Digital Temperature Controller

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Control the Temperature. Control the Flavor. Just Plug and Play.

Our Digital Temp Controller operates by overriding the internal thermostat in a refrigerator or freezer and gives the brewer greater control over the fermentation. The digital controller has a digital display with adjustable differential. It can be used to heat or cool a fermentation environment - when hooked up to a refrigerator, it turns the compressor on when the ambient temperature rises above your programmed temperature; when hooked up to a heater, it activates when the temperature drops too low. A sensor probe monitors the temperature inside while the readout displays it in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. This is the ideal choice for lager brewers who include a diacetyl rest in their fermentations or for ales like altbier or Kolsch that require fermentation temperatures in the low end of the ale range.

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Digital Temperature Controller


External overriding thermostat with digital display with adjustable differential.


  • Plug 'n play - this controller is pre-wired, so you don't need a degree in electrical engineering to get it up and running.
  • Easy-to-read display - this one speaks for itself, but when we say easy, we mean easy. 
  • Fully detailed manual, excellent service and support
  • Features a wide setpoint temperature range (-30° F to 220° F) and differential adjustment (1° F to 3° F). The temperature sensor is a 1.94 inch thermistor on an 8 foot cable.
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    Customer Reviews

    works great Review by jacob
    Simple easy to use and set works great with fridges and heaters amust have for total ttemperature control (Posted on 11/29/14)
    Perfect for me. Review by Dustin
    I have a small chest freezer and would like to do lagers. I bought this thing a few weeks before I started my first lager. It took me a few minutes to understand the different settings, but it's not too difficult. I plugged in the freezer and set the temp for 60F. Checked the next day, and the temp was right on. I reset it for 35 with the same results. I did this for a few days with excellent results. Now my lager is fermenting, and I'm a happy brewer. (Posted on 4/28/14)
    Works beautifully. Review by Ian
    Was not too difficult to set after reading instructions. Works very nicely set up currently in warming mode running a small heater inside a mini fridge. Keeps temp within 1°F +/-. (Posted on 2/25/14)
    Solidly built Review by Todd
    I was worried at first of how sensitive the case would be but after getting it my worries are gone. Mounts for a DIN rail built in a major plus for those wanting to keep things cleanly organized. Tested it using my hand and a frozen bag of vegetables to see if I had it set right ant it worked perfectly at cutting on my little heat lamp.

    Only down size is to change from heat to cool mode you have to open the case alittle DIY and you can cut a small whole in the case for a switch to open and close the circuit to eliminate the need to open the case to make the swap. (Posted on 2/21/14)
    Really doing the job Review by John
    I have the Digital Temperature Controller heating a fridge in my unheated building to 70 degrees with an enclosed light for a wine ferment and it's 14 degrees outside. I will have to put an additional one on order for the spring when the temperatures start bouncing. Really happy with it so far. (Posted on 1/29/14)
    Good control, good product Review by Murph
    ( +) The controller offers a nice range of ways to fine tune when the unit energizes.

    ( +) Well built.

    ( +) Works for heating or cooling.

    ( +) Long chords and probe (maybe 6' long each) will allow for a convenient location for the unit.

    ( -) Nothing wrong with the unit, but the factory settings as indicated by the guide were not correct.

    ( -) Note that to change the hot or cold setting, or to change the cut in or cut out setting, you need to open the unit (four screws) and move the jumpers to the configuration as indicated in the guide diagram. This is easy to do, but cannot be done by the menu buttons on the outside. I would have liked that feature.

    ( -) Menu is a little cumbersome to work through, but that is a minor complaint.

    Yes, I would recommend this product.
    (Posted on 1/21/14)
    Lots of Functions Review by Paul
    The controller has lots of functions so you can customize how often the controller energizes.

    The probe and chords are long (6' each maybe) so you'll have good range to mount the controller where you'd like.

