Belgian Tripel Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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A strong but pale Trappist-style ale, lighter in color than Dubbel but with a higher gravity and alcohol content. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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The next step up from Dubbel in the monastic beer classification, Tripel is higher in alcohol than Dubbel but is actually lighter in color and body. The addition of clear candi sugar dilutes the malt bill, which helps preserve the golden color and makes the body deceptively light for a beer of this strength. Spicy and fruity with a gentle sweetness and hints of alcohol throughout leading to a dry and mildly bitter finish. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style Belgian
Beer Style Trappist/Belgian Ale
Color Light
Original Gravity 1076
Total Time to Make 3 months

Customer Reviews

Good turned great Review by Jason
I made this trippel in 2008. At the time I let it sit after racking it a third time for a bout 6 month and then I bottled it. A month or so later I tried it, I thought it was a good representation of a belgian trappist; that unique yeast flavor profile, malty, sweet and strong. At the time I thought it was a bit too sweet for me but a good first try. About two months after I bottled it I moved my residence and I havnt brewed anything since, I dont have a good place to brew :( Well, I just came across a case of this and a black porter that I had completely forgotten about :) I cannot tell you how much this ale has improved over the last 5 years, I was half scared that it had gone sour (which i wouldnt have minded) but it did not. I had it stored in a stable environment and exposed to little light. This big ol trippel mellowed considerably, the sweetness matured and is so complex I have a hard time describing it. It seems to have went up slightly in abv. It retained the funky trappist yeast profile. I drink it at room temp, and it fantastic. Im guarding it and being very stingy with it. Only going to come out for friends who will appreciate it. The black ale turned out ok too, just not as good as this. (Posted on 2/24/15)
Hard to Be Patient on This One Review by Mike
I'm generally very good about waiting for my beers to fully mature. I have no problem putting away a full batch for 6 months. I thought I'd try one 3 months after brewing, just to get a hint of what's to come. That was a mistake. It's so good that the first 12 are already gone and I'm going to have a hard time keeping the rest around. The color is a little darker than typical for the style, but with the late addition called out in the recipe, not nearly as dark as other reviews have described. The taste is world class. Traditional yet complex, it also changes throughout the pint as it warms in the glass, similar to a Cognac. The Dubbel is a regular on my list or beers to brew again, but may have to be bumped by this wonderful example of the Trippel style. (Posted on 9/22/14)
Very good beer! Review by Mark
I'm a fairly new home brewer, so I followed instructions closely. It turned out excellent. The color, aroma and taste is comparable to La Fin Du Monde. Everyone liked it and they all know I'm capable of brewing some swill!
I will brew this again! (Posted on 9/5/14)
Darker and heaveir flavor than Tripel Style - but still good! Review by M5
As a big tripel fan I had higher hopes.. Not sure how some of the other reviewers achieved a color at all similar to the picture (ours turned out more like a dubble in color as some of the others have noted). That said it was still a tasty beer although darker and heavier in taste. If you really love a 'true' tripel style beer, just skip this extract kit and go to the all grain tripel by NB - even with a brew in a bag technique you will come closer to meeting your expectations. Ours turned our great and was not so tough.. no need for much fancy equipment or paranoia about temp control. Would suggest a pound or so extra grain to keep up the efficiency and flavor if BIB. (Posted on 12/29/13)
Great Results! On my list of repeats Review by Magudas
With Wyeast 3787 and setting up a yeast culture before, this beer fermented fast. After 1 month in secondary for clarification, bottled and let it sit for 4 months. Been opening a bottle every 2-3 weeks, gets better each time.

I might add a small amount of bitter orange peel to this the next time just for a bit more flavor and color. Still a fantastic beer.

