let me put it this way: 2 full pints were consumed before I was finished bottling. After the extended time in secondary it came out nice and dry with strong chocolate and roasted malt flavors and all of the best flavors from the bourbon showed right through.
I have a case of belgian bottles filled with it, going to hide them in a closet somewhere and see how it handles long term aging. (Posted on 3/6/14)
WOW!!!! Review by samuel
great taste, like Maker's Mark by itself but this really tops it off. (Posted on 2/25/14)
Amazingly great beer Review by Jonah
It seems wrong to allow beer to be paired with a bourbon, let alone be placed in the same fermentor, but the result is a symphony of tastes that definitely is worth the wait. The Porter is a deep, rich, brown color and is delicately hopped so the flavors don't crash into each other like some other beers. I soaked the wood blocks in Bulleit bourbon for much longer than the suggested 48 hours and it was a risk definitely worth taking. While I tasted the Porter after about 2 weeks of bottling, the longer it ages, I am sure the better it will become. It will be a beer I'll brew year after year for sure. (Posted on 1/23/14)
You won't like it, so send all your kits to me!!!! Review by Mark
This may be my favorite recipe yet! I followed the recipe exactly on the first run and was very happy with it. I used Maker's Mark for my Bourbon, but may experiment the next time around (because, OH YES, I will be making this fine beer again!) The only disappointment came when my keg ran dry (and it did NOT take long to go through 5 gallons). It did blow the top off my primary, but I have the solution for the next run through by having blow off tubing to start. This is on my short list of "must haves" and I'm only wating for an empty keg to start another batch!
(Posted on 1/13/14)
Wow! Review by Ethan
This is the third beer I've made, and it is by far my favorite. It may even be the best porter I've had. Three weeks after bottling, it tastes great. I soaked the oak in Makers Mark for two weeks and used a little extra Makers Mark since I'm a whiskey/scotch drinker. I will definitely be making this one again! (Posted on 1/9/14)
This beer will "do you proud" Review by Minka's Malts
We wanted something a little different to give as Christmas gifts. We brewed by the instructions, used Makers Mark, and let the beer age about 7 months. The result is truly gift worthy. It's beautiful in the glass, it has a creamy, luxuriant mouth feel, and a rich mellow taste. Our friends were delighted. We actually had people ask us to sell them a case!
We'll be doubling production for next Christmas.
TIP: For me there is a bitter aftertaste if the porter is served too cold. I suggest that for the best experience drink it well-chilled but not cold. (Posted on 1/7/14)
Smooth, enjoyable but a little sweet Review by Jeff
Brewed in parallel with the Rebel Rye porter for a side by side. Soaked oak chips in Maker's Mark for 2 days and added to secondary for 7 days prior to bottling. The result is smooth but perhaps a little sweet for my liking. I will definitely brew again and perhaps use a different whiskey to reduce the sweetness. I have heard several reviewer's mention that it gets better with again. I have stowed away some of this into an alternate storage location to try in the fall. I'm admittedly not very good at saving samples and aging. (Posted on 1/7/14)
Waaaaay too oaky at 2 months Review by Devin
Needs half as much oak as came in kit. Overwhelmingly oaky, masks the Bourbon unfortunately. Followed recipe to the T (Posted on 1/3/14)
GREAT BEER Review by Lou
I love this beer, especially when aged a few months. VERY SMOOTH! (Posted on 12/28/13)
Outstanding Winter Brew, although waiting is a pain Review by bruce
Primary 6 weeks, Secondary 4 weeks(double oak, 24 oz honey Jack Daniels). Green taste for 3 months. Kept moving keg from kegerator to extra fridge. 6-9 months good-great. 11 month WOW. This is 10 dollar pint of beer (Posted on 12/25/13)
a five star brew Review by randy
great kit but dose take several weeks to carbinate. mine spent 2 weeks in primary, 4 weeks in secondary and then 4 more weeks to bottle condition. a very smooth dark beer. second batch in secondary but this time I added cherry puree in the secondary doubled the oak chips and 20 oz of makers mark 46 (Posted on 12/21/13)
Going to wait Review by Chris
After reading reviews about how much better this one gets with age I decided to brew it right before my deployment for a year. Just brewed 3 days ago and there is nice activity going on in the airlock and a good krausen on top. While brewing the aroma was awesome and I have come to love the smell of doing a porter. I plan on following the recipe and using Makers Mark, but will probably soak the oak cubes for about a week instead of just 48 hrs. Looking forward to trying this one after being away for a year. (Posted on 12/18/13)
Outstanding Kit Review by Ryan
I brewed this kit about a year ago and still have a few bottles left. I can say that initially at around 2 months in the bottle this one had a very bourbon forward taste. At six months it was starting to mellow out to where i got a nice porter taste. Now at about a year it is perfectly balanced. I dont know how well this one will age but i am going to brew it again and try to conserve a few bottles for a few years. I love this beer and will brew it over and over. I've done quite a range of different brew kits and this one is in the top 3 for me. (Posted on 12/13/13)
Gets better with age Review by Duane
This is a great beer. I added two vanilla beans in the secondary and it came out great. I brewed this in June and was patient enough to have my first taste in October. Since then, it's only gotten better. Fermentation did pop the lid off my fermenter, so plan accordingly. I'll definitely brew this one again. (Posted on 12/13/13)
Outstanding!!! Review by BTBKC
This is one of the best beers I have ever tasted - homebrew or commercial! It was my fourth homebrew and was by far my best result. I used Jack Daniels and soaked the oak cubes for about a month. It was a very active fermentation using a yeast starter that actually blew the lid off my bucket! Next time, I'll probably use a blowoff. I did one week in primary and seven weeks in secondary then kegged. If you like dark and malty beers, then this one is for you! (Posted on 12/5/13)
Excellent Recipe! Review by Jay
This is the second time I have tried this kit and it has been great each time. It received rave reviews at a X'mas gathering last year so, I am doing a repeat performance. Seems to me to be a little smoother with the White liquid yeast than its competitor. I speed up the aging conditioning process a bit. One week to primary ferment, and two weeks in the secondary which, includes the oak cubes and bourbon. Next it goes in the 5 gallon keg hooked to the CO2. After about two weeks it is ready for prime time. It just keeps getting better, each day that goes by. If I ever migrate one of these days to oak barrel aging, this would be on the top of my list. (Posted on 12/4/13)
Great with age Review by Jamocle
I have brewed 70 kits (yes, 340 gallons) of Northern Brewer ales. I have had this one aging for 3 years (I have 2 others in backlog) and it is delicious! I currently have 20 kegs full of ale and 7 in secondary so waiting for aging was not a problem for me. When it was first brewed it was a bit "hot" with strong flavors of smoke and bourbon but over the years it mellowed gracefully. At 1 year it is great, at 2 it is awesome, at 3 years it is ridiculous and should be savored like a fine scotch. Enjoy and cheers. (Posted on 11/27/13)
Northern Brewer Winner! Review by Jordan
This is, hands down, one of the best recipes Northern Brewer has to offer. This is one of my favorite beers to drink and my very favorite to make. This beer gets better with age, but I find myself making more and more so I can always have some on hand and attempt (usually fail) to age some! Buy this kit, you wont regret it. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Strong ferment, be ready for a blow-off Review by Jim
Did a yeast starter with the Wyeast and two days after pitching had krausen up in the airlock, so opened her up and re-sanitized, but as others have noted, this one ferments strongly. Nice chocolate aroma as I transferred into secondary. Soaked the oak chips for 2-weeks in Makers and will add this weekend. Will update (hopefully with more stars) after a couple of months in the bottle. (Posted on 11/20/13)
Excellent Brew Review by Chris
This was my 4th brew, bottled today, and it looks to be my best so far. I ended up having a higher than expected OG of 1.076. I used the Makers Mark, which is a little sweet to me, so next time I'm going to try a different bourbon. Xmas just a month away, and looking forward to drinking this and sharing it with friends and family. I would definitely recommend this one. (Posted on 11/16/13)
Amazing! Review by George
Just opened one up after 6 weeks and it is without a doubt the best beer I have ever made. I will definitely be making this one again. (Posted on 11/12/13)
My Absolute Favorite Review by ithank
I've brewed about 10 different extract kits and this is by far my favorite. As others have stated, it takes several months in the bottle for it to mellow out. Once it does, it's outstanding. I've shared a large portion with friends and family and everyone loves it. I'm ordering another and this will be a permanent member on the roster. As far as brewing notes, I followed the recipe with the sole exception of a soaking the oak cubes for a few extra days. (Posted on 11/3/13)
Bourbon Review by Neil
Great brew, being a Kentuckian I suggest Woodford Reserver, Bulleit, or even Eagle Rare as the bourbon of choice over Makers, but you can't go wrong with any of them! (Posted on 10/22/13)
Just now finished my last bottle 22 months after the initial bottling Review by Sam
This is now a regular brew in our house. I highly recommend using the O2 scavenging caps for this brew. I bottled in 22oz bombers and let them age for 6 weeks in the bottle before popping the top. Out of the secondary it was a little 'hot', but I did double the bourbon in the recipe. My wife and I love bourbon and she recently had the Dragons' Milk variety. Her comment, "It was good, but when are you brewing more of yours? I liked it better." Cha-Ching! In fact everyone I gave it to loved it.

