Large Dial Thermometer

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Dial thermometer with 2" face, reads in 5° increments.

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Large, easy-to-read with a 2-inch face, 9-inch probe. Metal clip attaches to the lip of a kettle or mash tun for constant readings. Reads in Celsius and Fahrenheit(0°-220° F, 5° increments; -15°-110° C, 5° increments).

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Customer Reviews

very inconsistent Review by Mick
Wish I had not bothered with this thermometer. I had two side by side batches boilling and it gave different temps for each batch. (Posted on 7/30/12)
Beware, wildly inaccurate! Review by Steve
Shame on me for not checking the calibration I guess. This thermometer is terrible, I can't recommend it for anything other than a paperweight.

I made one batch of beer and found that a lot of tannins had got into the beer. It was only after the second batch with tannins and checking with a second (calibrated) thermometer that I found it's off by almost 30 degrees in the mid range, and off by 12 degrees in the upper range. I was steeping my specialty grains in water up to 190 degrees. (Posted on 7/12/12)
Unfortunately it is not accurate Review by Dave
The design of this thermometer leads you to think it will be useful. But it is only useful if you don't actually use it to determine something's temperature. It varies as much as 20 deg. from the actual temperature and is not consistent enough to compensate by calibrating. (Posted on 5/17/12)
Off Review by CelticBrewer
It reads fine at boiling, but anything below that, it reads 10 degrees higher than the liquid (Posted on 5/16/12)
doesn't hold calibration Review by David
The first unit was way out of calibration right out of the packaging. NB sent me another which lasted one brew session before loosening up and losing cal. Don't' bother with this. Just buy a cheap digital one from your local department store. (Posted on 3/17/12)
don't waste your money Review by hebrews
Didn't even use it before noticing the dial and the scale turn independently of each other. Hmm well that was worthless. Anyway on with the brew. Calibrated to pocket therm, which is great, and used it in 150 - 180 range for all grain. At least I can use the clamp it came with for pocket therm. That is, after I polish the rust off the clamp. Total package is junk, they should discontinue this thing. (Posted on 2/8/12)
Accurate enough, but got moisturized. Review by Sean
Seems accurate enough compared to my lab thermometer (came with starter kit) but there is a ton of moisture in the dial that can make it hard to read. (Posted on 5/28/11)
An unfortunate choice Review by Brimstone Brewer
I take part of the blame for not checking this thermometer before using it. But seriously, who would have expected it to be 30 degrees off out of the box. I may have ruined what could have been a lovely Pilsner relying on this. When I realized it had to be significantly off and started to calibrate it, I discovered the head rotated almost at a touich on the stem. Subsequent efforts to calibrate it revealed that it would only be true within a narrow tempareature range. Even so, the nut could not be set so that you could rely on iteven on that limited basis.

As a a brew thermometer it makes a so-so paper spindle. (Sorry.... that was an attempt at wry humor.) The manufacturer needs to solve their quality control issues. This is not new technology and they can apparently get it right part of the time. I wish I had gotten a good one.

I still hope I will. This is not all bad. I actually liked this thing.... except for that pesky accuiracy issue.

I would try this again. It is a good sizem, easy to read, and a very responsive fast reader of temperatures. The range is just right for our use. It is water-tight. If the acuuracy were there, this would be a great value.
(Posted on 5/20/11)
Look elsewhere Review by
After the second use the head of the thermometer loosened to the point it spins around and around and you can't get a reading at all. very cheaply made thermometer but it is hard to find another good thermometer with such a long probe. anyway, stay clear of this one. (Posted on 2/26/11)
Okay...but Review by Duxx
Not the most accurate thermometer. When I received this thermometer I calibrated in an ice water bath. It was reading about 10 degrees too low. I reset the thermometer. Then I checked it against my reference thermometer at 150 degree water (Mash temp) and it was off by about 8 degrees! I reset the calibration to match this temperature range, since that is what I will be using it for.

Bottom line...make sure to calibrate this for the temps you will be using but I do not feel that based on my experience that this thermometer is sufficiently accurate over the complete range of freezing to boiling but probably OK for limited range measurements. (Posted on 2/9/11)
Soild Review by Benjamin
Used one of these for 50+ batches. Worked well! Have two, the older one is a few degrees off now, but its pretty old now. (Posted on 1/30/11)
It Kept Working Almost Halfway Through The First Batch But Now Thinks I Live On the Surface of the Sun Review by nominal
Mine survived up to about 1/3 of the way into a batch. Started out fine at room temperature, climbed nice and slow while steeping grains but then continued climbing after I pulled it out of the pot for a few minutes. It spend the rest of the batch completely topped out past 220 degrees despite being in boiling water. It's right in front of me now and currently says that the room I'm typing this in is 110 degrees.

However, to this thermometer's credit, it did not explode like the Death Star once it decided to stop working, so I guess it could have been worse - particularly once you consider the fact that "miljoko" is Danish for "I will stop working before you even use me on your first batch, then shortly after that I will probably go ahead and remove your eyes with a snow show shovel and then subsequently explode like the Death Star, taking fully half of your planet with me which really may not sound all that bad at first but don't forget that it will probably be YOUR half."

Yeah, those Danes are weird. (Posted on 11/20/10)
very inacurate Review by gophers
I used it for steeping. The dail said 140 and the water was boiling. (Posted on 9/26/10)
Could be sturdier, best for deep kettles Review by Swanny
This thermometer worked great during my extract boil. I tried it later on a small pot when heating some milk for another project. The probe is nice and long, but makes it awkward on smaller pots. Think of

I ended the life of my thermometer by dropping it on my carpeted kitchen floor. The dial broke away from the probe, rending it useless. I was surprised at how easily it broke, but I suppose it is a delicate instrument. (Posted on 4/17/10)