Wort Aeration System

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An efficient, sanitary and inexpensive way to aerate wort in the primary fermenter.

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Wort Aeration System


An efficient, sanitary and inexpensive way to aerate wort in the primary fermenter. The aquarium pump forces room air through the sanitiary, in-line HEPA filter which removes dirt and contaminants. Then the air is delivered to the wort through a stainless steel diffusion stone, which promotes rapid absorption into the wort. For best results, aerate your cooled wort for 20-30 minutes.

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I would suggest the following low cost modications Review by Allen
I bought this because it was cheaper than trying to buy the individual components, even on eBay! I had a lot of trouble as others have described. I would like to offer some suggestions:

1) Getting the small air pump hose to attach to the inline filter. I got it on, but barely, even with hot water. I figured out that the 5/16" PVC tubing that I use for racking and bottling fits snuggly over this small air pump hose. The outer diameter of the small air pump hose was just a bit bigger than inner diameter of the racking tubing. Soak the racking tubing in hot water but keep the small tube cold and stiff. I was able to feed it 1 1/2" into a 3" piece of racking tubing. Once cooled, the two parts are very snub and won't come apart. I can now easily attach this home-made adapter to the inline filter.

2) The aeration stone and tubing will not stay at the bottom of the carboy full of wort. I would suggest another adaptation here. I took an old racking cane that I don't use anymore and took the bottom end cap off. I then cut about 3" of the 1/4" ID aeration stone tubing that the kit came with, soaked it in hot water and fit this tubing piece onto the bottom end of the racking cane. I fit the aeration stone to the other end. I then attached a length of 5/16" racking tubing to the top end of the cane and attached that to the outgoing end of the inline filter. I tested the entire system under pressure, and nothing blew apart.

3) The wort foams up like crazy! I was brewing the Smashing Pumpkin AG, and I couldn't aerate it for more than 2 minutes. The foam just would not subside either. I ended up capping the carboy and going back to rocking it for 5 minutes. The fermentation was very aggressive, so it sure wasn't lacking in oxygen. I wonder if certain beers are just going to foam up more than others? I have no solution for this problem. I guess any aeration system will run into this problem, even straight O2.

In summary, with the cheap and easy modifications, I am now very happy with the product. (Posted on 12/13/14)
seams to do the trick Review by jacob
The one I received was not the one displayed in the pic but an air pump is an air pump as far as I can tell. The in line filter is a nice touch. My only problem is getting the stone to the bottom so I give it a quick swirl . I get very vigorous quick starting fermentations (Posted on 11/29/14)
Works as described Review by Raj
This works as described. It is very quiet and it seems to do the trick. I had no problem getting the hose attached to the stone as some did. I've used it three times and so far so good! (Posted on 12/16/13)
Works well Review by David
Bought it for my second time brewing. Tried using hot water on the small tube, but it still was difficult to slip over the filter.

As far as aerating the beer, it worked very nicely. Had to attach the blowoff tube because the krausen was coming up the airlock from the vigourous fermentation. The beer has another week on the secondary, but I can't wait to try it. (Posted on 11/15/13)
Great Review by Alan
I read most of the reviews on this product and I found it to be very simple to assemble and use. It is well worth the money. Order and shipping was a snap and it arrived on time. Would defiantly recommend this product. (Posted on 11/9/13)
Worked great Review by Chris
This product really made a difference. I ran thge unit for 20 minutes before pitching yeast. The yeast took off within 12 hours and active fermentation has been great. Only downside is attaching the small tube to a big nipple. (Posted on 11/7/13)
Gets the job done Review by Robert
Product works fine but does take nearly 30 minutes to aerate 5 gallons. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone with aeration issues. (Posted on 10/28/13)
Works great. Review by Bernie
Works great. The fermentation bucket/carboy is typically filled with foam in 20 to 25 minutes. Much easier than shaking or pouring back and forth. (Posted on 10/17/13)
Went with disposable O2, haven't looked back Review by jclaine
I had one of these, used it for about 5-6 brews and it worked much better than bucket shaking and pouring but my filter and stone got compromised by mold (my idiotic fault) whet I was shopping for a replacement I decided to grab the disposable O2 bottle regulator kit for a few bucks more than what my replacement parts would have costed. I have used it on six beers now and it is far superior for a little bit more cash.

