Honey Kolsch Extract Kit

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A variation on our extremely popular Kölsch recipe with the addition of honey and a new yeast strain for a lighter body and flavor.

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A variation on our extremely popular Kölsch recipe with the addition of honey and a new yeast strain for a lighter body and flavor. Like our original Kölsch kit, this recipe features a pale color, light body, and smooth mouthfeel. Honey adds subtle floral character and lightens the body by fermenting to dryness. Really nice as a summer brew for barbecues and picnics, or to wean your friends off watery mass-produced lagers.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style German Ales, Hybrid Beers
Color Light
Original Gravity 1048
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Let it Age Review by John
This beer was a little bland at first but with time it developed a balanced body with a great head. Definitely has a distinctive finish. A good beer but not my favorite. Probably won't order again. (Posted on 12/7/14)
I threw it out Review by Robert C
I read that it could be fermented as an ale so I bought it. Big mistake, it formed a pelicule of what apparently a bacteria called "bruce" for short. I read elsewhere that this can happen if some beers are fermented at higher than 60 degrees. Customer service said it's OK but may turn sour in time. All of my fermenters are soaked in oxyclean after each batch, then washed with soap and water afterward, then washed again and sanitized before the next batch. Have never had any problems. (Posted on 11/15/14)
Best 1st brew Review by Mark
Back again for the 3rd time purchasing this kit. Very light and the easiest beer to brew in a pinch. Make sure you use the blow off tube as suggested! (Posted on 8/27/14)
Use Your Own Honey! Review by aufrankie
Not sure where NB got their honey depot and it's good but if you want a touch of local, find your own pound of wildflower, clover, etc. Look up local apiaries and brew with it. Makes a profound difference. Great balanced light "conversion" beer for the BMC crowd. Put mine up against Rogue's, Leinie's and a few others and this one won hands down on aroma, taste, appearance. Have this on hand/tap for those that just aren't sure about Homebrewers. (Posted on 3/30/14)
my first time Review by steve
pretty much says it all ! this is my first time brewing this beer and it turned out great ! i did just like it said in the recipe. i did dump this batch on a yeast cake (Safale US-05 Ale Yeast) no problem with off taste or anything .. fermented at 64-66. now its on tap and tasting good! (Posted on 12/11/13)
Very refreshing Review by Dave
Not a particularly complex beer, but we loved it. One of our first beers to keg and it was gone way too fast. A good simple summer beer. We substituted local honey and put in a full 16 ounces, just to customize it a bit. We will definitely repeat for next summer. I prefer darker, richer beers in the winter. (Posted on 10/13/13)
Easy to Brew Review by jra173
I brewed this in Sept. and fermented next to an air conditioner in my basement. I ended up adding almost 4 gal of water to my boil to increase flavor. Turned out closer to an amber color but still good. (Posted on 10/1/13)
Nice Beer Review by Jim
We've enjoyed a couple of styles with honey, and it makes a nice touch to this kolsch. I also made a tincture with dried lavender and added that. It makes a refreshing sipping beer on the deck in the back, and it's getting good reviews from the folks I shared some 22's with. (Posted on 6/16/13)
Very good beer Review by Gary
This was my second batch of honey kolsch. It turned out good, as I expected. Next time, I'm going to add a second pound of honey. (Posted on 5/25/13)
Just right and not too sweet! Review by Polk
This was one of the first batches and I shared it with friends after kegging! I followed the recipe to the letter!

They loved it and drank every bit of the 3 gallons!