The beer did soften over the nearly 2 years it was in the bottle. I'll see if I can keep some around for 3 years this next time and will update this review then.
(Posted on 10/17/13)
Fantastic beer! Review by Dave
We made this beer last year and loved it. Complex flavor and very unique. It was a crowd favorite. It is the first kit we are doing for a 2nd time. We have started to keg, but are going to bottle this one again because we want to be a bit selfish about drinking it. I love whiskey, but to me, the Makers Mark we used does not over power the beer at all. My girlfriend is not whiskey drinker and she enjoyed this beer alot. (Posted on 10/13/13)
Wow Review by Blaine
I will brew this one again!!! It really hard to wait for this one to age out but at 8 months now it is teriffic. (Posted on 10/12/13)
Surprised at the OG Review by Rotterdam NY Home Brewer
I just finished brewing this beer and pitching the yeast. T was surprised by the OG on this beer. Mine came out at 1.074. I didnt add anything to the recipe. I followed it exactly as stated. I used the Wyeast suggested and a packet of the Danstar British as well. Pitched at 70 degrees. I'll follow-up later. (Posted on 10/11/13)
So far so good Review by Evan
Pleased with the product. Packaging was great. Next time I need make sure that I order the kit so it doesn't ship over a weekend. Gravity got stuck around 1.024 which is somewhat normal from what I'm told. Oak cubes are soaking in the Makers Mark and will add to the secondary in a couple days. Looking fwd to tasting this brew in a month or so. (Posted on 9/30/13)
Exquisite! Review by Jimmelworth
As a lover of both bourbon and beer, especially dark beers, this kit gives me the best of both worlds. I tried a bourbon barrel porter at a homebrew competition not long ago. If you want a homebrew that will pique your senses and impress your buddies, search no further. It has the "hmm..." factor that we all seek when making/sharing our brew. Like many other reviewers, time makes this already awesome brew that much better. I don't usually brew the same twice, but this is a "regular" in my repertoire. Currently have a batch in secondary readying for the bourbon addition. Customize and make it your own; this kit allows for endless possibilities. (Posted on 9/27/13)
Christmas/Winter Brew Review by jon
I have brewed this Bourbon Barrel Porter for the past several years and given away as Xmas present. I have folks ask if I am doing it again next Xmas, and others ask how do I get on your Xmas lis? Dark, roasty, sweet graininess from the bourbon, just pour 5-6 oz into a snifter glass and enjoy. (Posted on 9/22/13)
So good and so easy Review by Joe
a friend of mine who has been brewing for the better part of two decades had this beer for part of a summer party. He's been all grain brewing for a long time so I was surprised to hear he went back to a kit but was ,ore surprised how good this turned out. This was only my second batch ever and even without his fancy equipment mine turned out to be equally good. I followed the instructions to the letter and as glad I did as the beer has a great balance of the bourbon, oak and porter flavors. I'm excited to have this beer continue to get even better over the cold months ahead. (Posted on 9/18/13)
Best beer yet Review by Brian
I've brewed four batches so far and this has been the crowd pleaser by far. I used Makers Mark as in the directions but presoaked the oak cubes for a little longer than the directions stated, hopefully for a little stronger oak flavor. It has continued to improve with age. I will definitely attempt this beer again. (Posted on 9/2/13)
Ok, I tweaked it. Review by William
But who on here doesn't. I switched out the bourbon for 100 proof rum and infused them with 3 vanilla beans for about a week. Pitched this onto the yeast cake from a Dry Irish Stout that fermented with Safale-04. That was in January of this year. Bottled them to 22oz bombers and waited painstakingly for 3 months to try one. WOW. I am hoping to save 12 for the holidays. Will definitely brew again. Would love to serve this on nitro from the corny... (Posted on 8/23/13)
Flippin' outstanding. Review by stealth
Everyone that tries this brew gets blown away - even the anti-bourbon beer drinkers. Soak the cubes in 16oz makers mark for a month to mellow things and get some nice balance going. Pitch it into secondary after two weeks. I ended up with a FG of 1.027 using the danstar yeast.

