EZ-Cap Bottles - Brown 1 liter

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These bottles seal with a plastic, gasketed lid and a wire bale (included). 12 per case.

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Brown EZ-Cap Bottles

  • Brown EZ-Cap Bottles
  • Brown EZ-Cap Bottles
  • EZ-Cap Bottles


These large bottles seal with a plastic, gasketed lid and a wire bale (included). They come 12 per case, and ship in a cardboard case with dividers.

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Customer Reviews

These Bottles Are Awesome Review by Benjamin
I have been doing 1 gallon batches and I have been using 3 of these per batch. They are so simple and are saving me some money on bottle caps. (Posted on 1/6/14)
A Great Buy! Review by Stephen
I love how easy these are to use and all the time I save by not having to cap. I've used them for some highly carbed pop and haven't had any bottle bombs. (Posted on 12/19/13)
Thick glass, heavily tinted, good seal. Review by Donald
These are nice sturdy bottles with a heavy brown tint to keep the light out. The stoppers form a good no-leak seal, hold carbonation pressure very well, and are easy to use. (Posted on 12/13/13)
Reusable Awesome Review by Justin
I have had no problems with these bottles. They have been very low maintenance, and have required very little in the way of replacement. Well, I do loose a lot of them to friends who try the beer and then don't return the bottle. But, we all know that they won't be getting another one any time soon. (Posted on 11/9/13)
Fast and Easy Review by Blake
Great bottles. Cleaning, filling, and capping dozens of bottles is painful. These larger bottles are a HUGE time saver!!! Plus, who doesn't want a litre of beer!? (Posted on 10/21/13)
super easy Review by Jeremy
Ordered three dozen of these for two different projects. The first 17 bottles, containing a dark brown ale, turned out perfectly. No blowouts, explosions, and this was my first EVER homebrew. I highly recommend swing-top bottles over bottlecapping. (Posted on 10/18/13)
Fantastic Review by Kelly
These bottles are great. Easy flip-top to seal (no more capping). Also the liter size is perfect for about 3 glasses of your beverage. If you can only have two, just flip the top, seal it back up, and save the rest for next time knowing it will still be carbonated. (Posted on 10/11/13)
great bottles Review by Russell
great bottles, just the right size. very easy to use and no more capping!! just ordered 2 more cases. (Posted on 9/26/13)
Perfect Size Review by connor
Love these bottles. As others have stated, these are perfect for a table for 2! (Posted on 7/22/13)
Top Notch Review by jacob
Ten times better then filling 12 oz. and capping. Along with a dozen of the 16 oz. will do a 5 gal batch. (Posted on 5/3/13)
Don't blame the bottle Review by MRV
They don't make ceramic stoppers anymore due to issues when recycled.
Under attentuated beer and poorly mixed priming sugar will cause problems every time. (Posted on 9/2/12)
Great for me Review by Sasha
Not sure what's up with everyone else's: none of my bottles have broken, exploded, or otherwise caused problems in the 8 batches I've done. I like them because I don't have to keep buying caps (not an environmental thing, just a money thing) (Posted on 5/27/12)
Design "Let Down" Review by Joshua
I was pretty disappointed in the design of these bottles. I was expecting the stoppers to be ceramic and higher quality. They are plastic and looked as if they would break after a batch or two. I will not buy again, I will just save up the real deal from my local beer store. (Posted on 5/7/12)
Had a couple explode Review by James
I bottled a Braggot in these and I had 2 of them explode out of the bottom like Wes' review below. I want to be fair in that I know my final gravity was still high and I know there was a lot of excess sugar in the product that I bottled. I also had to add yeast before bottling because it had been in secondary for several months. Also was probably storing them at a slightly warmer temperature than they should have been. Clearly a perfect storm for an explosion, but I used about 6 of these liter bottles (2 exploded) and the rest I used 22oz crown cap bottles. None of my 22oz bottles exploded. I've bottled one other batch in these bottles and had no issues. I suppose the warning is: If you think you're going to have, or want to have a strongly carbonated beer, think twice before bottling in these. Perhaps NB could reach out to the manufacturer to see if they can explain or address. Cheers! (Posted on 5/6/12)
Dissapointed Review by PhillyBrewer
I used these twice and same result bot times. Some of the bottles carbed nice but the majority of them were flat and both times I brewed strong IPA's that I wanted to be able to give as gifts. Could not give them because I could not take the chance that they would be flat when opened. Actually had to dump the second batch of beer down drain. (Posted on 1/28/12)
Fail Review by Wes
I bottled up a sparkling cider and three of six exploded out the bottom. Mind you, I've been brewing a while, and know that the carbonation was not excessive. The three that didn't fail were not overly pressurized. Not happy, and I cannot recommend. (Posted on 1/12/12)
Like em Review by JG
Just the right size! They are easy to cap and a whole lot faster than filling 12oz bottles and capping every single one! They clean easily. (Posted on 11/21/10)
LOVE EM! Review by Ziege44
Just bottled up a case of these and they are great! Never crown again. Thanks NB, made my job a lot easier. Already got another case in the wishlist :) (Posted on 7/28/10)
Cheaper Than Growlers Review by tom sawyer
I bought a case of these bottles for just a little more than the cost of a single 2L growler. They work great and I can take more kinds of beer with me this way. Plus a liter is a nice amount of regular srength beer for a single sitting. (Posted on 5/13/10)