Colonna Capper/Corker

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Caps beer bottles and corks wine bottles in a range of sizes.

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Colonna Capper - Bottle Capper


Caps beer bottles and corks wine bottles. Accommodates 12 or 22 oz crown-cap beer bottles, and includes 26 mm and 29 mm bells; also accommodates 187, 375, 750, and 1500 ml wine bottles.

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Effective and multipurpose, some tricks to learn Review by Mike Robroo
I ordered this so I could reuse Belgian bottles with corks or caps. It came this week with a corner cracked off in two pieces, probably from banging the corner of the package during handling or shipment. Was somewhat disappointed but chose to superglue and tape it back together. I bottled with it last night using the ordinary capper bell, the European capper bell, and the corker. As someone recommended, the BYO article on corking Belgians is a must read to get up to speed on using the corker. Their advice on doing a dry run first should be heeded. The base plate on mine sticks firmly when inserted and is very hard to pull back out. One tip that the article does 't mention - you may find it easier to remove the top part that holds the funnel along with the bottle before you try to pull out the base plate. Calibration of it before corking a wet bottle is a must so you can determine where to set the baseplate and how far to crank the lever to leave 5/8" protruding. I destroyed 2 corks in the calibration process, just glad the bottle was empty. One you get past the learning curve, this works great. The capper does leave a circular Mark on the bottle cap, though. (Posted on 1/9/15)
Great capper, never corked Review by Daniel
I wanted the option to cork even though IDK if i ever plan to do any wine.... That being said, this capper is great! Great adjustable heights for different size bottles, and easy to use...

Side note: Northern brewer is awesome! First capper i received had a chip on the bottom and a crack across the top of the base... I asked to return it for a non damaged capper and they just sent me a new one and allowed me to keep the old one for parts as there are a lot of moving/ replaceable parts on this capper... NB is a stand-up business and I have since given them all of my business.... thanks guys! (Posted on 12/4/13)
Works as described Review by Scott
So, I pretty much got this thing so I could cork my belgian strong ales. It works just fine. I also like this capper because I have found some cool "stubby" bottles that my hand capper won't work on. So, this works great on stubby bottles and belgian corks. (Posted on 12/4/13)
Works Great... Review by Aaron
Used this capper for the first time the other day. I found that it was extremely easy to use and caps the bottles rapidly. The capper made quick work of 10-gallons of home brew.

The only issue I have found so far is that if the handle is not pressed in all the way it can work its way loose. Overall not a big deal at all. (Posted on 11/19/13)
Replaced all cappers/corkers I have Review by Magudas
I purchased this for bottling beglians, and with lilttle practice, got our bottles perfect everytime.

Less time spent corking wine bottles too than my Double Lever wine corker, and for capping with my Red Bottle capper and Black Beauty. Replaced my ancient bench capper from the 1960's too.

It's bigger than you think, but built to be very sturdy.

The only thing I'm not a fan of is the plastic nut that holds the lever/arm on, it has a tendency to come loose and needs to be re-tightened, or it falls off(maybe include 2 of those and a plastic locking washer?). Really not a big deal, just need to tighten it after every 4 or 5 bottles. (Posted on 11/17/13)
good machine Review by Hueichun
that is a good Italic machine. The result of capping and corking is excellent. (Posted on 10/1/13)
Great product Review by James
I bought this a few months back to do Belgians with. After you get your depth figured out and marked it makes bottling a breeze. It also works well for odd shaped bottles that a twin lever capper has trouble taking care of such as Corona or Heineken bottles. My only complaint it that there is a magnet inside the bell with slots that the knurls on caps go into when capping and doesn't crimp them all the way down. To solve this I just press and rotate the bottle three times. I haven't had and issues with leaky caps yet. (Posted on 5/8/13)
Excellent! Review by Chris
Have only used for corks - makes it a snap to bottle! (Posted on 2/15/13)
On great machine! Review by Blake
I just capped 54 bottles of Irish Red Ale last night and it was a breeze. When I first started using it I was pulling the arm down slowly and the cap would get stuck in the capper.
Then I started bringing down the arm smartly with a bit of force and that stopped the stuck caps.
I can't wait to cork with it as well. (Posted on 3/13/12)
Fantastic buy Review by McEpicurean
I bought my Colonna just over a week ago. Last weekend I bottled a batch of Rhubarb wine and this weekend I bottled beer. The corks were a breeze and I didn't mess up a single cap, they all looked like a machine did it. This is one of the best tools I've bought to make things easier!

