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Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle

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Introducing the most feature-rich pro-quality brew kettle at an incredible price. Edelmetall Brü™ is the first kettle to feature a weldless tangential whirlpool port, allowing you to draw ultra-clear wort into your fermentor.

Zero internal threads for easy cleaning. The Edelmetall Brü™ thermometer, tangential whirlpool port and EZ Clean™ Bulkhead have no threads on the kettle interior.

Transfer every last drop of wort. Edelmetall Brü™ features our patent-pending IsoFlow™ diptube—a fully-rotating snap-in accessory that draws down to within ⅛” from the bottom of the kettle.

Best of all, the Edelmetall Brü™ is equipped with all the features of a pro-quality kettle—4mm tri-clad bottom, stay-cool silicone handles, etched gallon markers and the adjustable-angle Edelmetall Brü™ thermometer. A kettle fit for a king, yet priced for the people.

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Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle - Sold Out

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  • Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle - Sold Out
  • Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle - Detail Temperature Gauge and Barb
  • Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle - Detail Side Port
  • Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle - Detail Interior
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Product Details
Everything about the Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle makes your beer better and your brew day easier.

The first kettle ever to feature a weldless tangential whirlpool port. The Cyclonic Whirlpool inlet creates a whirlpool to pull debris to the center of your kettle, allowing the transfer of ultra-clear liquid. Better, yet, the constant movement of wort allows rapid chilling and a more effective cold break when used with an immersion chiller.

The revolutionary EZ Clean™ bulkhead is equipped with internal o-rings, allowing the IsoFlow™ dip tube to slide right in. Once installed, it can be fully rotated to your desired position and easily removed for cleaning.

Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm (8 and 10 gallon), 1.0 mm (15, 20, and 30 gallon)

Kettle Size   Capacity     Diameter  Height
8 Gal.32 qt. (30.2 L)12.6"15.4"
10 Gal.40 qt. (37.8 L)14.1"16.3"
15 Gal.60 qt. (56.7 L)15.7" 18.3"
20 Gal.80 qt. (75.7 L)17.7" 20.8"
30 Gal.120 qt. (113.5 L)   19.7"23.2"
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