Big Mouth Bubbler™ - 6.5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

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Innovation So Big You Can Fit Your Arm Through It!

Meet the Big Mouth Bubbler™, the revolutionary replacement for those water jugs known as carboys. Its mouth welcomes cleaning and facilitates a sterile fermentation environment. No bung slipping on a foamy carboy top—the Big Mouth cap is a twist off. Once you screw the cap on, ITS ON and not coming off until you say so.
The Big Mouth Bubbler™ includes a drilled stopper and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Say goodbye to your glass carboys!

Caution–Big Mouth Bubbler™ is a large hand-formed glass item that can be easily damaged if not used with proper care and handling. It may have variations in shape and thickness, and will show the normal bubbling characteristics of hand-formed glass. Extreme changes in temperature or sudden contact with hard surfaces may cause glass to crack. Handle with care–we strongly recommend using the Big Mouth Bubbler™ carrying harness for increased safety and ease of handling.

Note: The Big Mouth Bubbler™ is compatible with a standard carboy dryer when the dryer is used inverted.

Prefer a traditional carboy? Please browse our complete selection of Carboys & Fermentors.

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Big Mouth Bubbler™ - 6.5 Gallon Fermentor

  • Big Mouth Bubbler™ - 6.5 Gallon Fermentor
  • Big Mouth Bubbler™ - 6.5 Gallon Fermentor
  • Big Mouth Bubbler™ - 6.5 Gallon Fermentor
  • Big Mouth Bubbler™ - 6.5 Gallon Fermentor


When you put your brew in a fermentation vessel, your ONE expectation is that it will stay clean and that your yeast will be able to eat happily without anything funky going on. A strictly non-funky fermentation party. That's it. But how can you expect the cleanest and safest fermentation environment when you can’t even scrub the bottle with your own two hands? Superior to a carboy, this vessel was designed especially for sanitizing and fermentation.

Brewing can be a messy business—but no more! Stick your arm in to clean the entire inside with a swipe of the cleaning cloth. No need to use an inefficient test tube brush to reach corners and curves. Enjoy total confidence that every hint of bacteria is gone, protecting you investment in brewtime. The wide-mouth makes it easy to add or remove ingredients. The screw top guarantees the top stays on through fermentation. Say goodbye to your glass carboys!

Product Specifications:
5 gallon 6.5 gallon
SKU: 42050 42065
Weight: 13 16
Height (w/lid, closed): 16" 17 5/8"
Diameter: 11 7/8" 12 3/8"
Mouth: 5.5" 5.5"
Lid material: PP PP
Lid Seal Material: PE Foam PE Foam

Customer Reviews

Late Review Review by Ben
I bought one of these shortly after they were released and never reviewed. I've been using for a while now and so far I love it. While the glass is thinner than "regular" glass carboys, I wouldn't go so far as to call it fragile. I've never put any overly hot liquids in it as the only thing that hits it is pitching temp wort and tepid cleaning water. I don't see the need for 100+ degree water to clean kreusen since the whole point is to reach in to scrub it. Less water used to clean since I no longer need to soak it like other carboys. Half a gallon of water with some oxy and a little elbow grease and she's spotless in minutes. I plan on adding a 5gal for secondary purposes soon! (Posted on 12/10/14)
I love this fermentor. Review by Mark
Sometimes it seems like 50% of homebrewing is cleaning. I've been trying to reduce the most labor intensive aspect of my brew day. Because of my schedule, I typically brew in large batches. Cleaning 5 or 6 carboys after fermentation is a major PITA. I recently purchased a Big Mouth Bubbler to see if this would make cleaning carboys easier. I've got to say, I am truly impressed. It is so much easier washing out the Bubbler after I've kegged my beer. Spin the top off and stick your hand down in there and wash every square inch. I am definitely going to buy several more of these and replace my fleet of Better Bottles. (Posted on 11/23/14)
glass too thin Review by Tyler
i have owned two of these and used them for several brews there are great for adding fruit and very easy to clean.

