March 815-PL Pump - 6 foot power cord and plug

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A high-flow version of the classic March 809 pump.

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  • 40781


This is a high-flow version of the classic March 809 pump for transferring hot and cool liquids during brewing. It has a max flow of 7 gallons per minute and a max head of 18.6 feet. All the same features and durability as the March 809 pump. This pump is NOT self-priming, the pump head must be filled with liquid before it will pump properly. This means that you will have to position the pump below the level of the liquid for the input. Do not restrict flow into the pump, only on the output side.

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Customer Reviews

Great pump, be careful with the head Review by Jake
Pumping capabilities are great once you get the hang of priming the pump. However, be careful with the pump, mine fell about a foot with some fittings on the threads and the threads broke off. It's rare this kind of thing happens, but probably worth the extra money to buy a steelhead instead of pay another $30 for another head for this thing. (Posted on 1/2/14)
Awesome pump Review by capekayaker
I just used my 815 in my HERMES system after using 809HS versions for 2 years. Night and day this is the pump to use, the 809 is sometimes difficult to get the trapped air out, even with a drain valve and you loose precious wort in the process. the 809 also cannot pump across the range of head that the 815 can. The only difference is the impeller, the 815 has a larger impeller, easy to prime and pumps smoothly. I am going to replace the impellers in my other 2 809s to run like this one does! for the few $$ more this is the pump to get! (Posted on 11/22/12)