Prime Dose™ Carbonation Capsules

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Prime Dose™ is the prescription for perfect carbonation through simple delivery and consistent results. Trade a harsh dose of flat reality for a simple pill with the unmatched ability to produce perfectly carbonated bottle-conditioned homebrew.

Prime Dose™ is effective in the treatment of many bottle-conditioning ailments ranging from inviable yeast, big beers with ABV too high for the original yeast to ferment any further, or poorly mixed priming solution. Given as a measured dosage of two capsules without any further treatment, Prime Dose goes straight into the bottle and gives consistent and repeatable levels of CO2 every time. 200 Capsules.

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Prime Dose Carbonation Capsules


The formula is a turning point in the search for a solution to priming sugar problems and fizz drop fiascos, expanding the guarantee of perfect bottled beer beyond force-carbonated methods. Packaged in a vegan, nutraceutical-grade capsule, Prime Dose is the culmination of a years worth of R&D effort. Tested and retested under various conditions, with different recipes, the formula was finally deemed a success by our Brewmasters. A revolutionary cure for bottle conditioning complications, Prime Dose prevents debilitating scenarios such as a flat six pack of homebrew given as a gift, showing up to a party with beer that winds up falling flat, or bottle bombs from poorly mixed priming solution. This revolutionary pill permits dosage to individual bottles. Prime Dose puts you in control and alleviates the headache of dissolving priming sugar in bulk solution or forcing fizz drops through an impractically sized bottle mouth. When the stakes are high, Prime Dose prevents failure that strikes in the final hour of otherwise healthy fermentations, taking the guesswork out of achieving consistent results. A crucial capsule for any batch you can’t afford to lose, so you can spend more time in the brew cave and less time fretting over the possibility of failure.

Recommended Dosage:
12 oz. bottles: 2 capsules; use 3 in styles requiring high carbonation.
22 oz. bottles: 4 capsules; use 6 in styles requiring higher carbonation.

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Customer Reviews

Good for Competition Review by Superchop728
I don't bottle a bunch but when I do it is for competition or one off seasonal beers I don't want sitting around in my kegs.

I've used Fizzy Drops, priming sugar, and Prime Dose. For the money the Fizzy Drops are the best bet but you do run the risk of gushers. I use Prime Dose for beers I'm going to compete with because 3-4 week you have a beer that is going to be perfectly carb'd and ready for the BJCP judge.

Only 4 stars because i had the same issue above with some capsules not dissolving. Only 1-2 22oz bottles though. (Posted on 1/2/15)
read the bottle Review by Mike
Haven't used yet but the dosage is right on the back of the bottle.

12oz. bottles: 2 capsules;
Use 3 in styles requiring higher carbonation

22oz. bottles: 4 capsules;
Use 6 in styles requiring higher carbonation

(Posted on 12/26/14)
Dont buy this product Review by don
This is a very poor product. I put these in bottled beer, had a party of friends and as they poured their beers into a glass they has these plastic beer condoms fall into it. Very nice when entertaining friends and any beer respect you had just went out the window. Now I am wondering why no showed up for my last invite and I owe it all to Prime dose. (Posted on 12/17/14)
carb great but..... Review by terry
Used 2 caps per 12oz bottle of my own citrus/lavender pale wheat and they carbed very well after 2 weeks but dismayed that capsules didn't completely dissolve even after 4 weeks. Would recommend using a clean funnel and breaking open capsules and putting contents in bottle to solve this problem. Others have said they completely dissolved so maybe just not in wheat beers but will use again. 3caps will carb even better I believe. (Posted on 11/9/14)
Saved my Scottish Wee Heavy Review by Steve
I brewed the NB Wee Heavy kit - used 2 of the Wyeast smack packs. Primary for 2 weeks, secondary for 2.5 months. 4 weeks after bottling, there was no carbonation. 6 weeks after bottling, was still flat. I opened all of the bottles, put in 3 capsules for each 16 oz. bottle and 2 weeks later, had perfect carbonation. So glad I found this - would have been a bummer to drink 5 gallons of flat beer! (Posted on 5/14/14)
Good for bottling 1 gallon batches Review by Russell
Worked as expected and left less sediment in the bottle than when I have batch primed.

As others have said dosage directions and recommended storage printed on the bottle would be a nice improvement (5 stars when this happens). Yes this is more expensive than other options however these appear to have better production consistency (no chips, cracks or odd shapes). (Posted on 5/7/14)
Pretty good ya know Review by jim
For the first time in 15 years I had a bottled batch that just didn't carbonate. I decided to try the new prime dose capsules to add to the already bottled ale.
Pros: easy
-very nice head formation
Cons: No use/directions on package!!- had to look online. (Also what about storage info or shelf life??)
-would be nice to know what yeast they used, and how much actually sugar is in each capsule to better plan the carbonation.
I wouldn't plan on using these as my default carbonation means. However, it did save a still beer for me, and for that ...I thank you. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Awesome for certain circumstances Review by BATCH82
So I guess I take some issue with the reviews regarding time to carbonation and ease of use. As a homebrewer, I have no issue with a simple search to turn up information, I'm typically skeptical of instructional content on packaging anyway and will search to verify, find tips, tricks, etc, before I use a product. I did so with Prime Dose - had a great experience with the product.

I had three beers that were a little on the heavier side (6.5-9% ABV) that had lingered in secondary ... a while. So long I wasn't going to bet on viability of anything left in the beer to referment in bottle. Used prime dose - perfect carb a couple weeks later. I have no expectation for fully carbonated bottle conditioned beer inside of 17 days - so for me it exceeded expectations.

I wouldn't buy it for every beer I bottle condition (I bottle condition a lot of beers), but the yeast / nutrient / sugar combo for some projects seemed like a great idea. I recommend it. (Posted on 4/23/14)
OK- Guaranteed carbination Review by Benjamin
Simple and easy. Just drop 2 in and it will be carbed. But 2 weeks into the process, the beer still seems kinda green, also, the price is a little hefty to just carb a beer. Over all a good product, but it would be nice to know when the beer would be fully carbed. My guess is 3 weeks. I used fizz drops a batch before and was carbed in 2 weeks. I don't see a huge advantage (Posted on 4/21/14)
Makes it simple Review by Joshua
After looking at the site, I figured out that it is 2 capsules for a 12 oz bottle, and 4 for the 22 oz bombers.

Would be handy to have that information on the container, but a little searching will turn it up.

Much simpler than priming sugar. I've never used carbonation drops so I can't provide a comparison.

It took a full two weeks to carbonate fully. I opened a bottle at the one week mark and it wasn't ready yet. Also, the capsule outer container hadn't dissolved completely and freaked me out a little when it bumped my lips (yea, I drank straight from the bottle instead of pouring it into a proper glass... don't judge me!).

After two weeks, it was perfectly carbonated in every bottle, and the capsules had completely dissolved.

I don't bottle often since I keg for myself, but every once in a while, I'll bottle a batch for some friends and this will definitely be my preferred method. (Posted on 4/15/14)
It has advantages and disadvantages Review by Paula
1. Capsules, unlike drops, fit into any sized bottle.

2. Provides an even amount of carbonation.


1. No instruction is given as to how many to use for a 12-oz. bottle, a 22-oz. bomber, or a growler. That would be useful information.

2. Beer carbonates more slowly than with plain carbonation drops or a priming sugar solution. (Posted on 4/13/14)