    One note of caution ... the guide shows the factory defaults for (1) Lock / Unlock controller (2) Heating or Cooling and (3) Cut In or Cut Out. The jumpers inside the box were not set to the factory defaults as indicated so I was frustrated at first because it was not functioning as indicated by the defaults. After changing the jumpers, it worked perfectly for the set up I wanted. Yes, I would recommend this product. (Posted on 1/21/14)
    plug and go Review by jimmac144
    This unit is nice! Was able to read/watch informational video (YouTube) and plug it and left it. Works great. Only thing is that I set it to 42 and days later the display says 32. The diff should only be plus or minus 1. The inside of my chest freezer doesn't feel 32 so I'm assuming I didn't set something correctly. Overall pleased with the controller. (Posted on 1/10/14)
    Brewing Beer year round in Florida now Review by jrmach1
    This is a great product. Very easy to setup and use. Controls temperatures as set on my fridge, so now I can brew beer year round in hot, humid Florida. (Posted on 1/7/14)
    Amazing product Review by Jeff
    I have bought two of them (one for fermentation chamber and other for the kegerator). Both work amazing and it is very simple to use. One feature I would like (especially in Indiana winter) is the ability to heat or cool (it can either do one or the other but a simple dip switch makes it heat or cool). (Posted on 1/4/14)
    Temp control Review by CJ
    Gave this as a gift which was well received. Seems like a serious piece of equipment. Happy with with purchase though I haven't seen it in use. (Posted on 1/4/14)
    Why did I wait Review by Shane
    Very cool, I don't know why I waited so long to get the controller. It works very well to turn a chest freezer into a kegerator. I will plan on getting another one for an lager fermenter soon. (Posted on 1/1/14)
    Great controller Review by Jason
    This is an outstanding controller, one of the best I have used. Lots of adjustment and very accurate. I will be buying more of these as my equipment expands. (Posted on 1/1/14)
    Wonderful product! Review by Eric
    This works wonderfully. I use it to keep my keezer at perfect serving temperature, and it does that with no problems at all. Nice sturdy construction as well (Posted on 12/21/13)
    Great product but probably overkill Review by Hencini
    Johnson makes a rock solid piece of equipment, and this controller is more than adequate for keeping your keezer at the appropriate temp. It is highly adjustable with more features than the average homebrewer will probably ever need to use. The only reason I deducted a star is because programming is just a tiny bit complicated due to all the variables you can tweak and the language and layout of the instruction manual. It would really be helpful if NB packaged additional instructions with tips geared to homebrewers. Great product overall, tho. (Posted on 12/15/13)
    Cold weather, no problem Review by mark
    I have my fermentation taking place in a 54 degree room. My wine must temp is set at 76 and stays within plus or minus 1 degree. How can you ask for better?

    Easy to set up the controller and I plan to use it for temp control on my upright freezer in the Summer for my wort. (Posted on 12/13/13)
    Great product Review by CanMan
    I have two of the controlers and I love them. One for a keezer and one for a fermenter box. (Posted on 12/8/13)
    Excellent Review by Phillip
    This thermostat works great and is easy to use. I had read reviews and learned that the analog thermostats seemed to go bad after a year or two. I'm glad I chose the digital thermometer.

    (Posted on 11/25/13)
    A must for anyone lagering. Review by Andrew
    Multiple uses. Any refrigeration unit can be turned into a prescision lagering cabinet. Also great for making a keezer. Much more accurate than the thermostat in a refrigerator. (Posted on 11/23/13)
    Great Controller Review by Richard
    Have two of these, Hope they never take this off the market... Worth ever penny!!!!! (Posted on 11/23/13)
    Solid Construction Review by Jordan
    This is a properly built temp controller and very simple to use. I recommend spending the extra coin on this. Digital display is easy to read and best of all, the probe is much better than what you are used to if you have an analog controller. Use this for my keezer and will never go without again! (Posted on 11/21/13)
    Essential Item Review by tom sawyer
    I have two of these and they are invaluable for brewing, especially for lagers. They are easy to set up and when you tape the thermocouple to the fermentor you get control based on the fermenting beer. Doesn't get any more exact than that. (Posted on 11/21/13)
    Great controller - I have 2 Review by Barking Dog Beer
    I have 2 - one for keezer and one for fermentation fridge. Both work great. Only negative is that switching from cooling to heating requires a jumper change, which means unscrewing the cover. (Posted on 11/20/13)
    Great controller - I have 2 Review by Barking Dog Beer
    I got 2 of these. One to control a keezer, and one for a fermentation fridge. They work perfectly. Temp adjustment is easy. The only negative is that switching from cooling to heating requires a jumper change, which requires unscrewing the cover. (Posted on 11/20/13)
    Works like its supposed to... Review by MELVIN
    I have two of these now and never had a problem with either. One on my keezer and one on my fermentation fridge. A little pricey, but it works! (Posted on 11/19/13)
    Works Great Review by Brian
    It is very easy to use and set up. In a few minutes from box to ready to use. No problems with this product so far. (Posted on 11/17/13)
    Don't Go Without Review by Grant
    Changed my 7 cu. ft. Freezer into a fermenter with this little bad boy. No more worrying about the temperature during fermentation, just set it and forget it! (Posted on 11/10/13)
    Easy to use and set up Review by Colin
    I was hesitant about this product - would it work - is it worth the money?

