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Stainless steel screen slips onto a racking cane or keg dip tube.

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The SureScreen is a welded stainless steel screen that slips onto your racking cane or keg dip tube and filters out fruit or dry hops from the fermenter or whole hops and trub from the kettle. Also allows dry hopping to be done directly in the keg. Stainless steel construction makes it easy to sanitize (do not use bleach!). Not recommended for use with plastic racking tubes or plastic fermenters. Pellet hops have a tendency to clog the SureScreen - it works far better with whole hops. Measures .25" wide by 5.5" long.

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Customer Reviews

Love it! Review by Brina
I adore my Surescreen! Whole hops are absolutely no problem, even after extended dry-hopping. Amazing utilization--I finally feel like I'm getting all I can out of my dry hopping. (Posted on 9/3/13)
Didn't work for me Review by Micah
I gave it two stars because I like the idea of it. BUT, it didn't work for me. It was clogged immediately. like rwf08, I got about a cup of wort and the whole thing shut down. (Posted on 4/21/12)
Best thing since sliced bread Review by Calpyro
The Surescreen has revolutionized my dry-hopping. I fit it over pick-up tube in a Corney keg and use it for dry-hopping. I can use massive amounts of hops and get great hop utilization. It works much better than mesh bags or stainless balls. The hops have 100% direct contact with the beer and allows for HUGE hop flavors and aromas.
I have also adopted the practice of putting my whole hops in a food processor to chop up the hops to reduce the amount of beer lost to absorption. Additionally, chopping the hops further improves the hop utilization by making the luplin glands more accessible to the beer. By them!
(Posted on 8/24/10)
Works as expected Review by Chris
When you're homebrewing and moving liquid with sediment in it, something is going to clog somewhere. The trick is to deal with the sediment on your own terms. If you expect this to be the only way you deal with sediment, forget it. But if you want a little more insurance that you're not, say, siphoning hops particles into your plate chiller, then this works great. (Posted on 5/24/10)
so good! Review by brewce
I have used mine for 3 years, and over 100 brews. You have to use a stainless racking cane, and bend the bottom of it 90 degrees so the surescreen lays down on the bottom of your fermenter or kettle. Sometimes it will clog, especially when your whole hops are all shredded up or scrappy, but I just jiggle it a little and it always starts again. I need a new one, because it is kind of stretched out from so much use. Beats the hell out of using a bag for all your hop, coriander, orange peel, etc. Like a mini bazooka tube that you can shake when it gets stuck. (Posted on 5/11/10)
boooooo Review by rwf08
I put this over a SS racking cane and primed the siphon. About a cup of wort into the carboy and it clogged. I used whole hops like it said and still did it. Has been a huge waste as far as that goes. Might be okay on the dip tube of a keg but I don't even want to bother. (Posted on 4/24/10)