Sweet Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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A jet-black ale with a roasted-malt character that's offset by a residual sweetness and a full body - think of sweetened black coffee.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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A jet-black ale with a roasted-malt character that's offset by residual sweetness and full body - think of sweetened black coffee. De-bittered black and chocolate malts yield a pronounced - but not harsh - roast grain quality, while lactose (an unfermentable milk-based sugar) yields a rich sweetness and creamy mouthfeel. Very nice as an after-dinner drink instead of coffee, or with chocolate desserts.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style British
Beer Style Stout/Porter
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1054
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Fabulous! Review by CyndiJo
Best beer ever! I'm the only home-brewing chick that my co-workers know (I'm an engineer), so I brewed this in October specifically to share during the holidays. Wow, what a response! Hate bottling (got kegs for christmas ), let it sit in secondary for over 5 weeks, it was out of this world. One guy buddy raved, "Words fail", and even my fiancée, who is OK with but not a beer freak like me, loves this beer. It will be the first I keg when my keezer is done next month.
, (Posted on 3/5/15)
delicious, but doesn't carbonate well for some reason Review by Rob
First, the good stuff: this stout is delicious (the lactose adds a nice sweetness), has a great dark color, and has a smooth, full body. As far as the brewing process goes, it's pretty standard fare -- no special tricks or anything. Makes a great beer to share with people who otherwise don't like stouts, and the sweetness makes it a good candidate for dessert.

That being said: it didn't carbonate well, and I noticed this remark in at least one other review. After two weeks, I had a great flavor but no bubbles at all. I moved the bottles to a warmer location and gently agitated them a couple times ... after another two week conditioning run, we had *some* carbonation but nothing like the big foamy head we were hoping for.

Overall, I liked this brew, but I'll probably choose a different kit for my next stout. (Posted on 12/26/14)
Best Dark Beer I Have Brewed Review by rob
Not a big dark beer drinker but love variety so I thought I'd try this one. Gave it 4 weeks in the bottle and brewed exactly to NB guide. Without a doubt my best dark brew ever. My friends love it and it won't last long. Time in the bottle is important. Like Yum its in my rotation. Really great brew. Head is perfect when poured right not too sweet but not at all bitter. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Great Brew Review by beersnob
This is an excellent winter beer but I also enjoy it in the summer time. I do add a double batch of the syrup recipe on the Hershey's Coco can for an extra hit of the chocolate flavor. (Posted on 3/8/14)
Great beer-absolutely one of my favorites Review by Bob
This beer is always extremely popular with anyone who tries it. I have even had friends who don't like beer tell me this is really a good beer-and they have a couple to prove the point. This is my standard winter beer. (Posted on 12/31/13)
Great Beer Review by JM
I didn't let it ferment as long as I normally like, but I brewed as a Christmas gift for my brother and he loved it. Easy to make too! (Posted on 12/25/13)
Fantastic Stout! Review by Mike
first off, I added 5 vanilla beans to secondary for a nice vanilla stout...that said, this stout is fantastic. Addition of lactose give it a creamy mouthfeel, similar to Guiness without having to be carbed with nitrogen. Smooth as silk and tasty! Will brew again. (Posted on 12/10/13)
For those who don't care for stout Review by Andy
I've shared this brew with non-stout drinkers. After reluctantly trying it, they agree it is not like other stouts they've had. It is smooth with a pleasant dark chocolate finish.
I think of this as a dessert beer, if there is such a thing.
Very pleasant and enjoyable. (Posted on 11/19/13)
Sufficiently Subtle Sweetness Review by Timothy
Beer such as this was meant to be enjoyed throughout the long winters of the northern Midwest! This is my favorite brew (and beverage) from now through March! The subtle sweetness, the ample body and alcohol content are sufficient to keep me warm in the coldest evenings. (Posted on 10/23/13)
Better than other Milk Stout kits I've used Review by David
This is a really solid extract kit. I love the dark, roasty, chocolaty flavors behind the moderate sweetness of the beer. I wouldn't adjust anything if I could in this recipe - the sweetness is perfect. It's not overdone and doesn't distract from the rest of the flavors. Two weeks after bottling and it's good to drink. After reading the previous comments, I can't wait to see how much better this will get.

(Posted on 6/3/13)
Not quite sweet enough. Review by dean
We have been brewing for 5 or 6 years now and have tried many kits from Northern and have liked them all with very few exceptions. This one is an exception. I think the sweetness may be the reason but we love our beer here and this one just didnt work for us. love the St Paul Porter though (Posted on 5/20/13)
YUM Review by RX
this is going into rotation. thick, a little sweet and just a slight bite at the end. black as night.
YUM! (Posted on 3/19/13)
Yummy! Review by David
2 weeks primary, 2 weeks secondary primed with 2/3 cup of turbinado sugar and bottled in 22 oz. glass bottles. 3 weeks after bottling and getting rave reviews from all who try it (even the light beer drinkers). "You made this?" Brewed in South Florida so fermentation was on the warm side but the results are excellent. (Posted on 12/26/12)
Very Good and Very Quick Review by ELS
This Stoudt is the first beer I've ever brewed. So, being new to the home brew world, I wanted to follow this recipe to the letter and read all the advice from the Northern Brewer Reviews to make sure my beer didn't suck. Many of the reviews mentioned the proper time for fermenting, conditioning, etc. which ranged from 4-8 weeks before actually having a finished quality beer you can drink from the bottle. Seems like a long time to wait!