Got about 8% ABV out of this one. (Posted on 11/17/13)
Easy to brew, haven't tried it yet Review by Mike
This was very easy to brew, although I'm wondering if I didn't give the starter yeast enough time because my alcohol content came out to be about 5-6% which is low for a tripel. I just bottled it a bit over 2 weeks ago and am ready to throw one or 2 in the fridge to try them. (Posted on 10/28/13)
Fantastic Review by Francis
I've brewed this twice now and it is superb. NB's fresh extract syrup really makes a difference. You need to do a starter for this one and oxygenate well. To get the color right, do a full 5-gal boil. It changes the hop intensity but not enough to throw the beer off balance. This is a fantastic kit. Thank you NB! (Posted on 9/6/13)
Very Good. Review by John
This beer turned out great. I have been to Holland many times and this beer replicates the triples I had in Holland. Just brewed 2 batched of the triple for the winter months. Will brew the 3rd batch in 2 weeks. FYI. This beer goes for $9.00 a bottle on the north side of Chicago near Wrigley Field. (Posted on 8/23/13)
nice Review by Patrick
2 wks in primary, 8 wks in secondary, bottle conditioned for 8 wks. excellant belgian. this ale needs all that time to develope. you won't disapointed with the wait. (Posted on 6/12/13)
Good, but not very Tripel-like Review by Daniel
OG: 1.074
FG: 1.012
ABV: ~ 8.1%
Made a yeast starter the day before brewing.
3 weeks in primary. 25 days in secondary.
Tried my first bottle today. It's not quite done bottle conditioning, but I am impatient.
The color is much darker than a tripel should be. It is a deep amber color. Closer to a dubbel than a tripel as far as color goes. The flavor is also somewhat like a dubbel. There is a caramel sweetness, as well as some dark dried fruits. The beer is slightly harsh in its strength and the alcohol is very noticeably present. I think age and additional carbonation will do this one some good. We'll see if it improves and I can change the rating, but only three stars for now, mostly due to not being to style. For those looking to brew this one, I recommend moving 6 pounds of the gold malt syrup to flameout, and possibly slightly reducing boil time. Getting the proper color with extract can be difficult, but it is in your interest to make an attempt for this beer. (Posted on 4/1/13)
Getting better every week Review by Doug
Bottled 2/10 and was great this past weekend, after one month in the bottle. Came out quite a bit darker than a Tripel, but smooth and "Belgian" tasting. Can't wait to taste it after one year, if it lasts that long. (Posted on 3/14/13)
Fantastic Tripel!! Review by Daniel
This was my 12th brew, 10 from NB extract kits. I first tried a Bête Blanche Tripel from Elysian Brewery, and loved it, as did my wife. We also tried a Tripel from New Belgium Brewery, and liked it too, though it has coriander added. I used the Wyeast Trappist High Gravity yeast, and made a 2-liter starter with some yeast nutrient added. I followed the instructions for the kit, but added a little too much water, and started with about 5.5 gal of wort, hence a lower SG than expected. I fermented at ± 64°F in my fermentor: primary for 16 days, secondary for 58 days. The fermentation took off like a rocket, and I lost over ½ gal to blowout, though it was in a 6 gal Better Bottle with a blowout assembly. Next time I’ll use a 6.5 gal bucket fermenter. Bottle conditioned 15 days before trying. This young ale was fantastic—very close to the Elysian Tripel, except not quite as hoppy (E. T. = 41 IBU). It has a medium body, is spicy and fruity, as claimed by NB, but is darker than pictured. S.G. of the wort = 1.066, and FG = 1.010. Accounting for priming sugar (3.2 oz avp), I estimated AVB at about 7.7%., and estimated IBU at about 17. The amount of priming sugar was just right to carbonate this style. There is room for more hops, but it is great as is. If you like Belgian style tripel, you should be pleased with this kit. Though its now only 23 days after bottling, it is going very fast. I’m going to have put a 12-pack away to age before it’s all gone. (Posted on 1/1/13)
Excellent Belgian-style Tripel Review by Ryan T.
I brewed this in early March 2012 and bottled in early August 2012. I entered the beer into a local homebrew competition and received excellent marks on the aroma and flavor. This is an excellent kit from NB and another crowd pleaser. I think the only beer that might equal its quality is the NB Belgian Dubbel! Excellent beer--you will not be disappointed! (Posted on 11/11/12)
Best so far Review by Big John
Everyone loved this beer. Definitely making this again. Deceivingly strong. Exceptionally smooth. (Posted on 8/3/12)
Very good Review by Warehouse
The beer is more light amber in color. Our best beer to date. It is becoming a bit more fruitier and a bit more carbonated as it ages. We will definitely brew it again even if it did not turn out 'pure tripel style.' (Posted on 7/8/12)
Don't share this one Review by jcraw
Although I am somewhat of a novice brewer and I don't particularily like traditional belgian brews the tripel is still at the top of my list. I like the strong alcohol content which lesses the blow on the price and the recommended 3 yeast packets. Most of my friends and family liked it as well. (Posted on 7/6/12)
D F'ing Licious Review by Matt K
I got my beer crates confused and accidentally popped one of these after only two weeks, even though I intended on waiting until at least 4 weeks to try one. Didn't have much head yet, but it is carbonated and tastes delicious already. After it ages for another few weeks it should mellow a little and taste even better. I think it tastes very similar to La Fin Du Monde, but that may be just because I'm drinking it out of that glass. Nice job on this one NB! (Posted on 5/1/12)
Love it Review by sauderkraut
This was the 3rd kit I tried, and was the best so far. Got lots of compliments on this one! (Posted on 2/5/12)
A great transformation Review by Husker Brewer
Bottled in September, drank half the batch between late September to late November, but wasn't completely satisfied with it. Decided to wait with the last half. Opened a few at Christmas and my family was really impressed. So was I. Four months in the bottle and it has transformed into a really good beer. Patience pays off with this Tripel. (Posted on 1/2/12)
Fantastic Review by Intensity4fish
This beer is worth the wait. Bottling my 3rd batch today, and I have to say one of my favorites. Use a yeast starter, liquid yeast and wait 2 months in secondary for best results. Finally if bottle conditioning don't even try it for 3-4 weeks. it takes a while to get to the best taste and head right. I may try later addtion of last 6 lbs malt to try and lighten up color on next batch. Cheers! (Posted on 10/22/11)
Amazing Review by Mark
I don't write reviews for anything! This was the first batch I've ever brewed and I'm absolutely hooked. I'm an avid Chimay and New Belgium Trippel drinker, but this is one of the best beers I've ever had. Seriously, if you're even thinking about buying this, do it because it is well worth it. You will not be disappointed! (Posted on 7/24/11)
Best Home Brew I've Ever Made Review by CaptainCalf
I have amazed myself with this recipe/kit. It tastes as good if not better then a Chimay and this 5 gallons didn't cost $250.00!

