MegaPot 1.2™ Brew Kettle with Ball Valve / Thermometer

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It's not just a kettle. It's a MegaPot™ 1.2 Brew Kettle.

A breakthrough in the world of high quality kettles! The MegaPot 1.2 Brew Kettle with Ball Valve and Thermometer is a stainless steel masterpiece available in 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30 gallon capacities. Every detail has been thought through to enhance the homebrewing experience and provide effortless control over your wort volume, temperature, and transfer to the fermenter. 

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MegaPot 1.2 Brew Kettle with Ball Valve / Thermometer

  • MegaPot 1.2 Brew Kettle with Ball Valve / Thermometer
  • MegaPot 1.2 Brew Kettle with Ball Valve / Thermometer

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A breakthrough in the world of high quality kettles! MegaPot 1.2™ is a masterpiece. Every detail has been thought through to enhance the homebrewing experience. Crafted of stainless steel for ease of cleaning. Stay cool silicone handles on the kettle and lid serve to limit scorching! The handles are riveted in place to aid in lifting a hot liquid-filled pot. No weld failures here! A polished stainless steel band surrounds the upper rim, reinforcing rigidity of the pot while adding a little bling.

And that's not all. We've added the feature that every brewer wants in a kettle - graduated volume markers inside the kettle - one at each gallon. No more need for a sight glass!

The included ball valve allows precise flow-control of your wort into the fermenter. Or, add a pump, quick-disconnects, and high-temperture tubing to safely transfer hot liquids around your home brewery.

The heart of the kettle is a 4mm thick Tri-Clad bottom- made specifically for even heat distribution. The 1.2 proportion of MegaPot has been scientifically designed to promote a vigorous boil and reduce off-flavors. And last of all, the MegaPot 1.2™ logo is stamped on every kettle. When you have the best, show it off!

Capacity Diameter x Height  Metric Internal Diameter by Height
8 gallon 12.6" x 15.4" 32 cm x 38 cm
10 gallon 14.1" x 16.3" 36 cm x 42 cm
15 gallon 15.7" x 18.3" 40 cm x 47 cm
20 gallon 17.7" x 20.8" 45 cm x 52 cm
30 gallon 19.7" x 23.2" 50 cm x 58.5 cm


Valve and Thermometer Height (as measured from bottom of kettle):
Valve :1-3/4" | Thermometer: 5-1/2"

Wall Thickness:
8 & 10 gallon : .8 mm | 15 gallon and larger: 1 mm

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Customer Reviews

A Decent Kettle That I Wouldn't Buy Again Review by Jeff Rooks
I have the 15 gallon kettle with the ball valve and thermometer. I've been brewing with it approximately twice a month since January 2014. This is only my second kettle. My only previous kettle experience was a bargain 4 gallon aluminum soup kettle purchased from a restaurant supply store.

The kettle was packaged well in a double layer box. If you're ordering this as a gift, be aware that the outside of the box clearly says Megapot. My wife was not happy that her Christmas surprise was spoiled.

The kettle arrived looking beautifully. The lid arrived with a few small rust pits near the spot welds for the lid handle. The lid rust spots have not grown or changed since it arrived.

This was the first kettle or brewing device that I assembled and I found assembly to be reasonably easy. The instructions were thorough enough for me.

The kettle is heavy and is good at retaining heat. I routinely fill the kettle to 12 gallons and can reach a full rolling boil without boil over. There is approximately a 1/2 gallon of dead space below the ball valve. The handles stay cool, even during vigorous boils, and the welds are rock solid so far.

Within 6 months, a patch of surface rust developed on the bottom of the kettle. The rust spot has since begun to pit. While this hasn't caused an operation issue with the kettle thus far, I am concerned about the lifespan.

The outside unpolished lower section of the kettle, which comprises the majority of the outside, is extremely difficult to keep clean; even water leaves streaks. It doesn't bother me, but some of my brewing friends have pointed out this cosmetic issue before.

The rim of the lid is flimsy and bends easily when dropped. Although this is a cosmetic issue that doesn't impact brewing, the lid to my bargain aluminum kettle was much sturdier than the Megapot lid.