despite the positives i don't own any of these anymore as they break way to easily. the first one broken when i added liquid that was around 90 degrees and the other one broke when i bumped another carboy.

great idea just please make the glass thicker. (Posted on 11/22/14)
Lasted one use Review by Peter
I would stick to either the plastic BBM or a regular Carboy. The glass model is very thin, and with 100 degree water it cracked. I need hotter than normal water to melt off all the nasty krausen and about 5 mins in there was a huge crack that developed on the side and through the base. The idea behind these BBM's is a great idea I just wish they were more sturdy and strong. (Posted on 11/15/14)
Update Review Downgrade Review by Jake
I've used this carboy for 4 brews now. I was actually pretty happy with the fact that it was easy to clean, but now I'm more worried about safety as I have a crack in mine already, and I handle it quite gently.

One major awkward thing is that it's hard to air dry. I have a normal drying ring for a traditional car, but have to use a rack for this thing and it's not very stable (I've tried other things like . Sure, you can dry by towel, but that's not entirely sanitary.

This weekend I noticed a crack running diagonally across the side. Luckily it was before I transferred from the boil kettle. I've been using my other 6.5" traditional glass carboy for years and haven't had any issue (though certainly hear the horror stories of using glass).

Be VERY careful with this one. I'm probably going to switch to plastic now that they have them. (Posted on 10/27/14)
Great Carboy, but here a few tricks you should know. Review by Jacob
This carboy is wonderful. Easy to use, clean and pour into, I could go on about the pros of this carboy, but the main reason I'm reviewing this is the fermometer you can get with this. Buy it. The trick is to cut between the lager range and the ale range, remove the big mouth bubbler sticker and place the 2 pieces of the fermometer where the bubbler sticker was.

As far as using a traditional airlock with it, I've had no problems getting the rubber stopper in the lid's twist off hole. It takes a little extra effort to twist the stopper in, but it is completely do-able. I use the 6.5 gallon carboy for primary, so blow off hoses aren't a necessity for me. If you need a blow off hose that fits go to a home improvement store and buy a vinyl hose that fits, rather than the blow off hose northern brewer sells for it. I hope this helps. (Posted on 10/1/14)
great idea - and you can use a thermowell Review by David
I bought a 6.5 gal glass one, then ordered another one immediately after I used it the first time. Get the harness for sure - worth the $20. If you want to use a thermowell, carefully drill a hole (I think it was 11/16") in the center of the snap-on cap for the built-in airlock, then put a drilled #2 stopper in it with your thermowell. If you don't want to use your thermowell, put a solid #2 stopper in it. I cut the lager temp end off of the fermometer strip so it would fit in the smooth glass square area (pull the Bubbler sticker off). I wouldn't mind having a little more thickness to these things - might just be that I am used to the 6.5gal standard carboys, which are hefty. I will handle carefully... (Posted on 9/16/14)
Well worth it Review by TC
Great innovation -- cleaning and pitching is a completely different experience. Like others, I'd prefer a more sturdy cap with a thermowell-ready stopper and more smooth surface space for a "fermometer" strip. Its dimensions render it somewhat unwieldy, so get the straps.
(Posted on 9/5/14)
Love It!!! Review by Mark
What Can I say,but love it. It is so easy to use. (Posted on 8/7/14)
Awesome! Review by Michael
Why didn't they think of this years ago is all I'm asking. This turns the tedious task of cleaning carboys into a 5 minute job (which may even be on the high side). I've since replaced all my carboys with these badboys. (Posted on 7/29/14)
Excellent carboys Review by Tristen
This big mouth Bubbler is very nice and so easy to work with. Cleaning is easy and stores way better than the higher carboys. Only thing that I have to say that is even questionable is the thickness of the glass. Don't get me wrong, it's heavy, it just seems so lite and when I sit it on its side while cleaning it, I am a little more cautious with it. The only improvements I can see would be a better sealing system (just me, the seal is fine) and it would be great for it to have a measurement on it somewhere. I have 6 of these now and will be buying more. (Posted on 7/28/14)
Pros and Cons Review by Scott
Pros:The mouth opening of the carboy is obviously great for cleaning, dry hopping, adding fruits/etc. That’s obviously the biggest reason you buy this, and pretty much supercedes any other feature. There’s no debating the value of the wide mouth opening. The harness for the carboy fits snug and tight and really alleviates any concerns for carrying these things around

