BeerGun Stainless Bottle Filler

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The BeerGun™ is an innovative stainless bottle filler that is more ergonomic and less complex than a traditional counter-pressure filler. One-handed operation—just pull the trigger!

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BeerGun Stainless Bottle Filler

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From brewing engineer John Blichmann comes this innovative bottle filler. More ergonomic and less complex than a traditional counter-pressure filler with multiple valves, the BeerGun™ features intuitive one-handed operation - just pull the trigger!

The BeerGun™ purges a bottle with CO2 gas from a draft system and then transfers carbonated beer from a keg into the purged bottle with minimal foaming, preserving a high level of the beer's carbonation. It is extremely simple to clean and set up. Everything that touches the beer is stainless steel, and includes 10 feet of 3/16" ID hose and a cleaning brush.

Replacement black rubber valve seat for the Beer Gun, which sometimes gets lost, are recommended.
Needed but not included is a BeerGun™ Accessory Kit, which includes necessary tubing and fittings. Also needed but not included is a tee or wye adapter to split the gas line between the keg and the CO2 supply. We recommend a wye adapter (#K035) and a 1/4" MFL shutoff valve (#K038) added to your regulator.

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Customer Reviews

Needs one piece! Review by David
Have used bottler successfully. However, the tip of the bottler is a rubber piece, that falls of easily. After a dozen uses, I lost the tip, and now I cannot bottle. Where can I buy the rubber tips for the wand???? (Posted on 8/8/14)
Great product Review by Jay
Makes bottling and filling growlers a heck of a lot easier. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Good but not without problems Review by Andy
Overall I'm happy with the product and think I'll enjoy having it over the long term. I'm looking forward to being able to bottle off the end of a keg and get a new batch in there without wasting it. It's definitely easy to use but a bit finnicky at first. I had to superglue the gasket that closes the tip of the gun since it kept falling off and spraying beer everywhere which is annoying but not too big of a deal.

That said, I agree completely with other brewers who has complained that it needs the accessory kit and then more on top of that. ***You need a Y-adapter for the CO2 tank and another valve which is another $20+*** I am still a bit pissed about that. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Good product. Review by Jacob
Works very well. I ended buying all the suggested parts for it. It's easier to get the multiple CO2 MDL shutoff valves instead of putting a splitter in the regulator. I ended up damaging my PSI gauge while trying to install the splitter. (Posted on 1/5/14)
Very useful product Review by Brian
I recently purchased the beer gun. What a great product. It's so easy to fill bottles, and allows me to brew and fill kegs and bottle as needed. Very useful product that I'll utilize for every batch I brew. (Posted on 1/2/14)
Not bad Review by Kenneth
Overall I liked the gun, but agree with some of the other reviewers, that the accessory kit should be included. I found that the weakest part of the product is the valve seat. Twice during the bottling process, it came off, & when you pull it out of your filled bottle, the beer keeps flowing & you have to shut it off at the CO2 tank, to get the flow to stop. Besides wasting beer, it makes a mess. (Posted on 11/18/13)
Improvement over other counter pressure fillers Review by John
Replaced a competing counter pressure bottle filler with this device when getting ready for a competition this fall. Amazed how much easier it was to clean/sanitize and fill bottles. Had zero spillage and everything ran smooth. Cleaning afterwards was a breeze. Saves so much time. (Posted on 10/30/13)
Awesome product Review by Edwin
I was a little nervous about the beer gun and how well it would work, but it works perfect. I bought it specifically to fill up growlers and have the beer stay fresh. It works perfectly, just blow out the growler with the CO2 button, fill it up with beer and top if off with another CO2 blast on top of the beer. Cap it and your beer will last for a good while. Its also easier than I thought to clean. (Posted on 10/27/13)
Good Review by Jeff
Everything works just the way it should. Glad I bought it. The only problem I had was the rubber tip always fell out, sometimes inside the bottle. Just need to be careful with the tip as you move it from inside the bottle to outside. (Posted on 10/16/13)
Does the job well Review by Jon
Easy to set up, minimal foam when bottled, quick and efficient (Posted on 10/11/13)
Read directions well. Review by Dan
This thing works great, but you must follow the directions exactly. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Awesome product Review by Tim
This device makes bottling so quick and easy. Last night I had about a gallon left in a keg that simply would not stop leaking. I hooked up the hoses, put some bombers in a bucket of StarSan and was finished bottling in just a matter of minutes. I normally chill the bottles ahead of time, but did not that time and had no problems with foam.

