Deluxe All-Grain System - 10 Gallon

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The best way to start brewing all-grain is with our Deluxe All-Grain System. The quality equipment, along with the free instructional DVD, make brewing all-grain a breeze. This ten-gallon all-grain system can accommodate grist for batches of five to ten gallons plus extra infusions of hot water.

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Deluxe All-Grain System - 10 Gallon


The best way to start brewing all-grain is with our Deluxe All-Grain System. The quality equipment, along with the free instructional DVD, make brewing all-grain a breeze.

  • Ten-gallon all-grain system with mash/lauter tun and hot liquor tank.
  • Big enough for batches of five to ten gallons plus extra infusions of hot water.
  • The two insulated Rubbermaid coolers will keep a mash or water at steady temperatures for hours on end.
  • Brass ball valves offer superior flow control, minimizing the risk of clogging and stuck sparges.
  • Our custom-built stainless false bottoms help set up a solid grain bed and high mash yields.
  • The false bottom design may vary from the picture, but the functionality is identical.
  • Includes 3/8" barb fittings, hi-temp vinyl tubing, and a siphon sprayer for dispersing sparge water.
  • All-grain brewing is fun and easy and gives the brewer more control over their beer. If you've got the basics of extract brewing under your belt, you're ready to brew from scratch with our All-Grain System. You will need a wort chiller and a large pot and stove or burner strong enough to boil six to twelve gallons of wort.

    Additional Information

    Support Documents: Advanced Mashing
    Mashing & Sparging
    Valve & Bulkhead Assembly for Coolers

    Customer Reviews

    Nothings perfect, but this sure works Review by Michael
    There are a ton of reviews here that say this system is difficult to assemble, but I feel like that misrepresents the product. THis is far more easy than building one yourself from pieces pulled together at the hardware shop. I have done that, and having moved on from that equipment and on to this, I have found this not only easy to assemble, but a breeze to work on. Brewing All Grain is intimidating to many home brewers, and this is a natural and functional step in the right direction to making better,more controlled beer every time. THanks NB. (Posted on 1/30/14)
    Awesome Review by David
    Works great. Little difficult to put together but that may have been influenced by the homebrews. Doesn't leak with the tape and does what it needs to do. (Posted on 11/21/13)
    Very satisfied Review by Jason
    Great product so far. When assembled properly, they do not leak. Big enough for everything I need it for. The false bottom can move a little bit, but not enough to cause concern. Once my wort started running clear, I had no issues with the false bottom keeping out the grain. Very satisfied so far. (Posted on 11/17/13)
    So far so good Review by Michael
    So far, all I've done is assemble it, but it seems pretty sturdy, and an initial water test showed no leaks. As a previous reviewer said, the size of the threaded nipple is a flaw. It took me a very long time to get the nuts on both ends to screw on; a slightly longer nipple would have been much easier. (Posted on 11/17/13)
    Works great if you read instructions Review by New Brew Dude
    I read the other reviews and wanted to say to the reviewers, did you read the instructions. It was super simple, use the tape to prevent the leaks and brew on! One note that helps the false bottom not to get clogged. You can buy at your local home brew store a filter bag sku for NB 7314 made up on mesh heat rest. fibers that fits over the false bottom to prevent clogs, plus it helps for clarity big time.......... (Posted on 11/14/13)
    Works as promised. Perfect price. Review by IssaquahBrewer
    This system is much cheaper than any cooler system you would find at any local homebrew shop. Great price. Anyone who says that it leaks probably didn't install the valves and bulkheads correctly or they got a bad cooler. The valves didn't leak for me and the coolers hold temperature well. They do lose a little bit of temp over time, but that is what happens when you mash with coolers. Make sure to use the white hose (not the clear hose) to connect the false bottom to the bulkhead. When you first mash in, tighten up the bulkheads again. The heat will allow the bulkheads to be tightened even more than you could earlier. The only complaint I have is that the coolers smell like a swimming pool (chlorine smell maybe?) for the first couple times brewing. (Posted on 11/14/13)
    Great set up Review by Someguy
    great set up for all grain brewing. (Posted on 11/13/13)
    Good beginner setup Review by Gaffer
    +1 to the helpful DVD. Assembly took minutes, no leaks. Start your temperature a little higher because it does lose degrees F while sitting with your mash. If you want something with perfect temp control, you'll need a much more expensive setup.

    I brewed 2 great brews on this so far and plan on using it for years to come. (Posted on 11/8/13)
    The prospect of All grain Scared me Review by Jeremy
    One, the sales person who helped me was very informational and helpful. He assisted me in getting everything I needed and the video that came with it was very helpful. AAA (Posted on 11/7/13)
    Easy to Use, Economical Review by Shane
    Excellent, relatively inexpensive way to get into AG brewing. It is easy to use, the DVD is good, and the setup instructions are great. I've made several AG batches with great success since I bought this system and that is with no AG experience prior.