That all changed when I talked to a brew master from a small local brewery that I frequently visit. He said, after two straight days of zero change in gravity in the primary fermenter cold crash the beer at 38 degrees for another two days and go straight to bottling. I must say I was skeptical! I didn't want to ruin my first batch of beer! However, this guy has a brewery that Beer Advocate rates "World Class" so I decided to follow his instructions.

Needless to say, after 6 days in the primary fermenter I cold crashed the beer for 2 days and carbonated in the bottles for 10 days. Today, 18 days after I started, I'm drinking some damn good beer! Obviously, if you are kegging you can get the total days down to 10.

I realize I'm a novice and that beer usually gets better the longer you condition it (I'm sure this Stoudt wil taste even better and mellow in a couple weeks). Yet, the brewmaster I talked to brews with a 10 day turnaround and he makes some of the top rated beers in the world. My advice is to cold crash once fermentation stops if you have the ability to store the primary fermenter in a cold temperature controlled environment. (Posted on 6/10/12)
Better than I imagined! Review by Headly
This is the perfect stout! Good job Northern Brewer. Just an absolute perfect stout. My family believes I am a beer god.......don't tell. Thanks (Posted on 4/26/12)
Smooth, Nice Finish Review by HonestSam
Very good, I did 3 wk 1*, 3Wk 2*, usually i do 2 and 4 for stouts (I forgot). 2 days cold conditioning as with all my beers, 36 hrs at 30psi and it was ready. ABV 4.9, if you can sip and wait the sweet raisin flavor comes after a few minutes. I thought about adding 1 oz of Cascade but glad I didn't. It would have knocked out that sweet finish. Also great price. (Posted on 2/29/12)
Great stout for those who don't like chewing their beer ;-) Review by Bill
I love a heavy thick stout but not everyone does. I made this as something a little more middle of the road.

Just tapped it and it is very nice. The sweetness is there, but not cloying. And like that fact that the hops are a background flavor as opposed to something up front in the taste. Excellent beer and will definitely brew it again.

Only downside, as mentioned by another, very poor head retention. Very well may be my glass and/or the fact that I just jumped the tap from a Christmas beer to the stout keg. Who knows. Did 2 wks primary, 2 wks 2ndary & 2 weeks keg conditioning at room temp. I'll see what a little more time does. But bottom line: this is a minor disappointment and the beer is great. (Posted on 2/20/12)
I want more!!! Review by C4Brewing
I can't believe how great this beer tastes. I want to brew this again and again. Super easy to brew and the taste is unbelivable. 5 stars!!! (Posted on 12/7/11)
Wait for it Review by Donald
At first it was Dr Pepper flavored, but as it got older, that faded to something much nicer! Wait about 6-8 weeks and the prune/raisin flavor mellows nicely. (Posted on 11/17/11)
Great Brew Review by Notyoume
This was my first Stout but my 12 brew completed and this will be the first one I will do again. Great flavor, not to hoppy, and a great coffee finish. I added 1/2 lb of DME to the last 15 minutes of the boil to get 6.4%ABV. (Posted on 10/24/11)
Fantastic! Review by Al
This was my first batch ever! Super easy to make and everyone loved it, will do it again for sure. (Posted on 8/29/11)
Fantastic! Review by Al
This was my first brew ever, very easy to make as I followed the instructions down to the letter, and I'm more than happy with the end result. Everyone seems to love it, would definitely make it again. (Posted on 8/29/11)
Excellent Stout! Review by Spence's private stash
This was my 13th batch and 3rd stout batch. I was able to get a great beer in about 4 weeks. Punched up the grains a little, and of course threw a little pale ale extract to bring up the gravity, and Yum Yum! A tasty full-bodied and rich stout was born. This is an easy beer to brew and gives great results, but remember, it's all about the fermentation temp. I kept it about 66 degrees and got a robust and crisp stout with a hint of sweetness at the end. I would recommend this recipe for beginning brewers who enjoy a milk stout. Cheers! (Posted on 2/15/11)
Good stout, poor head retention Review by Brendan
I relize that the before mentioned poor head retention was probably my fault, it poors a lovely tan thick head but deminnishes like a Dr. Pepper, with the same fiz. Never had this happen before, so I feel like it was probably some error on my part, probably a rinse error. It has not disrupted the drinking of this beer at all, I enjoy somehting different thrown into my drinking sessions with pals, this fits the bill (Posted on 1/25/11)
Great taste!!! Review by Stan
Great taste... Very easy recipe.
BUT.... As a novice brewer I found out this the hard way.
If you have any issues with lactose use great caution with this brew. Your posterior will punish you for any over indulgence. (Posted on 7/1/10)
Great brew! Review by HoZr
I made this as my second brew and everyone that tried it was blown away! I even made a rather large error in the primary and it STILL ended up being my whole crews favorite. I used a starter and pitched before the temperature was optimal. As such I got some esters that really ended up adding a good kick to the final product. I used Munton's KreamyX Priming Agent at bottling and the final product had some great hints of chocolate and bananas. All in all I will be brewing this again. (Posted on 5/4/10)
excellent Review by 5Sneakers
One of the best kits so far. Will make again. (Posted on 5/3/10)

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