Fermenter’s Favorites™ Essential All-Grain Brewing Starter Kit - 10 Gallon

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The new and improved essential all-grain brewing system is the most affordable introduction to all-grain brewing, loaded with brewing power at an unbelievable price.

With more brewing space than any other cooler system on the market, the Fermenter’s Favorites™ 10 gallon cooler has a full capacity of 11.7 gallons! Imperial brews, huge grain bills, and the flexibilty to add water for temperature adjustment are all easier than ever with an enlarged mash tun.

Upgraded to ensure a tight seal, our insulated Fermenter’s Favorites™ Hot Liquor Tank and Mash/Lauter Tun coolers feature silicone-reinforced valve ports for a leak-free brew day. Quick and simple to assemble, the brass ball valves offer superior flow control, minimizing the risk of clogging or stuck sparges.

Keep grain particles out of your wort. The newly redesigned smooth-edge universal false bottom promotes clear wort while setting up a solid grain bed. You'll have high mash yields and eliminate scratched cooler walls to keep your system pristine.

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Fermenter’s Favorites™ Essential All-Grain Brewing Starter Kit - 10 Gallon


Upgrade to All-Grain brewing without the need for additional propane burners and kettles. The new and improved essential all-grain brewing system is the most affordable introduction to all-grain brewing, loaded with brewing power at an unbelievable price.

The insulated coolers maintain stable temperatures for the duration of your rest schedule. Simply add more hot water to raise the temperature, while knowing you have room to spare. When you're ready to sparge, do so knowing that your Hot Liquor Tank is ready to go. 

New cooler design stores easily and stays out of the way with recessed, foldable handles and a narrower body for a smaller footprint in your brew cave.

New to All-Grain? Check out our Crash Course in Mashing and Sparging

A full boil is required for All-Grain brewing, so a boil kettle with an 8 to 10 gallon capacity is highly recommended.


  • Fermenter’s Favorites™ Hot Liquor Tank
  • Fermenter’s Favorites™ Mash/Lauter Tun
  • Stainless Steel False Bottom
  • Bronze Ball Valve Cooler Kit with Barbed Hose Fittings (QTY: 2)
  • Siphon Sprayer
  • Thermoplastic Tubing 3/8” ID
  • Hi-Temp Clear Vinyl Tubing 3/8” ID
  • Teflon Tape
  • Instructions
  • Additional Information

    Support Documents: All-Grain Brewing Product Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent Review by EKGoldings
    Well, I've brewed for many years using a cooler for mashtun, Phil's false bottom and steam kettles. This kit is sweet, I converted the hot liquor tank to a second mashtun because I have a steam kettle I can use for HLT. Depending on the grind, I've gotten 74-83% efficiency. Setup is simple after looking at the video and I've not had a leak. Temperature is pretty stable during mashing over 60 minutes. I don't use pumps so can't comment on fitting size, but my lautering has been sweet, fast and painless with this setup. (Posted on 1/16/15)
    Works for My 6-11 Gal Batches Review by Paul
    I typically brew 10-11 gallon batches mashing in one of these coolers. I can get up to 1.065ish starting gravity with these coolers for an 11 gallon batch. I like the false bottom elbow because the bottom rests right on the mash tun floor, so there is very little water left in the cooler after transfer, as long as you set the cooler level. One improvement would be to increase the inner diameter of that elbow and the barb fittings. The flow restriction reduces the performance of my transfer pump. If everything were set up for 1/2" ID tubing, this setup would be perfect. I get very little (a couple drops a minute) to no leakage at the bulkhead, which is great. The second cooler can be a hot liquor tank, storage for cleaning solution, or a second mash tun if you want to mash two batches at once. (Posted on 10/18/14)
    Great Product Holds Temp Well Review by Michael
    Brewed on a cool day held temp very well. To the last reviewers comment, I thought I got wrong false bottom as well but their new kits all come with the same size false bottom like 11.5". (Posted on 10/16/14)
    This is a great set-up Review by Todd
    I brewed with this set-up yesterday and we were very impressed, assembly was very easy, I would really like too see a bigger false bottom (I think they shipped me the smaller one maybe for the 7 gallon kit) other wise it would definitely be 5 stars (Posted on 10/12/14)
    Great Product Confusing Directions Review by Cory
    This has really cut down on the active time for my all grain brews. However it took me a couple readings of the directions to figure out how exactly everything went together and the process for using this equipment. Once I figured out the process though it was an amazing purchase and I would recommend it for any home brewer looking to improve their all grain brewing. (Posted on 7/31/14)