    I put this a heating wrap in a 7.0 cubic ft. Freezer attached to the Johnson blue Digital Temp Controller - set to heat (jumper adjustment). I set the temp controller to heat to 69 degrees with a 1 degree difference and it works like a charm. I've two thermometers in the freezer I've been using to check for three days and it is right on the money. The temperature ranges from 68-70 degrees.

    My freezer is located in a drafty garage and this has been an easy way to keep my two 6.5 gallon carboys at 68-70 degrees. With the outside temperature ranging from 50 - 65 degrees…. Happy Yeast = Good Beer.
    (Posted on 11/5/13)
    Brew all year!!!!! Review by Brandon
    I was only able to brew in the winter when my closet was cold enough for fermenting temps. With the digital controller I was able to keep my kegerator at exactly the temp I needed. Now I can brew all year long. Just set it and forget it. No more worries about fluctuating temps. Brew On!!!! (Posted on 10/31/13)
    Awesome Review by Ryan
    I purchased this to complete my freezer conversion to a keezer. It is very customizable--select the target temp as well as the degree range to ensure your beer stays at a consistent temp. I also attached it to the wall so the entire keezer/temp unit looks neat and professional. Very reliable! (Posted on 10/28/13)
    Makes Better Beer Review by Hugh
    I noticed an immediate and substantial improvement in my beers going from ambient fermentation to using this controller with a dedicated refrigerator. I wouldn't brew any other way. (Posted on 10/27/13)
    Works as I had hoped Review by Mark
    I purchased one unit for my keezer and after stabilizing it has performed perfectly so I ordered another to control a fridge I use for incubating beer. The controller is spot on which has made temperature variation a thing of the past. (Posted on 10/17/13)
    worked well Review by Daniel
    used this in conjunction with the carboy warmer, kept my brew at a fairly consistent temperature. a bit tricky to configure (ships with a cold setting) but nothing too terrible that couldn't be figured out. thumbs up! (Posted on 10/15/13)
    Works great! Review by Jon
    Easy install/setup. Temp probe is consistent and accurate. (Posted on 10/13/13)
    Have two - both work great Review by Matthew
    I have connected to my "homemade" kegerator and another connected to my chest freezer for fermentation. It takes a bit of fiddling with it to get it just right, but works very well. (Posted on 10/13/13)
    Needed tweaking, but works well. Review by Bob
    Fairly easy to learn, but had to adjust a few of the settings so that the "temp range" was a bit smaller. My only issue was that my target temp was set at 70, but it took a while for the temp to register, which meant that the temp went lower than I wanted it to. Wish the sensor was a bit more sensitive, but after a few tweaks, things seem to be working fine. Even with the small issues I had, this is clearly the way to go. The digital readout really makes things easier. (Posted on 10/10/13)
    Excellent product Review by Leon
    Prior to using this device, I had to guess as to where I would place my carboy for optimum fermentation. There's no more guessing using this device placed inside my chest freezer.