In the keg for a few months now and it's only getting better. Smooth! (Posted on 8/8/13)
Must love bourbon Review by Eric
I brewed this beer about 8 months ago. I still have 25 bottles left because I'm just not loving it. I can see how a real bourbon lover would like it but for me it's just ok. My advice to the non-bourbon drinker is to have a glass of Makers Mark the next time you're at a bar and if you like it then this beer's for you. (Posted on 7/28/13)
Excellent! Review by Dylan
This beer is wonderful! Easy to make, very forgiving due to its dark character, and very drinkable! (Posted on 7/15/13)
Wow! Review by Aaron
Easily the best beer at any gathering. Even people who say they will not like it love it after trying it. I have made several batches of this and found if you follow the recipe to the letter you will be very happy but adding an extra 8 ounces of bourbon to the primary and 8 ounces at flameout will improve this beer. Jim Beam or Maker's Mark are both good choices of bourbon. One other thing to do is let the oak cubes soak in the bourbon for at least a week. Try and be patient with this brew, it will taste good after a few weeks in the bottle, but it will be excellent if you can hold off a few months or more... (Posted on 6/5/13)
Best beer I've ever had, homebrew or otherwise Review by Blake
This Bourbon Barrell Porter is the best beer I've ever had, homebrew or otherwise. Good enough that I'm ordering a second kit, something I've never done before. (Posted on 6/1/13)
Sure smells good! Review by William
I just kegged the batch yesterday and am proceeding with forced carbonation today. It sure smelled good while I was working with it. I got a final gravity of 1.016 for this batch. The fermentation was done but I was looking for a final of 1.010. (Posted on 5/26/13)
Double the Bourbon Review by Rob
This kit made my day. When steeping the grains, the aroma coming off the kettle was to die for. As others have said, be patient and let this one age. I decided to experiment a bit and split this into a 3 gallon secondary as the recipe called for, a 1 gallon secondary with double the bourbon, and another 1 gallon secondary where I dry hopped with a dark roasted coffee. After tasting them all, the double bourbon was by far the best. Next time I brew this one, I am definitely doubling up on the maker's. The coffee one had a slight bitterness from the coffee and next time I think I would brew coffee and then add it in. All in all, one of my best brews to date. (Posted on 5/13/13)
This is a fantastic beer! Review by Anthony
I'll echo what others have said about this kit. It is fantastic! BUUUUT It does need probably 3 months in the bottle to really shine, so just plan ahead and be prepared for that. This will NOT be a beer that's ready after 3 weeks, and to expect that from this beer is just too much. The oak is very prominent after one month, but will mellow considerably with more time. I used Maker's Mark per other rccommendations, and that seems to add a great depth of flavor and rounds out the oak. This is two cases of beer here, don't skimp on some rot gut, bargain basement bourbon!! In short, excellent kit, just be prepared to invest the time it needs for it to come out right. By Father's Day, this one should be right in the sweet spot (for me, not if you brewed this today!) (Posted on 5/5/13)
Update to 3/18/13 Review by Robert
Just bottled this after it sat in a carboy to age another 7 weeks and the sample is by far the best beer I have done. Whiskey has calmed down a bunch and can't wait for it to bottle condition. If you are reading this stop and go purchase it right now! (Posted on 5/2/13)
Fantastic Review by Robert
I just racked it off the oak chips into another secondary to age. Not sure how Lon g I will age before bottling. Tasted great but was a little sharp of whiskey. I did used 24 oz of Jack and let it soak with the oak for 4 weeks. This should mellow and taste amazing. (Posted on 3/28/13)
Just amazing... Review by Mitch H
As soon as I found this kit on NB I knew it would be a favorite. I grew up in a bourbon drinking family and am used to the great sweet smokey liquor, and have tried every bourbon/scotch beer I can find. I brewed this as my second kit, used a 2000ml starter, whirlfloc and wyeast. Was fermenting inside 3 hours, had to switch to the blow-off tube before I went to bed that night. Transfered to secondary after two weeks, then two weeks added 20ml of my favorite bourbon, which just happens to be cheap 10 high. Also added 2ml of double strength vanilla extract. Sat for 2 weeks, bottled today, and just tasted my first un-carbonated glass and was blown away. I couldn't ask for a more perfect beer for myself, and my girlfriend was blown away also. This will definitely be brewed several times a year. I don't think this will make it to the several month in bottle mark. Will update in the weeks to come... but I can't see not liking anything about this beer. Buy it, Brew it, Love it! (Posted on 3/24/13)
wish there was more stars to rate this Review by mark
This is the best porter I have ever had . Its been in the bottle 4 months now and I can only hope I can keep some for a year to age and not drink them (Posted on 3/21/13)
Very proud of this beer Review by Zach
I've made 2 batches of this beer. I've done over 30 batches of homebrew, and this is one that I'm quite proud of. This is a sensory delight, an impressive beer to the snobbiest of beer snobs. Brew this & be happy. My 2nd batch came out even better than the first. For the second, I let the 2oz oak sit in the 16oz bourbon (Makers Mark) for over two months. Side by side comparison at Homebrew Club resulted an unanimous vote for the 2nd batch being the more desirable and smoother brew. Let those oak chips sit and allow the bourbon to do it's magic! (Posted on 3/13/13)
Full bodied, boozy, delicious Review by Jon
I'm relatively new to brewing (8th brew) but so far this is definitely my favorite. Drank some before adding the bourbon (Bulliet green label, 16 oz) and it was already a delicious porter. After adding the bourbon it was elevated to a new level. Its now about 4 months after brew day and its very delicious but a bit hot. Its rich and while the bourbon is still very prominent but its starting to really sit in there and blend with the beer tastes. Looking forward to seeing how it develops with time. (Posted on 3/12/13)
blow out Review by jay
brewed it like it said to and used the dry yeast. had fermentation in about two hours. lol i when to work last night and got a call from the wife saying there was loud noise in my brew room. The krausen clogged my air lock and blew it out(all over the wall). So word to the wise if you brew this go ahead and use the large blow off tube. (Posted on 2/25/13)
Outstanding Bourbon Porter! Review by Robert
I am not a Porter guy, but in the Fall my son convinced me that we should brew something hearty for the holidays. We made this extract kit using the Danstar yeast in a 2000 ml starter for a few days. After primary, we did about three weeks in secondary with the wood chips soaked in Jim Beam Black (aged 8 years - not the regular Jim Beam) - I added a little extra Bourbon - between soaking and the straight addition, all in all about 3/4 of a 750 ml bottle. Man this beer is good - after aging (and carbonating) in the bottle for a week it was good, and it has continued to get better now after about 7 weeks in the bottle. A great kit! Make it! One bit of advice, I would not add more Bourbon than I did - I think it would be possible to overdo the Bourbon, but 1/2 to 3/4 bottle seems to work great. (Posted on 2/12/13)
honestly smelled the empty glass after every pint! Review by joshR
i am an extract brewer, and this was only my third kit. i used the makers mark for the bourbon. 10 days primary, 30 days secondary with the oak and bourbon addition at 15 days. bottle conditioned for four weeks. the first two i opened didnt seem to carbonate completely so i let them sit for another 2 weeks.

