Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat


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External overriding thermostat with analog control and preset differential.


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Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat

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  • Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat


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Lager year round with this external overriding thermostat. It installs on a fridge or freezer to maintain optimal fermentation temperature—trying to lager in a fridge without an external overriding thermostat results in temperatures that are too cold for yeast or even in frozen beer. Plug the appliance of your choice into the thermostat, then plug the thermostat into a standard 120V outlet. An analog dial lets you set the setpoint temperature between 30 and 80°F, with 1 degree increments. The Johnson Control thermostat has a 3 1/2 degree differential, which means that the thermostat will shut the fridge or freezer off (stop cooling) at 3 1/2 deg below the setpoint and start the unit (resume cooling) once internal air temperature exceeds the setpoint—the effect of this fluctuation on the actual temperature of fermeting wort or beer will be insignificant.

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Lagering the lager
The temperature controller is perfectly accurate and my first lager is underway. Rock on!
January 19, 2016
Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat for a Keezer
Works great! Nothing fancy... but sure does keep my beer right around 43? F. Easy setup to attach to a GE 5 cu. ft freezer and regulate the temp above the normal setting of a chest freezer. Chilled soda water a beer on tap = awesome.
November 9, 2015
Works like it should!
Been using this product for over a year with ales and lagers. (approx. 10+ batches) It works very well! Mine has a swing in air temp of 7-8 degrees which means that the target temp for fermentation is within 1 degree F. That is VERY consistent and will not affect the beer. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.
August 19, 2013
It really does work.
I have to agree with danmdevries. I've used mine for a year now. I keep one thermometer checking the air temp and another one in a regular 12 ounce beer bottle full of water.The air temp will fluctuate about 10 degrees, but I've never seen the water (even though it's only 12 ounces) off by more than 1 degree of my target. Even when lagering.I just got a second chest freezer and I'm going to keep the first as a fermenter chest. I need another thermostat and I'll be buying another one of these.
November 25, 2011
Works fine for me
I've been very happy with this temperature controller so far. It seems to keep the fridge a few degrees warmer than I've got it set to (per my digital thermometer but not verified with a second thermometer), but I haven't calibrated it per the enclosed instructions. For my purposes (using a freezer for a beer fridge), that's fine. I simply set it to 33F an I've got roughly 36-37f beer. If I needed to lager I'd probably bother to calibrate it. The air temp of the fridge does fluctuate by about 6 degrees or so, but that's fine. The air temp is going to fluctuate much more than the temp of the beer or wort, and my beer is always plenty cold.
October 11, 2010
Has worked for years
Mine has worked for years w/o a problem. Other reviewers have correctly commented that the temperature swings in the air are much greater than the swings in the beer temp because of the huge difference in thermal mass. One way to reduce the air temperature swings (if you are using a conventional fridge) is to put a couple water-filled milk cartons in the freezer section to increase the thermal mass in the section where the cooling is taking place. I am sure the digital version is a fine product but I wonder if it uses digital filtering to smooth out the temperature swings on the display. Thermodynamics obey the same laws of physics whether the controller is digital or analog, so as long as the fridge motor is cycling at the same rate, your beer temp history will be the same.
December 14, 2011
Great Controller
Reading these reviews I thought I'd add my two cents. I've been using it on a converted freezer/keg cooler. Zero issues. Temps do swing quite a bit in either direction when measuring ambient temp inside the freezer. This is the common complaint I'm reading here in the reviews. Remember this unit is an analog unit. The temp probe is a volatile fluid filled capsule with capillary tubing to a mechanical switch. It takes time for fluid to respond/acclimate to ambient temp changes. Therefore the thermostat will allow for fairly significant ambient changes in temperature. However, measure the temp of your fermenting product. It will be held at a steady temp. Unless you're fermenting in 0.5 oz containers, the temp probe will respond to the temp change faster than the fermenting product will change its temperature. I've seen 12-20 deg F fluctuations in ambient cooler temp. Keg temp actual has been well maintained within 1*F for well over a year. It takes a long long time for 5-15g of beer to change temp just like it takes a long time to change temp in the fluid reservoir/capillary tubing of the temp controller. Difference is the temp controller has maybe 0.5mL of volatile fluid designed to respond rapidly to temp changes. Your beer does not. It takes its sweet time (for me, 8-10deg in 12h is avg). Keep this in mind before complaining about temperature variations in a mechanical controller.
November 16, 2011
understanding how this works
The way any thermostat or temperature controller works, you are going to see some temperature fluctuation. otherwise the compressor on the fridge/freezer would be cycling on and off too much and wear out prematurely. not have to remember as a few others have pointed out, the liquids (beer) in your fridge will change temperature much less rapidly than the air around it. so the air temperature fluctuations are actually normal, and beneficial. on some temperature controllers, you can adjust the spread between where the unit stops and starts cooling again, but like I said, you make this spread too small, and you will not have any better cooling of your beer, and your fridge will wear out faster.Get one of these, relax, and have a homebrew... from a keg!
November 29, 2011
Works as advertised
Easy set up, keeps the beer at fermentation temps no problem. Saves me money over the digital one, which of course equals more money for brewing beer!
October 14, 2013
Keeps beer from freezing.
I picked this up at another store but figured a review was in order. Temp is a bit off from the dial to what is true in the freezer, which seems to be the common complaint about this device. I've got a wireless thermometer in the freezer so I can see what the temp is without opening it- have controller set to 32 and freezer is at 41. Not a big deal though.
March 4, 2011
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In the brewing room I am building I need to be able to turn a heater on when the temperature drops below the setpoint and turn on a cooler when the temperature goes above the setpoint. Can these Johnson controls be made to do either, say if I had one for each function?
S P on Mar 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This thermostat is designed to cut off the power to your freezer when the internal temperature DROPS to the specified degree. It is not designed to do anything when the thermostat reads a temperature ABOVE the set degree. It will work with your cooling unit, but not with your heating unit.
if i use this on a fridge with upper freezer will the stuff in the freezer stay frozen or will it be the same temp as fridge?
J K on Aug 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The upper freezer won't stay frozen, it will only turn on when the lower fridge does.

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