Citra® Hop Pellets 1 oz.


Typical alpha: 10-12%. Musky tropical fruit and strong citrus make this a great flavor/aroma hop.

A limit of 8 oz per order exists due to the shortage on this hop.

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Citra® Hop Pellets 1 oz.


Typical alpha: 10-12%. A very new American hop with parentage from Hallertau Mittelfruh, East Kent Goldings, and others. High alpha and strong tropical fruit aromas and flavors (think mango, papaya, and pineapple). Best known as a dry hop in Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA.

Additional Information

Package Size 1 oz.
Hop Form Pellet
Alpha Acid Level High (10+%)
Country of Origin USA
Flavor Descriptors Citrus, Fruity
Hop Parentage Brewer's Gold, Goldings, Hallertau Mittlefruh, Tettnang

Customer Reviews

Great late addition and Dry Hop Review by Frank
If you re looking to add some tropical notes of grapefruit and citrus to your beer try this hop. (Posted on 12/29/13)
Citra works great Review by Adam
I have had excellent success with Citra hops in various applications from sour ales to saisons. A wonderful addition for flavor and aroma when a fruity hop is called for.
(Posted on 11/10/13)
Can't Beat This Hop Review by Drew
The first time I ever took a whiff of any hops was Citra. I cannot tell if I have been ruined in the best way possible from its wildly citrus aroma or if it is just that hard to beat its amazing smell. Love this hop in all of my IPAs and Pale Ales. Can't go wrong with a high alpha acid and aroma combination. Love Citra! (Posted on 11/9/13)
Awesome citrus flavor Review by Jeremy
These are an excellent hop to use in pretty much any pale ale where you want to add grapefruity flavor. These are scarce, so i usually grab a few extra ounces when theyre available...i always go through them! (Posted on 8/24/13)
Yummy Review by Sean
I love using this hop. Provides a nice flavor and aroma for tasty beers. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Beautifully Sunny Review by Felipe
Citra is like sunshine in a bottle! It is especially wonderful for dry hopping because the aroma simply knocks your (and your pals) socks off! (Posted on 8/8/13)
wow Review by stephen
hands down the best american hop ever. you can throw it in at any point bittering, flavor, aroma, and dry it shines threw. ive made some unreal brews with this hop now if they'll just grow enough to keep it in stock!!! (Posted on 1/29/12)
Beautiful Review by Phillip
I have purchased these hops twice and am always impressed with the smell and flavor. I have thrown them in at the beginning of a 60 minute boil and I find it still gives somewhat of a good flavor even though the Alpha % is high. I have never smelt a better beer than when these were dry hopped in the fermenter.... (Posted on 1/3/12)
5 stars Review by moorems
put this in a RyePA, it was a little intense at first, but when the beer got a little age, it turned out to be an awesome beer with a little grapefruit flavor to it. I still have some left for my next IPA! (Posted on 12/22/11)
Unmistakable tropical fruit Review by Adam
Brewed a SMaSH APA with 2-row and citra. Result was very obvious mango/passion fuit aroma and was a huge hit. A friend dry hopped a brown ale with it and that turned out amazing, too. I would also try it in a Tripel a la Bruery Batch 300. (Posted on 11/10/11)
Good hop for experimental brewers Review by jred98rt
I brewed a small beer for a group of non-beer fanatics and ended up going with a Belgian Wit with 1/4 oz of citra added as two additions near the end of the boil. Result tasted like a blue moon with the orange already went over very well. (Posted on 10/15/11)
very nice Review by bill the brewer
used it in an amber, lent enjoyable aromas. definately will use again. recommend as a dry hop.
(Posted on 10/10/11)
Exactly as described Review by Digi
With the shortage of my normal Simcoe's I decided to try something different. This turned my normal IPA from the typical Furious type flavor to a strange tropical fruit flavor. At first I was upset but then after I let it sit in the keg a few days I tried it again and was blown away and still am. It is no substitute for your normal pine or citrus hops but fun to try for the distinct tropical characteristic. Going to design a beer around this hop now... maybe some crazy tropical fruit. (Posted on 5/18/11)
worked out great Review by geseattle
Pretty new to homebrew, first time using Citra. I was a little worried about the taste of my IPA when I went into the keg, but it is awesome once it conditioned. (Posted on 3/13/11)
To me it's got a lemony flavor Review by bmeyer46
Used it in a cream ale and it gave it a slight lemony flavor, very nice. Not overpowering. I'll definitely use it again. (Posted on 1/24/11)
loves using citra hops Review by citraholic
i use it in my last IPA and i loved the flavors the it gave. (Posted on 1/18/11)! Review by Motownbrewer
Great hop! I have used citras in a few brews now with decent results. The tropical description is well earned and makes beers that are real crowd pleasers. I would only use them as a late addition or dry hop...and a little goes a long way. I over-did it with one of the beers adding 2 oz at the end of the boil and dry hopped with 2 oz and it was a bit much. (Posted on 9/23/10)
Great Review by DJS
I brew an all Citra IPA using the hop bursting technique, and people love it. (Posted on 9/8/10)
Great hops with a citrus edge Review by Loblolly
I first brewed with Citra in Dec. 2008, when I managed to get a couple of ounces from Ralph at Hops Union during a seminar. It performed well in my wheat ale and produced strong hints of citrus (lemon comes to mind), but not so much that you'd mistake it for the addition of the real thing. (Posted on 7/9/10)