in the nose it is a distinct wood smell with the presence of the bourbon.
when the pint that hit my lips, it was bliss. a nice earthy wood taste to start wrapped up with a smoothe malty , almost chocolate feel. goes down and you get the bourbon. no burn! just the good part of bourbon, the taste! the empty glass swirls with the remnant smell of the toasted oak. i honestly sat there and sniffed my empty glass for a few minutes, its that good!

i handed a few bottles out to friends and co-workers. this one was a big hit. i am definately going to be doing two batches of this for next winter. it goes all too quickly!

Cheers! (Posted on 1/29/13)
Best Porter Ever Review by tim
I've been brewing for 33 years and this is the best porter I have ever tasted. I used Jack Daniels Black. I brewed 10 days in the primary preferment and 7 days in the secondary adding the soaked chips 2 days in. Only 1 week in the keg and I can't stay away from it. (Posted on 12/29/12)
Amazing Porter Review by Beau
as someone else put it, you know you want to just go ahead and pull the trigger.

It starts with oak up front and blends smoothly into a wonderful dark roasted chocolate porter flavor with an after taste of the bourbon without the burn. I've never heard a negative review on this beer.

I brewed in July and it is incredibly enjoyable as early as october and simply keeps getting better. (Posted on 12/13/12)
Outstanding! Review by Robert
I am not much of a Porter guy, but with winter coming up my son encouraged me to give it a try, so I bought this kit. I use the dry Windsor yeast to make a 2 liter starter. I did the specialty grains and boils per the instructions. I oxygenated with an 02 tank and diffuser stone for one minute before pitching. Also added Wyeast nutrient and a Whirlfloc tablet in the last 15 minutes of the boil.

Racked to secondary after about 10 days, and let it sit in secondary for two weeks before adding the oak chips. I soaked the oak chips in Jim Beam Double Black for two days before adding them, and I used about 600ml of the 750 ml bottle of Bourbon, which all was added to secondary. After the whiskey and oak was added, it sat in secondary for about 10 more days before bottling, and I waited only one week in the bottle to try the beer out on Thanksgiving Day.

The beer was lightly carbonated, like an Irish Stout, and the flavor was balanced, full, and just outstanding. It can only get better as it ages in the bottle, but I must say I am extremely impressed with the balance and deep character of this marvelous beer? Highly reccomend end! (Posted on 11/24/12)
It's not ruined, just wait Review by Larry
I brewed this one per the reciepe. I let it sit in the secondary for 4 months. I opened a bottle after two weeks of conditioning and it was totally flat and I feared it was ruined. I gave it another three months in the bottle before I tried another one and it really came to life. I consider this to be a special occassion beer. Really good beer (Posted on 10/11/12)
Outstanding Review by Roger
Loved every drop of this. I didn't alter the recipe one bit, used Makers Mark, and it came out fantastic. This is a big, delicious beer. (Posted on 10/2/12)
BEST... BEER... EVER!!! Review by Christian
Wow... just wow! This is my favorite beer so far of the dozen or so batches I've brewed. Did a yeast starter, let it sit in the secondary for three weeks. Soaked the oak cubes in Elijah Craig 12 year old and transferred to the secondary for another 2 weeks. Couldn't wait to try it. After 2 weeks, it was incredible. Will most definitely order this again, and you should too!! (Posted on 9/27/12)
Great Porter for Those who love them Review by Cody T
Brewed this batch with English Ale yeast for that 'bready undertones', used 1792 small batch bourbon whisky..... WOW what an awesome taste. Used a sanitized eyedropper to put three drops of vanilla extract in a couple of the bottles, gave them a little extra "oomph". This recipe is great even for how long you have to wait. The longer you wait, the better it tastes!!! I think next time I will use Canadian whisky to give it a little extra sweetness. (Posted on 8/30/12)
Best Beer Yet Review by Travis
This is the best beer I've made and drank yet. The waiting period was pretty excruciating, but worth it. I'll have to try adding the vanilla as described in a previous review. Will be purchasing this kit again. (Posted on 8/29/12)
I am an impatiant man Review by Andrew
Vigorous fermentation ended after about 30 hours in the primary. I was able to sneak a little taste from the blow-off hose and i'll be damned if it didnt already taste like a world-class porter. Tasted very sweet so obviously theres plenty of fermentation to go. I'll keep posted... (Posted on 7/24/12)
Excellent........worth the wait! Review by Steve
This Porter turned out excellent, as with most of the reviews here, opening this beer too early will leave you wondering if it will ever turn out to be smooth and well balanced. I did this beer almost 10 months ago and along the way have had a few here and a few there but after 10 months this beer has turned out to be one awesome beer. I have a few friends who are beer judges and they were impressed at how balanced this beer had become. I brewed this beer using Woodford Reserve and followed the directions as stated. The longer this beer sits, the better this beer becomes, it really mellows out and becomes very well balanced. (Posted on 6/19/12)
Made this one with a twist or two Review by Eric
First off: EXCELLENT recipe.