    The one drawback is using a plastic jug makes multi-step infusion difficult. I'm still trying to figure out the most efficient way to do that. (Posted on 11/5/13)
    Works great. A little on the $$ side Review by jason
    I've have brewed 2 all grain beers with this system in last 2 weeks. Works great. Make sure you follow the instructions on assembly. A little pricey. You could buy all the parts and built your own cheaper. Or you can buy the system and not have to deal with any thing. (Posted on 10/21/13)
    Good Quality Componenets, But A Design/Materials Flaw Review by Robert
    I am very pleased with the quality of this kit. The stainless false bottom is well made and functions excellently, holding back the grain bed and not clogging at all. The Rubbermaid coolers work great, hold temperature very well, and are well suited to all-grain brewing applications. The brass ball valves are high quality and work well. The flaw in my setup was in the bulkhead fitting assembly used to attach the ball valve to the cooler in place of the stock plastic spigot. A piece of 1/2 inch pipe called a "nipple" - threaded on both ends, is included in the kit for each of the two ball valves, and in my kit they were both about 1/2 inch too long to provide a watertight fit of the ball valve to the cooler. Reviewer Mark noticed the same problem in his review, and I believe this is probably what is causing the leaking at the valves noted by reviewer Christopher. It is an easy fix, I drove over to Home Depot and got two shorter 1/2 inch NPT replacement nipples in the plumbing section for less than a dollar each, but I was disapointed that the ones provided in my kit were not suited for the job. I have made NB aware of this problem through a separate communication and I hope their normally excellent customer service acknowledges the issue and seeks to resolve it for future shipments. Other than that - once I purchased the correct replacement parts and assembled the kit I was brewing away and had no problems making a nice all-grain recipe which is now bubbling away in primary. (Posted on 10/7/13)
    Great if it would just stop leaking and hold temperatures! Review by Christopher
    I am disappointed with the Northern Brewer All Grain system for three major reasons.

    (1) They leak like sieves at the ball valves! Every brew session starts with about 15 - 20 minutes testing for leaks and then having to disassemble and reassemble the ball valves (with teflon tape) to get them not to leak. Or at least, to leak at a slow enough rate as to not matter. And even after that, the slightest touch of the valve can send them into a leaking mess. It is completely frustrating. I understand that they are just modified Rubbermaid coolers, but if Northernbrewer is going to sell them for this purpose, they should get the engineering right. I have followed their directions exactly and do not over tighten, but really folks, this is not OK for the money.

    (2) The false bottom does not sit well at the bottom of the cooler and tends to lift up during dough-in. We've had several stuck mashes in a row because too much grist made its way under the false bottom and proceeded to clog up the valve. The solution is to rig it by taking fitting tubing around the edges of the false bottom to force it down. That works, but it inadvertnly puts force on the ball valve causing the leaking problem state above to be even worse. NOTE: I get leaks even without the rubber tubing. It is just worse with the tubing. The best solution I have found is to push down on the false bottom with a paddle while I am doughing in. Fun.

    (3) It does not really hold temperature for "hours" as they advertise. It is better than nothing, but I am finding it loses about a degree F every 15 - 20 min. That is not a huge deal, I just have to add some how water throughout the mash, but when you add the other issues, I just don't see this as a great product.