Cons: The lid is plastic and really not made of great material. As mentioned in another review, I’d love to see a stainless lid or something not made of flimsy plastic. I’d love to see something similar to a seal and quality of a Mason jar. The hole for the stopper is just too small. Fermentation has advanced to the point a lot of us using thermowells and other gadgets. The inability to use these products with my Bubbler hinders my enthusiasm for the product. The shape of the glass doesn’t really allow for use of a Fermometer on the outside.

In summary, the concept of the Bubbler is a winner but the practicality of using it as a vessel for primary fermentation with a thermowell isn’t great.

Here’s to hoping that someone brings a product to market fairly quickly to replace the flimsy lid.
(Posted on 7/23/14)
Great Carboy Review by Jason
I think everything important about this product has already been said. But for clarity's sake I just want to add that you don't need an additional airlock with this carboy. It comes with a clearish plastic cap that threads onto the small center opening in the lid, and when it is put on, the lid itself becomes the airlock. Just add water to the moat, although I usually use diluted sanitizer. I've used this airlock system for many batches and it has worked fine. I have yet to practice cold crashing, so I can't speak for that instance. For a standard 5 gallon batch, if you use a 6.5 gallon bubbler for your primary fermentation, there really isn't any need for a blowoff hose, plenty of headroom, and the built in airlock works fine. One other thing about the bubbler that could be improved is that the glass is a little bit on the thin side. I would feel better about it if it were a little thicker, even if it costs more to produce. Aside from that, this thing is great. Easy to clean. Fantastic! (Posted on 6/22/14)
Great Fermenter, just needs a little tweak for a thermowell Review by John
Great fermenter. By carving out the top of the airlock lid, I was able to fit in my 6.5 stopper with an airlock hole and thermowell.

The pool style airlock is still active, so I could just have the thermowell on top if you like. My only recommendation is that they start selling replacement air lock lids so I could feel a little better hollowing it out. (Posted on 6/8/14)
Really impressed with this product Review by Hekkubus
What's not to love about this fermenter? I love the accessibility for cleaning, but it's also easy for pouring in the wort and pitching the yeast. The top is an air lock in and of itself, but decreasing the temperature for cold crashing, even gradually, dries it up. Use the stopper and a regular air lock, and you're golden. Seriously, if you're looking to get a new fermenter, try this one. Also, make sure to get the harness for moving it. (Posted on 5/15/14)
Perfect for 5 gallon batches; easy handling, fast and easy cleaning. excellent design. Review by Patricio
Excellent design that allows you inoculate the yeast without the need of a funnel to do this. You can see what is happening inside during the entire process. For cleaning just get your whole arm inside and rub with the included cloth and all stains of krausen will disappear. All this get your fermentor just ready for PBW and rinse. Very handy if you do good cleaning practices. (Posted on 5/12/14)
As advertised !!! Review by Allan
5 stars, not much else to add. Would be nice if it had a volume indicator marks and the lid equip could use a design tweak to be more secure, but great overall. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great for Dry Hopping Review by Zelpa
Wide mouth is ideal for placing 5 gallon paint straining bag in carboy so hops can float freely while large cap can still close over bag stretched over opening.
Missed the benefit of the airlock sanitizer well in the lid. Great idea that I just took advantage using.
Blow-off tube fits in provide bung but have not needed with given head space.
I should have bought replacement seals when first purchased, but have not yet needed.
(Posted on 4/21/14)
Just a good idea :) Review by Braindead
I love the big mouth carboy, makes it easier to add dry hops, fruits for sour beers, cleaning is a snap. My only complaint isn't even about the product but rather the marketing I suppose. For us folks who brew sour ales and Brett ales, these carboys are perfect, except you do not sell replacement lids, lid gaskets are listed which I have a ton of, but I feel you should offer replacement lids so us sour freaks can use our carboys for clean and sour ales.