I made this with a twist or two. First, I added a pound of honey at the very end of the boil.

Second, I ditched the oak chips and bourbon as per this recipe, and instead put it into a spent whiskey barrel for 13 days. The barrel had previously been used for two batches of whiskey, then one batch of a custom imperial stout spent three weeks in there. One week into the porter's time in the barrel, I added a pinch of additional oak chips and a splash of Maker's Mark. (I'd have to pull my notes to get exact amounts).

The result?

A great beer! Carbed up quick, began to mellow out nicely by four weeks in the bottle. I'm now at two months in the bottle and it is tasting NICE. Recommended. (Posted on 5/28/12)
One word . . . . Delicious!! Review by christi
I was hoping to age some, but don't think this is going to happen. Used Makers Mark and love the bourbon notes. Will definitely be brewing this one again soon! (Posted on 5/23/12)
Add Vanilla Extract Review by Drew
I let it sit in primary for 4 weeks before racking to secondary on top of the oak and whiskey. I only used half of the oak cubes (1 oz.) and 12 oz. of Knob Creek (I soaked the cubes in whiskey for two days). I let it sit on the whiskey-soaked oak cubes for one week. At bottling, I added 2 oz. of powdered vanilla extract (boiled into I cup of water).

I tasted a sample at bottling and it was pretty raw. After one month I tried a bottle and it was great. The flavors married together nicely and the vanilla added a nice touch. This beer will be so much better in months to come. I'll let this one age throughout the Summer months. I will definitely brew this one again....and again. This is a "must have" for Fall and winter. (Posted on 5/6/12)
it will be hard, but you must wait Review by Alex
I brewed it as directed and planned on giving it out at Christmas after 2.5 months in the bottle, but it tasted bad. I just had a bottle this weekend after ~5.5 months and it is fantastic. I am upset that I sampled so many along the way, because they were flat and had a harsh oak and booziness that were nasty. Now it has come together and is still bold yet very smooth and has a dark brown head that lasts longer than the beer itself...patience is a virtue. (Posted on 3/19/12)
Great Beer! Review by fatnoah
This is an excellent brew. I followed NB's directions exactly and it came out great! I had my first after 2 weeks of bottle conditioning and I think it is fantastic. The oak and the bourbon are definitely present (stronger on the nose than the palate), but don't overwhelm the porter flavor. I am sure it will get better with age, but I am really happy with it right now. (Posted on 3/17/12)
Beyond any expectations Review by kevin
Brewed this beer with Safale S-04 yeast starter. Left in primary for 2 weeks, secondary for 4 weeks. Soaked a bottle of Knob Creek with oak cubes for 1 week then added to secondary for 2 weeks. Tasted this beer after 2 months of bottle conditioning. Beer was good but needed some time to have the flavors mellow.

This beer has matured and aged excellent. This beer has been aging for well over a year and is beyond anything I expected. The beer has a great bourbon nose with very complex flavors. The beer brings a warmth up after a drinking. The beer is almost jet black with a dark brown head that lasts the entire beer with nice lacing down the glass.

This beer is well worth the investment. Be sure to hide away at least half of the batch and let age for a very long period of time and drink just below cellar temperatures. (Posted on 3/9/12)
Amazing after two weeks of conditioning Review by Beth
I tried a bottle after two weeks of conditioning and it was wonderful. I agree that you should add extra bourbon (20 oz.) and vanilla. I used Evan Williams 1783 and let my oak cubes soak for several weeks. I'm going to try to reuse the cubes and have them soaking in Evan Williams and vanilla in anticipation of the next batch. I can't wait to try this after aging several months. (Posted on 2/18/12)
Great combo Review by Josh
This was the best NB beer that I have made yet. The time spent waiting to drink it was well worth it. I added more Maker's than was in the recipe, as suggested by a few folks here. Only do that if you are a big bourbon fan. The bourbon flavor does mellow over time, though. Hard to let this sit around long enough for that to happen, though! (Posted on 1/23/12)
Great Review by Sneekysneeky
This turned out well for me. It's been about 4 months since brew day and the taste keeps changing, and is mellowing out some. Big bourbon fan and this one doesn't disappoint. (Posted on 1/22/12)
A big favorite! Review by DaveO
This was my second brew and, after reading all of the reviews on this beer, I mustered my patience and gave it plenty of time. I brewed it in late September and after 2 weeks in the primary and another 2 weeks in the secondary I added the bourbon and oak cubes and let it sit for about another 3 weeks before bottling. I let the bottle conditioning continue for about 4 weeks and presented this for Christmas. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone loves it, especially my friends who have been brewing for a while. I do have one question. I used Cooper's carbonation drops in the bottling and some of the bottles ended up foaming over or slightly over-carbonated. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? (Posted on 1/1/12)
Good, but a little on the sweet side Review by Jeff
Took a while to carbonate and ended up a little on the sweet side; both probably due to the long secondary and alcohol addition. Still a good beer, and I plan on sharing quite a few over the holidays.

I used Knob Creek in lieu of Makers Mark, and wouldn't suggest extra bourbon as others do here. (Posted on 11/9/11)
Awesome beer with great complex flavor! Review by Dan
This BBP turned out great and is now one of my favorites. It has a complex flavor that is composed of smokey notes of oak, and tinge of great bourbon, and a smooth porter finish. This is the beer that I break out with friends that think they are beer snobs. It hasn't recieved a bad review from any of my friends and continues to impress. Great beer!
(Posted on 9/17/11)
best recipe yet Review by josh
this was my fifth brew and also my best. I let it sit in the secondary for an extra two weeks and added a little bit extra bourbon--both great choices. i bottled partially in 12 oz bottles and partially in 1 liter bottles and noticed a difference in taste: while the 12 oz bottles were great, i liked the beer better from my 1 liter bottles--the taste was so much smoother and smokier; it also seemed to mellow out the bourbon's bite. this beer should be made by everyone. i do agree that it would taste great with some extra vanilla flavor. (Posted on 9/14/11)
Great flavor, but what is the Alcohol Percentage? Review by Thain
I forgot to get a gravity reading before fermenting. Did anyone else take one? I'd love to know what the alcohol content of this stuff is. I drank half a bottle and had to stand up slowly.