This is good but pumping pure O2 in your wort is better. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Works as expected Review by Packphin
Easy to setup and use. Was concerned with previous reviews but went ahead and purchased it. Glad I did. A home brewing friend was impressed and wants to get one as well (as he said, a lot easier than pouring back and forth between bucket....and easier on the back). BTW, I have zero issues with stone floating; no modifications needed. (Posted on 9/3/13)
Great Investment Review by Chance
Over the last few years of brewing I've been trying to up my fermentation game. Next to my temp-controlled fermentation chamber, this aeration system has made one of the bigger improvements in my homebrew. And seeing as the price is very manageable, this has a huge bang-for-the-buck. My first batch after using this system as opposed to the ole "shake your carboy til you can't lift your arms anymore" I was amazed at the clean profile that my brew had, which I attribute to a better fermentation. Also, every batch I've made since I got this system has required a blowoff tube, which I used to only need for hefes. Unlike many other homebrew products, the improvements seen with this item are quite noticeable.

As for some of the complaints;
Yes, the smaller tube is quite difficult to fit onto the inline filter. I've also noticed two different barb sizes on inline filters, with one being slightly larger and VERY difficult to use with this hose. But a little patience and hot water work fine. (Posted on 8/27/13)
Works Review by Bryan
Simple way to improve your beer. I have brewed 6 or 7 batches (5 gallon) using this aeration system. I am seeing a longer period of vigorous fermentation and lower FG than batches brewed previously. I boil the stone for 15 minutes after each use- no problem. As with any new piece of equipment (stir plate, etc.), I suggest browsing youtube, forums, Palmer's book, before trying it out. (Posted on 3/8/13)
Works decently Review by Richard
I've brewed four batches since getting this - it's definitely proven its worth. I've learned some stuff:

Boil: On my 2nd batch, I only soaked the stone in StarSan and it did not produce much (if any) aeration. On subsequent uses, I boiled the stone in water for 15 minutes or longer and it works again like it did originally.

Watch: Although the hose fits loosely in the drilled stopper in a 6 gal BB, it didn't prevent the stopper from gunking up and blowing out after 15 minutes of aerating. Lots of foam out the top - will be repainting the kitchen ceiling :-)

- I agree with those looking for a wand instead of hose to feed into the bottle. (Posted on 2/27/13)
Heat the small tube Review by Christopher
When it comes to fitting the small tube onto the filter all you need to do is run hot water from your tap over the end of the small tube long enough to make it more flexible and it slides right on. No cutting or hassles just went right on. (Posted on 11/12/12)
Disappointed Review by Brad
This is literally a $10 Tetra Aquarium Pump (Whisper 40) and hoses that don't fit to the pump. I read the above reviews and thought..."No Way, how could they sell it that way" Yeah!! They sell it that way! I had to rig up shrink tubing to fit the pump as I had my cooled wort was waiting. Buyer beware on this one; end result is that it would be cheaper and at least functional if you piece it together yourself! (Posted on 8/1/12)
simple Review by Gesh
I had no assembly issues. I actually wonder if NB hasn't changed something. After reading previous posts, I was worried that I'd have trouble. Was easy peasy. Stone stayed at the bottom. My only issue was wanting to do what the instructions said and aerate for 30 minutes, but was impossible with foam gushing and refusing to settle. Instructions said wait for it to settle then keep going. Later I consulted with a NB guy and he said, "if the foams coming out, mission accomplished." (Posted on 2/19/12)
Dont understand the complaints Review by Erik Malmgren
This set-up works perfectly for me.

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to put together the first time. Small hose into the pump and the in line filter, then larger hose from the filter to the diffusion stone.

The diffusion stones dances around a tad bit, but that is to be expected. 2 batches so far, and I havent had it floating yet.

Works great, and at $35 its a steal. Beats spending time at the local farm store trying to come up with a system.