If I were to order two carboys and switch one lid to sour, I would still be short a lid for fermentation. Maybe it's just me but that's my review. Thanks for the awesome product!
(Posted on 4/20/14)
The Best! Review by Mike
This is the best fermenter I Have ever purchased. I just transferred the Plinyien Legacy to my second Bubbler and the first was clean and dry in minutes without the use of chemicals, scrubbers or soaking. For my plate chiller set up the chill tube fits perfectly in the small opening with no exposure to the air and the clear lid/ Airlock allows this to fit perfectly in my fermentation chamber. I have given away all my six gallon carboys and turned all of my buckets into yard work buckets. This IS the only fermenter you will ever need. well worth every penny. (Posted on 4/12/14)
Amazing! Review by John
I just upgraded to this and it rocks! (Posted on 4/12/14)
So Easy To Clean Review by Heath
I have been using the 5 gal size for the secondary and the 6.5 for the primary. Have ran about 40 gallons of beer through them with no major issues. A few things I wouldn't mind upgraded though are:

A better connection for the blow off hose, so far haven't had any issue with foaming up at the lid it seems to have an adequate seal but would be nice to secure it without having to wrap some tape around it.

The foam seals are working fine once you get the lid nice and snug. Anyone know an easy way to get them out to clean them though. Takes a bit of finesse to get them out without causing damage.

Doesn't fit the stick on thermostats very well.

I just got two more in the mail today and they came with a hollow stopper that sits more securely over the hole for the airlock. Much better than the small ones that went seemed like they were going to pop out of the hole when wet. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Clean in a fraction of time Review by Grecky
This is a great idea and long time coming. I really appreciate how easy this was to clean. I had this sucker cleaned in a fraction of the time as a regular carboy. Brewed a Plinian Legacy in it with two sets of dry hops, so needless to say it had a thick layer of yeast, trub and hops in the bottom after I racked. No worries with this...The only thing I wish for carboys, is that they had some hash marks on the side for the fluid levels. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Very it. Review by Gary
Really like it, not only is the wide mouth great for cleaning - but also easier when pouring wort into it.
Only "complaint" is the ridges all the way around the vessel doesn't leave you with a spot to put the temp strip on evenly.
Other than that, it is superior to the traditional carboy. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Great Overall, but a bit awkward to lift and carry Review by SBB
Summary says it all. I've made 3 batches with it so far and am very pleased with it. It has plenty of headspace to keep aggressive fermentations contained, and is very easy to clean.

Although I have the carrying harness, I only use it once the beer goes into it. So, cleaning it can be a bit treacherous, particularly if it's slippery when using oxyclean. Just be careful.
One thing I just found out by accident...if you invert a standard carboy drying stand, the bubbler fits into it perfectly.

Get one, you'll be glad you did. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Only way to Dry Hop! Review by BH
I agree with everyone's comments here and especially recommend this item to those who dry hop.

Whether you add pellets or fresh hops, the larger opening on this carboy eliminates the problem of removing the bag through the narrow opening of a traditional carboy.

We also bought the harness and it adds stability when moving the carboy around. (Less likely to stir up any sediments.)