    Regret that I didn't purchase this from the start. (Posted on 10/10/13)
    Worth the money Review by Joey
    I almost decided to make my own DIY temperature override control for a fridge. Several websites give instructions on how to do this, but the cost of the parts is at least $50. In the end, I decided to save hours of my time and spend the extra few bucks to buy this temperature controller. I plug an old $40 used fridge into this controller and can keep the temperature of the beer within a few degrees F at all times. It's starting to get colder here and I'll be plugging the electric fermentation heater than NB also sells into the controller, leaving the whole setup in the fridge for insulation. I've had beers spoil due to sub-optimal temperature conditions in the past, so it's definitely worth it to shell out ~$150 for a fridge, controller, and heater right from the start. (Posted on 10/3/13)
    Try it, you'll like it Review by Tom
    Hooked this up to a small chest freezer just big enough to hold my six gallon carboy. Set it to the preferred temperature of the yeast I was using and it maintained the freezer at 67 degrees during the hot summer. The control is very customizable. I set it for 68 degrees with a two degree differential. I also set it to prevent restarting the freezer within five minutes, as recommended by the freezer manufacturer (the freezer holds the temp well, so this doesn't happen anyway). I can't wait to try it for lagering. (Posted on 9/23/13)
    Perfect Review by Adam
    works exactly as I had hoped / expected... the perfect addition to a keezer! (Posted on 9/23/13)
    Works Great Review by Zachary
    Amazing product, almost forgot I had it on my keezer. I set it than forgot about it and havn't need to check on it since! If you need a temperature controller, this is a must buy. (Posted on 9/21/13)
    Just what I needed Review by James
    This is really a great easy to use controller that gives you everything you need to control temps in a fridge or freezer. I'm using it in a mini fridge to ferment and it's perfect! (Posted on 9/16/13)
    Couldn't be happier Review by Jon
    works great easy to used installs in minutes, lagering here i come (Posted on 9/10/13)
    Great product! Review by Nick
    I bought this just before making my first batch of beer to help combat the warm summer temperatures. This gizmo works great and was really easy to set up. I highly recommend this product to help with stable fermentation temperatures. (Posted on 9/4/13)
    perfect! Review by Corey
    I just bought my second temp controller, this thing works like a dream! Well worth the money to ensure a perfect fermentation temperature. (Posted on 9/1/13)
    Easy to Install/Works Great Review by Kate
    Upon recommendations from a friend, I purchased this easy to set up temperature regular on my chest freezer to be used a fermentation chamber (mostly for lagers and alts/kolsch beers but also to be summer heat waves for my ales). Very easy to install and use - recommended!! (Posted on 8/26/13)
    Simplicity Review by Christopher
    Controlling your fermentation temperature doesn't get much simpler. (Posted on 8/25/13)
    Buy this Review by Michael
    I Use it for fermenting and cold crashing in conjunction with my chest freezer. Works wonderfully, always staying within 1 degree of target temp. Fermentation is way too important to half ass. (Posted on 8/22/13)
    Plug and Play Review by Mark
    The Digital Temperature Controller is a tool that is indispensable if you are planning on Lagering or doing a multi-temp fermentation in a fridge or a chest freezer. It has variable adjustments or you can go with the factory settings and basically plug and play (set your temperature and go). I plan on buying at least one more of these to build a keezer as well. (Posted on 8/20/13)
    Works Great Review by Matthew
    If you need a temperature controller for a fermentation chamber of kegerator this is the solution. I am using it for my chest freezer fermentation chamber and it works perfectly. (Posted on 8/20/13)
    Amazing Product! Review by Brandon
    Definitely works like a charm. Having it come pre-wired cuts out a huge hassle right off the bat. I have a temperature wheel in my fridge to watch the temp and it is solid all the way around. (Posted on 8/18/13)
    Nice Review by Adam
    Open and use. Very easy. Wish it did more for the money. (Posted on 8/14/13)
    Works great. Review by Ben
    It works great so far. It has a nice set of variables you can control to tweek your system perfectly. It also has good wiring support. (Posted on 8/11/13)
    buy it Review by jason
    I have 2 other analog ones, and when my last freezer went, I splurged. Easy to use, very accurate and I could swear my freezer gets colder than it did with the analog ones. (Posted on 8/11/13)
    works great!! Review by Douglas
    It dosn't get any easier than way to make sure your temp. is correct. (Posted on 8/6/13)
    Great product! Review by David
    This thing works perfectly. It was very easy to use right out of the box. I defintely would recommend this to anyone. (Posted on 8/4/13)
    great product Review by Bryan
    Works exactly as described......very glad I got the digital version....highly recommended (Posted on 7/24/13)
    Easy to use Review by Ryan
    I use this in combination with a floor type chest freezer to cool. Using it currently to dial in at 66F for fermenting an American IPA and will use it in the future to lager and maintain temp for serving kegged beer! (Posted on 7/23/13)
    Great product Review by Ethan
    This is a cheap and simple way to regulate temperature. Highly recommend. (Posted on 7/16/13)
    Great Product Review by Chris
    This product was very easy to setup. I was worried about wiring or hassling with hard to use settings, but this was so easy to hook up to my old freezer. My first batch of beer through this system was noticeably better. Would definitely recommend this if you are concerned about your beer getting too hot. (Posted on 7/15/13)
    This is a good product; it works well. Review by Mule
    This is a good product. I bought it hastily on sale, but it works well. I use it to control an upright refrgerator with a fermenter inside.