(Posted on 6/5/11)
Works great, but the instructions are lacking Review by Josh
I bought this because the local homebrew shop no longer let you "borrow" corkers for free. I figured it was time to make the jump and anything which corked and capped in the same sentence, sign me up!

From the factory, I believe it had simply been assembled with little regard to the actual operation of capping something. The manual is two paragraphs, if you don't have a decent idea of what's going on here, the adjustment might escape you. Fortunately its no more complicated than building your mash tun. Here's the secret: Lower the plastic ram to it's fully "down" position, then insert the handle to it's fully "compressed" position (to the right). Now when the cork funnel comes down on the bottle it will fully ram in the cork. How it came from the factory would produce bottles without fully seating the cork. Your experience may vary, but be aware.

Secondly, unlike corkers with longer cork rams, you can't seat the cork in further than the lip of the bottle. This is just a minor annoyance, but if you want to dress the bottles up, be aware of it.

Otherwise it's a fantastic tool! (Posted on 10/4/10)
Wish I'd bought it years ago Review by bakins
It corks, it caps, and it works on European caps! One of my favorite brew gadgets. (Posted on 7/20/10)
Works great Review by Mike
Pretty much the same story as Robert's review. I bottled 5 gallons (24 750ml bottles) of Belgian golden ale today and it went smooth as could be. I didn't find the need to remove the base as recommended in the BYO article. I left the corks a little farther out so I could just work the bottle loose from the corker collar without removing the base. I gave the cork a good push with the palm of my hand to insert another 1/8" or so, but even that probably wasn't necessary. I compared my bottles to a commercial Belgian and the cork looked exactly the same depth. You should definitely get this corker if you want to put beer in Belgian bottles. Well worth the price. (Posted on 4/25/10)
Good corker, not the best capper Review by D
I recently got this to cork and cap beer bottles. The corker works for Belgian style bottles but it is difficult to hold the bottle (full of beer), remove the metal shelf and push the cork through. The capper is pretty bad. It dents each cap and holds onto the caps after raising the capper back up. A wing style capper is easier to use. It is all plastic but seems durable. (Posted on 3/30/10)
Does the job of bottling Belgian-style bottles for low price Review by Robert
I bought this for corking Belgian bottles and it works quite well. I will rate it "4pints" for value. Since there is not currently a product available to the home-brewer market that is actually designed to cork Belgian bottles, those who wish to do so must accept some compromises and fooling around to get it to work. This is the cheapest way to accomplish that, and involves an easy, little "technique" to cork with success. It is half what a champagne corker costs, and my understanding is that even the champagne corker must be modified in order for it to work with Belgians.

I followed this guide exactly:

I practiced with one empty bottle and cork, and a mere few bottles into the "wet-run" I felt complete confidence in using this.

The unit is quite large and made mostly of thick plastic. Feels stronger than the double-handled capper, but I wouldn't characterize it as heavy-duty. It does easily and smoothly drive those fat Belgian corks.

It is a universal capper/corker in that it comes equipped with three separate "bits:" one for normal caps, one for large caps, and a corking cylinder.

I have not yet capped, but do see that to cap a batch of mixed-height bottles would require moving the floor height--not a huge concern.

I feel that the abilities this tool provides are worth cost. I say this even after just one batch of Belgian Tripel: I have my Christmas list taken care of already! It will also be fun to re-use those occasional, funky large cap-able bottles: like the kind La Chouffe ( arrive in.

If I can get close to duplicating the panache of delivery of the Belgian-style ales it is all worth it.
(Posted on 3/17/10)

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