XL Immersion Chiller 3/8"x70' with hose fittings

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Sized for cooling 10-20 gallons of wort, this chiller is made from 70 feet of 3/8" copper tubing with garden hose connections.

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Sized for cooling 10-20 gallons of wort, this chiller is made from 70 feet of 3/8" copper tubing with garden hose connections. Approximate dimensions: 10" diameter, 12" to top of coils, and 24" to the top of the chiller.

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Customer Reviews

Perfect Review by deric
I brew in converted kegs, so the bigger the immersion chiller the better and this is the only 70' chiller I found on the market. I was going to build my own since it seemed fairly easy, but due to the inflated price of copper tubing these days combined with the price of the other materials and tools I would have had to purchase to master a self made project, it turned out a bust for price matching. So why do though all the effort of making my own when I can buy one for the same price?
It's sturdy, and uses quality components. Nothing bad can be said about it. (Posted on 10/19/13)
Buyer beware Review by Meyerbrau
Everyone else seems to have had good experience with this thing but the one I bought was a lemon. I was stupid and didn't test it, but the first time I used it both fittings leaked like sieves, dripping copious amounts of tap water into my wort. If I hadn't had a backup system I would have been screwed. Shame on the manufacturers for letting this P.O.S. make it past the inspectors. (Posted on 6/29/12)
Chilling is great Review by Andy
I had used a homemade 35 foot chiller before. This is the real deal. I too didn't test the connections before chilling the first batch. The compression fittings just needed tightening a bit. WOW! I had a 5 gal batch in a 7.5 gal pot. I went from boiling to under 90 deg F in less than 5 minutes and that was with running my water through 100' garden hose on a warm day. Can you say cold break!?! This will chill wort quickly. (Posted on 10/18/11)
Wouldn't want to brew without it. Review by Do The Home Brew
This thing is great, went from carrying full kettles to the bathtub and dealing with tons of ice and waiting an hour to cool properly...to full cooling in maybe 8 minutes. Definitely worth it. Great for 5 or 10 gallon batches. Just make sure your outgoing hose can handle the heat...near boiling water comes out at first. (Posted on 7/25/11)
Excellent product - fittings were loose on arrival Review by NewBrewer
I am a new brewer. After the "ice bath" method of chilling my first 5 gallon batch I decided I needed a chiller. I chose this one for versatility, in case I want to do larger batches, but I did my second 5 gallon batch last weekend. I did a test run on 3 gallons of water in my 5 gallon aluminum brew (stock) pot. I hooked up a couple of hoses and had water spraying out of the joints. The fittings were loose, so I grapped a couple of wrenches and tightened them. That fixed the leaks. I cooled 3 gallons of water from boiling to 70 degrees in 7 minutes! On the real deal I cooled 2.5 gallons of wort from boiling in about 8 minutes. It's kind of bulky for my 5 gallon pot, but works great! I would recommend this for chilling wort - beats the heck out of the ice bath (30 minutes minimum). (Posted on 1/11/11)
great product Review by peterino
I brew smaller amounts, but this chiller has been stellar. It brings things down to desired temperature incredibly fast and is easy to clean. hose fittings a major plus as well. (Posted on 7/1/10)