After 9 weeks in the secondary fermenter it was looking kinda dark like a Quad, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but when I racked it over to the soda keg it ran lighter like a Tripel should. After pumping it full of CO2 it tastes better then anything I've ever made.

I'd recommend this kit to all and I'll be makin it again for sure!

RC (Posted on 4/18/11)
Delicious Review by Incoherent Brewer
It was my first attempt at brewing, and after 3-1/2 months, I have started drinking/sharing them. A hit with everyone. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 3/26/11)
Absolutely Holy! Review by UZZR
I brewed this beer in April 2010 using the left over yeast "cake" from a Patersbier (I used the entire cake and turned out fine). I also added 1lb of honey from a local apiary about 30 minutes into the boil and added the LME at 20 minutes before the end of the boil. I bottled it in July (adding a packet of wyeast high gravity at bottling) and tried one a week later. It was wonderful! The color was quite a bit darker than the photo (red vs blonde) but it was so good I didn't care. Like the others reviewers, I highly recommend aging it longer! I opened my last bottle a couple weeks ago on Ash Wednesday and it was absolutely holy! I will definantly purchase this kit again. (Posted on 3/24/11)
Great Beer, Hide from friends and give them Keystone Lights Review by Boller
This is the best beer I have brewed in five plus years of brewing. I have never had much luck with Belgians, and was skeptical given the length of time, but wow. I waited 4 months before opening the first bottle. So good and tasty, I am trying to space out the time of drinking them and hiding them from my friends. Each week that goes by the beer tastes just a little better. I am impressed, well done Northern Brewer. Now I know how those guys on Beerfest felt, "I wish it were winter so we could freeze it into ice blocks and skate on it and melt it in the spring time and drink it!" (Posted on 11/17/10)
wonderfully drinkable big beer Review by JBMadtown
This was my first attempt at an OG >1.050. After 3 months of bottle conditioning I had one last night. It has great flavor with the saaz coming through. It is a little on the sweet side, but that is expected for the style.

Mine are very cloudy. I can't decide if it is chill haze or yeast. I liked the taste the 3787 gave the patersbier and so I haven't been too careful with my pours for this.

I can't wait to see how this ages over the next couple of months. My wife and I really like the patersbier. So I expect us to make both that and this tripel yearly since the patersbier makes for a nice yeast starter for the tripel. (Posted on 10/23/10)
Pretty good Review by Al
Taste is pretty much right on. Color came out darker. I think if I was to do this brew again I would add the 6 lbs at 15 min left and try to boil more water as possible to minimize the darkening due to the syrup. Kept in secondary for a little over a month. Added 2 tsp of dry yeast at bottling and carbonation is right on for the style. It was judged at a 35/50, mostly due to the amber color dropping the score. Worth the try to brew. Make a starter too. (Posted on 7/10/10)
The best so far. Review by FCGrabo
I was kind of put off by the three month brewing period, but decided to make this recipe anyway. It was my fifth batch of kit extract and by far, it's the best.

I had some glitches with the yeast, but it fermented vigorously for 5 days in the primary. Then 2 months in the secondary and 3 weeks bottle conditioning. The samples before bottling seemed to taste too sweet.

After 3 1/2 weeks in the bottles, the beer tasted outstanding. Very similar to Crown Valley's Big Bison Dubbel.

O.G. - 1.074. - F.G. 1.020 - ABV about 7%

Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/31/10)
Great representative of the style. Review by Cheesehead Brewer
I just got back for a trip to The Netherlands and Belgium. I took Michael Jackson's "Great Beers of Belgium" with me to help me stay focused. I drank a beer called Brugge Tripel at a sidewalk restaurant in Brugge. Jackson mentions it only in passing, but it was very good. This recipe makes a brew that tastes like what I had to drink on the Market Square. Great representative of the style. (Posted on 3/30/10)

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