I performed a minor mod on mine when I got it. I added a 1/4 MLF X Sleeve Compression for 1/4 Tube, so I did not have to mess with forcing the liquid hose onto the tube. It works very well. (Posted on 8/3/13)
Excellent product - follow the directions Review by John
I've just used my beer gun for the second time and I'm very pleased with it. The necessity of chilling your bottles cannot be overemphasized if you want to avoid excessive foaming. I had to stop and re-chill my bottles part way through as the bottles were warming to room temp and the foam was increasing exponentially. (Posted on 3/21/13)
It Sucks! (Bad Design) Review by Kingpin.BRWNG
After designing my own top tier all grain brewing system and having more than 20 batches under my belt, I finnaly feel confortable enough to enter a beer contest. So, I bought the "beer gun" when i heard about a local brew contest that a beverage distributing company organized not too long ago. I keg all of my beers and I get great results (excellent head retention and body) out of the faucet, with 26 PSI for 72 hours.
I have tried the beer gun several times, and the only way to prevent the beer from foamig (besides chilling your bottles before the process) is having your final beer at a very low CO2 content as well; not only the pressure on your Corny has to be lower than 3 PSI, but also your beer.
It will start foaming from the hose hooked to your Corny, most of the way to the gun if your beer is well carbonated. If you want to enter your brews in a contest and bottle your precious and delicious beer with the "beer gun" like I did, expect the beer to be semi-flat without enough carbonation to keep a head. Which translates to a beer that won't make it to the finals.
I'm very dissapointed with Blichmann engineering, I have a couple of Fermenators, and totally love them. They are solid, but the "Beer Gun" doesn't fullfil my expectations and it is also expensive for what you get.
The Gun istself is weak, not very firm. It is only attached by pressure. When you are pumping beer, it easily falls apart. It seems like they foaming issue starts from the hose that feeds the gun (hose seems to be too long). I'm going to buy a new and better quality, 2 or 3 feet shorter hose, and try it again. See if I can get a well carbonated and round beer out of a bottle. If that doesn't work, I will start bottle conditioning only a few bottles a batch. Only to have always a brew ready for a contest, and be sure they are going to be crisp for everyone to taste at any time, that's all I'm asking.
(Posted on 10/30/12)
Gun is great, but additional fixtures not so much. Review by clyde009
The Blichman beergun is fantastic, quick and easy. You can fill your bottles in no time.

I would caution on the additional accessories kit, the shutoff valve is of poor quality and leaked so I lost most of my CO2 tank. I would recommend purchasing brass or higher quality fittings from your local supplier. (Posted on 7/25/12)
Not bad but make sure you have a dual regulator Review by Scott
Overall I would say the gun is not bad. Here are a couple drawbacks though. I have a single regulator with a manifold set up. When I first used the CO2 it barely came out at the recommended serving pressure of the beer. If you have a dual regulator set up (which should be recommended but no one tells you that) you can run the CO2 at a higher pressure to first clear the bottle, then the head space. This way you can leave the beer fill pressure lower. Another thing is it works much better with everything cold. I'm in the northeast so right now it is cold here now. So I am curious to see what happens in the summer when I try to use this. I'm guessing we lost about 2 beers due to foam but overall mission accomplished and bottles filled. (Posted on 2/14/12)
Cant get any easier Review by BS Brew
I got this as a birthday present and just in time for a batch I wanted to bottle. I didn't get the accessory kit but bottled 5 gallons without it. In my opinion you don't really need the extra kit.

After playing around with it for a minute it worked great. If you have kegs and ever want to bottle this is the way to go. I turned my psi to 5 and there was almost no foam at all.

For future brews all you have to do is hook up the gun to the keg and bottle as many as you would like for transporting. I don't plan on bottling with sugar ever again after this bad boy. (Posted on 1/24/12)
great product Review by jersil6
used gun twice in last week works great
Low pressure is key to good performance .
Clean up is breeze .
makes bottling easy (Posted on 1/21/12)
great product. needs the accessory kit included Review by bruguru
This gun filled my bottles with absolutely no foam. The only problem is that I already had all the hoses, and co2 distributor port in my leggings system. I assumed all of the pieces for the gun itself would be included I was wrong. THE CO2 BARB THAT IS NEEDED WAS NOT INCLUDED. I went to home depot and picked up the barb for $2.50. I would pay 100 dollars for a complete kit. Bad marketing guys. Think about this and get it right. (Posted on 12/29/11)
Best way to bottle Review by Got2Keg
I am an avid kegger and have yet to bottle a batch. It is so hard to share when all of my beer is in kegs and yes all my friends as all of your friends think home brew means free beer. Any way, this beer gun is very easy to use and does such a good job of keeping carbonation and making bottling of any amount of beer fast. I will even use it to bottle full batches when I run out of kegs. I do suggest getting all of the extra parts, it will make hooking the gun and keg up to co2 at the same time much easier. (Posted on 12/28/11)
Leaking beer gun Review by Alchemy
Try switching the lines on the beer gun, you might have the co2 and the beer port swapped (Posted on 12/9/11)
good product but not perfect Review by Stephen
Just bought one and have used it twice. Need to lower pressure in keg to about 5 psi to work properly or it foams excessively. Do not even need to purge and hook up co2 line if you just overfill bottle or bring beer to the top and still at right level when you pull gun out of bottle. Overall good product but would be better buy at $50. One wonders if you could not do the same thing from a cold keg using a 10 ft small diameter hose. the length of hose is critical and gun really is just an on off switch. these are just initial impressions so far. (Posted on 10/30/11)
Ok to fill but leaks. Review by Benjamin
I bought the bottle filler several months ago to fill bottles to take to friends. I learned that low pressure is the key, but even with low pressure, it leaks out from the top end of the unit where the beer line and the air line connect and run parallel.
If anyone has any suggestions that would cut down on the number of wasted ounces of precious beer, I would appreciate it.
The product is a good one though and handy to just attach to a keg and to an extra CO2 port on my distributer. (Posted on 10/15/11)

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