    I realize these cooler systems are used by a lot of people. Do I just have a "bad" one or are they all like this? (Posted on 10/1/13)
    Works great Review by Dr. Sweeney
    Works as advertised, with the capacity to do high gravity beers. Make sure you place pipe tape on all bulkhead and valve threads. (Posted on 9/25/13)
    Simple System Review by Mbrewer
    This is good system for all grain. I thought the assembly was easy and the process is simple. I would recommend this to anyone moving from extract to all grain. Be ware of your kettle size before upgrading. (Posted on 9/18/13)
    Bit overpriced Review by Jon
    A little over priced. The valves included were not for this type of cooler. Had to wait to swap them out. could have bought the valves and false bottom here and bought the coolers and tubing at lowes or home depot and save a good chunk of cash. it was only a deal because it came with the refractomete i really love. (Posted on 9/10/13)
    All-Grainer: No-Brainer Review by Mark
    Great set up! If you haven't started All Grain Brewing yet, this is a must have. Nice quality product and simple to use. I will agree the DVD that came with it is helpful. It's full of useful tips. I did have one small issue in that the nipples for the ball valve assemblies were too long, but they rectified the problem quickly and with no questions asked. Thank you Northern Brewer! I will be a repeat customer. So, if you're ready to become an All-Grainer, this is a No-Brainer. (Posted on 8/20/13)
    Quality all grain system Review by Karen
    and the included DVD is very helpful as a start up. Have no fear....this makes GREAT beer. (Posted on 7/12/13)
    Very easy to use Review by Lloyd
    I have been brewing one gallon all grain and have been wanting to brew 5 gallons all grain. This setup was easy to assemble, brew and clean. The DVD was very informative. Anybody looking to start at all grain I would recommend this all grain system. (Posted on 5/26/13)
    Easy to use. Review by ZBco
    Easy to use but would suggest prewarming the coolers with warm water before use. otherwise you should slightly overshoot your temps to account for storing them in a cool area.(especially in a workshop in the UP) Other than that pretty straight forward. Step mashing is a little difficult considering you cant place them directly on a burner but is doable. Invest in some good brewing software to calculate temps accurately. Only adds approximately 2 hrs onto your brewsession vs extract brewing which is a good trade off in my book. Excellent for beginning all grain.
    (Posted on 4/3/13)
    Easy, Efficient Welcome to All-Grain Brewing Review by John
    I brewed my first all-grain batch today with this system, using your Cream Ale all-grain kit. The video was easy to follow and the system proved to be as easy to use as the video demonstrated. Mash tun held temp right on 150 degrees for the hour sacch rest, as did the HLT. Sparge and lauter were effortless, and clean up was a snap. I'm very excited to join the ranks of my all-grain brothers and sisters. Thank you, Northern Brewer, for making it so easy. (Posted on 6/2/12)
    Great All Grain Setup Review by East of Elon Brew Co-op
    We've been brewing for 2 years now and this past spring we decided to add all-grain equipment to our club's inventory. This kit was nicely priced and is very simple and easy to use. The Northern Brewer DVD goes through all the steps and makes it very easy to do a proper all-grain process. The kit is well constructed and easy to clean. We've had a few stuck mashes but a quick blow or two back up the hose works 90% of the time to get things freed up. Also, during the initial mash out some grains can become lodged in the valve, simply opening and closing the valve slowly fixes this. Great kit, we've brewed 10 successful batches with it so far and everything is still in mint condition. (Posted on 11/2/11)
    Nice, simple system Review by Murph
    Nice easy system that works great. Holds temps really well for the single infusion mashes that I do. The only concern I have is that the inner liner warps from adding hot strike water in the liquor tank and also in the mash tun. Probably doesn't hurt anything and is mostly cosmetic, but it bugs me, so I gave it a 4 pint rating. Otherwise, it produces noticeably better beers than any extract method, and at a reasonable price. It's a great way to get into all grain brewing without spending a ton on exotic sculpture systems. (Posted on 2/27/11)
    Works well Review by Mike
    I've used these modified coolers for a bit over 30 batches of beer now. They've held up well, with only a bit of scratching at the bottom of the cooler from the metal false bottom and minor warping of the liner. The valves have worked well, with no leaks once installed. My mashing is simple (single temperature, batch sparge) and I've been please with the system and how well it holds temperatures. As Josh mentioned above, the short hose linking the false bottom to the exit valve does move around a bit. However this doesn't seem to have caused any problems and makes disassembly for cleaning easier. (Posted on 1/17/11)
    Extract no more! Review by Rick
    For what this is designed for it works great. Very simple to assemble and use. Holds temps very well. Obviously all grain takes more time but I find using these with all grain simple and more fun than any extract brew session thus far. Great way to make the move to all grain...just go for it! (Posted on 10/27/10)
    excellent Review by josh
    I brewed my first grain batch with this setup, turned out great. Didnt have any problem hitting my temps. Used the batch sparging method and used the 115 IPA kit from NB. No stuck sparge. If I have any improvements: hose clamps on the ends of the high temp tubing connection between the spout and the false bottom. Would reduce slippage. another option would be to provide a kit for a thermometer conversion. Would be nice to read the temps on the outside. (Posted on 5/17/10)
    Works as described but problematic for step mashing Review by Cbath
    Well Basically the cooler all grain system works just fine if you are only going to be doing a 1 temperature rest. Problem is most kits have a mashing schedule that requires a Sacch' Rest say at around 152 degrees for 50 minutes, then a Mashout temp at a higher temperature at around 170 for ten.
    Though it is easy to hit the first temperature by adding a proper measure of preheated water to the grains, It is not practical and in my limited experience with this setup simply not possible to reliably raise the temperature almost 20 degrees by adding any reasonable amount of boiling water. You end up with to much water in the mash tun and you still have not hit your target temperature. Then you have to scoop pot fulls of the mash out and heat it on the stove then recombine it in the mash tun repeatedly until you get the temp up. It is a nightmare and if you want any flexibility with an all grain set up, you need a metal mash tun you can directly apply heat to.
    Sorry guys, seems like a good rig, but its got some serious design flaws.

    (Posted on 4/12/10)

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