But wow is this stuff good! So many rich flavors. I noticed it had to sit in bottles well over a week before there was any carbonation. Usually my beers are carbonated in less then a week. Patience is the magic ingredient in this beer. That, and cheap whiskey - why use expensive top shelf booze when you are mixing it with beer? It will turn out great either way. (Posted on 9/8/11)
Brew It Review by Hoppedup
Brewed 8 NB kits to date and this is the 1st review. All have been good but this one is the best by far. After 3-weeks seconday, added 20oz Makers Mark soaked in 8-oz of oak cubes, 2 tbl pure vanilla extract and let it sit for another 2-weeks. Awesome brew. (Posted on 8/26/11)
Very Good Beer Review by Okie Mike
This beer turned out excellent for me. I was a little leary at first after reading the ingredients, but it is probably the best beer I have had to date. I am really not just making this up, this is a very good beer and I highly recommend this kit to really anyone. Just try it and you wont be unhappy at all.

I let the batch set in the primary for a couple weeks and then transferred it to the secondary. I let it set in the secondary for about two weeks before adding the bourbon, wood chips and vanilla mixture to the secondary. After I added the mixture of the three to the secondary, i then let it set another 2-3 weeks in the secondary before bottling.

I took some of the other people's advice and added some vanilla to the batch. I didnt have any maple syrup around, so i didnt add any. I took a large mason jar and mixed the wood chips and about 20oz of makers mark bourbon and also added about 4 tablespoons of vanilla and let that sit for a couple days before adding it to the secondary per the kit instructions.

I tried a bottle about a week in and it had a strong bourbon flavor. One of my buddies said that the bourbon flavor would mellow out after a while and it did. I tried one about 3 weeks into it and it was excellent- really great flavor to it. This beer should age well. Just go and get the kit and try it! (Posted on 8/17/11)
Simply Delicious Review by Jason
I let this sit for 5 months in my secondary fermenter and it turned out great. I also looked at the reviews and added a little vanilla extract while it was in the secondary fermenter. It is the best beer I have made to date and only wish I had a 10 gallon system! (Posted on 7/19/11)
Excellent Review by Ron
Third kit from NB and this is by far the best. Per previous suggestions I added vanilla and maple extract. I used a fifth of Jack Daniels. Started the process on March 1, first bottle was opened June 23. Everybody loved it. (Posted on 7/9/11)
Outstanding beer! Review by William
This is my 7th brew, and it is outstanding! I would only recommend setting at least 1/2 of your beers aside for close to a year, as they only get better with time. I also added close to a whole fifth of Makers Mark, which helps to give it more of a bourbon taste.

