Double IPA Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Imperial-style IPA with twice the hops and twice the gravity. Lots and lots of hop flavor and aroma in our recipe help disguise a thick, full-bodied amber-gold beer of barley wine stature. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

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Double IPA, sometimes called Imperial IPA, is an emerging style of beer that is distinctly American. The goal is to get as many hops in the beer as possible. Making the beer to an extremely high gravity (and alcohol) makes it possible to tolerate bitterness in excess of 90 IBUs. Lots and lots of hop flavor and aroma in our recipe help disguise a thick, full-bodied amber-gold beer of barley wine stature. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style IPA
Color Light
Original Gravity 1083
Total Time to Make 3 months

Customer Reviews

By far my favorite IPA from NB Review by Krogh
After about a year of brewing under my belt, I have to look back and say that this was probably my favorite kit. I'd have to say this one turned out somewhere between a DFH 90min and 120min in flavor... a bit hoppier than the 90min but didn't have the high alcohol (almost schnapps type bite) of a 120. I let this brew sit in the primary for a full month, the secondary for two months, and did a slow force carb in a keg for about two weeks before drinking... a little longer than what the recipe calls for but also something that I'd say was key to the sweet, mellow taste of this beer.

If you like DFH style IPAs then this one is definitely for you! With a 3.5mo wait, I now brew this kit every other month to keep the keg from running dry! (Posted on 7/30/12)
Good...but not worth all the extra effort Review by psl
The beer tasted fine (thought I expected it to be even more bitter) but the "hop tea" on boiling day was, IMHO, an extra step that added very little. Same with the two months in a secondary fermenter. I'm sure there's another IIPA recipe out there that's simpler and provides at least comparable results. (Posted on 5/28/12)
Great IPA Review by Joseph
I used a yeast starter for this beer and brewed it on Jan 9th. I let it sit in primary for 2 weeks then secondary for 6 weeks and took about 7 weeks to carb. But once it was carbed up it taste great. very strong to. will be brewing this one again. Just have to have patiecne for the carbonation (Posted on 5/15/12)
Grain issue? Review by Lance
I will be honest and say this is my first ever brew. I did my best to follow the instructions, with the one exception of adding an additional ounce of Simcoe hops to the dry hop. Where I think I could have made an error, is with the powder sanitation mixture, by not using the proper powder/water ratio. That being said, I noticed a flavor that was leading me to believe that I had a brett infection. After consulting some very educated people in my circles, one of whom is a professional brewer for a local nano brewery, I have been told the issue was mishandled grains. Whether or not it was something I did, or the specialty grains I got with the kit, I am not sure. I poured a sample for my friend, and set the bottle on the table, with some product still in the bottle. After a few minutes, foam head was rising up in the bottle and slowly escaped out of the top.
The beer is drinkable, but it wasn't was I was expecting for a DIPA.
I am super stoked to try another! (Posted on 12/31/11)
What the ****** Review by Son of the Brewer
Took a month to carb up after bottling, but when it did..... WOW! And the whole house smelled awesome on brew day - the wife thought I was cooking something for dinner (well, I was sort of, just not THAT night's dinner) This was my first time using a hop tea instead of adding the hops to the wort while cooking - I was dubious at first, but the final product turned out quite nice. The primary roiled for a few days then slowed down to a very slow burp. When I went to the secondary, I was not impressed and thought the stuff had gone off, it looked much darker than I thought it should have. When I bottled, I tried the new beer and thought the taste was ok, and the color and aroma were good, but I was still skeptical. After a month in the bottle, and after several "test bottles" the carbonation was right and the flavor and aroma had mellowed - This stuff is somewhat dangerous -it "creeps" up on you. (Posted on 5/8/11)
so-so Review by Matt
The hop smell on brew day was incredible! Not sure if I had minor contamination but the final product was not enjoyable, drinkable but not enjoyable. I took it to a softball party this summer just so people would drink it up. Some people really enjoyed the flavor and the buzz so it could be me. I'll probably try this again to rule out user error. (Posted on 12/17/10)
