Low Profile Banjo Burner (burner and stand)

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Our most popular burner can boil ten gallons of water (at 100 F) in 45 minutes.

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Our most popular burner. This low-profile propane stove stands 12" tall, with a diameter of roughly 16". In our 60-quart MegaPot, this burner was able to boil ten gallons of water (at 100 F) in 45 minutes - using only two pounds of propane. A great balance between BTU power and fuel-efficiency. Don't expect the paint to last! You will burn off much of the paint job the first time you use it - so make sure you're in a ventilated area. This burner runs at 210,000 BTUs and comes with a 30 Lb. regulator hose. This runs on propane only, and cannot be converted to natural gas.

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Customer Reviews

Great Burner Review by Kyle
I have used this burner for about 10 brews, and have used maybe two tankfuls of propane. Have never had a problem with the wind blowing out the flame as some have mentioned. I place the burner right in the front of my garage, and it works great everytime. Easy to adjust the flame after adding a lot of LME to get the boil rolling again. Very happy with this (Posted on 11/19/13)
Good idea and concept when used with the right equipment Review by ryan
* Not made to work with a converted keg, use a brew kettle wider than the stand for better results

* wind sucks no matter what burner you use but this one definitely is the worse, i've been struggling al day to keep a steady boil "wind about 9mph swirling every which way. I will be making some sort of enclosure.

* you do not need to have it as high as it can go, messing around with the air settings and the right amount of gas will work fine. no freezing and definitely not burning up as much propane.

I still have not found a good setting for the propane / air ratio. if anyone figures this out please let me know.

Overall- good idea and concept when used with the right equipment, but a little more R&D could have gone into this, "aka the enclosure"

(Posted on 5/25/13)
Does the job at a cost Review by Timothy
Have been using this burner since 2008. It's about as fuel efficient as my Suburban, and it freezes 20lbs tanks. With no wind, heats like a banshee. Throw in a tiny breeze and it'll blow the flame out. I also have had huge problems with the regulator that it came with. After 5 years I pretty much have it dialed in as good as it'll get. It goes through 3/4 of a 20 lbs tank if I do 90 minute. It can be modified to make it more efficient. If I had to do it all over again, I would have spend the extra $50 and go the Blichman burner. Would have made that $50 up within the first couple of batches in saved propane costs had I gotten the Blichman. (Posted on 5/4/13)
very good Review by RICHARD
very good product (Posted on 3/29/13)
Works Well Review by Jeff
Easy to assemble and works like a charm. Havent had any problems. very easy on the gas consumption and adjusting the flame is easy. Saw alot of reviews about wind being a problem and I have it in a fairly protected spot from the wind so havent had any problems. (Posted on 1/21/13)
Good performer, not for keg conversions Review by Blake
This is an awesome burner I have used since 2008 for many beers, but a word of warning: if you intend to use a keg conversion on the burner, you must buy the burner with the larger footprint. I lost a 30lb mash on my second one of these because the burner base is almost exactly the same size as the bottom of the keg. The slippery paint (first firing) and the rounded edges of the burner stand contributed to the failure. I am rating it four stars because the hole for the orifice was drilled crooked and way off center (the air damper almost did not fit). (Posted on 10/14/12)
So far, not impressed Review by madzilla
I received my burner last week and just now was able to assemble it.
The air control shutter would not fit in place due to a misshaped mold
and lots of burrs. I had to knock it down with a grinder in order for
it to fit. The build quality leaves loads to be desired. Nothing that
can't be fixed with a little DIY but for dropping almost $100 I'd
expect more. Now that I resolved the issues everything is working
great. I can bring 6.5 gallons to boil in well under 30 minutes! (Posted on 7/31/12)
Banjo Burner Puts Out the BTUs! Review by Tom
I started full volume boils and purchased a new 10G Megapot and needed a new heat source. I looked at this vs the Blickmann and they use the same burner element! The 10 Gal pot fits perfectly on the stand, it has a large bottom surface and thick heat shield on the bottom to distribute the heat.

This heat 4 gallons to 170 in 20 minutes and comes to a full boil in just 10 more minutes. I am careful to keep the flame just high enopug to maintain the boils and expect to get at least 12 batches out of a single tank. (Posted on 7/10/12)
Great burner, it puts out some heat though, so be ready! Review by Gus
I recently bought this burner with a NB gift certificate, brewed my first batch with it, and here are some comments below. Overall, this burner is efficient and cranks out some heat. I'm looking forward to brewing again with it.

