Oatmeal Cookie Brown Ale BIAB All Grain Kit

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Oh you made another brown ale? Get down with something new - toasty oats, cinnamon, raisiny malt … remember when you brewed like a homebrewer? Thumb firmly planted on nose when it came to the concept of “style" - that's how a homebrewer brews.

All kits yield 3 gallons and include blended grain malts, hops, yeast, and complete instructions. All-grain kits use malted grain as the base for the finished beer; in addition to familiarity with basic brewing techniques and the equipment for fermenting, siphoning, and bottling, you will also need equipment for brew-in-a-bag all-grain brewing.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Oh you made another brown ale? Let me guess: Goldings, Liberty, Willamette, a little chocolate malt, some dark crystal, blah blah blah. Get down with something new. Toasty oats, cinnamon, raisiny malt, what of it? Remember when you brewed like a homebrewer? Thumb firmly planted on nose when it came to the concept of “style" - that's how a homebrewer brews.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 3 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Brown Ale
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1066
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Turned out great! Review by AARON
Drinking one of these right now. Simply delicious. Wonderfully complex malt profile. One thing to keep in mind, I didn't really pick up any cinnamon from the single stick addition at flame out. I would recommennd adding more than a single cinnamon stick if you want those flavors. Honestly, it's an awesome beer even with out the cinnamon notes. (Posted on 4/3/15)
Frickin Awesome Review by Dustin`
First All Grain. Turned out great. I like the final product as much as I like Avery's Ellie's Brown Dog Ale and Cigar City's Maduro Brown. I used Wyeast's American Ale II yeast and it was magic. I want to impress my friends with it but I also want to drink it all. What a dilemma. Thanks NB!!! (Posted on 6/12/14)
Great first time BIAB experience! Review by H. Thomas of Clayton, NC
This was my first step into all-grain brewing, and BIAB, after several 5 and 1 gallon extract brews. Just had my first "official" taste after two weeks of bottle conditioning, and loved it! A little skeptical at first, as early on it seemed to look cloudy, and maybe a little flat tasting (yes, I tried it a week early!). But this is one brew that definitely benefits from a little longer in the bottle, at least for my tastes. I think in another week or two it will be fantastic, but first try at two weeks: clearer than I thought it would be, minimum carbonation, but nice subtle hops finish, with a raisiny/cinnamon aroma and taste, though not strong at all. Very drinkable, and an excellent starter for all grain! (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great, Great, Great !!! Review by Pete
Everyone loved this beer when I brewed it. The BIAB process is fairly easy and this recipe is very tasty. One criticism of the 3-gallon kits is that the instructions don't go beyond brewing day, assuming that you are advanced enough to figure out the rest. The problem I ran into with my first batch is that I mixed the entire packet of corn sugar into the wort before bottling. The packet is actually sized for a 5-gallon kit, but this was not mentioned. My first batch was overcarbonated. I didn't get any bottle bombs, but lost a lot of beer while opening, pouring, and waiting to the CO2 to release from the beer. I called NB and they told me to use 3 ounces of the sugar for a 3-gallon batch. (Posted on 1/18/14)
Meh, Review by john
My first BIAB, which I spilt into three, one gallon batches. All three taste a bit raw or of too much chocolate. I will give it another month in bottle and sample again. Also taking some time to clarify in bottle. Perhaps should have used a secondary. (Posted on 12/31/13)
Easy Review by Giles
My second BIAB. A simple step up from extract, by using the same equipment you will be able to turn out one of the best batch of beer ever. This and all NB BIAB kits are perfect to start with. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Big hit at homebrew party Review by Lou
This was my first BIAB attempt. The process was remarkably easy. I brewed it 2 weeks before my yearly homebrew party then kegged it, just planning to store it for a few more weeks until tasting it. However, I couldn't wait that long. I tasted it the day before the party and the flavor was outstanding. I served it at the party and it was gone before I knew it. I'm sure that the name enticed everyone to try it. Nobody was disappointed. I just brewed up a another full 5 gallon batch that I will let condition for longer and enjoy around the holidays. BIAB is the way to go. (Posted on 9/25/13)
Excellent Review by Andy
One of those brews I can't believe was made in my garage. Great recipe. (Posted on 7/13/13)
out of the park Review by robert
one of the best beers that I have done (Posted on 4/7/13)
Best Beer Yet Review by jordan
First attempt with BIAB. By far my favorite beer I've made. Has a nice spicy raisiny taste on the way down..great mouthfeel from the oats..is as described..toasted oatmeal cookie..going to stick to BIAB with all the beers I brew..definitely brewing this again some day. If you're thinking of testing the waters with BIAB, brew this as your inaugural batch! (Posted on 3/24/13)
Very happy with the results Review by George
First, about me. New brewer. This was my first go at all grain. Brew day didn't go perfect but not bad overall. Ended up with a higher FG than I should have after 3 weeks in the fermentor ( 1.028 ). Tried first sample today with my wife and of course I am trying it on day 13 ( impatient much?). This is by far the best beer I have made! Another week in the bottle and this will be amazing. Well worth it!! (Posted on 3/16/13)
Outstanding!! Review by Paul
My first BIAB, First attempt at anything other than Extract. Using basic equipment i was able to turn out my best batch of beer EVER. I've done maybe 8-10 extract kits and none came close to this. It was so good im going to buy it again. (Posted on 12/25/12)
Don't hesitate. Review by Knox
I have read several articles on BIAB, many with concerns about brew house efficiency and enzymatic starch conversion. Well this was my very first all grain batch and not only did I achieve full conversion I also got 75% efficiency. It was just as easy as extract and lots more rewarding. Thanks for making home brew dreams come true.
Slainte. (Posted on 9/26/12)

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