This being the first time I have "kegged" so I really wasn't sure how it would turn out! It turned out great!
Ordering another "Honey Kolsch" kit today!
(Posted on 4/29/13)
Excellent summer beer Review by Samuel
Both this and the regular kolsch are very crisp and have a modest enough alcohol content that you can have a few and maintain your balance. This one has a nice hint of honey; not sweet or overpowering. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Great session beer Review by Scott
Very drinkable and well balanced blonde type ale. It ranks up there with my other favorite light colored kit - cream ale. I always have a blonde and an amber on tap and the Honey Kolsch will be on tap often. I have brewed it three times now and it goes way too fast. (Posted on 9/3/12)
Excellent summer beer Review by Aaron
So i got my girlfriend into brewing; this worked out perfectly as not only does she share my beer obsession, but it gives us a project to do together every brew day. Her second ever batch was the honey Kolsch extract kit. She used white labs WLP029 German ale/Kolsch with a yeast starter, followed the recipe down to the letter, and cold crashed it during the last week of secondary fermentation. After 4 weeks of bottle conditioning this turned out to be one of my most favorite homebrews ever. The only thing I've ever brewed that topped it was an AG speckled heifer. But this honey Kolsch shares the easy drinking qualities of the heif, with added floral notes from the honey, and even a lager-like quality of smoothness possibly as a result of the cold crashing. Or maybe that's just how amazing this kit tastes. Either way, it is on our permanent short list of beers to make again. (Posted on 7/31/12)
ok Review by mark
I am a hop head , this beer was jusk ok it had a yeast or maybe it was the honey off taste. (Posted on 7/15/12)
Excellent Summer Brew Review by J.Creek Brewer
I've made a few different types of summer brews now and this one ranks right up there. The addition of honey at the very end of the boil really gives it a nice finish. Took 3+ weeks to fully carbonate with cooper's drops. Really good after a month in the bottles. Highly recommend for the summer months! (Posted on 7/11/12)
Great taste Review by Oli
About my 7th kit, had very good flavor and taste. Easy drinking summer beer! (Posted on 6/18/12)
Excellent beer Review by Marc
Brewed this in Feb, ready by April, gone by June. Everyone who tried it loved it. Very nice. Will definitely brew this one again. (Posted on 6/9/12)
Shandy anyone? Review by Matt
Great to brew if you want to do something simple, and tastes great. Did 2 weeks primary and 2 weeks secondary and a month in the bottles. Turned out awesome and has a nice light golden color. After drinking a few I was reminded of my first shandy experience when I spent a few weeks with the British Army in Gibraltar. So I poured a glass of the honey kolsch and then added 3 oz of 7up, what an awesome hot weather refreshment! Much better than commercially bottled shandy's I've tried. (Posted on 5/17/12)
Mildly hopped thirst quencher Review by Aaron
I am really excited about this beer. Sat it in the primary for about 10 days, then a little over 3 weeks in secondary getting clear. It is a little bit darker than the picture, but I find that is a consistent quality in the beers I order from here. I put some plain gelatin in about 5 days before bottling, and it turned out crystal clear. My sample at bottling time was amazing, even warm and flat. The flavors had already blended well.

It's been in the bottle a week, and I cracked one open last night to sample. Nice "pffft" when I popped the top, but beer is still flat. Flavor is incredible. The honey added a very nice clovery sweetness that really complements the hops in this beer. Very very well balanced, and flavors meld very well. This will definitely be in the rotation as it is a smooth drinking thirst quencher. My wife had a sip and gave it two thumbs up as well.

Typically I pass some beers out for sampling among friends, but I might just keep this one all to myself. (Posted on 5/15/12)
Perfect Spring & Summer Bear Review by Brian
I used the recommended ingredient, but tried using a traditional kolsch yeast and this turned out very good. I also added honey in the secondary as well as a little in the bottling bucket with the sugar and it resulted in a nice carbonation. I will be making this again for sure. This is one both me and the wife can enjoy. (Posted on 4/20/12)
Not even done and great Review by Anthony
Just took a taste from a hydrometer reading and wow! Beautiful gold color, nice clean taste and finish. Better make sure I clean my bottles well so this beer doesnt get ruined while conditioning. Cold crashing it right now, bottling soon. Can't wait! (Posted on 4/15/12)
good brew Review by timmyd
Turned out great. Although I like beer more hoppy. Great for your firends that like lite beers. (Posted on 4/3/12)
Turned out great. Review by pjhalifax
I'm usually not one to add on to a list of already rave reviews, but I have to say that this Honey Kolsch turned out better than I expected (and I expected good things). Only changed one thing: dropped the NB honey and found some from a local place.