    It can control cooling or it can control heating. It cannot control both without fooling with it between. (Posted on 7/13/13)
    Great product for storing kegs Review by Jesse
    Just moved and needed a place to store kegs and extra fridge space. So I bought a chest freezer and this product. This product works great. Easy to install and operate! (Posted on 7/12/13)
    Well made and works well. Review by Dennis
    Instructions could be mre clear. (Posted on 7/12/13)
    Very well made and works perfectly. Review by Dennis
    Instructions could be more clear. (Posted on 7/12/13)
    Heats and cools (just not simultaneously) Review by Jimbob PE
    The product description for this controller is accurate, don't get me wrong. Heat and Cool control---but NOT both simultaneously:( This is a single stage temperature controller ONLY.

    Additionally, the process of removing the 4 front control panel screws for switching between heating/cooling mode (in order to short internal electrical contacts) is a clear product shortcoming not to mention a pure nuisance and far less than genius!

    The 2 star rating is intended for both the lack of products offered in the temperature control category for a home brewing application and lack of common sense on the interface on behalf of the manufacturer to switch between heat and cooling modes.

    Cool if this product works for you. Cheers!

    (Posted on 5/27/13)
    This thing is awesome. Review by Gary
    I've only had this for a few weeks now, but it's working really well. The installation couldn't be easier and it's incredibly easy to operate. (Posted on 3/21/13)
    Dual purpose unit - Heating/Cooling Review by BH
    Bought this unit initially to control NB's Electric Fermentation Heater (SKU: 40535) -- a must have with the heater.

    After reading the manual (written for engineers, btw), it's obvious that the controller can be used in conjunction with a lagering fridge/freezer as well.

    That's one of the next additions to our setup, so the slightly steep price seems appropriate given it can be used for a variety of brewing task.

    Well constructed, professional quality unit! (Posted on 12/13/12)
    easily convertible to 220V Review by Bob
    Though the instructions that come with the unit don't say, you can actually find the instruction with a search. You just take the wires on the right side of TB1 and move them to the left side.... the middle being AC common; works great. (Posted on 12/11/12)
    Works great! Review by Guy
    I have worked in the service industry for awhile and I have always trusted Johnson controls, this controller works as well as any other JC I have ever used. I have had the best success using the cut-out setting. Probe placement is key to getting good readings, my current lager is fermenting at 54 degrees. I waited to start lagering until I had everything just right, this control was the final piece; a new world of brew awaits! (Posted on 11/3/12)
    Works flawlessly Review by Andrew
    Holds it's range with accuracy and consistency.

    Very easy to set up. (Posted on 10/16/12)
    Two Thumbs Up! Review by XPLSV
    I bought this to use for lagering in my 7 cu ft freezer. Unlike many sellers, Northern Brewer sells this unit with the plug prewired, which allows for instant use upon arrival. The interface makes for easy temperature setting and I can easily adjust my lagering process from the fermentation temps and down through the temp drops to my final lagering temp. I also use it to fine tune my fermentation temps on my ales. I will soon buy a second unit to use with a second fermentation freezer. (Posted on 9/14/12)
    Simple and effective Review by Joshua
    I spent my first year of homebrewing putting my carboy's in a closet and hoping they stayed withing temperature range. A few degree shift from morning to night was not a huge concern for me at the time. As I learn more and strive for reproducible results for standard brews temperature control has made incredible results in my brew. The temp controller made my life easy. Simple to install and use. Easy to adjust. Well worth the investment. (Posted on 7/5/12)
    Brew system revolves around this. Review by Doug
    Compared to all other brew system investments this digital temp controller has become the center-piece of the whole 4 to 6 week process. Everything else can be executed perfectly, but temp control for weeks on end will help protect your results of time and money spent...not to mention better control of flavors. My first controller (and not my last) has been working flawlessly for 6 months and it is easy to use. (Posted on 5/11/12)
    Good product Review by brandon
    This is great and easy t figure out, i thought you could actually make a freezer heat, but i don't think you can. I just put a small heater in the freezer, took the cover off the unit and moved the jumpers to jump and works great. changed and took the jumpers off for some lagers and still works great. that was with the freezer hooked up on cooling mode. THIS IS A MUST HAVE if your interested in making consistent brews. (Posted on 3/12/12)
    Excellent Product Review by strizzlenuri
    Awesome! Well worth the $80 if you are a home brewer. There are many settings which are explained in the directions.

