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The double lever corker is a good choice for the winemaker on a budget. Plastic and metal construction.

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The double lever corker is a good choice for the winemaker on a budget. Plastic and metal construction. Put the cork in the chamber, rest the corker on the bottle, and push down on both levers—works best if you've got a helper to hold the bottle still. Plunger depth can be adjusted by loosening the nut at the top of the corker.

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It'll get the job done, but there is a learning curve. Review by Verified Owner
This is the best corker for small batches, 30 bottles or less likely.

The design of it is poor in that, the arms that grab the bottle neck are just plastic, so what happens is when you're at the highest pressure part of the corking process, they slip and so the cork doesnt' go all the way into the bottle.

SHORT FIX: Take some of that no slip matting that they put under items on a hardwood floor to keep it from slipping around the bottle neck and then let the corker grip that. Its not 100% but its 90-95% better. You could also use any kind of rubber, might even glue it to the corker arms.

LONG FIX: What my father and i came up with as a fix was to take a chunk of plastic, and drill it such that it matches the wine bottle hole and fills up the gab bewteen where the bottle neck holder arms touch the bottle and the ridge on bottles to keep it from sliding up. I hold this block on the corker with rubber bands, and extended the driving rod to its maximum.

I can reliably cork my bottles, however this isn't a thing you do on the counter, you put the bottle between your knees or your feet, or have someone hold it on the floor, and you push straight down on the handles at the same time in a quick motion.

Practice on some empty bottles a couple times, and do not wet your corks excessively, do not use wine to wet them either or they get stuck in the bottle.

The last thing you have to worry about with this corker is the cork drivign rod will not likely touch the cork in its center, and depending on your control, if you flex the whole rig while corking, the driving rod will move slightly and you can chip the edge of your wine bottle. I've chipped 2 of mine, one when i was learning and another after i got to comfortable that i knew what i was doing.

TL;DR: Seriously? but here is is, i'd reccomend this corker over other small batch ones that i've seen and read about. It will work but not "as-is" and needs modification as i stated.

Lots of bottles? get the floor stand corker, its worth the money, my father has that one and i wish i had it too. (Posted on 9/30/13)
Useless Review by Jason
Don't waste your money on this piece of junk. I tried every possible adjustment and couldn't get the corks to go in all the way--each one stood out from the bottle rim at least 1/4 inch. Yeah, they'll keep the bottles sealed, but they look like complete crap--good thing I'm not giving this batch as gifts! Also, about every third or fourth attempt made the plastic threaded parts pop apart. I should've read the other reviews. Don't skimp--spend the extra money and get a good floor corker. (Posted on 11/10/12)
Go with a Better Corker Review by Matt
This corker, no mater how I adjusted it would never put the cork fully in the bottle, I attempted several different fluid levels, I tried dried, dipped, and soaked corks they ALL ended up at least a quarter inch outside the bottle. I guess the summation is you get what you pay for. (Posted on 10/9/12)
Functional, but not fantastic Review by Sasha
Having read the other reviews, I think I may let my husband try it next time since I don't have the strength to press the handles quickly.

Future attempts aside, I found this corker to be adequate. It did insert the cork, but I couldn't get it to shove the cork all the way in no matter how I adjusted the settings. Only about 1/2 to 1/4 of an inch of cork above the lip, but it just doesn't look good. I figure it's sealed just as well if it was all the way in, I'm just a little disappointed. (Posted on 5/6/12)
What a mess! Review by Wine_Lover_123
Don't be fooled by the price! As they say, you get what you pay for. Read on, and buyer, beware!

Upon receiving the Double Lever Corker, I immediately began corking my wine. Now, to be fair, the first few corks went in flawlessly.

It was when I was approximately half way through the corking process that I encountered my conundrum. Upon loading the cork into the Double lever corker, and placing the device on my bottle, I began the corking process of pulling both handles down. I must have been applying more force on one handle than the other, for the bottle slipped on the counter. It toppled over, spilling my precious wine everywhere. As the red wine slowly trickled towards my white shirt, I desperately attempted to save the bottle. Alas, I was too late, and it proceeded to roll off the counter, shattering on my tile floor.

There I was left, covered in red wine, with glass pieces everywhere, holding this piece of junk of wine "corker". Thanks for nothing. Floor corker, here I come. (Posted on 11/21/11)
good stuff Review by Walter
Works perfectly. Several items of note:

Once you've gotten the hang of it, you'll want to do your corking motion quickly, as if you're in a rush. If you cork slowly/deliberately, the cork will sit a few millimeters above the rim

The metal that pushes the cork down isn't as thick as the cork, so it leaves a circle imprint on the top of the cork. This probably goes away after a few weeks of aging and will probably vanish after a month. (Posted on 3/8/11)

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