I'm also not the best with the technical descriptions. After 4 weeks primary/2 weeks in bottles, this turned out really smooth with good flavor, nice and clear golden color, looks great in the glass. Four weeks after that, even better. My testing team is pestering me for more. (Posted on 3/13/12)
Awesome! Honey flavor w/ a higher alcohol kick Review by Bluebrewer
I was a little nervous about a honey-anything brew. But I sampled a bit of product on bottling day. All I can say is "wow". It's really good and an beautiful straw/gold color. You can taste the flavor of honey but the yeast nicely took that potentially sickening sweetness and turned it into beautiful alcohol. Can only imagine it will be even better after bottle conditioning and aging. ONLY gripe would be that the taste can be a bit honey-intense. I could see this being a sipping only beer for summer. Great brew though! (Posted on 2/27/12)
Great Summer Brew Review by V-O
This was an easy to Brew Lawn Mower Beer. It had just the right amount of bitterness not to strong but present. The honey added A great flavor. Let this one age for a long time. When you think its been long enough, let it go longer. (Posted on 2/22/12)
Great beer Review by Jim
Made this beer and added an additional 1/2 pound of sugar. Had 2 packets of Safale 33 and used those. Kept beer in primary for 1 week transfered to secondary for additional week and cold crashed 3 days prior to bottle. Beer is clear and carbonated very well. Has a nice clean finish with a hint of honey. (Posted on 2/1/12)
Excellent Lawnmower Beer Review by David
Great light bodied beer for the summer. (Posted on 12/15/11)
May be my next house beer Review by Selandry
Excellent beer. Tasted like the Cream ale with a little more bitterness which I love. This will be a regular for sure. (Posted on 12/4/11)
Mmmm... Review by Sasha
I wish I'd gotten this beer first to try: it's very easy and the flavor is great! Possibly my only objection (and this could well be brewer error) is that it actively fermented for almost 4 weeks. (Posted on 11/25/11)
The reason I started brewing Review by Steven
This kit was the second one I tried. It love the way it turned out. It had a great tast and clean finish. My friends/critics all enjoyed it. If I ever finish experimenting with new kinds of beer, I will come back to this one for sure. (Posted on 11/10/11)
MagnificO!! Review by Shane Dog
This beer has wooed Everyone who has tryed it! Very nice Crisp clean Kolsch flavor, with an awesome clover dry finish. Extremely good beer! (Posted on 8/29/11)
Great beer Review by krisro
I gotta say I love this batch. I saved half the extract for the last ten minutes of the boil to keep the color right, I cold crashed it after the secondary and kept it at refrigeration temp for about a month. Kegged it and there is no better beer for lawn mowing! (Posted on 5/25/11)
Great for the summer heat. Review by Apollo Reed
This was my 4th NB kit. I was a bit nervous because I left it in the primary for 3 weeks before going into the secondary for 2 weeks. Gave one a try after 2 weeks in the bottle and it tasted great. I'm gonna have a hard time keeping this one around for 2 months like some of the previous reviews recommend. Will be buying this one again soon. (Posted on 5/25/11)
TASTY! Review by Mike
This is approx. my 15th batch. One of my favorites to date. (Posted on 4/7/11)
Great beer Review by Marc
This was the first kit that I brewed. It was very simple and turned out great. It has definitely improved as time has gone on, but I am not sure how long is really necessary. I started drinking mine at about two and a half weeks in the bottles. I can't imagine waiting months to be able to drink this. There are only two left in the fridge and they are not going to survive until next week when my next beer is done. (Posted on 2/28/11)
Solid brew Review by Baddgcarma
This is a very easy kit to follow. I was wondering if the added honey might push this brew out of the style but the aroma and flavor is very light and is well within the bounds of a kolsch. I am very happy with how the kit turned out but the only thing I would change is the time that I tasted the brew. At 4 weeks the taste was rough and made me frown a bit but when I came back to the brew and tried it at the 2 month point it had peeked and it is very good. (Posted on 10/30/10)
my best beer yet Review by the Papa
This is about my 8th kit from NB's and the best yet. I tried a bottle one month after botteling , but I was not happy with the taste. I tried another bottle two month after botteling and really enjoyed the taste. My best brew yet ! My advice let age for at least two months after botteling. (Posted on 9/11/10)
Smooth Summer Review by Jeremy
Very nice smooth summer brew. Recommend for the hot summer months. I found that conditioning for more than 2 weeks is the best choice. Enjoy! (Posted on 7/17/10)
it WAS good Review by clayshooter
Brewed it, let some people try it, ran out of it. :( . Good news is, I have a great arrangement going with NB... if I keep buying the kits, they'll keep selling them to me. I bet you can get that deal too.

(Posted on 7/9/10)
Would brew again definitely Review by clayshooter
This one is a very easy to make, easy to drink, easy to convince others to drink kit! (especially those of us who have friends wo drink nothing but those lite "beers")

This is one that I'm going to probably always have a batch of going in one of the fermenters so I always have some on hand. I likely will augment the brew with some grains next time just to give it a little fuller flavor, but as it it is, right out of the extract kit, its pretty tasty.

(Posted on 7/7/10)
Good summer staple Review by tap4brendan
drinking one right now after a night of fireworks ( 4th o July), very drinkable, light and refreshing, just the ticket for these sultry southern summer nights. (Posted on 7/5/10)
Outstanding! Review by morelhunter
This is my favorite session beer hands down. A great balanced beer that even the fizzy light crowd will love.

I will always have this one on hand! (Posted on 7/2/10)
honey was solidified Review by partynekid
the beer is awesome but the honey in the kit was solid . when honey gets old it hardens up. I knew that it could be heated up and it would be ok so thats what I did. (Posted on 6/29/10)
Too good! Review by Wake Forest Brewing Co.
I have been brewing for several years and have made countless batches brew. This one is a keeper! Everyone loved this beer. I brewed 10 gallons and it was gone way too fast. Of the 5 taps taps I have going I'll always have a tap for this one.
(Posted on 5/6/10)
Way too easy to drink Review by Arron
I have a problem with this beer. When it's hot, I can't have just one. Easy to make, kit, great flavor (I used the SafeAle yeast). I'm buying again. (Posted on 4/22/10)

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