* Good temperature control, although the first time it takes a while to get a good feel for how to dial this in accurately. If I had to do it again, I would have experimented with a big pot of water the first time, vs an actual batch of boiling wort, to get the hang of using this burner for the first time.
* Very efficient burner, brought a 3 1/2 gallon extract batch to a boil in a very short time
* Even flame coverage on the bottom of the burner minimizes potential for scorch spots
* This burner really needs at a minimum, an 8 gallon brew pot as a minimum size. I learned that mine was too small, with the flames' heat extending up and onto the sides of the pot
* I had my first boilover ever with this burner, I think due mainly to my pot being too small (4 gallons), this burner cranking out SO much heat, and also getting used to the temperature control
* ALSO, this is a low profile burner, low to the ground. Keep that in mind. If you're using an 8-gallon brewpot, not as big a deal, but it is lower than other burners out there. (Posted on 4/20/12)
Best of all Review by kenneth e
Best burner by far of any I have ever seen. (Posted on 10/27/11)
Decent burner becomes very good with mods Review by Daddo
I was burning through gas at a ridiculous rate for my first few batches. I found out a few things:

1) The flame really is too far from the bottom of the brew pot. My next project is to redrill the mountings to raise the burner.

2) There is almost NO wind protection. First two boils had me relighting the flame every 10 minutes, and that was in light-to-moderate breezes. I have since taken an old folding table and set it on it's side semi-folded a couple feet from the burner. Works marvelously. My time-to-boil, rolling boil consistency, and overall gas usage have decreased dramatically.

3) You really have to futz with the air shutter to find the right setting. Get this wrong and you'll blow through gas with not much results. Nice thing is once you get it set friction holds it pretty securely and you should not have to reset.

On the plus side it is amazingly quiet and very sturdy. With an 8 gallon original volume set on it in my 40qt kettle there is no hint of movement or flex. Now that I have the flame and wind protection almost dialed in I'm getting 6-7 full 60 minute boils (plus sparge-to-boil) from a tank of LP.

I am sad it cannot be converted to natural gas as the previous owners of my house had a spare line run to right where I brew; that's where Blichmann definitely has an advantage. (Posted on 8/22/11)
Well made, does the job, and does it well. Review by Nicholas
I've been using my burner for almost 3 years now and it still kicks up a ton of heat. I haven't noticed any real wear on any of the parts and it has gone through quite a number of batches.

Like some other posters have said, you will burn some of the paint off on your first use, but don't let that bug you, you really don't need that paint anyway. If you really do wanna keep it nice and painted I would suggest going and picking up some engine enamel paint, that stuff should stay on no matter how hot it gets.

Great burner! I highly recommend it! (Posted on 8/15/11)
no wind = good... wind = bad Review by andrew
My first time using this burner was bad... and then good. I used it outside as recommended, but the flame would go out with any gust of wind. Which is pretty lame. So I re-set everything in my back yard. Still a little wind, but at least the flame didn't go out. When its calm, this thing heats quick... which is awesome. With a little bit of wind, the flames go everywhere. Why is there such a gap between the flames and bottom of the kettle? I will be adding some kind of wind barrier and hopefully will be able to shorten the difference between the flame and kettle. (Posted on 8/8/11)
very slow to boil Review by shane
The flame on this burner is too low. The amount of area between the fire and the bottom of the keggle is just too great. After several times of using this thing and just being frustrated at how long it took to boil anything, I removed the burner from the stand, drilled new mounting holes and was able to raise the burner within the stand just about 3/4s of an inch. Not much at all, but it did greatly improve the performance. Don't get this burner. (Posted on 7/24/11)
Ok but not impressed Review by Nick D
I had a partner in brewing for several years who recently had to move. We had to divide up the brew gear and he got the Cajun cooker. I bought this to replace it and it burns through the LP like none other and is worthless if there is any sort of breeze. If the conditions are perfect it does bring a fast and vigorous boil and i like it alot, but that is not always the case. I want my Cajun back. It might work better with a brew pot instead of a converted Keg but for the money it should work and yeah you might want to add some steel to the stand to use a keggle. (Posted on 6/23/11)
Outstanding Burner Review by Chris
I just upgraded from a 55k BTU burner to the Banjo Burner and it was so much more efficient than my other burner. It brought the water up to 155 deg F in no time and then on up to a full boil on 6.5 Gallons on a Rye Pale Ale. Once I switched to doing full boils on my extract kits I need to switch to a more powerful burner. I couldn't find it locally and Northern Brewer had the best price from the online shops I checked. (Posted on 4/24/11)
Perfect -1 thing Review by HammsonTap
Love this burner for its power for a speedy boil and its control for a mash. The only thing people should be aware of is the legs/kettle base is just barely big enough to put a converted keg on it. I welded on some rebar so I felt a little more comfortable with 10gl of boiling water on it!! (Posted on 4/5/11)
Good burner, propane tank freezes Review by Frosty
I use this for 5 gallon all grain batches. My propane tank tends to "freeze up" about half way through the boil. I am going to get an extra propane tank for my next brew and try switching it out half way through. Other than that it works great! (Posted on 2/12/11)
Can be converted to NG for $8 if you don't want to drill Review by DCBC
I bought two of these from NB to use on my stand. For two years, I have used propane. As others have said, it really sucks the gas and can freeze up the tank if the tank gets below half full. I recently took the plunge (despite what the site description says is possible) and converted both burners to NG. I purchased the conversion kit for the "Hurricane" burner from Williams since it is not available from NB and it screws right in to the orifice of the banjo burner. I can't tell the difference in heat output. But frozen propane tanks are a thing of the past. (Posted on 1/27/11)
Heat output Review by Ranger5
Those are some fine calculations there, but that is actually not how btu output is calculated. You can easily imagine that the size of the kettle, width of the kettle bottom, heck even the atmospheric pressure and altitude affect the btu calculations given your assumptions, not one of which should have the least bit of impact. Actual btu output is calculated by letting the burner run at full blast for a set length of time and measuring how much fuel is spent, then using the known potential energy of that fuel to calculate the total heat output.