    I used this product with a mini fridge that I "modified" to be able to fit a 5 gallon carboy with an airlock into.

    No wire splicing. Just plug the Johnson Control unit wire into a 110 outlet and your fridge into the control unit... good to go. Set it and forget it... for about a month to 6. Worked perfectly for my Oktoberfest Lager. (Posted on 2/21/12)
    trouble free set-up Review by
    I'm using it in a chest freezer to provide me a place to cure pork and brew lagers. It is trouble free to set up as long as you have a good way of getting the thermistor inside the freezer. (Posted on 11/27/11)
    Great Control Review by Ryan
    Very easy to use, all the above reviews are spot on. I am continually impressed with how little stress this places on the freezer it's controlling. The unit cycles on once every 20 min or so to maintain temps within a +/- 1 deg variance. Great product. (Posted on 10/26/11)
    Couldn't be better Review by RJohnson
    I've used this for two years, not just for brewing but also for a concessions business. As the description notes, there's a digital display of my unit's internal temperature, which is handy. It even remembers its previous setting when left unplugged for months. After a time, I drilled the freezer wall and inserted the probe through it rather than closing it in the door. A little plumbers' putty and it's all good. (Posted on 10/20/11)
    Hot in Florida Review by John
    Works great. South Florida is always warm and I have my freezer outside beside the bar. When the air temp is in the 90's it keeps my fermentarium at 65. You can't go wrong if you are having a problem controlling the brewing temp. (Posted on 8/28/11)
    Easy to use and a must have. Review by Jerry
    Just finished a doppelbock and a Munich dark lager in my chest freezer. This controller never missed a beat and was very simple to set up and use. I had an ale fermenting on a counter in my basement and the daytime temps were a degree or two higher then I wanted. I brewed a few more ales and put all three carboys in the chest freeser and now my temps are perfect. Save yourself a lot of hassle and buy one of these. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 8/28/11)
    Excellent Investment Review by MJG
    Fantastic addition to my brewing equipment. Easy to operate, anyone can follow the directions and set this up. Good control over the temperature has turned my spare fridge into the perfect lagering control center! I can't wait for my Oktoberfest this fall (Posted on 7/3/11)
    Okay I bought two more over the winter. Review by Matthew
    I bought two more of these and attached heating lamps. Now I have 4, two for cooling and two for warming. I use them with my two fermentation refrigerators.

    We had a colder than normal winter in Texas. Two more controllers worked great for when my unheated brew room was dropping below optimal fermentation temperatures. I have gotten all of them dialed in so I am always within plus or minus 2 degrees of my target temperature.

    Summer is here so now my other two used for cooling are kicking in.
    (Posted on 6/2/11)
    Excellent product Review by Bryn
    Does exactly what it says it will. Very easy set up. Changing from cold (default config) to heat is a matter of changing a pin configuration. Its a no brainer purchase that will allow me to be able to brew all year. (Posted on 5/16/11)
    Bought 2 and couldn't be happier! Review by John C.
    Incredible piece of equipment! Really does work wonders for fermentation temps. Comes pre-wired for cool setting, but with in 5 minutes and little tech knowledge you can have it running in hot mode. (Posted on 3/1/11)
    Great Product!!! Review by c-brew
    cant really say enough about this product. i use it in the summer to control the temp of a fridge and in the winter with a heat blanket. easy to use just plug in. if you want to precisely control your temp then i highly recommend purchasing this. cheers. (Posted on 2/27/11)
    Easy to use, works great! Review by Aaron
    This controller is great. I actually have two of these (one for each fermentarium (fridge)). My only complaint is that to switch between heating/cooling mode, you actually have to open up the unit and change some shorting pins. Not too difficult, but cumbersome. (Posted on 1/26/11)
    A must for a proper fermentation Review by blackoutdodge
    I received my A419 3 days after I submitted my order with NB. Item arrived double boxed and very secure. The setup of the unit requires moderate attention. Be sure you understand how to use the jumpers. I have the A419 controlling a 10 cu. ft. freezer chest and it has been holding 53* +/- 1* for almost a week now. I will be brewing a traditional bock (for Bockfest '11 in Cincinnati) tomorrow. I highly recommend spending a few extra bucks for a digital temp controller as it take all of the work out of regulating the temperature of your fermentation. Thanks JC and NB! (Posted on 1/17/11)
    Set it and forget it. Review by Matthew
    I have two I use for two Sanyo Fridges for fermentation in an un-airconditioned room. Ales and lagers both are no worry or hassle to keep dialed in at the right temprature in Texas summers.