Well done Northen Brewer! (Posted on 1/11/12)
Okay, but... Review by nzo
There is nothing wrong with the quality of the hardware in this kit, but the execution is mediocre at best. Someone really needs to add a few things to this to make it practical. The airstone does float and needs a stainless steel wand to help sink it. There also needs to be a couple of adapters for the hoses to make it manageable to actually use the hoses with the filter and airstone. A trip to Lowes or HD will make this kit a winner, but out of the box- it is a disappointment. 2 pints because it is a bit overpriced for something that needs to be engineered to work. (Posted on 8/25/11)
just ok Review by andrew
When I first opened the box, I was a little confused as to what I bought. I thought it would be a simple air pump where you hook up the hoses, stone and away you go. Nope. The air filter doesn't fit into the small hose. So I cut a piece of tube off the larger hose in order to fit the filter on. Then I just crammed the smaller hose into the larger hose I cut off. The little black air on/off valve.... where does that go? I ended up not using it. I agree.. the instructions are lacking. Its not a complicated system and you can eventually figure it out. But for 40 bucks, it should be easier to fit together. If I were to go back in time and do it again, I would by a cheap aqua pump off of craigslist or something, hoses at home depot, and just by the filter and stone from NB. (Posted on 8/8/11)
Disappointed, much room for improvement. Review by Richard
Not my best investment in brewing equipment. The instructions, as previously noted, are sorely lacking.
The kit includes two IDs of tubing 1/4" and 3/16". My eyesight is pretty acute, but the differences between the two were not obvious to me on initial inspection. I assembled the kit only to realize that I had put the stone on the wrong piece of tubing, the 1/4" ID piece. When I went to remove the stone it came apart in my, gloved, hands. The actual "stone" part separated from its' tube fitting spur.
The system is also too buoyant, it wants to float in the wort. It will need modification before it is a viable aerator. The addition of a rigid, copper, wand to keep the stone submerged would help. (Posted on 3/20/11)
Systems fine, instruction are crap Review by Bruce
Sorry, but I'm a literalist and fairly new to brewing and I like everything to be exact. I recently received my aeration system from Northern Brewer and thought everything would be explained (um, yes, with pictures included - especially for FNG's/Nubies) and what actually came was a VERY basic sheet about it and a manual that addressed the WARNING - Don’t be stupid and get shocked. I was expecting at least step-by-step instructions on how to set it up with the in-line HEPA filter and which tubing it supposed to be use near the filter and which connected to the stone, since there are of two(2) different sizes. Again, I'm an exactest and I don't want to hear 'just slap 'em on and hope for the best'!

I'm sure every will work out fine, all will fall into line and all will be right with the world, BUT I DON'T WANT TO MAKE MISTAKES AND WASTE 35 GALLONS OF AN IMPERIAL (9.7%) ALE AT ABOUT $350.00.

So, I would suggest (for us not so educated brewers) that N.B. post a detailed video or instruction sheet and yes with step-by-step pictures (with what they send out to the customer) as to alleviate any confusion.

For the experienced brewers, wish us not so experienced brewers, well and please don't post any condescending comments about this. Newbie need love too. (Posted on 2/20/11)
Does the Job! Review by John T.
With a good yeast starter and a 30-minute aeration with this system I'm getting air-lock/krausen formation at right around the 3 hour mark which is outstanding (at least for me!). The only hassles to deal with are 1.) keeping the stone where you want it because it's only attached to tubing and not a wand (not that big of a deal) and 2.) the crazy foam formation. Much, much, much better than sloshing wort from bucket to bucket in an attempt to put oxygen back into it! (Posted on 1/8/11)
Hands and stress free aeration. It doesn't get much better then this. Review by Jclaine
I used the pump for the first time today, wow. I average about four five gallon batches a month and this thing is going to be a time saver. I was looking at gerry rigging a cheap drill with some sort of plastic bit (I hadn't completely read up on the diy sites) when I found this. Drop the stone in and walk away for 30 min. I am getting activity in my air lock after only three hours from pitching the yeast, that is a personal best. It runs very quiet, if you are using 5gal primary (bucket or carboy) this will foam up real good after about 30 min so keep an eye on it. I use 7.9 gal buckets for the primary and it was almost over flowing out the top at the end of the aeration. The price is right, nab this if you are ghetto (or worse not) aerating your wart (Posted on 12/6/10)
Pumps & Stones Review by EW
Response to John's post above... yes you can get an aquarium pumps at WalMart, but typically they do not produce enough pressure to properly ensure enough air and small bubbles are exiting the stone. It requires a strong pump to overcome the resistance. And... a stainless steel aeration stone at WalMart? Yea... good luck with that one. You can't use the synthetic ones available at WalMart because they cannot be sterilized (ie... by steam) , sanitizing is not good enough. You should never use anything in a yeast propagation system that comes in contact with the wort that cannot be sterilized. That includes tubing, a sterile air filter, flasks, bungs, tubing and the stone. (Posted on 3/24/10)

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