Northern Brewer's White House Honey Porter 1 Gallon Recipe Kit

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Now available as a 1 gallon recipe kit! This original recipe brewed by White House staff is both a callback to the favored beverage of our Founding Fathers as well as an opportunity to come together in an election year and share pints across the aisle.

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White House Honey Porter Beer


More than just simply black and roasty, this porter builds consensus with generous applications of sweet caramel and toasty Munich malts, while moderate bitterness and a pound of honey lets us all find common ground. In a year of divisive politics, we think it’s especially important to remember what we have in common: homebrewing!

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 1 Gallon
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Stout/Porter
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1054
Total Time to Make 4 weeks

Customer Reviews

Very nice porter Review by Chef Ransom
Easy brew, great coffee and chocolate notes. Smoooooth as silk going down. (Posted on 4/4/15)
Not as excited as others Review by chris
This was my first batch, so I should be excited that I got any beer at all. But this beer smelled so great when I was bottling it that I had pretty high expectations. 2 weeks fermentation, 2 weeks bottle conditioning. Just cracked one open and it's very mild. I don't taste any honey at all and I have a hard time believing this is supposed to be a porter. I might follow some of the advice here and wait before drinking any more, but it's already so low key that it might just mellow into thin air if I wait. (Posted on 1/25/15)
Awesome taste, easy brew Review by Christopher
I had tried to make a couple 5 gal kits with horrible results, I'm sure something got contaminated so I told myself I will try 1 gal batches till I figure out my mistake. Well this was my first try and it turned out great. I loved the taste, the maltiness and the taste of the honey on the back end. I will be making it again and this will be my first 5 gal when I get the nerves to try it again. (Posted on 12/5/14)
Oh Honey! Review by Sparticus
The first 1 gallon kit I have ever made. This is awesome. Sweet and very delicious. Not a Porter fan, but this one is the best I have ever had. I may have to try making this as the 5 gallon next. (Posted on 11/5/14)
Made a slight alteration and it turned out awesome Review by Aaron
The White House Porter was my 1st hombrew that I made, and I am happy that I selected this recipe . I opened my 1st porter a week after bottling and it barley had any carbonation, the flavor was a little too strong, so I waited the full two weeks before my second beer. Wow, what a difference this made. The carbonation is spot on and the flavor is great. When I tried the sample (before bottling) my porter was a little too sweet for my taste, so I added a bit of french pressed coffee (about 2.5 oz of brewed coffee) into the fermenter before bottling. The coffee is strong, but the porter tastes great. The color of the porter is very dark, and if I didn't know that I brewed it myself I wouldn't know it was a homebrew. I would definitely buy this again. (Posted on 6/14/14)
So far, so good Review by Sean
Only four stars as I have only just finished bottling it! This was my first attempt at home brewing, but I'm hooked. It was super easy. Left it in primary for a little over two weeks and now it's in bottles. I did taste it while bottling and it tasted great. Hopefully it just gets better.
(Posted on 1/22/14)
Nice Review by Mike
I like brewing with honey. I feel like it makes for a really smooth and drinkable porter. I love the one gallon batches. Really easy to make and a great way to try brews before brewing a bigger batch. (Posted on 1/12/14)
Great porter! Review by Casey
This was my first ever brew, so I had a little trouble (boil over, excessive blow-off) but it turned out great! left in the bottles for an extra couple of weeks and it was well worth it. I have brewed five others since and this one has been my favorite! (Posted on 12/11/13)
Great easy homebrew! Review by PETE
I just brewed my third 1-gallon batch of this. The first two were excellent and got even better with age. I finished the last one after about six months and it was one of the best beers I ever had. This time I'm going to leave a few bottles for a full year. (Posted on 10/13/13)
Easy and tasty Review by michael
This kit was super simple to make, and turned out to be pretty darn tasty. It might not be the best porter I've ever had, but I was impressed with the outcome. (Posted on 7/16/13)
Easy to brew and great tasting! Review by Robert
My first extract brew. The kit was easy to brew and tastes light and refreshing. Just a touch of honey compliments the roasted porter flavor. Will definitely make this again. (Posted on 5/23/13)
Great Porter Review by Andreas
This was a great porter. The honey addition added just the right amount of sweetness without losing that roasted flavor you get in a porter. Carbonation was very weak at first, but another week-2 weeks made a world of difference. As with most homebrew, be patient with this beer! (Posted on 5/8/13)
My first excellent home brew Review by Nickly
This is the first beer I've made that I really truly enjoyed. Just delicious. I've made a few ales that were adequately drinkable, but this one was a bicycle kick goal in injury time. (Posted on 2/9/13)
Pretty good Review by Joe
I made this one gallon recipe to see how it was before jumping into the 5 gallon kit. Overall it is pretty good. The honey is great and you can taste the slightest taste of it in the beer. I am not a huge fan of porter beers but this has definitely been my favorite so far. (Posted on 1/22/13)
Tastes pretty good! Review by Paula
I tried a gallon batch of this as a way of tasting without committing. It's not bad. The honey that came with the kit was outstanding and you can taste it in the beer as you can the specialty grains that came with the kit. Will I brew five gallons of it now? Probably not, but I'm happily enjoying the five 22-oz. bottles I brewed with this batch. (Posted on 1/5/13)
Good Porter! Review by Patrick
I brewed a batch of this a while ago and I have to say it was pretty good! I'm usually not a porter fan but for a small batch it turned out good. If you want to try some porter and don't want to spend a fortune, try it. You can't go wrong and it's so easy to make! (Posted on 12/28/12)