While the kettle functions fine and I expect to get several years more use from this kettle, I would not purchase it again or recommend it to a friend. The price is too high for the quality I've seen from it thus far. (Posted on 4/21/15)
Exactly what I was looking for Review by Justin
This thing is huge. Very well made. I did not experience any leaks and after one brew, the thing looks good as new after some pbw. Went with the 10 gallon, didn't get the thermometer, now I wish I had. (Posted on 3/23/15)
Well Made Review by Tyler
I got the 8 gallon pot and I am very pleased with it. It is well built and once assembled did not leak. Just big enough for my wort chiller to fit in there. Very pleased with how robust this kettle is and really enjoy the thermometer and ball valve. (Posted on 2/6/15)
A Fantastic Brew Kettle Review by Michael
I have the 8-gallon model, received as a gift. It has the thermometer and ball valve.

It's a handsome, sturdy, but not overly heavy brew kettle (though it'll naturally get heavy when filled with wort).

Assembly was easy, but I had to remove and reassemble the thermometer and ball valve seals a couple of times each to get the pot to the point where it wouldn't drip slowly. I recommend using teflon tape everywhere to help seal things, and not tightening the assemblies too much as this seems to promote leaking.

I definitely recommend assembling this, filling it about half way with water (enough to cover the thermometer completely) and letting it sit for a while. If you see drips, drain it, remove and reassemble things, and try again.

Once assembled, it worked very well. I've made 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon batches in it, using my kitchen stove (a Samsung with Fast Boil technology).

I was able to get my Silver Serpent wort chiller to slip in under the thermometer. It was able to cool the wort down to 80F in a manner of a few minutes while inside this kettle.

Not a cheap product, but IMHO a well-made and good one. (Posted on 1/11/15)
Great product but follow video Review by Vent
This pot is everything you need. Graduation marks, ball valve, insulated handles.

I did have leaking on the valve like other people have reported. My advice to this is follow the video on NB's site on how to assemble it. The instructions that came with my pot were backwards from the video and leaked quite a bit. I also suggest teflon taping all threading during the assembly. Before I did that I had leaking from the lug nut outside of the pot.

After following the video and taping the threads no leaks. Great product so far and looks like it will last a long time. (Posted on 12/21/14)
no brewing, valve leaking issue Review by DA
Well, I'll be happy to write a better review when I get the leaking valve/silicon o-ring issue fixed. I've not been able to brew because I cannot get the valve to not leak, I followed the directions, I talked to a NB tech, I'll contact NB again. Now I understand why some people advocate a welded valve and/or thermometer for a brew kettle. I'm concerned that even if I get the valve to not leak, if I move it at all while adding/removing a hose, it will leak more. I will come back to this review to post an update. (Posted on 11/13/14)
Great Kettle Review by Mike
I have had this kettle for about a year now. It is amazing. Very good construction, heavy pot. Easy to put the gauge and ball valve on. The graduations inside the pot are a great addition to this kettle. They seem to be very accurate and they don't rub off when cleaning. The handles are nice because of the coating they do not get hot to the touch. Now i just need a false bottom for it!! (Posted on 11/5/14)
Awesome Pot, high quality, heavy bottom for heat displacement Review by David
I've owned standard pots, and cutoff kegs 15.5. This was a great improvement. Good shipping, packaged well in double boxes to prevent damage and scratches. I bought the two 30 Gallon full grain bad boy system. 4.5 stars as the only thing it can really use as an option for a inside pickup tube : Whirlpool / Side Pickup tube for inside each pot - a simple 1/2 OD Stainless tube with compression Male NPT to Stainless 1/2, so you don't waste 2 gallons of fluid. Would be nice if you had these parts. (Posted on 10/31/14)
epic pot!!! Review by shawn
had to do a special order in order to get a Blichmann brewmometer instead of the stock thermometer. of course northern brewer was awesome in this aspect. had a few shipping mishaps getting the proper accessories to install the brewmometer but everything got worked out eventually. again, northern brewers costumer service is second to none! got everything installed, no leaks, and did a boil test. perfect! love this thing!!! the lid is tight, the rubber handles mean no more oven mits! was able to boil 6.5 gallons of water in a little over 30 minutes. this thing is a beast! next upgrade, mash tun. (Posted on 9/17/14)
Great kettle once set up correctly Review by Jim
I recently bought the 10g version. I'll start by saying this is a very high quality kettle that looks great. I bought mine with a false bottom to filter out leaf hops. The false bottom fits perfectly, really tight fit.

