Beer Shank - Stainless 4"

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4" stainless shank. Install through a wall or refrigerator door to mount a faucet. Requires a beer faucet on one end, and a wing nut, tail piece, and washer on the other.

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  • Beer Shank - Stainless 4"
  • Beer Shank - Stainless 4"


4" stainless shank. Install through a wall or refrigerator door to mount a faucet. Requires a beer faucet on one end, and a wing nut, tail piece, and washer on the other. Approximately 3.25" of thread.

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Customer Reviews

Great for keg system Review by Ryan
I have now used two of these shanks in my keezer and they have been a great product. No worries with stainless. Easy to connect and, so far, to keep clean. (Posted on 12/13/13)
Perfect Review by Wayne
I had no problems with mine, installed easy, works, no leaks or material issues for me. (Posted on 11/7/13)
seems great to me! Review by nathan
i looked at mine warry of the other reviews but did not see any particles before or after installation. works great! (Posted on 9/10/13)
Dirty, dirty hole Review by King Gambrinus
Make sure to clean out the hole before you use it. A chunk of steel came out of mine due to the same issue the other reviewers mentioned. I don't want to imagine someone drinking sharp steel nuggets. The walls of the hole are not smooth and about half way through are some larger rough spots. Both of my shanks are like this.

Also, some small rust spots developed at the tail end of the shank.

Not impressed. (Posted on 5/6/11)
Messy metal inside Review by Mono
Looking down the shoot of this shank there are pieces of rigid metal inside. You can see the bumps with the eyeball. It causes foam. (Posted on 11/18/10)
Nice, but some quality issues Review by The Big Mong
I bought three of these shanks about 2 years ago for my kegerator. Stainless is so much better than brass--no worries about corrosion (even if you leave them soaking in Star-San overnight ,or longer) and the added hardness and durability is great for the threaded and knurled portions.

Having said that, I found out that one of my shanks was defective and now it needs to be replaced. There is a crucial stainless split ring that sits in a groove and prevents the outer collar from sliding off the end of the shank when you tighten the backing nut. Unfortunately, either the split ring or the groove is not machined properly, and when you try to tighten the backing nut tight enough to keep the shank from rotating or wiggling, the split ring collapses. This forces the outer collar forward, which loosens the connection between the faucet and the faucet nut, which in turn allows beer to leak out all over the place until you de-pressurize the system or disconnect the beverage line. I've tried opening up the split ring slightly to get a better engagement with the collar, but it doesn't help much. All it takes is one light bump on the faucet or shank and the ring collapses and I'm left cleaning up a big mess all over again. The alternative is to leave the backing nut so loose that the faucet and shank flop all over the place.

Another issue I noticed on one of the shanks is that the hole that goes through the shank wasn't machined properly. The machinist bored half-way from each end of the shank, rather than going all the way through from one end to the other. This wouldn't be a problem, except that the two bores were machined slightly off-axis from each other so there is a "step" in the middle of the shank where they don't line up perfectly. I haven't noticed any excessive beer foaming from this, but it does leave a little nook inside the shank that could harbor bacteria if not cleaned thoroughly, so I'm not thrilled about it.

I'll still go with a stainless replacement, since it's a superior material to chrome-plated brass any way you look at it. Once I get a non-defective unit, it should last indefinitely. I just can't help but dock the product 2 pints for the aforementioned quality issues. (Posted on 10/28/10)
Stainless, Stainless, Stainless Review by Russ
Don't waste your money on the chrome. Stainless is so much better and the taste will show through. Perfect for the Chest Freezer to Kegerator project. (Posted on 9/25/10)