Biofine Clear - 1 oz.

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Biofine Clear is a clarifying agent designed to drop yeast and haze-forming particles out of your beer. Highly effective, Biofine Clear will make beer very bright and clear within a day or two of adding.

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Biofine Clear - Beer Clarifying Agent


Biofine Clear is a clarifying agent designed to drop yeast and haze-forming particles out of your beer. Highly effective, Biofine Clear will make beer very bright and clear within a day or two of adding. Add between 1/4 tsp and 2 tbls after fermentation is complete, a day or two before packaging. This is a wide range for dosing, but some beers will require a higher dose than others. It is recommended to start with a small amount and add more if needed. This product is a solution of colloidal silicon dioxide and is vegan.

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Customer Reviews

Very good results Review by Paul
I've been using this for about a year with fairly good results. I transfer from the fermenter straight into corny kegs. The one annoyance I've found is that there is still a decent amount of yeast cake at the bottom of the keg even after tossing the first glass full. If you shake the keg at all, even minimally, it stirs it up and you get bitter beer for a day or two until it settles again (this also seems to happen when I purge the CO2, which I do to bottle a few at lower pressure). But I've found Clear works MUCH better if you add some to the fermenter a few days before the transfer, and then some more to the keg upon transfer. I think this causes much less yeast to be transferred to the keg. (Posted on 9/23/14)
Good product, will use again Review by Christopher
I had an issue with my beers being hazy, and tried this because other products contain shellfish derivatives (my mother is allergic). I have varied the amount, and it seems like 4 "squirts" are good for lighter beers (IPAs), and 6 "squirts" do a great job on brown ales (LOVE the Caribou Slobber) and wheat beers (I know, they should be cloudy). Need a few more on the really dark beers like the porters and stouts (which should also have cloudiness). I think this makes my brews smoother, I have used about half a bottle of the stuff on 6 batches so far. Will continue to use, and really do think I can taste a difference, and get a better mouth-feel. For less than $3, try it. If you don't see a difference, not much is lost. If you are really trying to fine-tune quality, I think this helps. (Posted on 6/24/14)
Yes it works Review by Alan
I don't mind a beer that is a bit cloudy, but everyone that tries my beer seems to like it, but always ask why it isn't clear. I added a tablespoon while I was kegging and a week later when it was fully carbed, there was no haze at all. (Posted on 12/11/13)
Works, 5 stars just for ease of use. Review by Dennis
Used in 3 batches, 1/2 oz. dosage in corny keg and racked on top. Seems to work as well as gelatin with none of the hassles. (Posted on 10/20/13)
Great product, lousy packaging Review by Davis
Use this with great success on many different styles of beer, works awesome to clear a low gravity session beer that goes grain to glass in under 10 days.
But, really, glass dropper bottles? You don't use drops, you need teaspoons or tablespoons of this for effective clearing. Change the packaging to 125ml plastic screw top bottles, then I'll buy here again. (Posted on 8/27/13)
Amazing product Review by waynechung81
This works very well at clearing out your beer. It gives your beer the filtered appearance without stripping any flavor from it. It will allow you to impress your friends that have never tried homebrewed beer before. (Posted on 5/25/13)
No noticeable difference Review by chris
I've added this product to several batches now with no noticeable difference. (Posted on 5/24/13)
Works Great! Review by Ron S
Easy to use and does what it's supposed to do. I added 1/2 oz to my Kolsch and Pilsner in the secondary after the lagering period was finished and let it sit for another week, then kegged and carbed the beer. It came out crystal clear. I then bottled it using my CPBF and the results were fantastic! Crystal clear beer/no sediment in the bottle, no filtering involved! Great to use for those less flocking yeast types. (Posted on 7/12/12)
Does what it says! Review by thatjonguy
Worked pretty well in my last keg of Dead Ringer, however I added it after kegging (because I forget) so I had to hit the keg with some CO2 from the liquid post to mix it in.

2 days later, the beer was clear. You could use it in your fermenter as well; which is my plan from now on. (Posted on 6/2/12)