I'll be ordering this one again! (Posted on 6/21/11)
I'm trying Zaya Rum in mine. Review by Luv2brew
M friends and I are rum drinkers when were not drinking beer, so it seemed natural to try this porter with a beautifully flavored sipping rum called Zaya. For those who don't know this rum here is a quote from
Rich and luxuriant vanilla and caramel great your palate on the entry, just as they did on the nose. Notes of cocoa persist throughout the experience while underneath the heavy and sweet flavors you’ll find hints of apples and bananas before the finish arrives with a strong showing of cherry accompanied with the ever present vanilla."
Sounds pretty yummy, huh?
I actually went through all my stock of rums tasting until I found one that I thought would blend well with the rich porter base.
Time will tell, as I have just started the oak cubes soaking on the Zaya. I'll report back later. :) (Posted on 6/7/11)
bourbon barrel porter Review by bill
Brewed this christmas eve for mardi gras.. if you see my other notes I was not impressed and my hopes were not being met. I was diappointed. BUT NOW, 4 months later, this has developed into what i would consider one of the best beers I have ever tasted. It is fantastic. Be patient with this one, it will be worth the wait. Getting ready to brew a batch for the fall. Man, this is great stuff!~ :) (Posted on 6/2/11)
Awesome Beer !! Review by Brian
I varied from the directions and added 20 0z. of Makers Mark , let it sit on the oak cubes for 21 days , and then bottled. Used Kreamy X for priming . Great head .
Even dedicated light beer drinkers liked this stuff ! By far the best Porter I've ever had. (Posted on 5/8/11)
MUST BREW -- Slight variation Review by Jeremy
I brewed this a few months ago. I upped the Bourbon to about 20oz and threw in a growler with my oak cubes, some organic Maple extract and some pure Vanilla extract. I let it sit for a about a two weeks waiting in my primary. Racked over to my secondary and dumped in the entire growler, oak and all. The bourbon was a little strong out of the gate but about 4 months in this brew is PERFECT. I have had many requests from family and friends to brew another batch. What they don't know if I keep a special reserve hidden for myself ;) (Posted on 4/16/11)
Great brew but the bourbon and oak are too subtle Review by brew4fun
Brewed this using Maker's Mark and Oak cubes. Should have left the Oak in longer than 2 weeks. I would up the bourbon level. Next time I am going to add Catain Morgan's Rum and a little extra vanilla to rond out the taste and make it a little more of a dessert beverage (Posted on 4/11/11)
Fantastic..... But add a few things. Review by El Chihuahua
I brewed this about 5 weeks ago. I let it sit in the primary for 3 weeks and just sampled the first bottle two weeks into bottle conditioning. Very satisfied. I used Makers Mark (about half of a 750 ml bottle) and added an additional 6 oz of toasted oak chips for a total of of 8 oz. I highly recommended adding the "extra" oak chips and bourbon. I brewed this same beer several months before without the extra oak and bourbon and was not completely satisfied. Buy this kit and go crazy with it. You won't regret it. (Posted on 4/8/11)
don't think, buy this one Review by mdbrewer
3rd beer brewed and is phenomenal. It easily competes with store bought craft beers. I stuck to the recipe. IMO the bourbon is perfect although subtle, so some may want more. I added a little vanilla extract which made it even more delicious. Previously brewed Patersbier and Phat Tire and this was by far the best. (Posted on 4/4/11)
Great Brew Review by Chump
Just tried first bottle yesterday and its great. I was a little concerned when I removed brew from secondary; as it tasted watered down and I couldn't even taste any hints of the bourbon. After my first bottle I can say there was a pleasant bourbon and oak undertone that was noticeable, but not overwhelming. Since it passed quality control I am having it sent to a couple of friends today. Like I said it's a great brew. (Posted on 3/27/11)
smooth rich and creamy Review by saber
We used a cheaper brand of bourbon and I can't imagine it being any better. I am not sure the toasted oak chips added any flavor. I think next time I will toast some oak boards myself and add a lot more to the secondary. This was our favorite beer to date but we are only on our third brew. We used this brew in a recipe for corned beef and cabbage and it was awesome. (Posted on 3/20/11)
Yep - This one worked well with my friends Review by u2zeke
I brewed this one back in November of 2010. I've taken this beer to a few parties and ended up going home to "reload" for more bottles because it went over so well. I ended up tweaking the recipe and making the following changes: steeping the grains in one gallon of water and then adding to 5 gallons of water for a full boil, and adding 20 oz of bourbon instead of the recommended 16 oz (Makers Mark). The batch turned out pretty good and pleased people who enjoyed porters, but yet had enough bourbon character to satisfy the bourbon lovers (who weren't full blown beer drinkers). Personally, it turned out too thin for my personal taste. Next time, I'll add more of the Simpson's malts and maybe a half pound to one pound of Carapils to thicken things up and get more flavor. I think adding more bourbon than what was called for, even though the taste was pretty good, thinned things out too much. But, I'm happy that all of my friends absolutely loved it. Next batch I'm going to aim for a more robust flavor intensity. Afterall, I'm brewing for my own personal palette and a bigger, more robust beer is something that I would enjoy more. From an ABV perspective, I messed up with steeping the grains (since this was my first batch using any sort of grains) and the temp did exceed 170 degrees (was using an electric range). Since then, I bought a Blichman propane burner and my results have been far better in regards to temperature control and target OG's. (Posted on 3/14/11)
Great Beer! Review by Charlie
Made a beer drinker out of my wife. I will definitely make this one again. After I'm made it through all the others ;) (Posted on 2/23/11)
evolution Review by oh my
tried this again on 2/20. Tasted much better than the first try, my faith has been restore and hopes are running high. Plan to let it sit until Mardi Gras and then give it another run. (Posted on 2/21/11)
The Best Barrel Porter Review by Brods22
This is by far the bes NB brew I have made. Next time I am going to make two batches at once so I can compare different types of bourbon, This beer definetly GETS BETTER and BETTER with time! (Posted on 1/26/11)
Great Beer! Review by THEJOKER502
I loved the way this beer turned out. I used .75ml of Makers Mark and it has a nice subtle Bourbon flavor. I am going to do this kit again except next time I will be using Jack Daniels to see how that comes out. If you like porters you should try this one.
John (Posted on 1/21/11)
oh my Review by bill
Held this in the primary for 2 weeks and in the secondary for 3 weeks. Just moved it to the bottling bucket and had to try a taste. It tasted wonderful when making it, but today it tasted like paint thiner!! I think I followed the directions to the T, usually don't freelance. i hope the bottle conditioning does the trick. I am trying to hold this until mardi gras...hope it smooths out. (Posted on 1/15/11)
Better with age Review by Swexican the half mexican
I got this kit as a gift from my brother. He also gave me a bottle of Makers Mark. This was an easy beer to make. Once it was done it tasted great and as I let it age it just got better. I had a bottle I meant to give to a fellow brewer but never got around to it, after rolling around in my car for several months, I decided to keep it for myself. That was the best one out of the whole batch. This beer gets better with age and packs a mean punch. My girl says it is a meal in a bottle. So more for me. I will brew this again. (Posted on 1/6/11)
Excellent Review by Keeley
I ended up using Gentleman Jack instead of the Maker's Mark (all my local liquor store had in stock), but it turned out perfect anyway! My father in law doesn't normally like dark beers, but has enjoyed the lions share of this batch! Also made excellent Christmas presents for a lot of family and friends! Many happy returns! (Posted on 12/26/10)
Best Beer Ever Review by Boston Brewer
I've alway been a fan of Porters. I've brewed them all, straight up, with maple syrup, with molasses, with honey. This one beats them all. The reviews sold me. Two weeks in the primary, six weeks in the secondary then three weeks with the bourbon infused oak chips. And here's the kicker. When I added the oak and bourbon, I added two tablespoons of high quality natural vanilla extract. Why the vanilla? Four years ago I went to a brew house in Alaska and met the love of my life - a bourbon barrel porter that had a the unmistakable presence of vanilla. I wanted to recreate that experience so I added the vanilla. I could drink this beer all day long and all night long. I can't wait to make it again. (Posted on 12/15/10)
Good Beer- Easy to make Review by nPalmDude
I've made SEVERAL batches of this. Everyone likes it.
Received 2-negative notations in competitions (one on each of two different entries/batches) noting it was too "hot". Alcohol(bourbon-flavor) should to be very subtle as it is supposed to replicate reusing a bourbon barrel for conditioning the beer. Bourbon flavor should NOT be a prominently-detected element for this style(22B), as I was schooled.
I opted not to go for expensive bourbons as I didn't feel the differences were detectable (Booker, Jim Beam Black Label, regular JD) As for all my beer-loving friends, they tell me to brew 10 or 15 more gallons at a time. I racked to a Corney keg for 2nd ferm & conditioning (with the adjuncts) and left it in a closet for 2-3 months...Great! (Posted on 12/2/10)
winner Review by Bow St Brewing
Second homebrew, and I have to say it was a major success. The first bottle opened two weeks after bottling day was already rich, perfectly carbonated, and had a sweet bourbon aftertaste. After over a month, the taste has rounded out a bit, but it's still super rich and gives a great combination of a roasty porter with a sweet bourbon texture. Everyone who has tasted it loves it, will definitely be brewing this one again soon. (Posted on 10/29/10)
Maple Review by jeremyc
Anyone ever try adding maple to the mix? I believe this would add a nice flavor to the beer. (Posted on 10/26/10)
competitiom Review by bman
Who enters a dme in a comp! (Posted on 10/25/10)
The Best Review by Basevol
I have to give a special Thanks, to Mike Ward, and Northern Brewer for this kit. This is the best beer I have made, if not the best I've ever tasted. This is a fine Porter, with incredible flavor. worth every penny. Don't wait, Brew it. (Posted on 10/24/10)
Excellent Brew Review by bourbon barrell porter
I just recently won a beer competition with this kit. Even my friends who do not like porters like this one. I used Makers Mark as suggested. Soaked 16 oz on toasted oak chips for about 3 weeks and poured in secondary after primary ferm was done. Only negative commments on score sheets was slightly burnt taste. This will probably mellow over time. The beer was only about 2 months old when entered in the competition. When I make this again, I may get lightly toasted cubes or not toasted at all. (Posted on 9/28/10)
wow.... Review by blueray
This is an incredibly rich, dark beer. As others have commented, it only gets better with time. It develops a smoothness over time that is difficult to describe. The richness tends to balance against the roasted/toasted attribute. I would recommend drinking this as you would a liqueur--with a cigar or after dinner.
I wanted something very high quality to serve as a gift. So, I added 16 ozs of Woodford Reserve. Why cut corners at that point? Expensive, yes, but this is a specialty beer. If you want to make a beer that you probably won't find elsewhere, consider this as a candidate.
(Posted on 9/9/10)
waiting is the hard part! Review by shaun
couldn't pass this up after reading the reviews. has been bottled about a month now and has a great flavor although oak is still a little strong. used 24 oz Maker's Mark instead of 16 based on suggestions and seems just right