We have three traditional carboys and will still use them for beers where adjuncts aren't involved, but the Big Mouth is the only way to go for dry hopped brews! (Posted on 3/28/14)
good - could be great Review by edd
good - easy to clean
bad - uses a #8 stopper. i cannot drill a second hole in the stopper for a thermowell as a #8 is quite small. and no one makes a 2-hole #8 stopper that i know of. so the stopper will be used to hold the thermowell and now i must drill a hole in the lid for an airlock/blowoff. hopefully this can be fixed with a different style lid that will take a #5 or #6 stopper like most glass carboys. (Posted on 3/23/14)
Great for dry hopping, but... Review by Will
I do like this product over the traditional carboy but it's very susceptible to cracking from temperature changes. I went to wash it after dry hopping with it for the first time and it cracked when it came in contact with the hot water. I know I should have used cold water but the water wasn't uncomfortably hot to the touch and it still cracked the bubbler. The bubbler wasn't cold either, just room temp. I very well might buy another because of how much easier it is to dry hop but I these should only be washed with cold or lukewarm water. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Thinking about it? Do it. Review by Charlie
This is the way carboys should have been, all the while. Vastly easier to use, at all stages. I purchased several, and don't really ever see using my old buckets or standard carboys, unless i'm in brewing crisis. :-)

Haven't felt confident enough in the odd little accessory that allows the lid to double as an airlock ... but i will try it at some point.

The harnesses for these, are superb as well.
(Posted on 3/17/14)
Great Product Review by Michael
I've used it once and loved it. Cleaning is as easy as you can imagine.

I used my Brew Hauler without problem. I have not used the Harness that is sold separately so I cannot comment on that. But if you already have a Brew Hauler you can save yourself $20.

The 'Built-In' airlock is a bit peculiar; its awkward to attach to the threading on the lid. So I opted for the traditional air lock. I'm probably going to throw this piece away and continue using the traditional airlocks.

If the port in the lid was the standard #6.5 so it could accommodate an auto-siphon and I could reuse all my old stoppers this would be a 6-star product. But I'm being pretty picky here, this is an awesome product! I plan to order more in the near future. (Posted on 3/14/14)
So glad I waited. Review by Will
Had been brewing for over a year on Mr. Beer kits (2 gallons) and only recently started doing (2) 1 gallon NB kits, to step up my game. Starting to get hooked on this whole 'homebrew' thing, so when it came time to upgrade, this was the obvious choice. I've heard of (and seen) standard carboy cleaning procedure nightmares, so I really wanted to avoid that.

Ordered the pair (6.5 & 5) and one showed up broken. NB fixed that quick. Brewed the Sierra Madre pale ale as the inaugural beer, and bottled last week. After racking to bottling bucket, I brought this thing outside and blasted it with the hose. Literally done cleaning in five minutes. Little scrubbing with the included rags and it looked good as new. Got brew #2 going as we speak (American amber that I'm gonna add bananas too). Sure to be happy! (Posted on 3/14/14)
Easy to clean, but ... Review by Jim
I mainly bought the Bubbler for it's ease of cleaning and for that it gets a 5/5. But the setup for the bung and airlock makes me check it often. Perhaps in time, I will get used to the bung feeling like it could pop out at any time, but for now I check every morning and night. Shame that the screw top does not have a hole for an airlock. (Posted on 3/4/14)
Weak glass/design? Review by Mark
Mine broke after 2-3 months, when a normal carboy bumped into it in the backseat around a corner. Icky appears correct in questioning the thickness of the glass; my incident wasn't a major impact. The functionality of the design can't be beat, but the design of the classic carboy, especially the neck, seems much stronger. I also agree with Anthony and Icky that a (stainless steel) lid designed for a larger stopper would also be a great improvement. Despite the strength issue, it is still probably a smart enough design to make it a good purchase, just remember it's a princess. 5 stars for functionality, 1 for integrity, averages to 3 stars. (Posted on 3/3/14)
A good investment with some hidden suprises Review by Jeff
One thing that I did notice that other reviewers may have missed is that there is a shot glass like plastic cap that has soda bottle threads in it. This cap also has two holes and is designed to turn the lid into an airlock for the carboy so no stopper or separate airlock is needed. The carboy is extremely easy to clean and weighs about the same as any other glass carboy.
It does fit in the brew hauler but what is left after adjusting it to the wider fit is slightly scary when you are carrying it. (Posted on 2/21/14)
At Last Review by Icky
I bought a pair of these a month ago and have only used them once so far, but I'm pretty happy. However, they are different in a few ways I wasn't anticipating. These mean a few other equipment purchases I wasn't counting on.

