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Made from dextrose, dry malt extract, and heading powder. Use 3 to 5 tablets per 12 oz. bottle; each pack contains approximately 250 tablets.

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This unique priming sugar is in tablet format and is made from dextrose, dry malt extract, and heading powder. To use, add 3 to 5 tablets per 12 oz. bottle depending on desired carbonation level, and condition for 1 week. Each 4.5 ounce pack contains approximately 250 tablets.

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Flat beer Review by Paul
Started out with Northern Brewers small batch kit which is 1 gallon and comes with their fizz drops and those worked great. The next week I went with Their 5gal kit and upgraded to the brewer's best tab's thinking its probably better to go with them since the 5gal kit didnt offer the fizz drops. Needless to say 6 weeks later and cant wait to pop the top off my dead ringer and its flat. Tastes great but flat. Northern brews please get rid of the brewers best option and just replace it with your fizz drops. The fizz drops work great! my 1gal batch of American Wheat was Awesome. Dead Ringer with Brewers Best tabs not so awesome. (Posted on 10/18/12)
potentially down the sink Review by Flat Albert
Maybe absorbing too much negativity from these reviews, but perhaps not. Why is Northern Brewer dot Com charging $5 per bag for these sugar pills? When using priming sugar for a 5 gal batch I usually sneak a bottle or two a few days after bottling and there's already some carbonation. I tried this a short while ago following a similar wait with these tabs and and FLATSO. :-( Perhaps the lengthy wait is one of the product's features. Probably not. Doubt I'll be using these thingies again. (Posted on 9/15/12)
Mixed Review by Phil
I recently did some small test runs using these tabs in a light lager, a pale ale and a cider I routinely make and carbonate using corn sugar or Cooper's drops. I followed the directions and am very pleased with the results. There was a healthy level of carbonation and they really improved the mouthfeel over the corn sugar. But, it did leave behind suspended particulate. It didn't taste bad, it just looked and felt funny. Really put off my guests. If it weren't for the chunks problem, I would use these every time. (Posted on 7/28/12)
zero stars Review by Vince
Northern Brewer should drop this product. I used it in a double batch, wound up with 100+ flat bottles of beer.
Essentially ruined my apricot ale and Belgian ale. I'll go back to priming with corn sugar after this. (Posted on 7/8/12)
Dont Use Review by Ale brewer
Used 5 tabs (the highest recommended) and waited 2 weeks at 68 degrees. All I have is 5 gallons of flat beer now. Don't bother with these tabs (Posted on 1/31/12)
I have 2 more packs of this for sale Review by BOOOO
I brewed a batch of cream ale using these tabs and I am very dissapointed, very flat and no head. Before using the tabs I read the reviews and decided to do one case with 4 tabs per bottle and the other with 5 tabs per bottle. After waiting 2 weeks everything is flat. Anyone interested I have 2 more packs of these tabs for sale seeing how I will no longer use them and go back to using plain ole sugar. (Posted on 1/25/12)
work if use right Review by Mark
they work fine if you carbonate at rome temp of at least 68 % for three weeks i use 6 tabs in 16 oz flip top bottles i use them because i keg in 3 gal kegs and have about 2 gal left over you do have to shake bottles after one week not to have white floaties (Posted on 11/25/11)
not impressed Review by jimbo
used them several times, seem 4 tabs is too much for a 12 oz beer and they provide a fruity flavor that has drown out the hops......went back to plain ole priming sugar with no issues. Agree about the residue left within the bottle. (Posted on 11/5/11)
Very Disappointed Review by 560sdl
I thought these things made perfect sense and would be great when kegging the majority of a batch and bottling a gallon or two. Very wrong. Just tried a bottle that has conditioned for over 6 weeks and it was too flat to drink. Now I likely have 5-6 gallons of flat beer from numerous batches that I have to recarbonate somehow.

Not happy (Posted on 7/6/11)
Satisify My Soul Review by QuietlyMakingNoise
felt I needed to chime in, figured most people only review from bad experiences so I'll give you the half-full pour. Used these and the Coopers in a side-by-side on a cherry stout. Made one bomb- that stuff is not good on carpet- no complaints!
Conditioned ~ 3 weeks in 70-75 F
Cellared after that. Tried first one after month, and no probs other than high carbination on some.

Anywho- I've been happy- convienent when just bottling a 6er and kegging the rest. Happy Brewing!! All for brew, and brew for all!! (Posted on 6/12/11)
worked fine for me Review by bbkf
I have won homebrew competitions using these tablets in beers. For me, its far easier to fill bottles as I'm kegging and drop 3 or 4 of these tablets in then to mess around with filling bottles with carbonated beer using some gun technique. I've never had problems with them dissolving "leaving white chunks" or with carbonation. (Posted on 1/11/11)
easy to use Review by smoking squirrel
If you've filled your keg and have a little left over for a few bottles, these are super convenient and work great. Much simpler than measuring out a certain number of grams of DME for just a few bottles! (Posted on 11/3/10)
Not Recommended Review by jculler82
I'd avoid these. Added an almost oxidized flavor to the beer. Thought it was something I did, but then tried a beer someone else that used them gave me and had the same flavor. (Posted on 9/3/10)
1 tab for 2 oz works ok... Review by AC
As others have alluded to, the recommended carbtab quantities specified in the directions are a little off. I got somewhat flat beer using 5 tabs per a 12 oz bottle, and after fiddling around, I have found that the general rule of thumb that works well to carbonate beers is roughly 1 tab for 2 oz, or 6 tabs for 12 oz bottle.

I drop them in, and after capping invert the bottle 3 - 5 times. I have had some problems with the "floaties" too - 3 weeks carbonating at room temp helps them settle to the bottom, and cold storage takes care of the rest.

Definitely a time saver if you find the right amount that works for your specific needs and don't mind a few floaties now and then. (Posted on 8/9/10)
Stay Away Review by LoganGoesPlaces
I decided to give them a try for a beer I made last November. I popped one open the other day ( 7+ months later) And there are still white chunks floating around. They never did carbonate all the way either.

Best to stay away from these puppies. (Posted on 7/28/10)
No good Review by NC
I decided to try these out and they sucked. The beer wasn't fully carbonated and there was left over pieces in the glass. Carbonated for 3 weeks. I will never try them again. (Posted on 5/13/10)
These suck! Review by Omaha Homebrew
Not impressed at all. They leave residue (white floaties) in the bottles. Didn't carb very well. I will not buy again. (Posted on 4/20/10)

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