The hard part will be waiting for several more months to let it get just right!
will definitely be doing again (and again, and again!)

(Posted on 9/3/10)
Absolutely Awesome Review by Chris
I have brewed this beer two times once with makers mark and once with the cheaper jim beam black. Both times the beer came out awesome. I am preparing to do this a third time. Lots of my friends request it and I love it.
(Posted on 8/28/10)
Awesome Review by Tim
I've made two batches of this. I used Maker's Mark as suggested which was a bit expensive just to make some beer. I ended up saving the whiskey that I had soaked the oak chips in by pouring it in a bottle and capping it. When I reused it for the 2nd batch, I didn't notice a difference.

On the second batch I ended up letting it sit with the whiskey soaked chips for almost 7 weeks instead of 3-4 weeks because I didn't have time to get to it and it came out even better.

This stuff is great. Even my friends that aren't fond of stouts or porters love this. It has a great aroma and a really nice aftertaste. (Posted on 7/31/10)
Awesome Review by Pedro
Got rave reviews from the crew! I used the 20oz of Makers like many had suggested. This was one of my best brews and I will make this again very soon. Oh and I'm generally not a bourbon guy and it was awesome. (Posted on 7/23/10)
good stuff Review by mrminkis
I brewed this up a few months ago and the bottles are nicely conditioned at this point. I followed a lot of recommendations to do 10 days of secondary with 16 oz of bourbon which yielded a pretty good beer. Definitely worth the kit cost and the extra cost from the bourbon. I think the bourbon content could be upped a bit, as I get more oaky flavors from the as opposed to a bourbon/oak mix. Next time I'd definitely try to up the bourbon flavor, but as it is it's a nice dinner/after dinner/anytime beer. I also plan on trying to follow the same recipe but substitute some fresh cherries for the oak to make a "Manhattan" beer. (Posted on 6/23/10)
Great first brew Review by MD Brew Crew
First home brew in 7 or 8 years. Just followed directions and it has come out excellent. Used carbonation tablets, will use priming sugar next time and there will be a next time.

As mentioned some people with more simple beer tastes won't be impressed. But those that know beer and porter will melt. Friends pregnant wife took a sip and has put in an order for after her delivery.

It keeps getting better with time and my knees get weak on the first few sips. (Posted on 6/6/10)
Freakin fantastic - on my rotation Review by nomadslounge
First beer I brewed a second a third...and there will be more! This is my favorite porter recipe thus far. Great balance of flavors. You had me at "bourbon"! (Posted on 5/28/10)
Great Beer for Beer Nerds, but normal folk won't be impressed Review by LeeS
So, here is the deal... I love this beer. It's one of the few that I truly get cravings for. The only problem is that only my beer nerd friends like it too. I took a case I made to a party along with a hef... my hef disappeared like lightning, but hardly anyone was interested or cared for the BBP. Make it for your self. Make it for your brewing buddies, but leave it at home on the way to a party. They won't be impressed because it's too weird for them.

Also, I used Munton's KreamyX Priming Agent, available at Norther Brewer, as the priming agent. I had read some of the previous reviews that the head retention wan't all that great, so I gave it a try. I can say that with the Munton's, the head is amazing... almost annoyingly so. I have to wait five minutes just to get my first sip. I'd definitely spend the extra 3 bucks and add one to your cart with this kit. (Posted on 5/26/10)
First attempt Review by Duffy
This was my first attempt at home brewing, I read everywhere that you set your standards low for the first time....however, by just following the directions...It came out amazing. I didn't use a new carboy for the second fermentation, I just added the bourbon soaked wood chips into the same carboy. I used a bourbon called Evan Williams, it has the Knob Creek flavor for about half the price. (Posted on 5/17/10)
Tops!!! Review by Bearded Monk
I can't begin to describe my delight with this brew. I had the first in 7 days and it was already wonderful - 14 days later and it was divine - 20 (yesterday) and it is a spiritual experience. Carbonation for me has been good from the first bottle. Will definitely do this again. (Posted on 4/14/10)
Beating a dead horse! Review by Bobo
This is easily the best batch I've made. I used 16oz of Maker's for 10 days in the secondary. The oak and whiskey are not overpowering at all. It's only been in the bottle for week and it's really good. I hope I can let it be, long enough to get excellent. (Posted on 3/31/10)
Online Review by Mike Review by Lee
Rating (Posted on 3/23/10)
You are going to brew it at some point, so stop wasting your life... Review by Gr8tefloyd
Simply awesome! As others said, this does get better with time. I opened up a bottle within 10 days and it was nasty. I opened up one a week later and it was amazing. I am still going through them, and getting better with age. The oak creeps up with age, i had it in for 10 days and it is really perfect.
I added 10 oz of Jack Daniels, I should have added more.
Although dark, you could drink this during any month, so stop looking around and just pull the trigger already, because you know you are going to brew this eventually. (Posted on 3/18/10)

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