1) I agree with everything Anthony posted about the lid and in particular the blowoff hole. The central hole isn't large enough to accept a wine thief or larger auto-siphon. Having to take the big mouth lid off for transfers and samples is more exposure to air than I'd prefer. May have to get a mini-auto siphon. It also means you'll need to get some new stoppers since your 6.5 and 7s are way too big.

2) The glass is much thinner than your typical carboy. I feel like I need to use a lot more caution in handling these carboys. May need to get a rubber mat for them so I'm better protected when putting them on the concrete floor.

3) I didn't realize how much I relied on the neck of standard carboys for handling them. I initially thought the available harness for these wouldn't me much use, but now I'm reconsidering.

All in all, though still a very worthwhile purchase. (Posted on 2/15/14)
Dry Hop baby! Review by Tim
Agree with all the previous comments.
Easy addition and removal of Hops in the carboy is awesome. (Posted on 2/11/14)
Wonderful Product Review by Matthew
I received one of these for Christmas and just emptied it out after fermenting my first batch in it. This is an exceptional product. The airlock design is awesome and works VERY well. It comes with a threaded cap that has small openings in the bottom of it. You thread the cap on to the top of the carboy lid and fill the lid itself with water creating your air lock. Much better than a standard airlock in my opinion but they do include a drilled bung for a traditional airlock if you so choose. Cleaning was as you can expect, a breeze.

My only two gripes is the lid o ring is not a very durable material and secondly, the lid is sometimes very tough to get off when opening to draw samples and what not. The ridges in the glass are not an issue for me and the horizontal ridges actually line up perfectly for 1 gallon measurements (on mine it does anyway).

One other reviewer mentioned that you cannot order the lid seals and other items without purchasing the carboy but this is not true. I decided after I purchased the carboy that I wanted the blow off tube so I just put a comment in the notes of a later order to include the blow off tube only and charge my card the extra cost. Northern Brewer was happy to do that for me.

Overall, very happy with the product. (Posted on 2/5/14)
Well worth it Review by Flyfish-PA
This is probably the best equipment purchase I have made in a while. The wide mouth makes clean up soooooo much easier. Why this wasn't done before I'll never know but kudos for them to come up with it now. All of the parts are quality. I literally have no complaints. (Posted on 2/2/14)
A step in the right direction Review by John
Much better than the standard carboy. Like one other reviewer mentioned, the inside would be better without the grooves and ears or tabs on the lid would make it perfect. Still, I would use this over the old carboy any day. (Posted on 1/25/14)
WHHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS?!?!?!? Review by Ben
I have been homebrewing for almost a decade. I, like many others, have spent hours upon hours upon hours trying to get every last little bit of yeast, krausen, and just all the muck out of my traditional carboys. I don't even want to talk about trying to dry hop with whole leaf hops, or adding a bag of oak spirals through that small opening. I received a 6.5 big mouth bubbler for Christmas and have since fermented 2 batches in it. Needless to say, I LOVE IT!!! So much so, I ordered a second and fully intend on ordering a third. The ease of cleaning, dry hopping, and adding flavors to your secondary is unmatched. If you've arrived at this review, stop reading and order your Big Mouth Bubbler NOW!!! (Posted on 1/14/14)
Good Idea Review by Ryan
Overall it's a good idea, soaking the other fermenters in PBW was getting expensive. The first fermentation i had with this i simply used the clear cap and some sanitzer, the fermentation blew off through the cap and over the sides (had fermenter in plastic tub). Once settled a little more i just inscrewed the cap rinsed and resanitized and it seemed to work fine. (Posted on 1/9/14)
Great idea, lid needs some rethinking Review by Anthony
Overall great idea. However, there are some flaws in the lid design. For one, the lid construction is rather flimsy plastic, and the gaskets are a cheap foam type, which as of now you can only order spares when you purchase the carboy. Secondly, the size of the second smaller opening which accomodates the stopper/airlock is small and inconvenient for carryover of stoppers from other carboys (1, 5, and 6.5 gal). Also, it prohibits use of the dual drilled #6.5 stopper for a thermowell due to its small size. The outside of the smaller opening is also threaded, which makes a 1 inch ID vinyl blow off tube useless as it is not airtight.

