Better Bottle™ Reusable Ported Closure

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Ported stopper for all Better Bottle™ models.

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Ported stopper made of the same PET plastic as and fit into the neck of all Better Bottle™ models. 1/2" port takes a DryTrap fermentation lock (#7894), 1/4" Hose Barb (#40737), blowoff hose, or a solid plug (included).

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Not cheap but worth the money Review by Ryan V
I still can't believe how expensive this whole system is (ported carboy + racking adapter + cap + dry vent) but I'll admit it's great. No more siphon and liquid filled air traps to fuss with. Quicker, easier to clean, simpler, everything about it just works as advertised. I will say that if you bottle and/or secondary ferment, you might as well buy two ported systems because otherwise you're still going to have to fuss with siphoning and glass at some point. Just buy two systems then you can primary ferment in one, transfer directly to the second one for secondary, then transfer back to the first one again for bottling time. Then you've totally replaced all glass carboys, bottling buckets, and siphons from your beer career with 2 better bottles. (Posted on 1/24/14)
Great product, you just pay for it Review by JTLintstockings
After shattering a 6 gallon glass carboy half filled with water during a routine cleaning, I decided to switch to the better bottles. I decided to go all out with the ported version, this cap and the dry vent. The whole system is great. The cap is excellent and has a solid seal. I highly recommend the dry trap vent that works with it as you never have to worry about stuff dripping back into your jug. The only reason I give this 4 stars is the price. I feel like it could be a little cheaper but I guess the volume isn't there. (Posted on 6/24/10)

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