Malty IPA Review by Jnelly
This was by far the best kit I have brewed to date. It was my 10th batch and the most satisfying! 9% abv, big malty barleywine flavor balanced out by the hop bill. Next time I will add more hops to dryhop in secondary. 2 weeks primary, 6 weeks secondary, 2 weeks in the bottle= homebrewlicious! Oh yea! Did a smackpack starter and used the oxynator with ferm temp 65 degrees. Fermentation was off the hook for 3 days! Brew this one and drink it slowly. (Posted on 11/12/10)
confidence builder Review by jrodie
I brewed several beers and was not a fan of any of them. This was the first Northern Brewer kit I tried and the first one that came out the way I hoped. I have brewed other NB extracts since then and have not been completely satisfied. I recently tried this one again and yep still good. Also bottles were carbonated just fine after 1 week. Don't know what I did different temps were in the high 60s to low 70s. Week and a half in primary, two months in carboy, and one week in bottles. (Posted on 11/9/10)
Shockingly good and getting better Review by gnustyle
Just wow. I'm a big fan of the DFH XXmin IPAs and other IIPAs in general. Brewed this one on my birthday in April and bottled in July. When young, it's a punch-you-in-the-neck hop-splosion, super bright and floral with boozy aftertastes. after a few months in the bottle the complexity shines, citrusy and winey with a taste that belies the alcohol content. The last time i brought a bottle out of the cellar everyone was amazed at how easy it went down and didn't quite realize the potency until an hour later when they were waaay more mellow than expected. 4pints only because the kit really should include a sachet of Safale T58 to use for bottling, thankfully my local NB gave me a heads up in advance, my brew turned out fantastic. ADD YEAST TO YOUR PRIMING SOLUTION! (Posted on 10/23/10)
A staple on tap Review by MegaKegorator
This IPA is wonderfully hoppy and easy to put down. It was my first beer to be finished off at a party I had several weeks ago so I started cooking up the next batch the same week. I agree with guitar brew that it was very close to DFH 90 min. And yes, you only need two glasses to make you feel nice and mellow! (Posted on 10/7/10)
Delicious Review by Goody
My current favorite of the big hop brews. I used a yeast starter, one week in primary. Two months in secondary. ~9% ABV. Great color, great flavor, making it again Real Soon Now. (Posted on 9/2/10)
not a good result Review by peterino
I have brewed many batches and this one just did not work for me. I follow a very strict regimen, but I could not get this one to carb up reliably. Those bottles that did carb up didn't have a very distinctive taste. It was alright, but I will be making other IPA recipes. (Posted on 9/1/10)
Great kit but some sugestions to brewers using it Review by Fish
This beer turned out very,very nice. However I would like to add some suggestions for brewing with this kit. Use more hops for the dry hop, I upped it to three ounces and it still did not have quite the hop aroma I was looking for. If you are bottle conditioning this beer be prepared for it to take at least 4 weeks for it to carbonate to the level you want. Also I did not let it sit in the secondary for the length of time given in the directions, went about a month in secondary and still turned out great.

Again, a great kit that produces, in my opinion, professional quality beer. (Posted on 7/18/10)
Give it time Review by MaineMike68
I wasn't too sure about this brew at first. Followed directions and it finished at 8.1% Carbed with Kreamy X and let sit at room temp for 2 weeks, was carbed sufficently but the taste seemed a little bit off. However it was unique and I kept trying it every few days. It just seems to keep getting better. I would condition for at least 4-6 weeks and it should be great (Posted on 6/11/10)
Double IPA Review by Chinaski1217
I brewed this beer about 9 months ago..only my 3rd batch. I had trouble carbing it and actually had to add yeast to each bottle (after bottling) to get it to carb. So, if you use secondary, I'd recommend adding some yeast at bottling.

That being said, this beer was great. Sweet, malty, very hoppy, strong. Everything you'd want. I recently found an 8 month old bottle of this and it was maybe a little more balanced than I remembered. Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/8/10)

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