My initial attempt at installing the thermometer and ball valve ended up in a leaking boil. After that happened, I disassembled both the ball valve and thermometer from the kettle, removed both outside o-rings, added food grade silicone lubricant to the 2 inside o-rings, teflon taped the through screw grooves, and re-installed with both o-ring nuts on the inside of the kettle. I can now tighten both very tight without ruining the o-rings. Both thermometer and ball valve are nice and secure with no leaks.

There's so much heat on the outside o-rings from the burner. They just torch and lose their shape.

The only other thing I'd do different is order without the thermometer and just buy it separately. My thermometer hazed up slightly at parts after first use. It also is really not worth the $50 extra.

Overall, this is a great kettle that I'm very glad I bought. The 10g size is awesome for all grain brews. No more micromanaging the boil status to keep from boiling over.
(Posted on 8/24/14)
Great Sturdy Pot for my BIAB Review by Gavin
Very solid and I am totally pleased with this product. My one minor complaint and this is solely down to my inexperience as a brewer, is that I should have just had the holes drilled and in different places as other reviewers have done without the purchase of additional fittings. I would have been able to customize the pot more to my current spec. No worries it still works great. Have added a DIY dip tube (SS 90 elbow and the supplied 1/2" male NPTx 1/2" hose barb replacing the standard coupling) and an F cam lock on the valve. No leaks whatsoever but did use Teflon on all fittings. I wish I had a hole for a sightglass, not wanting to risk damaging my pot drilling the hole without a press. I will live without one. Not really needed owing to he internal markings in any case. (Posted on 8/13/14)
She's a beast Review by Ryan
This kettle is freaking sweet. Upgraded from a 5 gallon kettle so I can start doing all-grain BIAB. It has more than enough room for 7 gallons plus 10 lbs of grains. Super sturdy, keeps heat well, and looks impressive sitting in my kitchen. (Posted on 7/21/14)
Value Review by Nicholas
I have been wanting a SS mashtun for a while. The 15 gal is a solid kettle. I plan on buying a 20 gal w/ball valve as a boil kettle. Getting a good seal takes some work, so buy a welded kettle if you don't want to deal with this issue. (Posted on 7/18/14)
Bang for buck Review by Mark
Dollar for dollar fantastic kettle vs other brands. Very solid construction, will last for generations. Good boil times with 7.5 gallon batches. Time from old economy kettle was around 35 minutes for 3 gallons to 50 minutes for 7.5 gallons in the MegaPot 1.2 no problems with anything leaking from valve or thermometer. Very satisfied. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Excellent Products and Excellent Customer Support Review by Jim
I upgraded my three 10 gallon pots doing 5 gallon batches to two 15 gallon (1 MLT and 1 HLT) and one 20 gallon for my new that I can brew 10 gallons easily. The false bottom was a little tight in the MLT....but only needed some very minimal filing/grinding for a glove-like fit. The MLT allows me plenty of space to do high gravity 5 gallon batches. My 1st batch was an all grain RIS with an OG of 1.105 without extra sugar or DME. My 2nd batch was a 10 gallon IIPA with an OG of 1.080. The 15 gallon MLT will easily hold 37/37 lbs of grain at 1.25 qts/lb...and 45 lbs at 1.00/lb.

I spoke with the NB folks because I wanted my pots with just the two holes....but no valves or thermometer. I added my own 3 piece valves and Blichmann adjustable thermometers for each pot. I got an extra hole punched in my BK and MLT at my LHBS so that I could add a whirlpool setup and a recirculating return valve for my new rig - a direct fired RIMS.

These pots are stout and very easy to clean. THANK YOU Northern Brewer ! AWESOME product....AWESOME company! (Posted on 4/28/14)
Very simple, well-documented instructions -- works like a charm Review by Kevin
Northern Brewer is quickly becoming my "go to" place for brew gear.

Excellent products and you just can't beat $7.99 flat rate shipping on most products.