Even with that, though, I have no idea where Bayou Products gets their claim that this thing outputs 210,000 BTUs, that's just a silly amount for what this burner actually does. I will say that it guzzles fuel like no other, but unfortunately the design of the structure is not the best and much of this heat output is lost out of the sides of the stand. If you want some better efficiency, either get a Blichmann burner or get this one and modify the stand, check some of the homebrew forums to see how.

Still, for the price, this is an awesome burner. Plenty powerful to boil 15 gallons of liquid, fits a keggle, not too loud. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably spring for the Blichmann burner because I'd easily make up for the added cost by fuel saved. After having modified the stand on this one, it is not bad at all. I've used this for about 15 10 gallon batches in the backyard over the past year or two. (Posted on 9/24/10)
NB marketing staff at their fineset Review by GedBrewer
Your metrics state: "able to boil ten gallons of water (at 100 F) in 45 minutes".

Given water is 8.33 lbs / gallon
Given 10 gallons of water is 83.3 lbs
Given 1lb water raised 1°F over 1 hour is = 1 BTU
Given your temperature differential is 212F-100F = 112F
Given your energy requirement is: 83.3 x 112 = 9329.6 BTU (at rate of one hour)
Given your time to boil is only 45 minutes = 9329.6 x 60 / 45 = 12,439 BTU

Actual BTU output is: 12,439 BTU.

12,439 BTU <> 120,000 BTU

Did you pull these numbers out of thin air? (Posted on 9/16/10)
Its a monster Review by Pat
Just as I said, it IS a monster. Heats quickly, but still pretty quiet. I recommend using it outside (vs. an open garage) since it gets so hot so fast. Also recommend a thick bottom pot or a false bottom if you're doing all-grain. Once you get it "dialed in" you can do a whole all-grain batch without using a ton of gas. People complain about the paint, who cares? I made more of a mess when I turned around for a sip of beer and it boiled over on me. Its awesome! I COMPLETELY RECOMMEND IT!! (Posted on 9/15/10)
Efficiency Improvement for Bayou Classic Burner Review by J. P. in Idaho
I use this burner with a pony keg as a brew kettle for all-grain brewing. I decided that the keg sat too high above the flame as I was barely getting two all-grain batches out of 5 gallon tank of propane and there was a lot of heat escaping from around the sides of the keg.

To fix this, I cut the top 2 inches off each of the four pedestals that the kettle sits on, made "L" shaped parts out of the pieces I cut off (you cut off and discard the inboard rod), and welded the "L"s back on so the 2 inch tangs of each "L" were outboard and vertical to prevent a keg from sliding off the burner.

I now burn only about 1.25 gallons of propane for an entire all grain batch. I'd recommend this improvement to anyone using this burner with a keg kettle as it basically doubles the burner's efficiency.

(Posted on 6/21/10)
GOOD - Watch BTU output Review by DDK
This has been good through two 5-gal all grain batches. The only problem I ran into was boiling outside, my tank was running low and I had this puppy close to full power and the LP tank froze up on me. I have read others that say putting the tank in warm water can alleviate this problem, but apparently this burner can put out more BTU's than the standard blue rhinos can handle. This is probably most efficient burning in open garage or area with good wind breaks. Otherwise, it's a beast and is worth the money. (Posted on 5/13/10)
Great Burner, and can be converted to Natural Gas Review by Joshua
I've had this burner for just over a year. It has been great!

I finally got fed up with going through propane, and decided to drill out the orifice to run on natural gas. Yes, it can be done. I ended up resizing the orifice to 5/32". This is larger than most people who have made the modification, but I have a very long run of black pipe to get to my brewing area.

(Posted on 5/5/10)
Bang! Review by Hotshot73
Bang for buck... I've spilled on it several times and it still puts out a whole lotta heat, fast. From 165 deg steep to boil in under 20 mins for 5 gal. I did a lotta research and it is has a lot of heat for the price. Since I got it, I have had to learn how to clean it, not easy but are any of them easy clean? I doubt it. I also have built a windscreen for it and a low table. (Posted on 5/3/10)

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