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A 23-liter plastic conical fermenter.

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The V-Vessel System was originally designed to save time, space, and money for the Canadian wine-on-premise industry. Now you can take advantage of all the benefits the V-Vessel brings to making wine and beer in your own home.

The V-Vessel is the only conical fermenter with a collection capsule at the base. With the collection capsule, you will be able to take sediment or trub from the bottom -- no more racking! It reduces the liquid-to-sediment contact area by 99.6% compared to using a pail, and you can remove the collection capsules on 13 units in the same time it would take you to siphon one batch from a pail to a carboy.

If you're making wine, you can either bottle or filter directly from the unit. If you're making beer, you can prime the beer through the opening on the top, open the valve and bottle. Or just open the valve and run the line into your keg. The V-Vessel comes complete with the V-Vessel unit, a collection capsule, wall bracket and mounting assembly, rubber bung & airlock, hose adapter, 6 feet of tubing with a hose clamp, and a large funnel. Capacity is 23 liters, or just over 6 US gallons. Please note that the V-Vessel is a wall-mounted unit and needs to be installed on a concrete wall or anchored into wooden (not metal) studs.

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Customer Reviews

They listened and reacted Review by John Farnsworth
I'm waiting on two of the newly re-designed models of this fantastic value. The manufacturers (couple of nice kids with good business ethos) listened to all the comments and have reacted well. The top has been enlarged for easy access to cleaning, the output sizing is now 1" id, the collection balls are 1" id input, better quick release mechanism, thermometer bung cast into the side for installation of a thermometer or monitoring equipment.......and on...and on. As for cleaning, Ive been brewing with plastic buckets and glass carboys for 20 years and never, I repeat, never have the inside of either of them seen a carboy brush or soft scrubby of any sort. I use Oxy-Clean (1/2 scoop/5 gals) and swirl my carboys several times, drain and rinse twice. My buckets (over 10 years old, more than 250 batches) still as smooth and white as the day I bought them. I use my hands only to thoroughly rub the inside after the Oxy-Clean has dissolved. I expect the new conical to be as easy to clean and as long lasting. These are the PERFECT next step for the avid semi-pro without the desire (or budget) to step up to stainless and all the space and expense it requires. You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 9/8/14)
Dig it...though it does tend to clog Review by wrclancy
I'm a fan of the V Vessel, despite the fact that it clogs. The clogging, to me, seems a minor inconvenience compared with the advantages it offers. Keeps my brewing floor clear, it's easy to keg directly from the vessel itself, I have no issues cleaning/sanitizing. If it were cheaper, I'd probably rate it a 5. (Posted on 6/20/12)
Good, but not great Review by Jim
I've been using one of these, off an on, for a couple of years. I like not having to transfer from primary to secondary -- all I have to do is remove the sediment from the capsule at the bottom. So, what's not to like? Well, the main drawback is the small ID of the neck between vessel and capsule. It clogs easily. I find I cannot use the V Vessel for beers that are dry-hopped, or else the hop residue will completely clog the neck. Same thing can happen with high-gravity beers that are not dry-hopped, since the sediment is large in volume. I haven't found it difficult to clean, as other reviewers have said. A rinse with high-strength bleach removes even the most stubborn residues. (Posted on 6/9/12)
Great for wine. Beer ... not so much. Review by Andy
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warning: plastic taste Review by warehouse brewery
The first batch I brewed in it came out tasting like plastic. Not a hint of plastic, but extreme plastic taste. The collection ball valve got clogged with yeast slurry when I drained it the first time. I could literally leave the valve open and take off the collection ball and nothing came out of the valve. When the slurry finally started coming out it looked like my v vessel was taking a crap. I haven't had the courage to use it again. (Posted on 8/19/11)
Like it, not love it. Review by Trafreeb
I have used the v-vessel for about 4 years and found it to be a great improvement over using carboys, bottling buckets, and racking the beer. The big disadvantage is they can be difficult to clean well. Also the price is about $50. higher than when I bought mine. I have a friend that got a Chinese made stainless conical shipped to his door for about $100. more than the price of a v-vessel. I am jealous. His old v-vessel is in the attic now. (Posted on 12/23/10)
save time on racking but pain to clean Review by Dave
It saves a ton of time and for beer it's also good because you are not exposing the beer to more bacteria.
Basicly avoiding 2 beer transfers (and cleaning a carboy)

Save time on racking to secondary.
save time not having to clean a primary barboy
save time bottling / kegging.

bad things:
1) a pain to clean because of small access hole
2) on my V Vessel i found 2 very-very hard to reach cavities inside. that's the inside of the 2 little arms that stick out. (Posted on 6/2/10)
v-vessel Review by Gerard
By far the greatest conical fermenter for the money. Thinking of getting a second one for wine and am purchasing one for my neice and soon to be husband for a wedding gift,per their request..very easy to use and no floor space taken up. (Posted on 4/22/10)
Very cool! Review by RM
I have 4 of these and I have never had a problem, removing the trub can be a little messy but so is using the larger more traditional plastic conicals (have a 15 gal. and the top warped on it (twice) and won't seal after 6 months and is now basically a room oranament) and the stainless aren't any cleaner when removing the trub either. It's all in the reflexes I guess. I like the fact they don't take up a lot of space in the basement. Cleaning isn't that bad, just take it all apart and use a carboy brush and clean it. Not much different than dealing with a Glass carboy. As for transfering the wort to the fermentors, I use a $20 dollar bilge pump to transfer to the top fermentors and use the funnel to tranfer to the bottom ones. Once again not much different than a glass carboy. Pricey...yes, but so is the 7 gal. stainless conicals. If you do 5 gal batches and like the convenience of bottling and such right from the conical and the space that is saved from using these. You won't care. Plus the first one I bought didn't come with the ball collector and the tube connector, tubing, airlock and funnel, all this is included now, much better deal now.

As for the auto siphens on this site I have a large one and small one and they both work fine...just make sure the container your siphening from is higher than the one your siphening into and the tubing is tight around the cain. (Posted on 4/7/10)