I ordered the 10 gallon MegaPot with ball valve and thermometer (a Blichmann, by the way) last Friday (3/28) with two other items. Arrived today by UPS (4/4). Packed to withstand "careless delivery", everything arrived tip top.

Everything was documented to understand -- installed the ball valve and thermometer in about 60 minutes...while having dinner and drinking a homebrew. No leaks, no issues....very very pleased with my purchase. (Posted on 4/5/14)
Great Value Review by Doug
Out-of-the-box impression was great...more sturdy that I imagined. I did not think the etched volume markings would be a big deal, but now I am very glad to have. No issues with valve or thermometer assembly, followed the instructions and had no leaks. I would give this 4.5 stars if I could. Minor reasons for missing the 5-star mark...lid has an ever-so-slight bend to it so opposite sides do not make contact with rim of kettle...approximately 2-3 big deal. Secondly, one of the handle attachment plates is bent out about 5 mm so it is not flush with the big deal. Lastly, to be really nit-picky the laser etched logo and holes for valve and thermometer are not centered...minor aesthetic flaw. Overall is it a great value?...absolutely yes.
Additions I made that really help...for boil kettle or HLT...I replaced the inside valve coupler with a SS street elbow (female / hose barb from brewhardware) to function as a dip tube. Now I can drain all but two cups from kettle if I so desire without tipping. Also added a heat shield to protect valve and thermometer. (Posted on 3/31/14)
A vigorous boil indeed. Review by Matt
I got the 10 gallon model with the works. I did a 6 gallon boil on the darkstar burner (also a great product). We still had some boil over problems even with the 4 gallons of head space, so when they say vigorous boil, they mean it.

Promotes a perfect even boil with the boil coming up from the center of the wort, just as they advertise.

When I first assembled it and had some leakage, but I figured out that I switched the orings whilst assembling the ball valve. Be careful to use the correct orings in the proper place (the directions specify).

Although we did have some problems getting a steady boil, I think that was because of weather and out own inexperience as opposed to the kettle.

A meritorious product. Would buy another. (Posted on 3/9/14)
So far...So Good Review by Jeff
The first thing i did (after reading other reviews) was to read the assembly instructions and put this beauty together. I was extremely pleased that my new kettle passed its first water test with all supplied parts. No need for larger o-rings, just follow the instructions. Following that i boiled 4 gals of water to season the pot before brewing. I immediately followed that with a nice partial mash IPA and it did well. I love being able to see how close my wort is to boiling without taking the lid and dropping my wort temp. so, after 3 times holding liquid i have not had a leak and love the new kettle. Thanks NB! (Posted on 3/4/14)
OUTTA THE PARK Review by Robert
I bought the 20 gallon kettle to use as a mash tun. It's gigantic and planetary, It's got it's own weather system. Happy with the purchase, blah about the ball valve. Two thumbs up to Northern Brewer's customer service and 5 stars to this metallic giant. (Posted on 2/14/14)
Beautiful and nearly perfect Review by Scott
This kettle is an amazing combination of good looks and awesome features. I had been shopping and debating the pros and cons of many 10 gallon kettles for months when I finally decided on this one. I gave it 5 stars but really its more like 4.5. Here's why:

First the good stuff:

1. The construction is heavy duty and super high quality. I will never need another kettle - this one will last several lifetimes.

2. The bottom is super thick and does a good job of even heat distribution.

3. I am so glad they thought to put the graduated scale on the inside so I can throw away my dowel rod with gallon marks on it. I don't know how the gallon markings were put on (i.e. etched or decals or ?) but they seem to be very durable.

4. The lid and handles are also very high quality and heavy duty. The rubber grip handles aren't strictly necessary, but they are a nice touch.

All in all, I am in love with this kettle and am very glad that I chose it. I would happily buy this again. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Things to Note Review by Grayson
I ordered the 10 gallon to allow for full volume 5 gallon boils. This is my review of the product after my first brew with it.

Arrived disassembled as advertised. Assembly instructions were on par and the assembly was simple. However, the fitting for the ball valve leaked noticeably. A steady formation of droplets created a nice little puddle with 2 gallons of water in it cold.

