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An inexpensive and hands-off way to splash cooled wort on the way into the fermenter. Fits 3/8"ID tubing.

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An inexpensive and hands-off way to splash cooled wort on the way into the fermenter. Fits 3/8"ID tubing. Also used in All-Grain systems to disperse sparge water over the mash.

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Customer Reviews

Great addition for very low cost Review by Jason
The siphon sprayer does exactly as I expected. I use a pump so I threw this on the end of my hose for when I pump into the carboy. With the pump it actually gets a pretty nice jet going.

I still shake my carboy for 5 to 10 minutes after but this was definitely a nice little low-cost addition. (Posted on 1/2/14)
Great piece of equipment Review by bbt95762
I've used this guy twice now, I use it to aerate the wort going in to the carboy and also use it as my sprayer while sparging. It works GREAT for both. Without any additional aeration I've achieved full attenuation on my fermentation. very happy - have recommended. (Posted on 11/3/11)
Broke after first sparge Review by Daniel
Cheap piece of plastic that breaks easily. Removing from hose, it fell apart. (Posted on 9/11/11)
beware Review by jonthegreat
i just bought this hoping to use it this past weekend but couldn't because it wouldn't fit inside my siphon tube. i just figured someone should let people know that this thing is 1/2" in diameter so make sure you've got some way to attach it to whatever tubing you plan to use it with. (Posted on 8/15/11)
great product, but handle with care.. Review by Ben
This little device works awesome as a cheap and easy alternative to a sparge arm. Just be extra careful when brewing in cold Minnesota winters - the thin plastic arms become VERY brittle. Keep a tube of superglue on hand, just in case. (Posted on 3/28/11)
Good for aeration, great as a dirt cheap sparge arm... Review by Matt R.
Like the previous reviewer stated, this works to whip some air into your wort as it enters the fermenter. However, I would hesitate to say "no more splashing required" as the wort is nowhere near fully aerated by this little sprayer. I follow up with an aquarium pump/hepa filter/diffusion stone for 10 minutes to make sure I've squeezed all the O2 into the wort that I can.

After seeing all the money and effort some people put into building/buying sparge arms, you'll laugh when you stick this on the end of some tubing and start sparging perfectly with the help of a clamp to control flow, all for about $5. This is by far the best secret use for this piece of equipment. (Posted on 7/8/10)