Wyeast 4766 Cider

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Wyeast 4766 Cider is a =crisp dry fermenting yeast with a big, fruity finish. Allows fruit character to dominate the profile.

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Wyeast 4766 Cider - Fermenting Yeast


Crisp dry fermenting yeast with big, fruity finish. Creates a nice balance for all types of apples, pears and other fruit or fermentables. Allows fruit character to dominate the profile. Temperature range: 60-75 F. Alcohol Tolerance: 12%.

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Customer Reviews

liked it a lot! Review by Mark
Not too dry and not too sweet. I'm partial to sweet, so I'd say that it would have felt better if it finished on the sweet side, but it is very tasty despite my personal taste preference. (Posted on 1/16/14)
Great cider yeast Review by Jim
I made 9 gallons of pear cider recently and used the Wyeast 4766 for 5gal and Lalvin EC1118 for the remaining 4gal. I tasted both after a week of fermentation and the Wyeast was so much more crisp and clean. I'll definitely be saving this to use again for future projects. (Posted on 11/20/13)
Crisp Cider, Somewhat yeasty flavor Review by shawn
I used this yeast for an apple/pumpkin cider I brewed. The recipe called for champagne yeast, but this was all they had in the store. The resulting cider was very crisp, but sill had a bit of a yeasty flavor to it. This may be more indicative of the recipe I used than the yeast, but should be considered when considering a lightly spiced recipe. (Posted on 11/19/13)
Good yeast, watch your FG Review by greg
I created a starter with this yeast and it really rocked for over a week on 4 gallons of cider and 2lbs of honey. I would recommend you check your FG a couple of times as it runs down to get the sweet/tart/dryness where you like it. I started 1.062 and my hydrometer drops like a stone in the end product. Very very dry, but that's not the yeast's fault, my execution, they did a very good job! (Posted on 10/15/13)
great Review by Mark
nice clean yeast (Posted on 9/29/13)
Great for a balanced cider Review by Casey
Purchased this yeast for a cider recipe I was working on. My previous batches using champagne yeast were a bit too sweet so I wanted something with greater attenuation. This did the trick. My only complaint is to be careful of ordering it during summer months in a warm climate - though it ships with a cold pack, it may not be enough if your yeast are delayed in arriving (as mine were). (Posted on 9/16/13)
great cider Review by ceedog
I have had great results with this yeast. It has worked well with all my cider configurations, most notably my last batch of apple/peach/passionfruit. Although one of the smackpacks on my last order was already smacked, not the yeast's fault. (Posted on 8/18/13)
Consistent cider yeast, not for sweet ciders. Review by Daniel
Don't expect to make anything other than a dry, crisp cider with excellent fruit aroma and flavor. Will allow production of a true cider similar to some of the more refined commercial varieties. Colder ferm. temps and gradual yeast nutrient dosing are preferable to reduce sulphur smell during ferm. (Posted on 10/30/12)
Works great for me Review by Carter
I have used this yeast for my annual cider batches for several years now, and I have varied my recipes significantly, from adding loads of honey or molasses and brown sugar to simply using the straight sweet cider. This finishes very, very dry -- I happen to like it that way. If you want something sweet and woodchuck-y, this may not be the yeast for you. My favorite way of making cider is to just use the cold juice with a minimum of campden tablets, and this yeast. You get a dry cider that is very apple-forward, and goes well with just about any meal. Don't mind the sulphur smell during fermentation-- it goes away entirely after a few days and doesn't show up in your final product. (Posted on 5/18/12)
A good option Review by Chris
I did a side-by-side with identical apple juice. One carboy got this 4766 Cider Yeast and the other carboy got 4184 Sweet Mead Yeast. Both produced a good product. The 4766 was a bit more tart and attenuated. The 4184 was rounder and softer with a bit of residual sweetness. Apple flavor and aroma was good with both. Just a matter of preference. (Posted on 4/28/12)
Great cider yeast Review by East of Elon Brewing
I used this to make a hard cider and was very happy with the yeast. It does exactly what it should, provides a nice clean, crisp flavor that doesn't overpower the natural flavors of the apples. One cautionary item, this yeast will eat a ton of sugar, note the 12% alcohol tolerance. So if you want a sweet cider, keep fermentation short as in 2 weeks or load up your cider with extra dark brown sugar. I recommend 4-6 lbs per 5 gallon batch added in the last 15 minutes of simmering your cider. If you add 6 lbs and give it a full 4 weeks of fermentation expect to see +10% alcohol and taste a crisp sweet apple flavor that perfectly masks the potency of the drink. (Posted on 11/21/11)
There are better Review by Zachary
This fermented very stinky and produced a tart/wine like finish. Just didn't feel like it did my cider right, I won't be using it again. (Posted on 11/16/11)