Overall, great idea and makes cleaning and rinsining much easier and quicker, but as others have mentioned the lid needs some redesign. I would love to see a stainless steel lid option with a larger stopper/airlock opening and gaskets of better materials. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Great fermentation jug, well thought out design! Review by John
I like to see the yeast eating away in my fermenter. This jug is great for this and many other reasons.
Even at 6.5 this vessel is lower in height than even a 5 gallon Carboy,@ 2 3/4" shorter, it provides additional room for fermentation spaces with height restrictions.

With a strip thermometer that attaches to the outside of a vessel, a more accurate reading of you're fermenting wort can be obtained because this vessel is wider and shorter than others, allowing less stratification of liquids,therefore obtaining a more concentrated reading.

The threaded lid and gasket allow a tight seal, when used properly.

The large lid allows ease of taking hydrometer samples.

Very easy cleaning, increasing efficiency of sanitation.

The small diameter interior screw off cap that supports the included bung for an air lock, is the smallest bung available. I would prefer a gallon jug (#6) size bung hole design instead because I fit a blowoff hose over the interior tube section of three piece locks. However I believe they designed this smaller hole to accommodate a blow off hose directly.
Another plastic cap is provided, that I believe they intended to use with a #6 bung if you drill the top part of the cap out as an adapter ? Maybe they will change the lid design in the future, but no problem, they provide versatility. A great vessel overall!

(Posted on 1/4/14)
Not sure about blowoff Review by Jake
I was a little worried my blow-off tube wouldn't fit on here properly but it slid right over the small opening threads. However, it didn't seem like the air was making it into my blowoff vessel. It's possible I had the tube so deep that the air pressure wasn't enough to actually blow all the way though, but that means the air was coming out through the side of the blowoff around the threads.

Might be nice to have an additional screw top with barbs on it instead of just the screws for the blow-off (or just don't seat your blowoff tube too deep in the vessel).

However, it was really easy to clean when I got it and super easy to pitch my yeast with such a large opening (I usually have to use a funnel).
(Posted on 1/3/14)
Awesome! Review by benjamin
Funny story, about a month before these came out, I had mentioned how an open mouth glass fermenter would happens! I could have made millions.

These are great, so easy to clean. Glass is superior to plastic in so many ways. For carrying these around the house I like to put them in the plastic milk crates. Saves some money instead of using a brew hauler. The lid can be a little tricky to open when it has a tight seal. I just try to put it only as tight as it needs to be.

The only bad part about these is there is not a large enough area to put a fermometer. My workaround if to cut the strip between 48 and 50, then put the pieces on in separate areas. (Posted on 12/26/13)
nice but need improvement Review by ken
love being able to get into it with my arm and scrubbing. the grooves on the glass do make it necessary to really dig in and make sure you get everything out. also they need to add ears to the lid so you can grab something to twist it on and off...very difficult once its on there tight during fermentation. (Posted on 12/20/13)
Big Mouth, no hassle Review by Carlos
I used this fermentor on my last batch. It is so much easier to clean and sterilize. Once full it is still heavy and awkward to hold so I do suggest using the Big Mouth Harness. I will never use a standard small mouth carboy again. Everything about this carboy makes all tasks easier like taking hydrometer samples, aerating, and cleaning. (Posted on 12/20/13)

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