After reading some reviews and talking to a friend with one, I went to the local hardware store and bought new 3/4 inch interior diameter o-rings that are just slightly thicker and some new plumbing teflon tape. Completely disassembled the ball valve, re wrapped all threads and reassembled the kit. No more leaks. Put some heat on it, waited for expansion and trickles, and tightened.
It didnt leak for brew day and I was satisfied, but would have like it to have been completely capable with included equipment at its current price point.

All in all, this is a solid piece of kit. Would have gotten 5 stars if not for the issue mentioned above. Just save yourself some headache and lean forward on the upgrade of the software included with this kettle. (Posted on 1/13/14)
Solid! Review by Rob
I'm really happy with my 8 gallon pot. Solid construction instils a certain level of confidence before that first batch. I struggled a bit with the seals- wound up buying a bag of gaskets at Home Depot, using 2 for the brewmometer. Being a little new at this, I don't have any use for the ball valve. If you're going to use the pot as a mash tun, you want the false bottom. I wonder if that would fit the igloo 10 gallon cooler? (Posted on 1/4/14)
Stop thinking about it and just buy it! Review by @HappyHuskyBrews
Bought the 8 gallon version after thinking about it for awhile and wish I would have bought it sooner. I am able to do full boils (7 gallon starting volume) on my kitchen stove without any fear of boiling over. Kettle is very well put together and the pre-drilled holes for the thermometer and valve were worth the extra money.

The only point of caution is that you may want to take the valve apart prior to putting it in. My valve failed the initial water tight test and upon taking it apart I found the internal threads were poorly taped. But some fresh teflon tape and reassembly and it held beautifully. (Posted on 1/4/14)
Great Kettle Review by Greg
I did a lot of shopping around and research before settling on the MegaPot. I found some cheaper pots, but I don't think that you can get a better value than this kettle.

I got the 10 gallon pot and it is heavy duty! It works great for a full volume boil for a 5 gallon batch. I'm sure that this kettle will last me until I die and will it over to my best drinking buddy, at which point it will last him until he dies.

I would recommend getting the built in thermometer. I debated sticking with my cheap meat thermometer, but the built in one is really handy for getting precise temperatures. This is especially important for full-grain brewing.

Great kettle. It took me a couple months to decide upon it, but I'm really happy with my choice! (Posted on 12/27/13)
Best brewing purchase ever Review by Brian
I bought the 10 gallon pot to boil full 5 gallon all grain batches without risking boil over. The pot it well crafted, very sturdy, and i know it will last for ever. The ball valve was nice for draining the wort into my fermenter, and the temperature gauge was great for letting me know just how much longer i had till my wort about to boil, allowing me to wonder off and clean my messes. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Great Kettle Well Made Review by Larry
I purchased the 10 Gallon kettle. The stainless is fairly heavy and sturdy. The covered handles are a nice touch. The Ball valve and thermometer come un-assembled, but assembly was easy.

I brewed with this on a 3700 watt induction burner. It heated up faster and maintained a boil with less energy than I expected. (Posted on 10/26/13)
Well worth it! Review by John
I enjoyed using my 10 gal. tremendously! It performed very well even on my stove top. There was a small leak from the ball valve that eventually stopped. Otherwise no complaints. (Posted on 10/22/13)
Overall happy Review by Vincent
I bought the 20 gallon pot with thermometer, ball valve & false bottom. This thing is beefy. Way beefier than the Boilermaker (I've got one of those, too). It's going to last many lifetimes.

My only bone of contention is the location of the hole for the thermometer. The instructions for the installation for the thermometer specify a minimum height for the probe from the bottom of the kettle. The hole placement on the MegaPot 1.2 is below that minimum height. Albeit, only 1/2", but I'd expect them to adhere to the recommendations at this price. Splitting hairs. If I get another one (and I'm planning to), I'll drill the holes myself using a step drill.

Well, I guess two bones of contention. The graduated markings on the inside aren't laser etched. Painted on? A vigorous scrub and my markings are going to disappear. (Posted on 10/15/13)
A tank Review by Andy
Very happy with my purchase. Solid construction through and through. I purchased a 15 gallon pot in order to do 5 gallon brew in a bag recipes. Used it for the first time yesterday, and it performed flawlessly. I'm going to enjoy using this over and over. If you are considering a new kettle, this one comes highly recommended. (Posted on 10/13/13)

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