    Most beneficial for Ales since most ales ferment at a higher temp than than the fridges I have will maintain. Just adjust the set point to 68 keep the fridge's control on MAX. Not so much an issue in the winter, but a beer saver in the summer! (Posted on 1/10/11)
    Ive gotta eat. Review by Michael
    It does its job. Sure it does. It does a great job

    But I understand this type of equipment.

    $80 is steep. Thats all Im saying. (Posted on 1/6/11)
    slicker than snot Review by tom sawyer
    After three years of fighting to keep my temps down with swamp coolers, my lagers are finally coming out good. (Posted on 1/5/11)
    One of the best pieces of equipment I invested in for homebrewing Review by Mhawkins
    Having this digital controller which is super easy to program and adjust temps if needed, is one trully one of the best investments I have made since becoming a home brewer almost a year ago. I live in AZ and for home brewers without a product like this controller, the summer time heat stops your brewing completely.....Sure their are tricks like an ice bath in a spear bathroom but nothing beats a controlled cool box to where all you have to do is brew it, frement it (leave it), and then drink it! (Of course drink it after either bottling it or kegging it)

    So all an all the investment into this digital controller is well worth the price tag. (Posted on 10/23/10)
    Best temp. controller out there. Very user friendly. Review by T.J.
    This controller is very user friendly and very accurate. I have been using it on my fridge for lagers for some time now. Much more accurate than a dial controller and has other perameters to dial in exactly what you want it to do. It can also been configured to use on a HERMS or RIMS system as well. For the money you cant go wrong. Thanks NB. (Posted on 9/9/10)
    Works well-- worth the price Review by Jeff
    Northern Brewer takes care of all of the wiring. The manual can be downloaded on-line. It is pretty much plug and play. I am using it on my kegerator now, but will definitely use it for controlling fermentation temps as well. I disconnected the probe wires, ran them through the drain hole on the fridge, wired it back together and put the probe in a container of freezer pack gel. Great product. (Posted on 7/8/10)
    Spot on, Effortless, Accurate, Tingly feeling in tummy! Review by Brewman1957
    This thermostat is by far the most accurate device I have used in a long time. The device can be set to +/- 1 degree. I set mine to +/- 3 degrees to avoid constant turn around on my freezer. NB has also done the wiring job for you, as these come from JC without any cords attached. While it is very simple to wire one up yourself, a novice may get a little nervous about poking around in 120v. Besides, the additional cost of buying wires and connectors is a bit of a pain, unless you happen to be an electrician or EE.

    The addition of a controller and a cheap fridge or freezer really can make or break your brewing. So, spend a little more for the digital version and have one less thing to worry about.

    I really prefer this device over the analog, although the analog device works well and is almost as accurate. I just like having a little more control over the top and bottom ends of the temp scale.

    5 stars to NB and JC for a great controller.
    (Posted on 6/29/10)
    Great product! Review by Pat
    A little tricky adjusting the set point and having it that actual temp in the fridge, but that's easy enough to figure out. Great product, definitely recommend it for lagers or even ales when the temp in your house is too high. I live in Phoenix, so it was a must!!!! (Posted on 6/29/10)
    Great product Review by Suthrncomfrt1884
    I have two of these. One for each kegerator. I use the store bought kegerator for a fermentation chamber for the most part, so this thing works great. The store bought one came with a thermostat, but it wasn't very accurate and would fluxuate a lot. This thing holds my temp within a degree or two. (Posted on 6/15/10)

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