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Glass, 10-inch thermometer reads in 1° increments. Not for use in boiling liquids.

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Glass, 10-inch thermometer reads in Celsius and Fahrehneit (-18°-104° C, 1° increments; 0°-220° F, 2° increments). Float it in a mash and leave it to equilibrate for convenient readings. Not recommended for boiling temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

Cheap and INACCURATE Review by Carl
Like others have mentioned, this thermometer is rather easy to break if you drop it a little hard into your BK. But that is fine, you can recover from that. What I cannot accept is the accuracy of this thing. I work for an independent accredited laboratory and brought home a lab grade mercury thermometer. The NB thermometer read 6-8 degrees off from the mercury thermometer which I trust. (Posted on 10/17/12)
try a dairy thermometer Review by Jeff
My first brewing kit years ago -- not from Northern, but from some place on the west coast -- included a floating dairy thermometer. Used it for years until it broke. From the tenor of many of these comments, I think I'd search for another dairy thermometer. (Posted on 7/25/12)
Accurate,cheap, but broken Review by Panz
This thermometer is both cheap and accurate, but naturally it's made of glass and you will break it into your wort in front of all your brewing buddies and hear about it the next several brews. (Posted on 6/5/12)
broke in mash ton Review by bsa
glass and leadshot in my mash, not fun (Posted on 12/4/11)
Temp variation and slow response Review by Inaccurate
Bought two, tried them both the same cooler filled with mash. 5-10 degree F difference between the two after stirring the mash and letting rest for 10-15 min at approximately 150 F (although who knows according to these :P). Also as mentioned in other review, long response time. Going to try a calibrated digital lab thermometer next. Also, it is serious about not recommended for near boiling temps, the hotter it is the more variation I saw between the two. Combined with the breakage issues I would say pass on this... (Posted on 11/30/11)
Glass is asking for trouble Review by Cottonsmiles
So mine broke today in my wort releasing glass shards and iron shot into the bottom of the brew kettle.

I don't know if it was the thermometer or something I did but I have learned my lesson. No more glass thermos for me.

Even though someone suggested keeping the wort as the contents weren't harmful, any chance of glass pieces getting into a pint was enough for me to pour it out. (Posted on 11/20/11)
Slow Review by Patrick2
I purchased this brand of thermometer (not from NorthernBrewer) and so far so good.

The only complaint I have, and it's a big one, is that the thermometer does not read as quickly as I would like. I'd prefer one that could read in 10 seconds or less, and this one doesn't do it when it has to climb considerably.

If this thing breaks, I'd dump the wort. You really want to risk tiny pieces of glass going down your throat? Want cross your fingers and hope that those iron balls won't oxidize and give your beer a ferrous aftertaste? Also, isn't the MERCURY in the thermometer worrying you? (Posted on 11/14/11)
Invest in a good thermometer Review by Patrick
Note to other reviewers who said they dumped their wort after the thermometer broke in it - you didn't need to do that. The balls are not lead, they're iron (test with a magnet). And the glass will settle out in wort cooling, or certainly in fermenter.
See homebrewtalk.com, there's been much discussion of this.
(Posted on 6/28/11)
Lasted several brews, then BROKE Review by Sad Homebrewer
Bought this several months ago, used it for probably half a dozen batches, then yesterday it broke in the middle of steeping some grains, temps didn't rise above 170 during that stage, and all of a sudden it started floating. Didn't notice until I went to take the grain bag out and the thermometer was floating funny. The tip just shattered spilling out some of the little lead balls and some glass, had to dump my wort :(

I thought I must have damaged it during a recent move, but looking at the other reviews this must just be a bad brand. (Posted on 6/28/10)
good for me Review by JayBrinks
Nice accurate thermometer. I use it to measure my grain temp prior to mash, and I use it in the mash. Hard to read in the steam and mash residue...but otherwise a good item for me. I don't feel it is any more fragile than a hydrometer. I broke mine when I dropped it on the garage floor..... It is glass, so I don't heat it then cool it quickly. I learned that about glass in elementary school. : ) (Posted on 4/3/10)