Small Batch Quad Core Kit

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OK, so we've got 12 bottles that'll be ready next week, but there's that party the week after that, and then the monthly poker night - did we get them a gift for their birthday? Once you start brewing, the world finds out and conspires to "sample" your beer away from you. Keep 'em coming back, get a small batch Quad Core Kit.

Includes 4 of each:

  • One Gallon Fermentors

  • Fermometers

  • Screw Caps with Hole

  • Blowoff Tubing

  • Three-piece Airlocks

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    Small Batch Quad Core Kit


    You can handle the increased capacity, but even better, you can try new things, keep it fresh. Black IPA, German Blonde, Irish Red, and Caribou Slobber, all at once? Not a problem for the Quad Core.

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    Customer Reviews

    Great items for small batches! Review by Josiah
    I bought this to make mead. They have worked perfectly. I did replace the plastic caps with some carboy bungs but other than that this kit is fantastic.

    I have three meads in progress now and have used the fourth 1 gallon carboy as the transferring carboy (to rack to secondary/tertiary).

    This site has been great too. Timely shipping and have not had a bad experience yet. (Posted on 1/8/15)
    Exactly what I needed to start. Review by Ken
    I bought this as I started my first batch. I got the quad kit because I wanted to try a different brew each week. I would have one beer finishing, ready to bottle, one just completing primary fermentation, one just brewed and one clean jug to be ready for the next week! I ended up using one of the original tubing as a blow-off tube for the initial growth stage and then switched to the airlock after the initial fury was completed and the krausen had died down. I still use the whole set. (Posted on 3/9/14)
    Everything I was looking for Review by Dean
    Got these to add to a single gallon container I already have. It now allows me to make a 5 gallon batch and split it five ways to get multiple results. The caps are not the best for a seal but replacing them are fairly easy and inexpensive. Great product for the cost. (Posted on 1/30/14)
    Great Test Kit Review by Connie
    I love the quad kit. It allows me to create two test batches and then use the other two for secondary fermentation if I want. Or just run 4 tests. I was able to complete a full grain batch with this scaled down size. I can't lift heavy grain saturated 10lb coolers so being able to run things in small batches then keep record of changes and finally invite a friend over for a full batch! The kit comes with the caps and airlocks plus some great sticky thermometers! (Posted on 1/6/14)
    Great Value Review by scruffyhansolo
    I wanted to start small in terms of quantity per beer type until I learned everything but wanted to be able to brew at least 1-2 beers a week. This kit comes with all you need to get more beer in the closet. Also I wanted some more small secondary fermenters for when I do start brewing 5 gallon batches and want to split it and do different things in secondary. (Posted on 1/1/14)
    Wonderful & As Advertised Review by Kevin
    Wonderful addition to the 1-gallon kit. Brew more, brew more often, and experiment faster to become a master! (Posted on 12/2/13)
    Great Product Review by David
    I am a new brewer but love brewing so this product was ideal for me. (Posted on 11/1/13)
    Excellent Review by Rob
    Definitely a must for those who want to experiment!!! Start off with a 1 gallon batch of your own design, if it's great, then scale it up!!! If it's not so great, then u can dump it and only lose $12 as opposed to $35-$50. I would recommend getting different stoppers for your air locks though. (Posted on 10/22/13)
    Excellent product Review by Leon
    I consider this a must have for anyone starting to brew. They are great for experimentation with different brews. (Posted on 9/26/13)
    nice kit Review by joe
    I was like a kid opening a present. It was just what I wanted, only better! (Posted on 9/22/13)
    Great for the dedicated 1 gallon brewer! Review by Thomas
    This is a great kit for folks like me who want to brew a wide variety of beers but are unwilling to commit to the 5 gallon size. Offers great flexibility to expand your brewing capacity. (Posted on 9/19/13)
    Decent, but.... Review by Jon
    The plastic caps suck!!! They don't provide adequate seal b/w cap/fermenter and cap/airlock or blow-off hose. Replace with #9 rubber stopper and it would be 5 stars. (Posted on 8/28/13)
    Great product Review by T
    This was a good starter kit if you already have most equipment. I've made several small batches and everything is great. Its a good way to sample a new brew without committing to a full 5 gallons. (Posted on 8/23/13)
    Perfect for multiple batches. Review by Kmhfive
    I wanted to brew every week -- this kit gave me what I needed to have 4 different batches brewing at a time. Absolutely ideal for my plans. (Posted on 7/18/13)
    Great Review by Richard
    Getting this is my first expansion into brewing. The previous brews have worked out well and this will allow me to step up my efforts. I enjoy my newfound hobby and my reward is good homebrewed beer. My friends also appreciate my efforts as well. Glad to be able to expand with a modest price involved. (Posted on 7/14/13)
    Expansion Review by Andrew
    This kit is great. It allowed us to expand our fermenting capacity significantly. This also allows us to break a 5 gallon batch down to several test batches. Highly recommended. (Posted on 7/12/13)